The Groom, the Bride and the Best Man

The Groom the Bride and the Best Man Scott loved Russell since the day they met in college He was the perfect guy manly gorgeous and charming He only had one problem a long time girlfriend But that didn t stop Scott from catching mixed

  • Title: The Groom, the Bride and the Best Man
  • Author: James Lee Hard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Scott loved Russell since the day they met in college He was the perfect guy manly, gorgeous and charming He only had one problem a long time girlfriend But that didn t stop Scott from catching mixed signals from Russell since day one Could those just be wishful thinking Things reach a cathartic moment during Russell s wedding rehearsal In an episode of foolishnessScott loved Russell since the day they met in college He was the perfect guy manly, gorgeous and charming He only had one problem a long time girlfriend But that didn t stop Scott from catching mixed signals from Russell since day one Could those just be wishful thinking Things reach a cathartic moment during Russell s wedding rehearsal In an episode of foolishness, Scott drinks too much and drops the bomb It was his last chance to know if his gaydar was right all along Inspired on a true story, this short is fuelled with heated discussions and physical encounters that will engage readers into a small but enthralling plot WARNING This book contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between men as well as some graphic language It is intended for a mature, adult audience.

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    1. James Lee Hard has done it again with this sexy, yet heart touching short story. Scott and Russell have been best friends since college. Russell had always known Scott was gay, but never made him feel less-than or uncomfortable about it. The book begins at the rehearsal dinner for Russell's wedding to Tabitha.Scott was feeling alone and depressed, he's in love with Russell but never made his emotions clear. There were times he thought Russell might feel the same, but neither of them had ever dis [...]

    2. Once again, James does not disappoint me as a reader.In this short story, we are introduced to Scott and Russell who are best friends. Scott, who happens to be gay, has been in love with Russell since they first met. However he's not sure if said feelings are reciprocated - despite the lingering looks and somewhat awkward encounters between them - especially given that Russell appears to be straight. Things finally come to a head at Russell's rehearsal wedding which is where the story takes plac [...]

    3. WOW!! Scott was a gay man who had been in love with Russell since his freshman year in college. They were roommates and had become best friends. Russell had always thought of himself as straight even knowing Scott was gay. Russell was set to get married to Tabitha with Scott as his best man. Scott didn't know what to do. He felt tortured. The night before the wedding, the rehearsal party was in full swing and Scott was feeling the affects of the alcohol. Trying to find a bathroom, he ended up in [...]

    4. A very satisfying quickie! It would be interesting to see this story expand on the relationship between Russell and Scott.

    5. This is short story, but it's a page turner. I want to know more about Scott and Russell's story, the earlier years and specially the AFTER! After all this drama!Some people mention that Scott might not be the nicest person and I do understand why, but I thought the idea was that he was building up for years all this non-corresponded love. And it comes to a point of "it's now or never". It was a breaking point for him. And in the end I would think that Russell is going to be very thankful that S [...]

    6. I loved and enjoyed reading this short story I nearly devoured and inhaled it!Both characters, Scott and his crush since college, Russell, are lovable and you will fall for them instantly. The tension between them is strong and hot, you just can't resist Scott to confess his feelings to Russell on his wedding day. But will it be to late? See yourself, you won't regret it believe me!! I hope there will be a sequel, I soooo want to know more about these two guys. I love your style of writing, Jame [...]

    7. Omg, I really hoped, this book would deliver. So disappointed. I must have missed the "short story" in the excerpt. It was way too short, left too many questions open, didn't explain the how's and why's and the connection between the characters. When it was getting interesting, it just ended.

    8. FastRide 'em fast and put 'em away wet! Sex, confusion, more sex, tension and confusion. Story doesn't have much of anything to grasp for interest, no recommended.

