Wicked Ever After

Wicked Ever After Delilah S Dawson s award winning Blud series comes full circle as Tish and Criminy stars of Wicked as They Come embark on a sexy and harrowing final adventure in a world RT Book Reviews called delig

  • Title: Wicked Ever After
  • Author: Delilah S. Dawson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Delilah S Dawson s award winning Blud series comes full circle as Tish and Criminy, stars of Wicked as They Come, embark on a sexy and harrowing final adventure in a world RT Book Reviews called delightfully edgy with hidden charms Ever since landing in the magical world of Sang and falling in love with dashing ringmaster Criminy Stain, Tish has been waiting for the axeDelilah S Dawson s award winning Blud series comes full circle as Tish and Criminy, stars of Wicked as They Come, embark on a sexy and harrowing final adventure in a world RT Book Reviews called delightfully edgy with hidden charms Ever since landing in the magical world of Sang and falling in love with dashing ringmaster Criminy Stain, Tish has been waiting for the axe to fall Until her dying grandmother s last breath on Earth, Tish can t bring herself to give up her all too human frailty and commit to life on Sang as a youthful, long lived Bludman like her handsome husband But when a peculiar twist of fate delivers Tish s grandmother to Sang, an unexpected chain of events forces Tish and Criminy to embark on one last wild adventure From old friends to new and into the lair of terrifying enemies, the couple s love and longevity will be pushed to the brink by each harrowing encounter Is blud thicker than blood, and can Tish and Crim find their wicked ever after

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    1. This is a sad, sad day.lly coming to the end of the series and not being able to read another story about Criminy and Tish! I do, however, love how everything has come full circle and DSD certainly did them justice. If you're a fan of the series, you will enjoy this last hurrah. Tish has been struggling for some time over her decision to stay human but nothing has prepared her for what age has done to her body. Her love for her beloved Nana is the only thing that is keeping her hanging on. When [...]

    2. I read Wicked as They Come a couple of years ago and thought the book was quite OK, but I never read the two books that came after since they weren't about the characters from the first book. Not that I don't want to read the books. I will probably do that I just wasn't that interested at the moments to read about other characters. Anyway, then this book showed up on NetGalley and it was the conclusion of Criminy and Tish story and that I felt was a story I must read.I admit that I didn't rememb [...]

    3. For six years Tish has enjoyed the love and passion of the vampire like Criminy Stain. Forced to constantly travel between the land of Sang and Earth as she watches her beloved Nana slowly and painfully fight her last battle to stay alive. Tish was cruelly tricked by a witch and now her own body is ageing at an accelerated rate but her amazing husband Crim still waits to make her like him. When a chance conversation with Nana presents Tish with an idea it sets off a chain of events with the most [...]

    4. 2.5 StarsThis is a fan book.Have you read the rest of the series and the short stories??? Well then Wickedly Ever After answers the questions what happened to everyone after… But if you haven’t read the rest of the series I believe you will be extremely bored and trying to figure out what the heck is going on.The best part is that we get to journey through Sang again and see Letitia’s transformation from human to a Bludman. We get to see Criminy and go on another journey with them getting [...]

    5. Throughout this series, Dawson has created a dark world of blood drinking, magic and mayhem that has swept me away many times.Criminy and Letitia are back in the lime light with the conclusion of this series.Tish's grandmother is dying so Tish pulls her into Sang to have Criminy transform her into a Bludman. The transformation goes as planned and once the transformation is complete Tish is actually older and her grandmother. Criminy and Letitia find themselves traveling across Sang to recover Ti [...]

    6. WICKED EVER AFTER is the bittersweet ending of the Blud series. If you've been following the series, this is a must read as it goes back to Trish and Criminy and gives closure to their story as well as the other couples you see throughout the series. Word to the wise, this novella CANNOT stand alone. It just wouldn't make as much sense without the background of the rest of the series.I was glad to see Trish deal with her issues at becoming a Bludwoman, but maybe I wasn't too happy with how that [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars. It was okay, I guess. A fitting end to the series to go out with a look at Tish and Criminy six years after they met and married. ‘Wicked Ever After’ started out interesting, got strange, and finally petered out with a series of vignettes. Then it all suddenly tied up in a neat, sweet little bow. This series has been an enjoyable read for the most part; but the stories tended to be more flash than substance; light on wordbuilding and characterization. I always thought about what c [...]

