Beyond the Pond

Beyond the Pond Just behind an ordinary housefilled with too little fun Ernest D decides that today will be the day he explores the depths of his pond Beyond the pond he discovers a not so ordinary world that will c

  • Title: Beyond the Pond
  • Author: Joseph Kuefler
  • ISBN: 9780062364272
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just behind an ordinary housefilled with too little fun,Ernest D decides that today will be the day he explores the depths of his pond.Beyond the pond, he discovers a not so ordinary world that will change him forever.

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    1. Bored Ernest decides to plumb the depths of the pond behind his house. Accompanied by his loyal dog, he takes the readers past squid, fish, and sharks. Ernest eventually finds an opening on the other side. The magical land beyond the pond is filled with fun and exotic creatures, as well as more grim ones. Ernest learns in the end that there is wonder all around us and that things are less ordinary then they first appear.As in Mac Barnett's SAM & DAVE DIG A HOLE, the character goes deeper and [...]

    2. I loved this book! It reminded of the Dr. Seuss book, McEliggot's Pool. This was a great story about the possibilities of the world beyond our backyard. Loved the illustrations and the sweet story that surrounded it. Look forward to his next book.

    3. The imagined-world-with-a-friend idea, and the general feel of this story and its lone but precocious writing, remind me of things I love in Calvin and Hobbes. In this story of a boy's quiet day of imagination with his pond and his dog, the illustrations have a particularity of style that highlights both the personality of this quiet day and the mystery of his imagination. The book was particularly interesting to me because of the surprisingly advanced language thrown in, with vocabulary and gra [...]

    4. I loved the illustrations (they are fabulous) but have mixed feelings about the text. Lots of big words that seem out of place in a picture bookd there's really not much of a story. The child will have to fill in a lot based on the pictures. Not a bad thing, but not really what I was anticipating when I started reading.

    5. Spoiler alert - Where was the editor? A pond is a freshwater body of water.a shark in the pond - seriously then the author uses the word RAUCOUS!!! I am all for learning vocabulary but really - isn't this a children's book? The story line mimics the digging a hole in your backyard to China. Adorable story but just a little to non-child friendly for me.

    6. I absolutely loved this book! It's a great story of imagination, adventure, and a magical world beyond what we see with a Klassen-esque feel to the sensibility of the illustrations. Am anxious to share with my students as I think they will appreciate this story, especially with its themes of bravery, curiosity, and determination.

    7. What's beyond Ernest's pond? A journey full of imagination, peril, adventure, and ultimately joy. I did not realize the author, Kuefler was a Minnesotan. Look for this outstanding debut to be in the running for a Minnesota Book Award in 2016!

    8. I can't wait to read this aloud with students and listen to them talk afterward. It is a great companion for Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, and it is exceptional!

    9. A great book on the power of imagination and the wish to explore. I think my favorite part was how he looked at the world differently when he came back from the pond.Will probably use for story times on discovery, exploration, that sort of thing. A few pages are predominantly pictures, very few (or no) words - be prepared. These do offer some good interactive question moments for story time, though - what animals are there, what is the characters finding - that sort of thing. Some big words in t [...]

    10. 2.5 StarsThe artwork in this book is exceptional. But he story is only ho hum. Ernest D has a little pond that he decides to explore. Not only is the pond exceptionally deep, it has another side. This other side has things both wondrous, new, and completely different. The upside down this is not, and I wish it was.

    11. Summary/Classroom Integration: Beautifully illustrated, this book is the story of Ernest D. and his dog who venture into the pond behind the house. It is a story that I would share before a writing project about where you might go (literally or figuratively) to explore when you are feeling alone or bored. It's also a good book to introduce words and shapes: LG, BL 3.4, AR Quiz #178024

    12. Beautiful illustrations and a great concept. The text is a bit sparse, though that leaves a lot of room for discussion and imagination. Also some fairly big words that will probably need some defining (not necessarily a bad thing).

    13. Kid explores his pond and comes out on the other side in a strange new world. He thinks his world is boring. But when he returns to it, he realizes it isn't so boring and there are lots of new things to explore.

    14. One would be forgiver to fail in considering how a small pond could be filled with so much adventure and imagination. In this book, the world expand to become a little more exceptional to a young explorer. It is a light reading, not remarkable, but surely agreeable.

    15. What a book! Beautiful illustrations, great text. This is fun and quirky with a nice message about exploration and giving familiar places a second look.

    16. #risk-takeryoung boy decides to explore the depths of the pond "behind an ordinary house filled with too little fun" - lovely illustrations and lyrical text.

    17. Lovely artwork. Reminds me a bit of what it was like to come back home from college for the first time. If you are a fan of Sam and Dave Dig A Hole, you'll like this one.

    18. A gorgeous read with lots of conversation potential. Reminds me of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett.

    19. Simple, imaginative and exploratory. Revealing the hidden worlds all around us. A Simplification of the hero's journey.

    20. Fans of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen's book Sam and Dave Dig a Hole will recognize some similarities with Beyond the Pond. Ernest D. is bored with his not-fun house, so he decides one day to explore the nearby pond. He dives into the endless pond, past sharks, and sunken ships, and out the other side into a magical and fun world, filled with color and adventure. At the end of the day, Ernest D. returns to his home, but discovers that it's not the same boring place it was when he left.Readers are [...]

    21. One day, a bored young boy named Ernest D. decides to explore the pond behind his house. Deciding to measure the pond's depth, Ernest tries dipping a hook and sinking a stone, but neither of them can reach the bottom. And so, Ernest D. packs his explorer supplies and dives into the depths of his pond to find out what is hiding below with some exceptional results. Beyond the Pond is an imaginative picture book that will have kids exploring their own backyards with fresh eyes. Ernest D.'s backyard [...]

    22. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumLike any classic fantasy, the pond behind Ernest D's house is a portal to an amazing world. There are the usual things that one expects to find in a small pond: fish, sharks, squids, and birds. Yes, birds. Like Max in Where the Wild Things Are, Ernest discovers a magical world on the other side of his pond. As much fun as he has there though, he soon finds himself missing home and so he returns. Fantastically fun and beautifully illustrated, Beyond [...]

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