The Scarlet Plague

The Scarlet Plague Once the red rash appears it is too late The victims die within hours their rapidly decomposing bodies spreading the disease in the dust Art science and learning die with them while the few surviv

  • Title: The Scarlet Plague
  • Author: Jack London
  • ISBN: 9780486802817
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once the red rash appears, it is too late The victims die within hours, their rapidly decomposing bodies spreading the disease in the dust Art, science, and learning die with them while the few survivors degenerate into feral clans This story takes place in 2073, sixty years after the great pandemic of 2013 A former professor of literature now a dirty old man in goatskOnce the red rash appears, it is too late The victims die within hours, their rapidly decomposing bodies spreading the disease in the dust Art, science, and learning die with them while the few survivors degenerate into feral clans This story takes place in 2073, sixty years after the great pandemic of 2013 A former professor of literature now a dirty old man in goatskin tells his incredulous and uncomprehending grandsons, I am the last man who was alive in the days of the plague and who knows the wonders of that far off time We, who mastered the planet its earth, and sea, and sky and who were as very gods, now live in primitive savagery Jack London s The Scarlet Plague, which originally appeared in The London Magazine in 1912, ranks among the earliest works of post apocalyptic fiction This pioneering science fiction novella, like many of the master storyteller s other tales, explores the thin line between civilization and barbarism Recounted with humor, suspense, and pathos, London s harrowing vision of the future raises compelling questions about social class, knowledge, and human nature.

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    1. Siempre me atrajeron fuertemente los cuentos o novelas apocalípticas o post apocalípticas. He leído algunas como La Guerra de los Mundos de HG Wells, Los huevos fatales de Mijaíl Bulgákov y El eterno Adán de Julio Verne, y me faltan otras como El último hombre de Mary Shelley (a la que busco desesperadamente), La carretera de Cormack McCarthy o el Diario del Año de la Peste de Daniel Defoe.En el caso de esta nouvelle del gran Jack London, es una relectura porque hacía mucho que quería [...]

    2. 2.5"Some will fight, some will rule, some will pray; and all the rest will toil and suffer sore while on their bleeding carcasses is reared again, and yet again, without end, the amazing beauty and surpassing wonder of the civilized state."Please take my rating with a grain of salt. It is mostly due to the fact that, being The Scarlet Plague the perfect epitome of the classic imagery we all have, nowadays, of a post-apocalyptic world, I felt that the book had nothing new to say to me. Of course, [...]

    3. I had trouble reading this and believing that Jack London wrote this one hundred years ago. I kept expecting to discover this was a different Jack London, one who wrote in the late 1950s or 1960s. This was far too evolved to be something written by a man in 1912. However, it supposedly is Jack London (it really is, but I can't seem to rid myself of the doubt). So with that in mindWow, this story is perfectly told. A tight, fun read about the end of civilization. London's futuristic view of the w [...]

    4. Every once in a while I dip into something outside of my normal genre and in the public domain. This short book caught my eye due to the other books by the author.It is some time in the future. A primitive grandfather and his two wild grandchildren are forraging for food or more accurately eating crabs as this is the only food available to them. A grizzly bear wanders around. The picture is of remote wasteland, hopelessness and destitution. The grandchildren aren't really interested in the tales [...]

    5. Es la primera vez que leo a este autor, y la verdad es que quedé muy satisfecha con este título. Se trata de una novela post apocalíptica (iniciando por ahí, debo admitir que esos temas me suelen dar más miedo que cualquier otro de índole paranormal), en la cual nos encontramos con un anciano que sobrevivió a la peste escarlata, y sus nietos, a los que educa y les cuenta la verdad sobre el mundo antes y durante el caos mortífero que azotó al mundo. Conoceremos las desventuras de alguien [...]

    6. ،نویسـنده در این داسـتان‌ها آیـنده جهان را پیـش‌بینی می‌کند.و آن را بسیار تاریک و سیاه می‌بیـندمضـمون مشترک همه‌ی داستان‌ها بی‌عـدالتی، نابرابری‌های اجتماعی، پیـشــرفتِ عــلم و نقــشِ آن در جـنـگ‌ها و تسـریعِ ویرانی‌ها و کشــتارهاســت؛.و آرزویش برقراری یک نظام جدید [...]

