Pink Is For Blobfish: Discovering the World's Perfectly Pink Animals

Pink Is For Blobfish Discovering the World s Perfectly Pink Animals Pinkalicious meets National Geographic in this nonfiction picture book introducing the weirdest wildest pinkest critters in the animal kingdom Some people think pink is a pretty color A fluffy spar

  • Title: Pink Is For Blobfish: Discovering the World's Perfectly Pink Animals
  • Author: Jess Keating
  • ISBN: 9780553512274
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pinkalicious meets National Geographic in this nonfiction picture book introducing the weirdest, wildest, pinkest critters in the animal kingdom Some people think pink is a pretty color A fluffy, sparkly, princess y color But it s so much Sure, pink is the color of princesses and bubblegum, but it s also the color of monster slugs and poisonous insects Not to menPinkalicious meets National Geographic in this nonfiction picture book introducing the weirdest, wildest, pinkest critters in the animal kingdom Some people think pink is a pretty color A fluffy, sparkly, princess y color But it s so much Sure, pink is the color of princesses and bubblegum, but it s also the color of monster slugs and poisonous insects Not to mention ultra intelligent dolphins, naked mole rats and bizarre, bloated blobfish Isn t it about time to rethink pink Slip on your rose colored glasses and take a walk on the wild side with zoologist Jess Keating, author of How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied, and cartoonist David DeGrand The 2016 Ambassador to Young People s Science and Nature books is unquestionably the blobfish Shelftalker Readers will never look at pink the same way Publishers Weekly

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    1. Engagingly recounted, and even with a bit of gentle humour (but not ever to the point of the narrative becoming silly or feeling artificial, of the humour taking over or taking the place of factual explanations and scientific information) and above all, most appreciatively, exceedingly well researched and scientifically sound (with each of the seventeen animal species having their common name, their Latin species name, size, diet, habitat, predators and threats listed, as well as there being a l [...]

    2. I didn't know there were so many different pink animals in the world! But what kind of a book on pink critters doesn't include the flamingo and the piggy? Ok, so the animals in this book are all wild, so I'll excuse the piggy. But the flamingo?? Is it because the roseate spoonbill was included, and that bird is too much like the flamingo (except for the beak)? Anyway, I did learn quite a bit about the animals included here. I have to agree that the blobfish is pretty ugly, but the picture in the [...]

    3. If you were to ask a roomful of students to play a word association game using the primary, red, blue, and yellow, and secondary, orange, green and violet, colors, will all their answers be the same? Based upon their ages, past experiences and thinking processes certainly some answers will be identical. For the same reasons many will be different. Colors are attached to some powerful memories.If you were to throw out a shade made when adding white to a primary color such as pink, what will they [...]

    4. Do you think pink is only for princesses? Then you should take a look to this book! In it you will find seventeen fascinating animals such as tarantulas, river dolphins, armadillos, rat moles and uakaris; animals from 0.5 inch to 14 feet long; animals from every continent; animals who live in rivers, rain forests, ponds, swamps and underwater; all of them pink.Many interesting facts are explained in a funny way. The books has pictures and cartoons, and also a glossary and a map at the end.Amusin [...]

    5. This a superbly written and clever picture book about the world of pink animals. The pictures/illustrations are stunning. This will make for a great read aloud for MS especially tackling organizational patterns but more specifically classifications. I sure hope students enjoy the interesting topic as they explore their own topics to research.

    6. Readers are in for a treat with this book! I read an early e-copy and I cannot wait to hold the real copy in my hands and pass on to students!

    7. I'll be honest: I was completely fascinated and slightly weirded out, when I first saw the Pink is for Blobfish cover. The more I read about the book, the more curious I became to learn just what a pink blobfish was, and just what other pink creatures may exist in our world. Zoologist/author Jess Keating walks readers through a number of familiar and unfamiliar pink-shaded creatures, including the naked mole rat, the pinky pygmy seahorse and the pink fairy armadillos. For each animal, Keating de [...]

    8. One thrill this week was finding Pink Is For Blobfish by Jess Keating, with illustrations by David DeGrand. So many have been shouting good things about it, and now I know why. The book makes me want to know more, and that's the best thing about non-fiction picture books.One full size spread/photo of the actual animal. On the right is a short description, a cartoon drawing of the animal (clever and creative), and another piece that tells interesting "stuff" about it. On the right, a column gives [...]

    9. This is a very enjoyable light science book. The pictures of all of the pink animals are very engaging. It is a bit discouraging that so many of the animals are struggling with environmental challenges, but I am glad it is pointed out and not glossed over.

    10. I loved this book when I got to catch a sneak peak of itd I love it even more now. Awesome nonfiction book!! I can't wait for the next book in the series!

