Harvest ris and Theo Stern seemed to have it all a secure marriage four children and a beautiful house But one outsider Paul Werner knew better He knew the secret that lay buried at the heart of the Stern

  • Title: Harvest
  • Author: Belva Plain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 493
  • Format: None
  • ris and Theo Stern seemed to have it all a secure marriage, four children and a beautiful house But one outsider, Paul Werner, knew better He knew the secret that lay buried at the heart of the Stern s seeming security and happiness The secret that could destroy everything.

    One thought on “Harvest”

    1. Fabulous continuation of the Jewish American family saga. This book predominantly about Theo and Iris and Paul Werner Interesting times as America enters the Vietnam war. Highly recommend providing the saga is read in sequence.

    2. I just could not get into reading this book, if a book does not grab me from the beginning then I usually don't enjoy it.

    3. Now, I read this book before I had read Evergreen, the 1st novel in this series. Harvest continues where Evergreen left off, with the story of the Friedman's and the Werner's.Anna and Joseph's children, Maury and Iris, are growing up and going their separate ways. Joseph, wishing that Maury would follow in his business, becomes disappointed when Maury marries Aggie, a Catholic girl. As you see, the Friedman's are Jewish and wants only the children to marry into their own. Iris marries Theo Stern [...]

    4. As always, it was interesting to read more about the Werner and Friedman/Stern families. While the previous volumes each seemed to center more on one or the other, the two families were much more intertwined in this book. By the end, both Anna and Paul have passed away, but their legacies will continue.

    5. Excellent story, lots of ends tied up, from the families, Werner, and Stern, Miss Plain wrote stories that you feel part of, even her idea of years after the story line are so true of today. I loved it.

    6. The 4th in the Werner family saga, taking place in the turbulent 60's. I did not like it as much as Tapestry but after some slow moving parts it got better and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading the 5th and final one, Heartwood published in 2011.

    7. The most Jewish of all the seven Belva novels i've read so far but that's OK. Their rebel of a son brought back a lot of memories for me of the late 1960's. With Belva, you feel like you're really there.

    8. Iris and Theo Stern seem to have it all: a secure marriage, four lovely children and a beautiful house. But one outsider, Paul Werner, knew the secret that lay buried in the heart of the Sterns' happiness - a secret that could destroy everything. I enjoyed this book and give it an A+!

    9. The fourth book of an interesting family saga set in the turbulent 60s. One decision by a young college age man changes the dynamics of the whole families and others connected with the family. This is a great book for summer vacation.

    10. A pretty decent book. I like family sagas, and this definitely was a classic one. However, I felt the end of the book just left me hanging. I didn't feel a sense of closure at the conclusion of the story.

    11. It was slow to begin with and it jumped around too many years. But the story was mostly clean aside from an affair. So it was just okay.

    12. This is the fourth book of what I thought was a trilogy. It continues into the 60s with the Werner family.

    13. Hmmmme plotlines are getting a little thin. I think she should have stopped at 3 books but will read the final one to round it all off!

    14. I am sure that I read this before but couldn't remember the plot. I enjoyed reading it as everything came together in the end. Not necessarily realistic but entertaining.

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