    9. Well where shall one start. I had seen this book being advertised and heard of this Author, I was intrigued to read something by him as he writes M/M. I thought to myself wonder what his writing is like. I downloaded this short read to see if I would like his writing and guess what? I love his writing, I wanted so much more.The Groom, Russell is in complete denial of who he really is but isn't that sometimes the way, he's so far stuck in the closet, he should be living in Narnia.The Best Man, Sc [...]

    10. True loveThis story is incredible. The love that Scott has for Russell. The patience that Scott has. He's been in love with Russell sense the first day of college. Russell has a girlfriend or a fiancee. Her name is Tabitha. Not good for Scott.On the night of the wedding rehearsal dinner Scott needed to use the restroom. He was a little drunk and wound up in a supply closet. Russell had to go to and followed Scott thinking that Scott knew where he was going. The things that happened in that close [...]

    11. I'm honestly not happy to one star a book or a story, but sometimes I have to. Had this been a freebie, it maybe would have gotten a two star rating, but it felt like there was very little effort from the author and yet I paid money for it. The story itself isn't bad, if not unique either. The bestman is in love with the groom and they have sexy times in the supply closet. I have no idea if the ending is HEA. So, I want to give kudos for the setup, which is what made me buy. But in the future I [...]

    12. The Groom, the Bride and the Best ManShort story about the worst possible way of coming to terms with your sexuality after a lifetime of denial. At the worst possible time too.There's hell to pay what with how this story ends the way it does I can only imagine ><It's time for a reality-check and a whole lotta dealing with the aftermath of the untimely clusterfck.And then try to be happy. It's only fair. For everyone involved.

    13. Short and hotFast paced story of two men, on straight and one gay that have been friends since college. Scott is Russell's best man for his upcoming wedding. He has been his roommate since freshman year in college. And is straight and the object of Scott's fantasies. Everything comes to a head at the rehearsal dinner. What happens when you get the chance to act on a fantasy???Short read that left me wanting more.

    14. Left HangingThe only reason I didn't rate this one higher is it just seemed to leave the reader hanging. I enjoyed the premise of the story, especially since it was inspired by a true story, but it would have been better to know what Russell and Scott did after being found together.

    15. Very short read.This book wasn't my cup of tea. Time well under an hour to read. Felt very rushed and you really didn't have time. To get to know the characters. Before the first sex scene. Instead of being a hot read with a satisfied ending. Your simply just left feeling bad for the bride.

    16. Wow, now I'm not one for short stories usually but I loved it.Fast paced and very sexy. Loved Scott as a character and despite it being a very quick read James managed to capture all the emotions from passiontd I was left wanting more for sure.That's a sign of a good, a great writer, always wanting more and I do!

    17. I did enjoy this book but felt that it was too short. I think that with how it ended more could have been added; How they coped with the aftermath, how long Russell had felt that way etc, this is why i'm only giving it 3 stars

    18. Very sweet storyI wasn't expecting to enjoy this story quite as much as I did. The author is new to me and I was captivated from the first page. The story is short, but written well enough to get as much as possible from it.

    19. Enticing, extremely short read. The writing and editing were good. My biggest complaint is that I wanted more of their story. This had potential to be a climactic part of a would-be-popular novel, I think.

    20. This Book Is Hot - learning that your best friend is in love with you is hard especially if it's at your wedding rehearsal - this is a quick read that will make you wonder about things.

    21. Short but really good, I would've like to see more of how their relationship transitioned from friends to couple.

    22. I know it was a short story but it was abruptly ended. I think there was so much more that could have been written. What was there was good but it just needed more.

    23. A great quick, hot read! Just loved these clandestine meetings. Maybe a different occasion - oh hell who am I kidding??It gets your heart pumping, thinking if they'll get caught.Loved it!

    24. Short and to the point. Left me wanting more but there was actually enough that I know the whys and how's. I can imagine what happens next. Good one!!

    25. 4starsSteamy read fora short story I could not imagine being in Bethany shoes by any means though also n lo sure I could live a lye like that either

    26. This was a good short story.I wish it could have been longer! Hopefully we get more of Scott & Russell in a full book.

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