The Quest for Screen Time

The Quest for Screen Time Giant Afro Even Bigger Brain Jaden Toussaint is a five year old who knows it all I mean really knows it all Animal Scientist Great Debater Master of the art of ninja dancing There s nothing Jaden Tou

  • Title: The Quest for Screen Time
  • Author: Marti Dumas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Giant Afro Even Bigger Brain.Jaden Toussaint is a five year old who knows it all I mean, really knows it all Animal Scientist Great Debater Master of the art of ninja dancing There s nothing Jaden Toussaint can t do The only problem is that grown ups keep trying to convince him that, even though he s really smart, he doesn t know EVERYTHING The thing is he kind ofGiant Afro Even Bigger Brain.Jaden Toussaint is a five year old who knows it all I mean, really knows it all Animal Scientist Great Debater Master of the art of ninja dancing There s nothing Jaden Toussaint can t do The only problem is that grown ups keep trying to convince him that, even though he s really smart, he doesn t know EVERYTHING The thing is he kind of does.This time our hero must use all his super powered brain power to convince the grown ups that he needs screen time._____________________________Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest is the first in a series of entry level chapter books children ages 5 10 and the adults who will read with them The main character is a 5 year old boy who is smart and confident almost to the point of being overly confident He tackles his very ordinary problems with a scientific gusto that is both informative and humorous.

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    1. I Absolutely Loved This Audiobook! Some thoughts. As a grandma of three grandchildren ranging in age from 5,7, and 8, this audiobook has A LOT of appeal. It's cuteness scale for me is off the chart awesomeness. Knowing what my grandkids like and sort of how their little selves think, this hits the mark perfectly. My kids are in the military so I don't get a chance to see my grandkids as often as I'd like, but this is definitely a book and audiobook I'd send them. J.T. EPISODE 1: THE QUEST for SC [...]

    2. Jaden "JT" Toussaint prides himself on being one of the smartest people alive, and as such, he happens to know everything - "well, almost everything". It's refreshing to see such an enlightened young mind, even though, at times, his high level of intelligence did not render wholly plausible. Nonetheless, witnessing his mind at work was an enjoyable experience.Jaden wants what most kids his age want: more screen time. The problem: his parents won't heed to his desire, thus, he concocts various pl [...]

    3. I read this book with my six-year old son, Olsen. We received an advanced reader copy from the author of the book in the form of audiobook and PDF. The audiobook was narrated by Dick Hill. Here is my son's review of this book."I really liked this book. It was so good. I thought (view spoiler)[Jaden was pretty smart to make a petition for all of his classmates to sign. I liked the part about the tic-tac-toe puzzle (hide spoiler)]. I want to read Episode 2 because I am sure it will be so good!"I p [...]

    4. Loved it!I don't usually read these books, let alone review, but this was really a good way to teach a kid to go out and work for what you believe in/want.The fact that it is 'screen time', is something I imagine some parents won't be very fond of, but I believe it is completely normal and the right way to go about it.I love the diversity and the illustrations are beautiful!So going to follow JT's adventures!

    5. So it's 3am and I couldn't get back to sleep. I began to read this ebook that I got from bookbub and I'm so happy I did. What a charming little story and gorgeous illustrations. If your child loves the Junie B. Jones series, they will definitely enjoy this book, which I'm happy to hear is the first in a series. I'll have to buy the book because it's one that I want to hold in my hand.

    6. Great readMy 7year old boys told me "great book". So, I say it's a great book. We read a chapter each night at bedtime. They are looking forward to mire Jaden adventures.

    7. A sweet choice for kids new to chapter books, with an African American protagonist. However, a few disconnects: he is a kindergartener, and I think the audience for this book is more grades 1-3; also the reading level is a bit high for the target audience. With a few tweaks this could be a great addition to chapter book series collections.

    8. I love it!!! An Excellent new children's book to inspire my son to read books about little boys who look like him. 😊

    9. Jaden is a smart, kindergarten, future scientist who is growing up in a house of readers. Jaden hates to read. One day, when his dad is trying to finish his latest book on coaching, he gives Jaden his cell phone to occupy him. Those ten minutes gets him hooked. He wants more screen time. All his experiments fail and he is denied what he wants moste knowledge that comes from surfing the web. Jaden finally sees a glimmer of hope in aquiring what he wants most when his teacher finally assigns homew [...]

    10. This book was hilarious and it was humor I think both kids and adults will enjoy. Dumas has really captured the inner thoughts of a young kid in a way that is both funny and serious. Even as an adult I throughly enjoyed reading this.The chapter breaks are perfect. Just as Jaden has an idea or something new needs to be introduced the current chapter ends and the next chapter begins, complete with chapter title that repeats the introduction. So for example Jaden is talking about wanting to get mor [...]

    11. Jaden Toussaint is clever, sharp, and has a scientific, witty mind. His character is such fun to read about and to see how he will problem solve to reach the goal he has. I enjoyed this book and felt that it was eloquently written and had a style of illustrations that really matched the attitude and feel of the writing. The story had me smiling and laughing in many parts (love the prologue!) and on several occasions it also made me think of how great the overall story would be as an example to c [...]