    7. Did you know that Jack London wrote a post-apocalyptic novel? I didn't!"The Scarlet Death broke out in San Francisco. The first death came on a Monday morning. By Thursday they were dying like flies in Oakland and San Francisco. They died everywhere—in their beds, at their work, walking along the street. It was on Tuesday that I saw my first death—Miss Collbran, one of my students, sitting right there before my eyes, in my lecture-room. I noticed her face while I was talking. It had suddenly [...]

    8. La peste scarlatta è un racconto breve, di appena 82 pagine, ma essenziale nella sua trama e nella sua riflessione. È cupo, angoscioso, oscuro, ma anche prolisso, complice il modo in cui il protagonista/narratore racconta la sua storia. È la storia dell'unico uomo sopravvissuto alla peste, una epidemia che ha decimato la razza umana. Siamo in un mondo post apocalittico (molto simile a La strada di McCarthy), dove ci si ciba di cozze e granchi, dove non esiste la luce, dove "la civiltà sta cr [...]

    9. Atypical story choices abound. I appreciate knowing who is the narrator-- telling the story to whom. However, the boys are dense cruel primitives, so why does this telling matter? What is the goal and where is the tension? Humanity's race has run. Consider the reverse of this, like when Savannah and the Wildboys are keen to preserve what little knowledge the children possess in, "Beyond Thunderdome," it gives a sense of desperation and feels like things matter. Skip this.

    10. So short as to barely even qualify as a novella, The Scarlet Plague still manages to be slow-moving. There's almost no action, as 90% of the book is the aged protagonist rambling on to his four grandsons (all of whom are filthy, illiterate post-apocalyptic savages) about how the world was before and immediately after the titular plague. London commits one of the cardinal sins of speculative fiction - making his characters speak in weird pseudo-futuristic jargon, which always always always just e [...]

    11. Este livro põe o homem no seu devido lugar. Não somos nós que temos as rédeas deste magnifico cavalo, ainda que por vezes tenhamos essa grave ilusão. Basta um pequeno furacão para tomarmos consciência da nossa fraqueza. No caso desta história um surto de peste foi o suficiente para deitar tudo por terra, quase extinguindo a raça humana. Neste cenário apocalíptico as hierarquias sociais desabam e é a lei do mais forte que prevalece. Longe de repressões sociais e de qualquer tipo de c [...]

    12. Histoires des siecles futurs‬‬‬, Jack Londonعنوان: طاعون ارغوانی، نویسنده: جک لندن، مترجم: محمد مجلسی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، دنیای نو، 1388، در 159 ص، شابک: 9789641720423؛ عنوان: طاعون سرخ - شاهکار جک لندن، نویسنده: جک لندن، مترجم: گیو آقاسی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، انتشارات بنگاه آرمان، 1350، در 224 ص؛

    13. Покрай рождения ден на Джек Лондон скоростно си препрочетох някой негови произведения, но все не ми остава време да си събера мислите и да изложа бурята от емоции, които ме затиснаха – спомени от детството, новопоявило се разбиране за величието на този човек, новоткритите [...]

    14. Jack London is a writer I greatly admire, as much (or more) for his work ethic as for anything he ever wrote, though I did love both The Call of the Wild and White Fang when I read them as a teenager. In fact, they started me off on months worth of reading books with animals as central characters. Which I eventually moved away from, because, the farther you got from London, the worse the books got. But I digressWe often think of post-apocalyptic literature as being a new phenomenon but, really, [...]

    15. Well, this was certainly a book. It's more interesting as a footnote about Jack London than a story in its own right--did you know that Jack London wrote a post-apocalyptic novel as well as all those damn dog books? Fascinating, huh? No, don't bother reading it, just know that he wrote it.The premise is interesting, and there's a mild tang of zeerust to it, since it's a writer envisioning in 1915 the downfall of humanity in 2013. (We survived the Scarlet Plague, everybody! Pat yourselves on the [...]

    16. On a recent visit to Jack London Square in Oakland, CA I realized I hadn't read any Jack London works since adolescence. So, I checked into it & found one that wasn't in the Call of the Wild mold, a short novella format, with an interesting premise. The Scarlet Plague surprised me in that it's setting is the very familiar cities & locales around me in The San Francisco Bay area, but in the post apocalyptic year of 2072. It is a grandfather telling his rude & savage goatherd grandkids [...]

    17. My reading of The Scarlet Plague is quite timely. Set in the year 2013 (!), the story tells about a plague that kills so swiftly and spreads so efficiently that in just a matter of days humanity is nearly wiped out from the face of the earth. The event is narrated by Granser, a professor of literature, who seems to be immune to the plague. Through his story to a group of children he tells of how mankind plummets from its high culture to primitive conditions during and after the coming of the pla [...]

