Rolling in the Deep

Rolling in the Deep When the Imagine Network commissioned a documentary on mermaids to be filmed from the cruise ship Atargatis they expected what they had always received before an assortment of eyewitness reports tha

  • Title: Rolling in the Deep
  • Author: Mira Grant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the Imagine Network commissioned a documentary on mermaids, to be filmed from the cruise ship Atargatis, they expected what they had always received before an assortment of eyewitness reports that proved nothing, some footage that proved even less, and the kind of ratings that only came from peddling imaginary creatures to the masses They didn t expect actual mermaiWhen the Imagine Network commissioned a documentary on mermaids, to be filmed from the cruise ship Atargatis, they expected what they had always received before an assortment of eyewitness reports that proved nothing, some footage that proved even less, and the kind of ratings that only came from peddling imaginary creatures to the masses They didn t expect actual mermaids They certainly didn t expect those mermaids to have teeth This is the story of the Atargatis, lost at sea with all hands Some have called it a hoax others have called it a maritime tragedy Whatever the truth may be, it will only be found below the bathypelagic zone in the Mariana Trench and the depths are very good at keeping secrets.

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    1. If this was a hoax, it was one of the largest in living memory.oh, mira grant - is there nothing you can't do? i know there was a time, after the glut of post-Twilight vampire knock-off books ran their course through the publishing world, that mermaids seemed to be trying to elbow in to become the new trend. and i know that some of these depicted mermaids as really fierce and badass instead of the traditional pretty ladies in shell bikini tops. i didn't read any of those, but i knew they existed [...]

    2. "If this was a hoax, it was one of the largest in living memory." ^ I know multiple reviews have started off with this quote, but it's only because it is simply the perfect segue into what might be my favorite novella of 2017. That said, can we just fangirl over every aspect of this book real quick? The cover? AHHHH Mermaids that aren't overtly sexualized or used as a plot device solely for male pleasure?YES PLEASE. Mermaids used in a horror storyline where they are the predators and no one is l [...]

    3. My success with Into the Drowning Deep led me to this novella and nominal prequel. Sadly, this feels more like the Seanan McGuire I am familiar with; the one with the uneven tone, nominal characterization and tendency towards over-telling. With the Incryptid series, Grant did a number of related short stories and novellas that ranged both in time and in tone from the relative frivolity of the full-length books, and I can see the similarities here. This was most likely created before Into the Dro [...]

    4. Okay, let’s just go ahead and get it over with. You know, that thing that popped into your head as soon as you saw this title. That thing that won’t get out of your head until you give in to it. Don’t play coy with me. You know exactly what I’m talking about. And you know what you have to do. *belts*Got that out of your system? Good, me too. Now, onto the review. “We may never know how much of the footage from the SS Atargatis was faked, or how much of it was real. What we do know is t [...]

    5. ☠ This Better Be as Deliciously Horrific as it Sounds MacHaloistic Buddy Read (TBBaDHaiSMBD™). With the MacHalos. Duh ☠➽ This novella in a nutshell:● No suspense● No horror● PG-13 gore● Total boredomWhat joy.Nothing (as in absolutely NOTHING) happens before the 50% mark. 70% of this story revolves around the many (as in too bloody MANY) uninteresting characters and their job descriptions (but hey, at least now I know what a phycologist is). 5% of this story is about the mermaids [...]

    6. Inside of a day, the Atargatis disrupted the local ecosystem with vibrations, minor but unavoidable pollutants, scientific testing and sampling, and human bodies, bringing with them the chemical taint of modern life.If there was anything at all in those waters, it was inevitable that it would be found.Rolling in the Deep was like seeing Mermaids: The Body Found. The story begins with an excerpt from a documentary made by the TV channel Imagine Network about the mysterious disappearance of all th [...]