    11. This book is awesome! It is filled with amazing pictures and fascinating information about a variety of pink animals. It is very appealing to kids.

    12. Excellent book highlighting the various pink animals of the world. Who knew there were so many?!Book includes a glossary and section at the end directing readers to future careers in science based on the types of animals that interest them.Excellent mentor text for studying author's craft. How did Jess Keating decide what information to include at the top of each page? the information included with the cartoon?This book is also a good mentor text for sentence fluency.

    13. An informative nonfiction picture book that tells the reader right off the bat that pink in nature is not always cute and cuddly, but sometimes downright weird. Keating focuses on seventeen pink animals with crisp, full color close-up photography and a casually instructive narrative. The sidebar charts are edifying and filled with fascinating tidbits. A must-read book for young readers who love the strange but true in nature.

    14. Hello genius! You've got a little kid that only likes the color pink? Well they will LOVE THIS BOOK! Only pink animals, all shapes and size and from all over the world!, fill this book! So many new facts and creative additions at the end of the book, too! (I especially loved the map and list of what kids can be when they grow up if they love different kinds of animals. So cool!)

    15. What a fascinating fact-filled book! It didn't hold my 4 year old's attention but I will definitely purchase this for the students of my library. They will go CRAZY for this!

    16. This engaging nonfiction text provides plenty of information and a different slant on the color pink. While some might consider pink to be a girly color, the animals featured here are different shades of pink, and some of them are not all that appealing. Photographs, cartoons, and brief text boxes introduce readers to blobfish, orchid mantises, pink fairy armadillos, naked mole rats, and red uakaris, among other creatures who look rather pretty in pink. The text describes their physical characte [...]

    17. With a title that works from every angle, Pink is for Blobfish is an excellent nonfiction picture book, especially for animal-loving young readers. While pink is usually considered a pretty color, some denizens of the wild with pink coloration defy that stereotype.Jess Keating’s book is bright, humorous, and engaging. Readers will learn weird facts about each animal, along with details about its habitat, diet, and enemies. My favorite weird facts: naked mole rats do not get cancer, and the onl [...]

    18. Pink is for Blobfish is an amazing non-fiction title for kids. I was astonished to see so many pink animals!

    19. Another great choice for kids' who love odd, squishy, and sometimes menacing animals, AND THEY ARE PINK. Takes the whole "pink is for princesses" and turns it on its head, and teaches facts, geography, and great vocabulary words. Nothing is cuter than my four year old saying "blobfish" or "pink is for roseate spoonbill."My only true issue is the sheer "wordiness" of the book (probably meant more for independent readers). I have to shorten for bedtime, and she knows when I've skipped things.

    20. Warning: this one is REALLY hard!!But it's full of good facts. You know what? I think there's more facts on each page of this one than there are in whole books of some easy fact books. Plus it's got great pictures. So which one would YOU pick? ME TOO!!!So I just need to keep taking it out of the library and take my time with it. Because sometimes if you want facts, you just have to go slow.I keep wanting to get a book about real naked mole rats, and this one has a page on that guy in it, so that [...]

    21. This is just plain fun and fascinating too. I love the use of color to tie together rather bizarre, lesser known animals, and Keating does an excellent job supplying fascinating details about each creature. I found myself learning a lot from this book and I know my students would love this. The segment on nudibranches does raise the topic of hermaphroditic animals, but in a way that I think would be accessible for children. Really intriguing, particularly for lovers of pink, animals, or bizarre [...]

    22. What an awesome nonfiction picture book this is! Jess Keating has written a wonderfully entertaining and informative book about some of the world's weirdest pink animals. From the title blob fish, to naked mole rats, hippos, and many other animals, you get great photographs along with interesting facts and details. I have to get this book for my classroom! I know it'll be very popular. In fact, I probably should get several copies!

    23. *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through my district library services*Such a cool book! This book contains gorgeous photos and interesting facts about a number of pink animals. They include mammals, insects, sea stars, and more. The layout of each two page spread is consistent, and includes the common name, scientific name, and information about diet and predators. Includes a map of the globe showing where each animal can be found, a glossary, and additional resources.

    24. I loved reading about all the fascinating, pink wildlife! I never knew that the naked mole rat has the ability to stay cancer free or that the Araguaian river dolphin was just discovered in 2014. This book is filled with interesting facts and the layout of the pages was visually appealing and easy to read.

    25. What a way to make non-fiction a winning hit! Take some photos of some unbelievably grotesque pink animals, throw in some great facts, interesting side bars and you have the recipe for a book I don't think will ever have any shelf time this year.

    26. Going on the "need to order for school" list for next year. Weird factor plus great photos plus kid-friendly explanations equals winner!

    27. Seriously interesting and also, at times, disgusting in a way that kids will love! Great format, fun facts, and super cool pictures of very unusual animals.

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