    12. I received this ARC for free from First Reads.This book follows kindergartener Jaden Toussaint, who is confident and very knowledgeable But he feels as if he could be even more knowledgeable if he was allowed to learn things from the internet. In this short chapter book, Jaden tries to convince his family to allow him some extra screen time, but when things don't work out he needs to put his mind to work and get creative!This entry-level book was truly delightful, filled with lots of humour (I L [...]

    13. I won a free copy of this book in a contest. I found both the story and the way it was presented quite charming and endearing. You have Jaden Toussaint, a kindergartner, discovering his love for technology and wanting to have more time using devices. Problem is his family are not to understanding of his need for more screen time. Instead of using negative tactics such as throwing a tantrum, hitting, or any of that sort to get his way, he instead channels his frustration in a positive and produc [...]

    14. I won this book through a first reads giveaway and I really loved it! We will definitely be looking for the next one as soon as it comes out. I loved this book because the lead character, Jaden Toussaint, was quirky, funny and persistent but not in an annoying manner. He showed the reader that with perseverance and experimenting, they can reach the goal they set up. I loved how the story moved and the little funny antics that were on the pages. The illustrations were incredible and added a lot t [...]

    15. A Wonderful Leadership Story for KidsWe need more diverse books like Marti Dumas' Jaden Toussaint series. This book teaches kids (especially African American boys) that when you want something changed in their environment sometimes you have to make it happen yourself. This kindergarten shows amazing leadership-a skill set we as parents desperately need to teach our kids. The story is well written and the illustrations are amazing. Bravo Marti Dumas!

    16. Jaden Toussaint is quite the savvy 5 year old! He uses his imagination, spectacular vocabulary, and persuasion to bring about changes in his weekly kindergarten homework tic-tac-toe grid. Though the protagonist is young, I think this book will appeal to reads through the 2nd and 3rd grades because of the language, the quick pace of the story, and Jaden's familiar antics. I can't wait to read more in this series.

    17. Love love this cute little book. It is full of humor, the illustrations are fun and eye catching without being overbearing on the page, and the characters are great.I chuckled at so many things on the first few pages, and it never really stopped. This would be a great book to read aloud to your young pre reader, and a great first novel for a budding bibliophile.

    18. I won this book through . It is a cute story of a five year-old who wants more screen time and all the creative ways he tries to get it. It teaches children to work hard, be creative, and never give up.

    19. I loved this book! I love the characters. I am going to suggest it to the "Reading to Kids" program out here in L.A. I think it is a great one for the young ones to read and also a great book to have read to them.

    20. I want to buy 10 copies to just have to give to kids. Jaden Toussaint is charming and his family is so delightful. This is a book about desire, data gathering, and self advocacyr kids. I could not love this book more.

    21. Very funny book about a persistent kindergartner who wants more screen time. Clever writing, fun illustrationsis book has it all!

    22. 1. Jaden Toussaint does NOT like reading. But he LOVES watching tv and playing on the computer. Since his screen time is limited, he is willing to do almost anything to get more time in front of the screen. He is a scientist and knows everything, so he beings by using the scientific method to act out his plan, "The repetition test". Each day he asks his mom, dad, and sister if he can use their phone, tablet, or tv in different ways. He continued this test for 23 days until kindergarten started. [...]

    23. I liked the modern feel of this book. The integration of pictures/infographics with the story line was well done. And how many books incorporate screen time into them? Honestly I think that a lot of recent books have been set in historical settings, even recent historical settings because they don't want to figure out how to incorporate technology into their storyline.So some pluses: This is a chapter book for younger kids. Modern feel. Actual characters instead of animals. The character of Jade [...]

    24. My 9 year old daughter read this book and my 7yr old & 5 year old son looked at the pages while I played the audiobook. The synopsis of the book is pretty spot on. All 3 kids LOVED the character, plot and narration of the story. They commented that Jaden was smart and they loved the petition. It's probably more appropriate for the 4-8 range as it is only about 64 pages (32 minutes on audible). It was easy for my 7 year old to read and understand. It was harder for my 5 y old, so the audioboo [...]

    25. Jaden Toussaint is a determined, clever, and creative kid. In this episode he bends his big brain to the goal of getting some screen time. While that's probably not something most parents enjoy hearing, Jaden's approach is scientific and then community oriented. As an adult I had quite a few chuckles while reading and I'm sure any young ones in your life will love it. PS Jaden has posters of Alexander Dumas, Toussaint L'ouverture, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Einstein on his walls. I've been meaning [...]

    26. Jaden Toussaint is a realistic character in an illustrated children's book. He has a desire and he figures out how to achieve this "need." It is a fun, fast read that would be best read using a real book to better appreciate the illustrations and handwritten information. Jaden is a hero, as all good children's book principal characters should be!

    27. If you haven’t had the chance, it is time to meet Jaden Toussaint. This humorous tale of Jaden’s quest for screen time made me laugh out loud. Between the illustrations and the insights into Jaden’s thinking, I’ve become a fan. I can’t wait to read all the other adventures of Jaden.

    28. Jaden is a kindergartner who wants to play on the computer. So he hatches multiple plans, takes notes, and works to get more screen time.Overall the book is OK - it's a short read for younger readers. *I got this book through GoodRead's Giveaways - an excellent source of interesting books!

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