    7. Good clean fun.It's horror in all the grand traditions. Want B-Movie sensibilities? Check. Want monstrous mermaids? Check. Want a Sy-Fi film crew staging a mermaid expedition to get torn apart by the real thing? Check.Did I say Sy-Fi? I mean Imagine Network. Sorry. I didn't mean to make any disparagements. We're NOT trying to make a statement about anything. Truly. This is just a good clean horror, all fun, no message. Really. We certainly don't want to ruin our chances to get a made-for-tv movi [...]

    8. What a treat!Rating, 4.5“If there was anything at all in those waters, it was inevitable that it would be found.”The TV channel Imagine Network specialized in B- horror movies, commissions for their "documentary block" a feature about mermaids. No money is spared for this big project. The goal of the expedition to find a definite proof are mermaids real or just a myth. The preparations are hush hush, and in the end, it is arranged for the cruise ship Atargatis to transport to the Mariana Tre [...]

    9. A very nice short story about what happened on the Atargatis, a ship dispatched by a TV station in order to find proof for the existance of mermaids. It is revealed right off the bat that nobody made it back, everyone died. How, that is the fun part. *lol* What happens here is also what prompts the events in the novel that I will be starting to read tomorrow.The characters range from desperate scientists that would do anything to get money for their stiudies and gritty seafaring crew to colourfu [...]

    10. I am terrified of deep water so bear that in mind while you're reading this. Rolling in the Deep is as hair-raising as I thought it would be considering the setting. There are no secrets in this story. The first thing you realize is that none of the people this story is about is coming back from their expedition. The second is that whatever happened to them was no accident. Later, the network that paid for the Atargatis research expedition made a documentary about it. Rolling in the Deep is writ [...]

    11. FULL REVIEW:So bloody brilliant.I love Mira Grant. I love her Newsflesh series and when I saw this book, I immediately want to read it. I mean, Mira Grant and mermaids combined? This is like the combination of Christmas, my early birthday party, my on-the-day-birthday party and late-birthday party!I totally dig it!This is not a romance story. This is a thrilling story of an expedition gone wrong. It's a short story and I wouldn't change any of it for all the chocolates in the world. It wasperfec [...]

    12. Easily predictable, since it predicts itself on the first page, haha. Sort of fun read, if you don't try to turn on your logical thinking. "Why so much effort?" I wish to ask. Not that bad in general, but I would prefer it as a movie though.

    13. Kevin had already shot almost an hour of footage of nothing but ocean, filling his lens with that sweeping vista in an attempt to capture its enormity and reduce it to something that he could comprehend. He didn’t see doing both at once as any sort of a contradiction.This novella is seriously messed up. And oh boy, it's terrifying. Did I mention that? I'm sorry, but it creeped the shit out of me. The thing that's so terrifying about this novella is how weirdly plausible it seems. Despite the f [...]

    14. Before I get to the review, there is something to know about me - I am afraid of deep water. If I cannot see the bottom and what exactly is beneath me I am not going into the water. NEVER. EVER. As soon as I feel something brushing my leg I turn into an olympic swimmer in terms of speed because I am just so freaked out and stop caring whether my arms cramp or not, my only goal is to reach the shore in one piece. But to be honest, I am not quite fond of lakes, seas and oceans either way. So the m [...]

    15. I liked it especially the ending (last 20%), but I can't help thinking it could have been much better. I question authors decision to tell right at the beginning that there are no survivors. Takes away the suspense. Makes introducing long cast of characters a bit pointless.Part of the horror is not knowing what is going to happen. Anticipating something bad and worrying for the characters you like. Part of the fun is trying to figure out who is the sensible one and will survive against the odds. [...]

    16. There's a lot of discussion in SFF fandom right now about whether SFF can be both inclusive and FUN, and though people largely seem to have their minds made up, a part of me wants to go to them and ask, "Have you read Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant?" Because for all the other things that she does with her books, they are always FUN. Rolling in the Deep is definitely a straight-up horror novella, so obviously my definition of "fun" varies, but there's something both classic and delightful about the se [...]

