Lonesome Beds and Bumpy Roads

Lonesome Beds and Bumpy Roads Lexie Boggs has dealt with enough drama for one teenage girl and just when she thinks it s about over the father who abandoned her a decade ago shows up looking for redemption At least that s what h

  • Title: Lonesome Beds and Bumpy Roads
  • Author: Becca Ann Tessa Marie Cassie Mae Theresa Paolo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lexie Boggs has dealt with enough drama for one teenage girl, and just when she thinks it s about over, the father who abandoned her a decade ago shows up looking for redemption At least that s what he says Ryan Parker thinks his future is set He s got a sweet job set up, graduation on the horizon, and a lifetime of dreams he s planned with his girlfriend, Lexie includLexie Boggs has dealt with enough drama for one teenage girl, and just when she thinks it s about over, the father who abandoned her a decade ago shows up looking for redemption At least that s what he says Ryan Parker thinks his future is set He s got a sweet job set up, graduation on the horizon, and a lifetime of dreams he s planned with his girlfriend, Lexie including a king sized bed for their soon to be apartment Only a slight snag tugs at the fantasy when Lexie starts putting aside all she s worked hard on for her deadbeat dad and his sickness Suddenly school is the only time spent together, and as Ryan expresses his suspicions about why Daddy Boggs is really back, Lexie pulls away, hoping Ryan is wrong but fearing he s right And as graduation approaches, Ryan and Lexie struggle to keep the futures they thought they had firmly intact from crumbling all over their now lonely king sized bed.This is the third and final installment of Lexie and Ryan s story.

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    1. Lexie has a lot going on in her life -Graduation and college, her mom is 3 months sober and Lexi's in love with her best friend Ryan and they are happy. Everything is going well until her estranged dad shows up out of nowhere. What I really like about this book is that even though it's funny and even silly at times, there are some real issues. I felt so bad for Lexie and everything she's been through. Ryan is such a good boyfriend, he is so patient with her and sweet. I LOVED this series and I'm [...]

    2. 4.5 stars - I was lucky enough to beta read this book for these beautiful authors! I know, I knowyour jealousy is warranted.Ahhhhh, the last book in an amazing series. So much to live up to, and this book did NOT disappoint!!! The thing I've always loved about the Beds series (even right from True Love & Magic Tricks) is that the books perfectly balance humour (which the authors excel at) and real life heartache and growth. They're true Young Adult novels in that the characters are still dea [...]

    3. I awwwhed, and grrred, I laughed and I cried. And cried. Not going to lie there was a lot of crying involved. Most of it was unexpected and came out of nowhere. I'm going to miss these guys so, so much. Lexie and Ryan have been one of the cutest couples and almost feel like friends to me so I will miss them. I know I'll get to see more in Brett's story so I'm still holding on to that thread and I cannot wait for that! I think I'll have to beg for more Nate and Kaylee. . .even a scene or two (*co [...]

    4. celebrityreaders.wordpress5 stars!This book kinda blew me away. I expected them to have to deal with living together and their new lives as college students. All the learning that occurs during that time.But no, these authors had to go and throw my heart in a blender. I mean, I thought for sure daddy was a douche canoe. Lexie’s POV made me think, maybe, just maybe, he is really here for her and wants to make it right. Usually I can peg a story line pretty quickly but this one I was unsure wher [...]

    5. "My lips tug at the thought of my boyfriend and best friend, Ryan. As long as he's in my life, I couldn't ask for anything more. Okay, maybe that's not totally true. I can always ask for more chocolate."Such a great ending to an incredible series!! I was drawn into these books because I'm a sucker for "friends to lovers" stories. But they were so much more.In this last book, you witness how strong Ryan and Lexie's friendship and love truly is. You also see how one certain event, or person, could [...]

    6. AweLexi and Ryanwhen you thought everything was perfect and nothing could go wrong. So many feels in this book!! I also have to say that the supporting characters are just as important in this book as Lexi and Ryan!! Grams, Pop-Pop, Nate, Kaylee, and Brett help round out this great story!! With graduation looming in front of Ryan, Lexi, and their friends, stress is at the top. Ryan has a new job and Lexi is working more to save for college, so the time they get together is treasured. Then someon [...]

