The Happening - Nickel Mines School Tragedy

The Happening Nickel Mines School Tragedy The shootings at the Nickel Mines Amish schoolhouse shocked the nation and the world How will the young victims their families and the community come to grips with this tragedy and forgive the man w

  • Title: The Happening - Nickel Mines School Tragedy
  • Author: Harvey Yoder
  • ISBN: 9781885270702
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • The shootings at the Nickel Mines Amish schoolhouse shocked the nation and the world How will the young victims, their families, and the community come to grips with this tragedy and forgive the man who caused their grief

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    1. This is the story of a man who took a number of young Amish girls hostage in a one room school house and proceeded to begin their execution. Told from the perspective of one of the surviving children, a 13 year, it is heart wrenching at times. It it also the story of the aftermath, the first state police troopers on the scene and how they were impacted. The community and how it reacted and the amazingly strong faith that guided the actions of the Amish community towards what they believe to be t [...]

    2. I wanted to read this book because it took place in Lancaster County where I grew up. Although I no longer live there, it still had an impact on me that something like this could happen. I thought the book would give more details because the author had interviewed the Amish community and those who were from the area and would provide more information on the why. I was disappointed. What is told in the story is the same information that I got from my family and reading the newspaper. I was expect [...]

    3. What a simple yet powerful story. This horrible tragedy is a powerful reminder of the miracle of forgiveness and faith. It is based on the Nickel Mines School Shooting, but to protect the Amish people in the community that have already been through so much, it was written from the perspective of a fictious girl. What a amazing group of people. It made me rethink my own curiosity and thoughts about different groups that seem strange to us. Let's just respect people, and our differences, not hound [...]

    4. I loved this book! I grew up not to far away from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I never heard out what happened until my grandma to me to the Amish country. I absolutely loved it there! When we went into one of the stores she picked up this book and said you should read this. I asked her what is was about and she said " Not to long ago there was a shooting in the Amish country. This book tells you what happened and how they forgave him." when she told me that I wanted to read it so she bought it for [...]

    5. I was disappointed in this book because it only scratched the surface of the crime, the response, and most importantly, the emotions involved during and after the event. The author writes from the viewpoint of a fictional character & the whole story seems written on an 8th grade level. It is just a shame in my mind, because I believe the story deserves to be told, but in a more emotionally intelligent way.

    6. This is an amazing story of heartache and forgiveness. Many of us heard about the shooting at an Amish School House. We all mourned together, Amish and English, the whole world alike. This book is through the eyes of 13 year old Rebecca Sue who was a student at the schoolhouse and endured the horror first hand. As we follow this girl and her family after the Happening, we learn some very valuable lessons from this community. Beautiful story in which I could not put down and read in one day!

    7. The Nickel Mines Amish school shooting took place near my home in PA, and so when I heard there was a book out, I wanted to read it. This was a very easy read, and really stirred up a lot of emotion in me about the terrible shooting and the heartfelt forgiving afterwards.

    8. The Nickel Mines School Tragedy was a tragic useless murder of six little Amish girls. The best lesson in this book is how forgivig the Amish people are, and we dont know which day is going to change our lives forever.

    9. This book was excellent. It really made me think about life. Forgiving like all those people did That kind of forgiveness is truly a virtue of mine. I really appreciate this book because it added to myself as a person in a good way.

    10. This novel is about "the happening," the faith of the Amish, and the care of the community during and after the Nickel Mines tragedy as told through the eyes of a 13-year-old girl. It is moving and challenging. Thanks to Warren who found this book while searching for the book Amish Grace.

    11. This book was great. It went through and told about everything that happen during the Nickel Mines School Tragedy!

    12. Not what I was expecting. But very good. Survivor speaks of forgiveness. Two hours tops to read it - fast paced. I want to read more about the Nickel Mines School Tragedy.

    13. A touching story on how the Amish dealt with the terrible Amish school shooting and were able to forgive.

    14. As I read this book it showed me how the Amish forgave & moved on. The Amish & English supported each other during this sad time. I cried at sad parts in this story.

    15. This was an easy read but powerful in its message. It gives an insight into the Amish belief of forgiveness and how they live and act upon this belief.

    16. I literally read this book in one sitting last night. It was beautifully written and left you with such hope. I would highly recommend this book but you need a box of tissues nearby.

    17. Forgiveness. The true story of the Amish schoolhouse shooting told through the eyes of a fictional character.

    18. A very good book on a tragic event in a quiet community. How everyone in the community and around the world came together to help the peace loving Amish community get through a herrendous event.

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