Mistake Creek

Mistake Creek Updated cover edition found here When Nina O Brien returns to the small town of Mistake Creek after ten years she s in a race against time to protect her father s business from an incoming storm so i

  • Title: Mistake Creek
  • Author: Rachel Amphlett
  • ISBN: 9780992268565
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Updated cover edition found here.When Nina O Brien returns to the small town of Mistake Creek after ten years, she s in a race against time to protect her father s business from an incoming storm so it can be sold to pay for his urgent medical treatment.As flood warnings echo over the radio and the storm breaks with enormous force across the tiny Californian community, NinUpdated cover edition found here.When Nina O Brien returns to the small town of Mistake Creek after ten years, she s in a race against time to protect her father s business from an incoming storm so it can be sold to pay for his urgent medical treatment.As flood warnings echo over the radio and the storm breaks with enormous force across the tiny Californian community, Nina is joined by others seeking shelter from the onslaught.Her life is changed forever when a stranger appears at her door, bloodied and incoherent.With a ruthless killer exposed among the small group, Nina is thrust into a deadly conspiracy involving a military veteran seeking revenge and an FBI agent desperate to prevent a catastrophic terrorism threat.Alone, with no means to raise the alarm, Nina realises that to save one man, she must learn to trust another.

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    1. Well this one is certainly action packed and frequently way over the top in the violence stakes! I cringed when one character was crawling around with a bone sticking out of his leg.Anyway it all made for a thrilling and exciting read with just a touch of romance thrown in for good measure. It was a little over the top for my taste but still a good read.

    2. How could you not get sucked in to a thriller that starts with a car chase and sounds of gunshot across wild country and follows that up with a group of strangers hunkered down in a massive storm finding an injured man collapsed on their doorstep?This gritty thriller has it all, wild weather, wicked men, feisty women, FBI agents, heinous plots to kill millions of people, guns, motorbikes, helicopters and explosives. Heck, what more can I say. Great characters, great plot. Just read it - it's goo [...]

    3. As Nina O’Brien and Ross Flanagan worked side by side nailing boards over windows, tying down loose objects and racing against time, she wondered if she had done the right thing coming home to Mistake Creek and preparing her father’s truck stop for sale. With him no longer able to run the business, and Nina herself now living in the city after moving away ten years ago, she realized she had no other option; her heart wasn’t in it though as it had been her home for as long as she could reme [...]

    4. Take a thrilling ride with FBI agent Kyle Roberts and (I never should have returned to Mistake Creek) Nina O’Brien as they fight to prevent a biological terrorist attack on the citizens of San Francisco all during the worst storm Mistake Creek, California has seen in years.This is a fast paced read. It was easy to get swept up in the adrenaline pumping action. I read it in two days. The storyline is straightforward, although it does have its unexpected twists, and it’s not so far fetched tha [...]

    5. I will read more form this author as I really enjoyed this book, I had not heard of her before. A lot of action with luckily only a small amount of romance.

    6. Another great book with thrills, action, twists and nicely fast paced though out. There is a change here in this book as the author uses a regular person as the main character, as is regular I mean normal, with no super human powers, etc, She is a normal person trying to make her way in life as she needs to return home to help her Dad, and happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nina is thrown into turmoil of who to trust, help and who to ask for help, but she is a strong person and [...]

    7. GrippingHad me engaged from start to finish. One of those that you can't put down. Another brilliant book from Rachel Amphlett!!

    8. Exciting thriller great characters, highly recommendMy first read of a novel by Rachel Amphlett she has written a thriller that's topical, is hard to put down as the story builds around a drought breaking storm undercover FBI agents and an internal terrorist determined to get his revenge against the federal government. The book has a lot of thrills, lots of pace and a feisty girl finding love. Brilliant book I want to read more from Rachel.

    9. Nina has been called back the Mistake Creek from concerned neighbors over the increasing forgetfulness of her father who runs the towns gas station and truck stop. She is getting it ready to sell when a bad storm hits the town flooding the creel and shutting down the roads. Friends and strangers are stuck in the truck stop during the storm but people are turning up dead and she does not know who to trust.

    10. I won this book from a Good Reads giveaway- thanks Rachel Amphlett! I really enjoyed this book it hooked me from page one and I was intrigued the entire way through. I always thought I had it figured out and then another twist would come! I loved how unpredictable it was! I would have given it a 5 star if there had been an epilogue expanding more on the ending book!

    11. I had not read anything by Rachel Amphlett before so was keen to see what the story would be like. I found the story kept me interested to the end through a number of twists and turns that include running from killers during a severe thunder storm. The story does not rely on endless sex and passion but the story itself though there is romance and a happy ending.

    12. Mistake CreekVery good. I really enjoyed the read and strongly recommend this book. Another unknown author to me but I will differently be reading more of her work.

    13. Good plotI enjoyed the book very much. The story kept my interest, and made me anxious to get back it when I had to leave it. Try it, you'll like it

    14. Good vs. EvilRachel Amphlett did a nice job taking the reader on an adventure about a potential terrorist attack. Could it Happen, you decide.

    15. This was an easy read in the manner of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Everyone, the goodies anyway, lived happily ever after. The story moved along well but all the villains were stereotypical. Imagine a pair of leather jacketed bikies that turned up out of nowhere not being badies? There was a lot of action and a heap of very fortuitous coincidences. People lucked in and all the dominoes fell the right way. If you want a simple easy read, this is the book for you. If you something less simplis [...]

    16. UnbelievableUnbelievably bad that is.It started promisingly, the first couple of chapters were quite gripping, unfortunately around a third of the was through it started to get rather silly and then deteriorated further. The second half was complete, total rubish and the last couple of pages sickly nauseating.

    17. This was so exciting from beginning to end! There was so many quirks and mystery to whom can be trusted. Who in the story was the enemy and who the heroes. So much suspense and the romance was unnerving as in who will Nina choose! This novel has everything!

    18. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.This was the second book I've read by this author and it won't be the last. This author has a great style of writing and great character development. The action level never slowed. Great book. I highly recommend it.

    19. Good Book.I truly enjoyed this book. I like to be be excited to read the next chapter. This book was that way. Thumbs up for me.

    20. With over 600 titles on my kindle I always stop and put any and all of Rachael's books at the top of the list. This was a tense F.B.I thriller that kept the pulse going throughout. I loved it. Once again you felt part of the story and bonded with the characters.Well done Rachael. Thank you for writing this. No slacking.

    21. Interesting story, with a few twists.Good character development, with an interesting plot. The story location is totally fictionalized and it would have been nice if the author had used real locations and settings. There is also the use of U.K. terminology, when the story is taking place in the U.S. Other than that, this was a good, quick read.

    22. Mystery thrillerA hundred year storm. Some suspicious activity is taking place on a neighbor ranch, the fbi brings in 2 uncover officers and when the operation starts to go down it goes wrong. Great characters, fast paced

    23. A great FBI thrillerGood story line easy to follow FBI thriller. Keeps you guessing who the bad guys are. Recommend this story to all readers who enjoy reading a interesting FBI thriller.

    24. GreatWow excellent read captivating, fast paced. This book held my attention from first chapter great character development. Definitely worth reading if you like fast paced adventure and a hint of possible romance on horizon.

    25. Fast paced kept me interestedIn the beginning it seemed to be a book about extreme weather. The plot moved quickly and kept me reading. Enjoyed the characters.

    26. Good bookThis is definitely a thriller. The plot is excellent fast paced and a real page turner. I would highly recommend it.

    27. This is all action from the word go. Keeps you on your toes throughout.A really good thriller. Deserves five stars.

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