When the Dust Settles (I'll Still Love You)

When the Dust Settles I ll Still Love You Sterek Stiles had imagined his first time many different ways but never like this Words complete

  • Title: When the Dust Settles (I'll Still Love You)
  • Author: mysecretashes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • Sterek Stiles had imagined his first time many different ways, but never like this.Words 23764 complete

    One thought on “When the Dust Settles (I'll Still Love You)”

    1. Derek and Stiles have to have sex (with each other, of course) or they'll die. Because witches.Smexy times and feels ensue. How is it even possible that after more than 150 Stereks, this is the first one I've read where they have sex on the hood of the Camaro?It's inconceivable!(Just pretend that's a Camaro, once you get around to noticing the car.)

    2. so much needless escandalo. one ridiculous development to another to anotherd the entire time stiles has a broken nose?mmkay.

    3. Stiles and Derek are fighting a witch when she throws a red dust on them, it doesn't seem to effect Derek, but it gets into Stiles' skin and becomes painful. Derek kills the witch and they return to Deaton's. Where it is revealed they have just gotten themselves into a fuck or die situation since devirginizing Stiles is the only way to save his life from the red dust It seems like a clichéd set up for a Sterek PWP, right? It should be, but the author really evolves this premise. From that "ini [...]

    4. Witches have it in for Stiles and Derek!They are hit with a magic powder and the only way to save their lives is to have sex. With each other. Of course! No explanation needed to have the Sterek sex. And of course no one thinks to ask why this is the only cure.Because who wouldn’t want to tap this….Or thisCome on, give me the magic powder!

    5. Well, shit. Honestly, the doing it because we are going to die and both of us think we hate each other is by far my least favorite trope. Seriously, it always ends up feeling slightly rapey and looks like this:I'd love to tell you this one surprised me, but, no worries, this one made me feel the same way too.Buta good story always works itself out, yeah? This one did better. Brains started working along with those active cocks.I love witches and am sorry that the witches in this one were evil, I [...]

    6. Yum. What Rachel said.Favorite quote: "How do you even know what I'm going to do?""Porn," Stiles says. "Internet porn. Very informative. Derek, please –"

    7. "So is this just a sex thing? Or is it maybe a relationship thing?"Derek lifts both hands and cups Stiles' jaw, pulling him into another soft kiss. "It's a you and me thing."Really very good in places but I dunno the last witch and that whole 'games' thing didn't fit for me. Loved all the Derek and Stiles time though, especially the smexy times.

    8. 4 StarsWitches (and bitches) be crazy! I'm starting to really enjoy these magic themed Sterek's. The potential for crazy shenanigans is at an all time high when the Pack face off against magically insane big bads. This story was no exception. Stiles and Derek (and the rest of the gang) get tangled up in a mental plot concocted by some crazy ass witches, which leads to Stiles and Derek getting closer.Rachel's review promised me "hood of the Camaro sexy times", so obviously I had to read this imme [...]

    9. 4.5kinda loved this fic, though I can't really put my finger on why. It just worked for me. Here, have some Sterek:

    10. I read this right after In Case The Daylight Never Comes and they were somewhat similar in plot so there was some transference. I give this 2.5 stars.The ending was a bit too much (view spoiler)[(with Stiles being kidnapped in order to get Derek to participate in a deathly match with another werewolf ensnared by the a witch) (hide spoiler)]. While at first, the events seemed plausible enough (though a bit exaggerated) they slipped into the realm or unlikely and impossible by the end. (view spoil [...]

    11. So a few days have passed and I forgot to mark this as read. Hmm, a brief flip thru and I think I got enough.Attacked by witches, leading to sexy times The context is fun but it kinda made me look at Derek in an asshole like way. He was like a smug bastard strutting his prowess. As much as he didn't think he was affected in any way by the red powder that assumption is definitely wrong.Once the witchy stuff plays out it's like a light is turned off and Derek is back to normal. But Stiles doesn't [...]

    12. 4.5/5 This was excellent. The sex scenes were kindle-burningly hot *fans self*. Yeah, this writer definitely knows how to write sex scenes. I love this trope & thought the plot was well constructed. The first half was a 10 star read. The second half wasn't quite as strong I didn't think (re the arena scene), but it was still unputdownable.

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