    8. Lost a star on the unnecessary shock value.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Criminy and Tish are back, ya'll!! But MAN!! October?!!Ooooooh that cover!! CRIMINY!!

    9. YESSSSSSSSSsssss!!! Finally--it's mine! All mine!Come to Mama, my tasty little Criminy! I've waited so long for youAt last--the exciting conclusion to Crim and Tish's story! Miss Dawson, you are a goddess.******Update******OMG that COVER!!!!!!!!!! Sweet. Fucking. Criminy.Nope. Can't do it. I simply cannot deal with this amount of disgustingly hot smexiness. Excuse me while I go pretend to work, pant heavily, and pass out in my office(I think it was the goggles that pushed me over the edge.)UPDAT [...]

    10. Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewBlud is a series that I like and it’s true that when I saw the release of this Volume 4, I was very intrigued. You should know that this novel is closing a series that I took a great pleasure to follow (although I admit shamefully that I did not read volume 3). In any case I was pleasantly surprised to find the main characters of the first volume and to see what they had become. But that’s not all, because we also have the chance to see people we met in [...]

    11. If you’ve read Wicked as The Come, you’re in for a treat with Wicked Ever After, the 4th and final book in Delilah S. Dawson’s Blud series. In a nutshell, this is Tish’s HEA with Criminy, the sexy bludman who is one my my favorite heroes in the last five years in paranormal romance. Delilah gives these two quite a sendoff that won’t disappoint!Wicked Ever After occurs six years after Tish came to the Sang, basically living there as Crim’s beloved wife, while she goes back to Earth to [...]

    12. 4.5/5If you could describe Wicked Ever After with one phrase it would be "cherry on top". It truly was a wonderful ending to the series, with all the ends neatly tied up. Everyone had their happy ending, apart from the villains, of course. Those met deserved gruesome (and very satisfying) deaths.So six years after their meeting Leticia and Criminy still manage their travelling circus, still on the same circuit. Only he stays young and gorgeous no matter what, while she is aged to around sixty th [...]

    13. **I received this book for free from (Publisher) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre* Steampunk, Paranormal Romance*Rating* 3-3.5*My Thoughts*Wicked Ever After is the fourth and final installment in the Blud series by author Delilah S. Dawson. In the world of Sang, half the population is human (aka Pinkies), while the other half are Bludmen/women. A bludman/woman in Sang is like a vampire in our own wo [...]

    14. Tish is finally giving up her connection to the normal world for Sang when she brings her grandmother back. She never expected the transition to end up the way it did, though, and soon she´s off on another dangerous adventure with Criminy by her side. Can they save Nana and return to their caravan life without anything major happening? PNR romance, action, suspense and smutty fluff in a great combo, and a great conclusion to a favorite series.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in r [...]

    15. It’s the last hurrah for Criminy and Tish. In the final trip back to the deliciously dark and twisted world of Sang, Tish’s beloved grandmother is just about out of time until Tish decides it would be a great idea to bring granny from Earth to Sang and make her a Bludwoman. When things don’t turn out the way she hoped, Tish finds herself chasing dear ol’ granny after she disappears. What ensues, after a not so surprising change to Tish, is a dangerous journey to be rid of an enemy and ha [...]

    16. I had no expectations that the author would return to Criminy and Tish's story and the Criminy's circus where this whole delightful series got started. Bravo, Ms. Dawson! I didn't realize how badly I wanted it until it was suddenly a possibility so I snatched it up and devoured it like the sweetest, most sinful morsel.The story is indeed a follow-up book focused on Crim and Tish, but it also was a reunion story that brought together everyone from all the previous books and novellas. It felt like [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsI'll admit that I only made it to book 2 in this series prior to reading this and it was a struggle to actually finish book 2 for me. I'm unsure if book 3 and the other novellas would have changed my opinion of this book entirely, but honestly I came for Criminy and Tish. I don't care about anyone else, however I may check out Demi's book at some point now. Anyhoo. I loved getting this final glimpse of Criminy and Tish. And Criminy. Did I mention Criminy? No? Well, Criminy Stain. He is [...]

    18. Wicked Ever Afterserves to tie up the series' loose ends- Tish's struggle to give up her humanity, her marriage with Criminy, the ever afters of nearly all of the characters in the series. I nearly jumped at this chance to say goodbye to one of my favourite heroes Criminy Stain and the wicked world of Sang. And I loved every single bit of him- the snark, the viciousness, the tenderness, the love. Take a bow, Criminy. Take a bow.

