The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II

The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II is a celebration of the Queen s reign through some of her wittiest most sarcastic and humorous observations revealing a fascinating side of her personality that

  • Title: The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Author: Karen Dolby
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II is a celebration of the Queen s reign through some of her wittiest, most sarcastic and humorous observations, revealing a fascinating side of her personality that often remains hidden from the public When thinking of the Queen, our perception is often one of dignity and authority She is seen as a serious figure the British monarch,The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II is a celebration of the Queen s reign through some of her wittiest, most sarcastic and humorous observations, revealing a fascinating side of her personality that often remains hidden from the public.When thinking of the Queen, our perception is often one of dignity and authority She is seen as a serious figure the British monarch, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and the head of the Commonwealth But as anyone who has ever met her will tell you, in person she has wicked sense of humour Occasionally unintentional, like asking guitar legend Eric Clapton, Have you been playing a long time , sometimes sarcastic, and at other times downright silly, royal humour touches on every aspect of life, while always retaining a strong sense of dignity.

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    1. I am not really sure what possessed me to snap this book up when I saw it was on a 99p deal, but obviously it was a poor purchase as opposed to a deal ! This "book" is little more than a seemingly random collection of quotes, stories and sentences attributed to various members of the Royal Family. Prince Phillip features quite a bit in it, but then he has been so often in the press being so famous for his gaffes ! There is nothing new to be found in this muddled collection and the person who put [...]

    2. Nothing much new.Very disappointed in how little depth this book contained regarding its misleading title. Most of the contents have already been published previously, and didn't just concentrate on the Queen. Many of Prince Phillips' gaffes also have quoted previously, as well as Princess Anne, and Prince Charles. Not worth the price.

    3. Am a big fan of the Royal Family and I really enjoyed this book. It’s a quick read with fun facts and stories about the Queen. It highlights her more humorous, witty side that the public may not always see and you’ll see her in a much more down to earth, relatable light. If you’re a fan of the royals you’ll appreciate the behind the scenes antics and funny stories that are shared. Worth a read.

    4. Fun little read about the Queen. It might be a short read but it's filled with tales of the Quen's sharp wit and sense of humour, with a few tales of the other Royals thrown in for good measure, Royal fans would like this book in my opinion.

    5. Nice wee readI enjoyed this. It gave me a wee giggle on the bus to work the last two days. Would recommend

    6. Couldn't sleep and found this on my kindle at 4am this morning - must have been a gift or a freebie? Anyway had finished reading it by 8am so a very quick read! I already knew that the queen has a very quick and clever wit but I don't think it was displayed to best advantage here! I know from my own experience that she is well read and absolutely up-to-date with anyone she is about to meet. She asks some piercing questions to add to her arsenal of background information So nothing new here and a [...]

    7. Farting around on my local library's eBook app, I came across this little gem. Full of fun facts and tidbits that might be considered useless - that is, of course, unless you're a fan of the royal family. Not all of it was new to me, but in a family that's been monitored by media from the moment the Queen was born, this isn't a huge surprise. This kept me occupied on a flight this afternoon, and tonight after dinner.

    8. It's not an in-depth read, but certainly an easy, pleasant, witty stroll through multiple anecdotes. It's a book that isn't just concerned with the kind of queen Elizabeth II is, but an intriguing peek at what kind of regular person she actually is, behind the pomp. I appreciated the extra context between the quotes.

    9. A fun and innocuous little book, reminding you that the royal family are still people beneath the pomp and circumstance. The necessity of this book (because QE2 is so private) also makes it wholly ineffectual (we don't really have that much of her wicked wit available to us). But there are amusing anecdotes that were fun to read through.

    10. The Wicked Wit of Queen ElizabethI adore Her Majesty. If you are new at reading about QEII, this book is for you. I could not find any stories in this book that I had not already read somewhere else. That could be because I read a lot of books on the Royal Family.

    11. TBH i don't think this book really reveals the wicked with of anybody much less the Queen. Most of what is said is conjecture as the introduction allows the Queen's people do not talk. Far from being a laugh a minute much of it is dry and regurgitated fact.

    12. Loved it.I did hesitate about buying it but I'm so glad I did. I loved it. It was laugh out loud funny in places. I cackled my way through it in places. Good reading. ,,,,If you like the royal family, you'll probably enjoy it as much as I did.

    13. Light hearted look at the Queen and royal familyEasy reading looking at the Queen and family through their everyday responses to private and public life not usually seen.

    14. Great readLaughed out loud on a few occasions. Really nice to read that they have a great sense of humour. Loved it.

    15. InterestingI really enjoyed this book. I learned a lot of things about the royalty that I didn't know. In particular about the dogs.

    16. Overall a very Interesting and enjoyable I would certainly recommend this book a light and entertaining look into world of the queen and her family members

    17. wicked wit a very amusing book which is a very good read even if you are not necessarily a fan of the royal family

    18. I love the royal family especially the queen so I really enjoyed this book. It helped me really connect with what it’s like to be a royal. They are human just like us and I love that.

    19. A great book, very quick to read/dip in and out of. Some very funny stories and made me love our queen just a tiny bit more

    20. Nothing newSeems like this has been cobbled together and I'm not really sure why I kept on reading it. Don't bother.

    21. A good quick read, full of interesting snippets. The title implies that this only features the Queen, but there are plenty of other choice quotes from other members of the Royal Family - notably from Prince Philip who is known for his gaffes and plain-speaking.Probably not one for any Republicans to read, but if you don't dislike the Royals, you'll find plenty of amusing snippets in here.The snippets are all fairly short, and are grouped together (loosely) under different themed chapters. Very e [...]

    22. Charming and generally amusingThis book caused a very late night getting to sleep, around 03.30, simply because I was enjoying a giggle. Yes, some things weren't funny, but in the main, I giggled. Much I should add, to the puzzlement of my husband. I'm delighted to be afforded a glimpse into the real character of our monarch. If you are a republican, perhaps this isn't your cup of tea. Talking of which, I must get the kettle on for a cup of Earl Grey; it is good to discover that my favourite tea [...]

    23. I did wonder how the author knew that the Queen had a wicked wit as she stated early on the the funniest sayings of the Queen were kept for close family. The book proved this. There was little proof of the Queen having a sense of humour, (although I believe she has). This book was just another tale of what goes on behind closed doors in the palace, (or perhaps what the author thinks goes on)!Any witticisms which did come out had all been heard before especially those attributed to Prince Phillip [...]

    24. Je ne comprends pas le titre, le livre parle des sautes d'humour de toute la famille royale. Beaucoup de ces petites sautes d'humour sont des faits très connus, je m'étonnais du peu de bruit fait autour de ce livre, je comprends il n'y a pas à en faire. C'est bien dommage.Il est cependant agréable à lire et pour tous ceux qui ne sauraient pas où commencer en ne sachant rien sur la famille royale cela peut être un bon début.

    25. This book was a gift from a friend who recently went to London, England. It was a light, enjoyable read, consisting of a series of story tidbits and quotes from the Queen and various other members of the Royal Family. I'd recommend it to fans of the Royal Family, although much of the content may already be familiar.

    26. I read this on holiday so not entirely wasted as read this within an hour or so.I expected to gain something new from this but this was for me material already out there.For those who have not read this material will be a better read.

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