    18. It was slightly jarring to read this in 2013, the year the Scarlet Plague is supposed to wipe out mankind. It reminded me of reading The Stand a few years ago when Swine Flu was all the rage.The storytelling is fairly descriptive and provides an interesting take on post-apocalyptic society. It portrays the resulting society as far more primitive than most other stories in the genre. It was interesting to see London's guesses at the technology existing in 2013. Some of the things he described vag [...]

    19. 3.5 estrellasUn libro post-apocalíptico que se acerca bastante a nuestra realidad. Sorprende la tríada cronológica: 1912, el año en que fue escrito; 2013, el año en que la peste escarlata afectó a la humanidad, y 2072, el año en que se encuentra el narrador de la historia, un abuelo que aún recuerda aquel mundo que sucumbió a la peste.El autor ofrece una visión muy cercana de nuestro mundo, tanto que asusta. Pero no sorprende lo que ocurre en el año 2072: la humanidad, con suerte, es [...]

    20. The scarlet plague was a very interesting, creative book. It told the tale of a plague that killed most of the population in 2012, and a survivor (a few decades after), educating his grandsons and telling them about life before and during the plague. It was enjoyable and intruiging to to hear and see our world in a new light, and a new decade. I was surprised to see the grandsons not do basic things like count above ten, or know what restaraunts are, but after thinking about it, I realised it wa [...]

    21. "Tutto ciò che è fugace si scioglie come la schiuma () tutte le opere dell'umanità sul pianeta non erano altro che schiuma" Racconti (pubblicati tra il 1899 ed il 1918) di eventi straordinari dove l'uomo di London esprime un indole malvagia. L'uomo di scienza, in particolare, indaga in modo forsennato i misteri della vita e della morte e per raggiungere i suoi scopi non esistono scrupoli morali.La raccolta comprende:IL MORBO SCARLATTO - 1912LE MILLE MORTI -1899LA RIGENERAZIONEDEL MAGGIORE RAT [...]

    22. العالم ما بعد الكارثةهل يستطيع الناجين من الطاعون اعادة الحضارة البشرية؟واذا عادت هل ستختلف عن الحضارات السابقة؟فكرة الرواية تتلخص في :كم هي هشة الحضارة البشرية!وكم هي متشابهة علي مر الأزمنة!

    23. London can be a little uneven in his writing, and this is not one of his best. However, the idea is really good and I'm glad he had a crack at the dystopian novel.

    24. Il mondo del futuro post-catastrofe dipinto qui da Jack London anticipa largamente l’ambientazione che farà da scenario in diversi altri libri di fantascienza distopica che ne sono seguiti e che specialmente oggi godono di particolare successo. Il che ne fa senz’altro motivo di interesse e modo di apprezzare le grandi capacità di visione e di narrazione di uno dei grandi padri della letteratura moderna, appartenente all’indiscutibile cerchia dei classici. Qui il racconto è piuttosto bre [...]

    25. This is a strange little future dystopian novella by an author better known for his rugged portrayals of people and dogs surviving the Alaskan wilderness. I’m going through a phase of fascination with authors associated with capital “L” Literature who also wrote speculative fiction, e.g E.M. Forster and his novella “The Machine Stops,” published in 1909 that is eerily evocative of the loneliness of life in the Internet age. Likewise, “The Scarlet Plague” was published in 1912, but [...]

    26. No hay duda alguna que London era una grandísimo escritor, especialmente dotado para narrar los idilios y desavenencias por la Naturaleza (y todo lo que ésa palabra abarcaba), por lo tanto muy indicado en lo que es el terreno en ése campo sobre la especulación futura de nuestra sociedad. Y he aquí de dónde se inicia la trama de ‘La peste Escarlata’; mediante el relato, a tres de sus descendientes, del único anciano superviviente de los días previos al Apocalipsis social y tecnológic [...]

    27. Anno 2073. Un ragazzo e suo nonno, coperti di pellicce animali, vagano attraverso le profondità dei boschi. Il nonno, in particolare, era conosciuto come capace professore di letteratura presso l'Università della California ma nel 2013 sono improvvisamente comparsi i primi sintomi di una nuova peste che ha iniziato ad uccidere un numero sempre più alto di persone a New York. Gli infetti hanno sviluppato un rash scarlatto e sono andati incontro alla morte anche gli scienziati batteriologici ch [...]

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