    19. The last book in the Blud series. I enjoyed it and really glad and sad that the story finally ended.This book is a 3.5-star read for me. Why's that? Well, I thought that the adventure was too short and brief compared to the other Blud books. I think this book was written to put all the loose ends together. The most awesome part of this book was probably the epilogue. It was really nice to finally see the Happy end.SpoilersThe book still have the same gothic feel like the rest of the Blud books. [...]

    20. <3Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on Oct 23 , 2015:In a Flutter: Awesome end to the series!Fluttering Thoughts:Worldbuilding: I have raved about the world of Sang when I read the first beauty of the series, Wicked Ever After. All my points still hold now, wow, 3 years later. Creative, well-done, exciting worldbuilding of doom, hurrah!Characters: While I very much enjoyed the whole cast of characters in the Blud series, I must admit I always had a special spot for Tish and Crim, b [...]

    21. “Wicked Ever After” is the final book in Deliah S. Dawson’s Blud series. Clocking in at less than 200 pages, this is more of a novella than anything.The story picks-up a few years after “Wicked as they Come”. Traveling between Sang and Earth has taken its toll on Letitia. Even though she’s only in her 30s, she has the body of a 60 year old. Letting her husband, Criminy, turn her into a bludwoman (basically a vampire) would solve the problem, but it would mean she would never be able [...]

    22. Tish and Criminy Stain return in book 4 of the Blud series. I'm so happy to see a continuation of their story since this is the last book in the series. In case you don't remember, Criminy runs a traveling circus, and in book one, Tish joins them as a glancer (think fortune teller) when she appeared in Sang. A spelled necklace causes Tish to go back and forth between Earth and Sang whenever she falls asleep in either place. Which I would imagine would take a toll on someone after awhile. The onl [...]

    23. Another book I am not sure how to rateSeem my thing latelyI found it quite hard to get into this one- wasn't impressed with Trish the first thirdThen I really enjoyed it till- about 80%The end was okIt's written really well- naturallySo I am just gonna think a bit about before writing a review (Again! )

    24. Jaw dropping! I love the plot twist concerning the grandma. She riled me up good, but that only proves how affecting the character and plot are, and how effective the writing is. Fantastic wrap-up!

    25. 3 1/2 stars.I was really on the fence about Wicked Ever After and I ended up enjoying it more than I expected to. I went into it considering it more of an OCD read. I read Wicked As They Come 4 years ago and I really loved it. I wasn’t interested enough in the other characters to continue with the series though so I left it there. Knowing that Wicked Ever After was going back to the Crim & Tish storyline – I felt compelled to read it for the sake of closure but I felt too much time had p [...]

    26. Originally published at Reading RealityWelcome back to Sang, the world of Criminy’s Clockwork Caravan. Sang is a beautiful and terrifying place that seems to be where some folks find themselves when they are lost in a coma or otherwise end up on the border between life and death.Tish found herself there six years ago, brought by a spelled locket infused with the magic of Criminy Stain, master of the caravan. Tish’s life will never be the same, if she doesn’t use it all up moving between Cr [...]

    27. Delilah S. Dawson’s Blud series is one of my all time favorite series. Each book has its own magic that transports the reader to the land of Sang and introduces them to another character’s journey through life. Wicked Ever After is the 4th (or 7th if you include the novellas) in the series and provides the same sense of magic and wonderment as the books that preceded it. Thank you to the publisher for providing a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.I was very excited to learn that [...]

    28. Criminy’s Clockwork Caravan is a magical place, but it exists in a world where even the cute and fuzzy bunnies have fangs. Sometimes the bright lights and fanciful creatures make you forget about the danger lurking in the background. I think that’s what happened in my case anyway. It’s been nearly two years since I read the last Blud book and I was feeling nostalgic for the whimsical clockwork animals and colorful carnivalleros. I had forgotten how this series so often takes you into the d [...]

    29. Original Post: WICKED EVER AFTER by Delilah S. Dawson: Granny’s Got Gamefangswandsandfairydust/201ARC provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.This final story in one of my favorite series, by one of my favorite authors, is very different from the earlier books in the Blud series. Delilah’s writer’s voice is different and the resulting book is darker, edgier and sexier. I loved how Delilah explores Letitia’ [...]

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