Little Miss Basic: A Parody

Little Miss Basic A Parody Little Miss Basic loves her Uggs her pumpkin spice lattes and texting her totes amaze Basic B tches But when she gets dumped by her BAE Mr Douchebag she feels sad and ratchet inside How can a Basi

  • Title: Little Miss Basic: A Parody
  • Author: Dan Zevin
  • ISBN: 9781101904442
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little Miss Basic loves her Uggs, her pumpkin spice lattes, and texting her totes amaze Basic B tches But when she gets dumped by her BAE, Mr Douchebag, she feels sad and ratchet inside How can a Basic bounce back Meet her friends Mr Selfie, Little Miss Overshare, and Mr Humblebrag

    One thought on “Little Miss Basic: A Parody”

    1. I grew up with the Little Miss and Mister books, I still have them, and love them till this very day! Needless to say when I saw that this parody was coming out I was on a mission to add them to my collection! See full review here.

    2. When I got this book I was disappointed by how small it was, but then I started to read it and thatdisappointment vanished. This book is stupid but yet so ridiculously cute and funny that it's actually a great read. The way the book is written is so point on with today's society. I found myself laughing and thinking about some people I've come across. I actually want to get the rest of the books to read and have on my shelf. It's a quick read but I think my teenager niece will love the books as [...]

    3. I received a box and it felt so light like nothing was in there, what could it be? This small paper back book abt. 5X5 in size and a whole lot of bubble wrap, yes I did laugh! Anyway the book cover so adorable basic black with big white lettering all capitals, “LITTLE MISS BASIC.” First impression, looks like a black and yellow bee female wearing a huge black sunglasses holding her cell phone and hand bag and in the other hand a Starbuck drink. Everything you will need to get your day starte [...]

    4. Ugh. This book was, like, totally the worst of the collection. Like, literally.It hurt my brain just typing out that sentence.It may be that I really don't like this type of person and therefore was unable to laugh at this character, or perhaps the book really wasn't that funny. I completely understand why, but the book was cynical and mocking-don't get me wrong I'm right there with him-though it left the book dry and me angry at the selfish and self entitled notions of these basic bitches.Maybe [...]

    5. I have read other books in the series: Mr. Selfie and Little Miss Overshare. The books are a mix of humor and satire. Don't be fooled by the cover. These are not children's books.In little Miss Basic, she is obsessed with the latest fads, fashions, and celebrities. The book starts off good, but I get lost in the middle. The book is not as good as Mr Selfie, who was obsessed with selfies and his selfie stick or Little Miss Overshare, who talked too much.Disclaimer: I received this in exchange for [...]

    6. The awesome part of these books is that they are so easy to relate to real life people we know! I definitely got some chuckles out of these books. I won this set of four books from Read It Forward #RIFWinner. These would be a cute set to give to someone in an office setting where there are many diverse sets of people!

    7. This is a funny, super short little storybook about the life of Little Miss Basic. You know her, she's always drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes in her uggs, betches! If you're a little miss basic, or if you just like to make fun of them, I recommend reading this just for fun! :)I received this book via Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

    8. Loved the original books so I was happy to see a parody version I could enjoy now as an adult. It's super short but has some memorable, funny moments. Will have to page though this again for a quick laugh.

    9. I literally can't even about this book right now. It was totes adorbs and like, oh emm gee I need to share it with like, everyone. Cute little parody story about Basics everywhere!

    10. Pfft. This was too good. Such a short read but had me cracking up literally the whole time. You have no idea how TRUE it was.

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