The Society of Blood

The Society of Blood Transported through time to the dank streets of Victorian London Alex Locke seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Obsidian Heart the enigmatic object to which his fate is inextricably bound When a s

  • Title: The Society of Blood
  • Author: Mark Morris
  • ISBN: 9781781168707
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Transported through time to the dank streets of Victorian London, Alex Locke seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Obsidian Heart, the enigmatic object to which his fate is inextricably bound When a string of grisly murders takes place across the capital, Alex follows a trail that will lead him through the opium dens of Limehouse into the dark and twisted world of the SocTransported through time to the dank streets of Victorian London, Alex Locke seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Obsidian Heart, the enigmatic object to which his fate is inextricably bound When a string of grisly murders takes place across the capital, Alex follows a trail that will lead him through the opium dens of Limehouse into the dark and twisted world of the Society of Blood, and ever closer to unlocking the secret of the Heart.

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    1. I read the first book in this series, The Wolves of London, and enjoyed it immensely.While this second installment had ample action and intrigue to keep me reading, some parts dragged on a little for me and the bits where Alex contemplates the complexities of time travel were sometimes rather brain-hurty.Still, while I lost track of what was going on at times, the ending was tidy enough (and tense enough) to persuade me to read the next in the series upon release.

    2. I read the first part of The Obsidian Heart trilogy, The Wolves of London, last year on a whim. I knew nothing about it and picked it up solely based on the fantastically gothic cover. It was an absolutely brilliant book that left me wanting more. Now, the second part of the trilogy is upon us and the good news is that it’s just as good as its predecessor.When we last left Alex Locke and Clover they were stranded in Victorian London. Book two picks up some time later. Both have slowly started [...]

    3. A brilliant blend of sci-fi and fantasy, the second installment of the Obsidian Heart series keeps you hooked. Come at me, book three!

    4. This is a difficult book to review. It's the middle of a trilogy so I can't tell whether it's done it's job. I found the first book so intriguing I had to read the rest. The second is as interesting though maybe not quite as compelling, but it doesn't necessarily have to be if it is, as it feels, setting up situations that will reach a satisfying completion in book three. That's a question I cannot answer until I pick up the next book. What feels disjointed may serve a purpose. In a sense, it pa [...]

    5. This was an enjoyable follow up to the first book in the series. Most of it is set in Victorian London, and the dank, smog, dirty feel came across nicely.There were a couple of 'what!' moments, where i got a little confused - but i suspect most of these will be completed in the third book.

    6. A bit more happens in this one, but our protagonist is still haphazard and clueless. We are two books in and no nearer to an answer, any resolutions or sensible actions. Feels like a filler book.

    7. Following on from The Wolves of London, The Society of Blood brings us back to our main protagonist, Alex Locke, as he attempts to acclimatise himself to the way of life within Victorian London. Unsure how long it will take him to find his missing daughter, Alex occupies his time creating connections (watchers) in the hopes of finding the lost obsidian heart, whilst simultaneously keeping up appearances of a well-to-do family man. Concerned that the Wolves of London will seek him out at any mome [...]

    8. The publisher sent me a copy of this book after I reviewed Wraith of War and I voluntarily reviewed it.The Society of Blood is great and fills all the gaps I had from reading this series out of order. I still think The Wraiths of War is the best book but this was a great read. This book picks up a couple of years after the end of the first book. I really liked the fact it was set in Victorian London for some reason. This gave a delightful dark tone to the whole book. This book opens with things [...]

    9. A good, fast read. I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first book in the series (The Wolves of London), but possibly that's because it suffers from being the second book in a trilogy. Even so, it was still very good.Alex is stuck in the nineteenth century with Clover; he's adopted a little girl whose mechanical arm is going to kill her unless he can get her some twenty-first century medical help; and someone, or something, is killing people connected to him. And he still needs to find the O [...]

    10. This is the second part of the Obsidian Heart trilogy, a fantasy / horror / time travel / multiverse adventure. I remember reading the first book last year, I think I remember liking it but don't remember that much more, so getting back into the series was a bit confusing at first but most of it did come back to me, helped by recaps from the author.In this one Alex is in Victorian London trying to find the Obsidian Heart in an effort to find his daughter. I particularly liked the descriptions in [...]

    11. Where for me the previous book started very strong and then delivered ever diminishing returns as it became more clearly fantastical, this second instalment does nothing to re-engage me. Set primarily in the Victorian era (while failing to make much interesting use of the period), the story grinds almost to a halt where it should spring forward. Characters examine options, discuss implications, speculate aloud and to themselves endlessly about what might or might not have just happened/be about [...]

    12. I adored Wolves of London, the first book of the series. I was so happy that the sequel was out, so I'm really sad to report how much I hated this book. I kept hoping it would pick up and the story might actually start, but nothing really happened. About 40% of the book was either awkward recap or dull conversations between Clover and Alex about time travel. Enough dull recap already! Just say "ooh the Grandfather paradox is an odd one isn't it?" and get on with the story!I was angry at the star [...]

    13. I bought the first book of the trilogy on impulse and enjoyed it so much I needed to get the next one as soon as it was published. This one doesn't disappoint.This is a time-travelling horror fantasy series with interesting characters and concepts. I'm no clearer as to what the outcome is going to be but I can't wait to find out.The vast majority of this book is set in victorian London and Mark brings the city to life.

    14. This is the second book in the Obsidian Heart series and I'm looking forward to the next one. If anything this second novel is even darker than the first and filled with fascinating twists and turns to the plotlines and the characters' lives. It does get quite convoluted in places but the author has good control of the various storylines and keeps the reader's interest despite the complexity of plot.I'll certainly be reading part three.

    15. Rather and abrupt ending or non ending. If you want a book exploring the throes and complexity of parodox and time travel you might love it. I want to love this series but just don't quite. Bit frustrating really. Half way between can't be thread with the next and will have to get the next because there was no resolution of ay kind at the end of this one.

    16. Preferred book #1 (Wolves of London), but this was still pretty solid. Will get book #3 when it releases in October and hopefully all this mad time travel thread will make sense!Still a great book, and would recommend.

    17. Not sureThis was not quite as good as the first in the series. The story line is in danger of getting lot inside itself and some bits were quite boring. I'm hoping the next book will be better.

    18. It's all a bit convoluted for me, I just hope that the author has a grip on what's going on for the conclusion!

    19. What? What was that ending? How can that be the end? Cliffhangers are the worst and that particular one -- gah! Don't do this to me! I'd just got invested and all!

    20. I love how this book went from Victorian gothic horror, right back to time-traveling horror. Only issue with the book? I have got to remember to re-read the first two before the next one.

    21. It's just a good old fantasy story with the mind bending what ifs of time travel thrown in. Am really enjoying the series so far into book 3 as we speak.

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