    7. A bittersweet ending to the series. We have been taken on a roller coaster ride with Lexi, Ryan, Kaylie and Nate. I loved how all of them were such a tight family even though none of them were related by blood. I also loved how the story was REAL, it was not sugar coated in any way shape or form. I loved how Lexi's mom recovered from being an alcoholic and I never really trusted her dad who randomly showed up out of the blue, and my gut feeling was right. I felt that Ryan and Lexi were not parti [...]

    8. Really cute ta book and perfect end to the series :) I will definitely miss Ryan and Lexi! *Received an ARC for honest review.*

    9. I'd say only 2.5 to 3 stars. I was disappointed with this one comparatively. Just FYI: Just like the first two book, this third one was written by two authors, both under pseudonyms: Becca Ann (Cassie Mae) and Tessa Marie (Theresa Paolo). Each one took a character and would write alternating chapters in their voice. I read all three books on Kindle Unlimited.The Plot: In this third and last installment, we find Lexie and Ryan nearing the end of their senior year and deciding what to do after gra [...]

    10. This is the third and final book in this series about Ryan and Lexie. I have heard rumours that there may be a story at some stage in the future about Brett so here’s hoping for that to happen.Lexie thought her life was finally getting good. She is with the guy she loves, her mother has finally stopped drinking and seems happy and she’s about to graduate high school and thinking about college. And then her father re-appears. He walked out of her life when she was 7 and she hasn’t heard fro [...]

    11. Typically Alexis and Ryan's story is the exact kind of romance novel where I would quote my mantra, "sometimes more of a good thing is too much," because so often with books that aren't something outside of fiction/romance (ie dystopian, fantasy, mystery, etc) we DO want to know what happens next, and then when an author delivers this on this desire the next book is just not as good or disappointing in some way (this has been my personal experience anyway.) With The Beds Series this has not been [...]

    12. Lexie's life is finally turning around; her mom is three months sober, graduation is approaching, and she's in love with her best friend. Ryan has things planned out for his new job, and the secret king-sized bed he bought for Lexie as a surprise and to start their happy life together.Enter Lexie's Dad; the man who abandoned her to live with her alcoholic mother and the news - yeah, he's dying. Things start breaking down as Lexie's mom is found by Ryan, staring at alcohol in the store. Lexie is [...]

    13. * * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * * This was a first for me from these authors and I had wish I had read the first two books first this is a real sweet story of love, patience and growing. Ryan is the perfect best friend and boyfriend. him and lexi have loved each forever it seems and now they are ready to go forward with their future until Lexi's dad resurfaces and is sick and she doesn't know wheather to belive him or not with his history and on top of that sh [...]

    14. This is the last book in the series and I thought it was going to tie up all the loose ends and it does but not until it takes you on a ride with twists I did not see coming. I love these characters and their sweet and often funny romance. They feel like old friends. Ryan and Lexie are preparing for graduation and starting their new lives but the past keeps coming back. Lexie has family issues and Ryan tries to be supportive but it puts a strain on their relationship. Will their love be enough t [...]

    15. This last book in the series pulled at my heartstrings a bit more than the first two. There were still funny moment but the emotions ran deep in this one. A lot happens in a small amount of time that Lexie and Ryan had to deal with as they wrapped up their final months of high school and made decisions about their futures. Despite not having a perfectly happy conclusion where everything was wrapped up perfectly, it was a pretty great ending. It just felt right. Especially the epilogue.

    16. Felt like the perfect ending to such a sweet story. I didn't love the way Lexie was acting, but all in all he redemption happened and everything worked out. It was a great series. Entertaining, though provoking, passionate There was plenty of depth and tons of real scenarios that led to emotional pain and growth. They are all quick reads and not disappointing at all!

    17. Oh the feels!!! So many emotions throughout this book! I will miss Lexie and Ryan! So grateful that there's always a re-read option!

    18. Sweet! I loved everything about this book! It is Such a sweet love story! I can't wait to read the next book!

    19. Love this series - so sad it's over now!! Can we please have a standalone from Brett's POV about his girl!!! 5 stars! Full review coming soon!

    20. Lexie and Ryan part 3The conclusion to their story. Lexie's dad shows up. He is dying and wants to spend some time with her before he passes.Dual POVsHEA

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