Wicked Days

Wicked Days Have a witch of a good time Ivy Morgan is happy with who she is and what she can do She certainly doesn t need to second guess her life or her witchy ways that is until Shadow Lake s newest police d

  • Title: Wicked Days
  • Author: Lily Harper Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Have a witch of a good time Ivy Morgan is happy with who she is, and what she can do She certainly doesn t need to second guess her life, or her witchy ways that is until Shadow Lake s newest police detective enters her life Jack Harker is haunted by a past he refuses to talk about, and he s not looking forward to a future with anyone especially a sassy witch witHave a witch of a good time Ivy Morgan is happy with who she is, and what she can do She certainly doesn t need to second guess her life, or her witchy ways that is until Shadow Lake s newest police detective enters her life Jack Harker is haunted by a past he refuses to talk about, and he s not looking forward to a future with anyone especially a sassy witch with boundary issues Jack and Ivy find their paths crossing on a regular basis when a dead body is discovered on the edge of Ivy s property Jack doesn t want any romantic entanglements, but there s just something about Ivy that keeps drawing him in When the truth is finally revealed, Jack has to decide what he believes and he has to do it before a murderer turns his attention to Ivy Can Ivy heal Jack s wounds Will she even get a chance to try

    One thought on “Wicked Days”

    1. DNF.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't wade through the hormonal disturbance that was this book.   If all the cheesy, melodramatic and overwrought romance was taken out of this book, it would've been a great mystery.  It's one thing to introduce a little romantic spark, or a bit of sexual tension. It adds a little spice to a book.  I get that.  It's another thing to beat a reader over the head with pent-up in-your-face hot mess.  If this book was a dance move, it would be a pelvic thrust. [...]

    2. The characters were extremely childish. It felt like they were either teenager or children. the mystery was good but it was hard to get into the story with them fighting all the time. I wanted to like the book really bad but i just couldn't. But don't take my word for it though try story out and see if you like it for your self. this is just how i felt about it.

    3. Cute, Quirky ReadI guess when I read the description and got this book I was expecting a bit more paranormal witchcraft-ery. As far as "witchcraft" go, this book is actually focused more on the Wiccan practice than actual paranormal witchcraft. There are a few things, like auras and premonitions, but don't expect spells to be flying. Either way, I very much enjoyed this book. The main character, Ivy, is insanely funny, sarcastic and instantly lovable with her quick wit and sometimes snark. The d [...]

    4. There was an alarming amount of unneeded ellipses used in this book, a rather tremendous pet peeve of mine. I've been giving the audiobook a go in hopes that if I couldn't see them it wouldn't be so irksome. Alas, this was not the case. The actress proceeded to talk robotically to emphasize the ellipses I had tried so desperately to escape. What was worse, she pronounced most of the Michigan place names totally wrong, though I can't blame the book for that.The characters are as flat as the sheet [...]

    5. Sparks Fly Between Ivy And JackThe cover caught my eye. I downloaded it thinking it was a paranormal; however it turned out to a very interesting love story with a twist of paranormal. Ivy Morgan a single girl that many of the villagers believe she is witch because her lifestyle is different. She dresses odd, lives in the woods, has a fairy ring and makes herbal lotions. Jack Hacker is a homicide detective from Detroit who accepted a job in a small to forget his last case. He is ready for the pe [...]

    6. Too sillyI don't think I would recommend this book to someone looking for a good read. The writing is juvenile, and there seems to be a huge focus and much high-school like teasing in regards to the love life of the 2 main characters. I found the characters immature, especially the main female character who behaves like a spoiled, petulant child. I listened to this book as an audio book, and the reader did nothing to enhance the reading experience. I probably won't be buying another book in this [...]

    7. Wickedly Entertaining!The author states in a prologue "If you want a lot of magic right from the start you're probably not going to like this series." She is correct that this first book is light on magic, however, it is heavy on mystery, a budding relationship, & cult like issues. I really enjoyed the verbal volleying between Ivy & her brother Max, & Ivy & Detective Jack Harker. I laughed out loud numerous times! I can't wait for book 2 - Wicked Dreams!

    8. Sweet and funnyThis story was heavy on mystery and humor but pretty light on romance. Ivy and Jack are definitely into each other but fighting it all the way. They are both damaged and I hope we learn why Jack is in the next book. The side characters were great and it held my interest the whole time. This is a dual pov which I always love.

    9. This book was a total surprise! I didn't expect to love it is as much as I did because it is not the kind of book that I usually read. I like grim and gritty Urban Fiction books not cozy paranormal stuff. Normally I find these kinds of stories to be ridiculous, full of over the top characters and the irritatingly nosy community troupe. Now there are some meddling family members in this novel but the side characters are not written in a way that is overbearing. Instead of my usual distaste for co [...]

    10. I did not finish this book, which makes me hesitant to rate it, but I have read 10 chapters. Before I go further, I just wanted to say I wanted to like this book. It seemed cute and I thought it was right up my alley with it being paranormal and mystery, but god, I cannot take anymore.I wish I had more to show for 10 chapters, but all I know is there was a murder, Ivy is a witch, and something happened to Jack when he was a cop in Detroit. Also, Ivy and Jack like each other, but are in complete [...]

    11. Very enjoyableI like her characters, they're well drawn. They are kind of predictable, but not completely so; the secondary bad guy was the only two dimensional character in the lot. I feel the test of the characters Wil get more fleshed out as the series continues, other than the main characters who get the most page time. The mystery is not the kind that you solve yourself, the clues are not there for you to find. I enjoyed reading this book. The only real problem is the claim that Ivy is a wi [...]