    17. 3.8* (yes, I’m being picky)I haven’t read much from Mira Grant/Sean McGuire, mainly the excellent Wayward Children novella series and Final Girls. Horror is not my most favourite genre but I do dip in those waters from time to time, especially when a story sounds too good to miss. Into the Drowning Deep featuring predatorial mermaids is one of those but before jumping straight into that one, I thought I had better start with the prequel.From the very beginning, the author reveals the fate of [...]

    18. It felt like I was reading nonfiction. There was no emotion. The events were described. It didn't feel like things were presently happening. Since the outcome was known from the beginning there was no suspense at all. This is one of the most boring horror novels ever! It was not necessary to have so many characters in a novella especially when they had no personality at all. It didn't matter that I couldn't keep track of all of them because their jobs and relationships with the other characters [...]

    19. Do you know how hard it is to find a decent book about mermaids?Imagine how ecstatic I am right now to find this by one of my favorite authors!!! Imma go and cry now as I impatiently wait for April.

    20. Now this was a fun little storyLako i pitko stivo u kojem znate sta ce se sve desiti cim krenete sa citanjem posto vam sama knjiga na pocetku kaze sta ce se desiti. Znaci nema neke tenzije ili atmosfere straha vec samo anticipacija kako ce se tacno desiti to sto se desilo. Ima fine logike koja se prozima kroz sve ovo i stavlja u domen nemoguce ali ipak :)Plus ko voli da gleda emisije na discovry-u ili exploreru ovo ce mu doci kao odlican behind the scene ezan za nacin snimanja vecine njihovih re [...]

    21. I liked Rolling in the Deep but at times I found that it got too weird. Putting a horror element into mermaid stories was interesting yet it seemed out of place as well.

    22. A nice little piece of ocean-going horror from Mira Grant. I preferred this to her other recent horror novella Final Girls. I'm definitely interested in reading the upcoming novel, Into the Drowning Deep.

    23. It never ceases to amaze me how such a rather generic and uninspired mess manages to cash in all these high scores and even get a nomination for a Awards. "Rolling Into Sleep" might have been a more appropriate title for this book.First of all, Mira Grant's writing is partially amateurish. There is a lot of telling instead of showing going on, which is downright annoying and turns some parts of the novella to a boring and dragging treatise you patiently endure (or plain skim through) to finally [...]

    24. A great, bloody, imaginative work of creature-horror.Oh, it's better down where it's wetter, alright. Maybe just not better for you.

    25. The nitty-gritty: A short but highly entertaining—not to mention terrifying—tale about the dangers of the deep.I’m so happy I bought myself a copy of this beautiful little book from Subterranean Press. It’s a signed and numbered edition, and as far as I know, it’s the only edition available at the moment, other than the e-book. Whichever way you read it, it’s a spectacular story that accomplishes big things in a tiny little package.I won’t give too much of the story away, because i [...]

    26. Rolling in the Deep is a documentary/found footage type story with a fairly predictable ending. Scientists, performers and television personalities go on a ship to find evidence of mermaids, with the scientists mostly using the opportunity to get some real work done without needing to charter the ship themselves. Everyone starts out sceptical, and the whole affair is rather cynical. The performers include professional mermaids — people who don mermaid outfits and swim in the sea to make it loo [...]

    27. What a unique ride this was! At the nudge of Chelsea @suspensethrills, and having Into the Drowning Deep via NetGalley, I couldn't pass this up. At under a hundred pages, this really packs a punch!We have what is basically a TV scripted show/documentary in search of mermaids. With professional mermaids hired and a camera crew, they were going to show the world they existed, even if they really did not. After all, we all know that "reality" TV is usually anything but.Little did they know that the [...]

    28. Itty bitty book, too long to be a short story, too short to be a novella. There's a term out there somewhere that categorizes a story of this length.A ship and her crew are hired by a thinly-veiled Syfy Channel to transport various actors, scientists and "mermaids" to film a docudrama about an encounter with mermaids. Told in flashback through filmed footage, they find far more than the anticipated. Did you see Cabin in the Woods? Don't wish for the merman, cause that's just what you might get.

    29. Mira Grant is a gifted storyteller and this novella is no exception. I can’t wait for the novel coming next week.

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