    12. Decent mystery-- I didn't see it coming too far ahead.I read some of the previous reviews, which I try not to do before finishing a book. (I prefer my own opinions while I delve into a story.)I did it this time, while I was still about 30% in, because I was having trouble with some of the persistent conversations. +3 stars for story and likable characters. -2 stars for 'persistent conversations'.I had to mark a passage that really struck me, in a good way. "ction book could somehow be turned int [...]

    13. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsIvy Morgan is the local witch that everyone seems to have something to gossip about, weather it be good or bad. But when a dead body shows up in her front yard things start to go downhill. Add in the new hot police officer and things are looking complicated for Ivy and Jack. This book was okay. I like the idea of it, however, it was really annoying how Jack and Ivy kept trying to say they couldn't be together, but then kept flirting with each other. That [...]

    14. Fun and quick read. A few mistakeske poison ivy immediately causing a rash. I'm severely allergic and it takes me a day at least to sport a rash. Also, if Ivy knows plants, she'd know you can wash the oils off your skin with a strong soap like safeguard or a soap made of jewelweed. But other than that, it's a truly fun read. Ivy is interesting and Jack is a good hero. The beginning of the book was rather amusing and a good way of flouting the "show don't tell" pseudo-rule. The secondary characte [...]

    15. Star rating: 4 StarsJack Harker is just trying to settle into his new life in the sleepy town of Shadow Lake, Michigan, when he gets called in to investigate a dead body. Ivy Morgan never expected to find a dead body on her property, let alone get drawn into an investigation with her towns newest gorgeous detective. With strange ritualistic symbols carved into the victims flesh that he's unable to identify, Jack will have to rely on Ivy's arcane expertise whether he wants to or not. Now it's jus [...]

    16. Fun readI enjoyed this book. I like the hero and heroine. Both the usual: strong, scarred, nervous, hesitantbut I really liked them. Sometimes they can be whiny or arrogant, but not in this book. Brian, the other cop, seemed cool and fatherly, once he stopped being overly annoying, Max, her brother, was fun and confident and I hope he gets a story. It had a good plot, a nice twist, but not really any magic. I think if ivy could have a little something in her next books I will enjoy it more. Her [...]

    17. Shadow Lake adds a new detective the police department, he is Jack Harper a burnt-out Detroit detective looking for a little peace in a small town where nothing really happens. A town where he can be alone!Instead on his first day on the job, he is called to Ivy Morgan’s house as she has found a body at the end of her driveway. Now Jack is caught up in a murder investigation and a romance with a witch, which neither party wants but are drawn into by attraction. A light cozy which is relaxing t [...]

    18. I expected Ivy to be the investigator, but she's just the central characterIt got four stars because it was an entertaining read. Not perfect. Nothing is perfect, butSince the series is called Ivy Morgan Mystery, apparently, I assumed she would play a bigger role in solving the crime. Like perhaps, like other books in this genre, she was a crackpot investigator who also just happened to be a witch. If anything, in this book, she played only a small part in solving the crime. It was really Jack B [...]

    19. A fun murder mystery with a hint of romanceIvy Morgan lives in a small town and is considered a witch, with the difference that most of male population would love to date her but her heart is closed until a new male detective arrives in town. Jack is running away from a past that caused him more than physical damage and another who believes his heart is closed. When a murder brings them together the sparks are set to fly.

    20. I fell in love with both Ivy & JackI've read a lot of books and this is by far one of the best I've read in a long time. The chemistry between Ivy and Jack is incredible!! I can almost feel the sparks fly when they are together!! Wonderful well written novel, it has enough intrigue, mystery and romance to keep you reading into the wee hours of the morning!! I can't wait to read the next book in the series!!

    21. A murder and a love storyThe very best of both, actually. No idea of who really "done it" until the very end, and no gushing sappy romance scenes either. Also, no witch superpowers or latent abilities unfolding at the last minute to save the heroine, Ivy is what she's always been, a very beautiful and independent young woman who is close to nature. As for the hero, Jack, not as strong and silent as he thought he was. An excellent combination. A very delightful read.

    22. OkayThe writing is smooth. However, most of the book is about how the two main characters are attracted to each other and resisting that attraction. It got rather boring after awhile. Hints are made about something bad in Jack's past. That isn't revealed either. There is a mystery that is solved.

    23. SurprisedI was surprised by how much I loved this. Ivy and Jack snipe at each other so much, but it doesn't irritate me. I love their sweet moments. The mystery even surprised me until certain info was revealed. I'm definitely continuing the series. I can't wait for Ivy and Jack to be all in.

    24. I went into this book with high hopes but ended up disappointed. I stopped reading about halfway through and called it a DNF. Both main characters were so immature that I really disliked them both. Once I start to dislike the characters, it's hard for me to care what happens to them or in the rest of the story. I might give it another try later on but for now, it's a no.

    25. Just plain fun!Enjoyed the beginning of his relationship. Great fun with nice twists and turns. You almost forget there is a murder to be solved while watching the sparks between Ivy and Jack and the humor it provides to all those around them.

    26. Oooh! This is REALLY Good I must admit I am truly fond of books that have a touch of the supernatural in them, well honestly a lot of the supernatural, but this book is a gem. You can't help wondering how it's going to work out for Jack and Ivy. The mystery was a nice part too.

    27. Cute and cleanIt’s snowing to beat the band outside and this is the perfect book to read. Great story, characters are lifelike and interact well. Just a great clean read that I truly enjoyed.

    28. Cute mysteryThis was a cute story about a small town murder and two people who, although fighting it, can't stay away from one another. Not a deep read but it passed the time nicely.

    29. Jack moved to Shadow Lake to take a job on the police force to escape the big city. Ivy was known as the town witch. They work together to solve a murder involving and during their time together they discover there are sparks when they are together. Cute romance and storyline is okay.

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