The Women in the Walls

The Women in the Walls When the detective she s fallen for needs help a reluctant psychic must put aside her feelings to help him unravel a horrific crime HAMILTON Trying to maintain a normal life psychic Billie Culpepper

  • Title: The Women in the Walls
  • Author: Tim McGregor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the detective she s fallen for needs help, a reluctant psychic must put aside her feelings to help him unravel a horrific crime HAMILTON Trying to maintain a normal life, psychic Billie Culpepper struggles to block out the dead souls that haunt her every move but her attempts to suppress her ability only serve to isolate her even Across town, Homicide DetectiWhen the detective she s fallen for needs help, a reluctant psychic must put aside her feelings to help him unravel a horrific crime HAMILTON Trying to maintain a normal life, psychic Billie Culpepper struggles to block out the dead souls that haunt her every move but her attempts to suppress her ability only serve to isolate her even Across town, Homicide Detective Ray Mockler is called to the scene of a horrific discovery human remains unearthed from an underground chamber Frustrated at the lack of evidence, he calls on the one person he knows who can see beyond the veil of death to unlock the truth Kaitlin Grainger becomes increasingly obsessed with the paranormal after learning of her friend s psychic ability Recruited to join a team of ghost hunters, Kaitlin finds herself drawn to a mysterious old manor on the hill known as the Murder House ENGLAND Tracking the warning signs of a looming supernatural threat, occult investigator and wanted criminal John Gantry feels suddenly compelled to return to The Hammer Billie is in danger.

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    1. The Women in the Walls is classified as book 3 in the Spookshow series by Tim McGregor. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the author. I have now read all three of the first three books of this series but the actual order sequence should be as follows: #1 Welcome to the Spookshow, #2, The Women in the Walls, #3, The Spookshow.Billie has accepted her gift/curse of being able to see the dead. But she has learned how to turn it off, to close them out, and tr [...]

    2. Horror, mystery, crime, and with a touch of romance 'on the way'. I love this series! It's oddly intriguing. So creepy that I find myself reading with the light on and holding my breath before I turn the page. Billie's relationships with every character are so individual, special, and unique; yet she's still such a loner (reminds me of myself.) Billie grows a ton in this book, as does Det. Mockler, which is making their interactions something that we look forward to rather than feel awkward abou [...]

    3. Loving the characters. Billie is a character that I like and I am enjoying following her in her journey, plus I am a sucker for all things ghosts.

    4. I still love this series and this book was equally as good as the first two, I gave it a lower rating, because I am still waiting for the continuation/resolution of the end of the first book. There are times in these, the last two books, when the characters seem to have amnesia about some of the events in the first book. I keep hoping the "next" book will have the explanations for which I am waiting.The series remains a page turner and the spooky feeling is still there. I have a hard time puttin [...]

    5. Was it the same? After reading three of Tim McGregor's books I'm beginning to wonder if he has read his own work? Besides book #2 really being book #1 and now it seems that book #3 has forgotten what happened in book #2. A lot of plot inconsistencies

    6. Another Hit!Finished it in 1 1/2 days. Just couldn't put it down. The next thing I knew it was 93%finished!!😵😵 can't believe how good this series is. On to book 4😀

    7. Rate the book!I love this series. It's funny, exciting, and very very interesting. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    8. Billie just keeps on stumbling into mystery she feels obligated to solve. Mockler calls asking for assistance with a case. This one has a suspect who's already dead.

    9. Keep coming backI've read the first three now and I just keep coming back. It's like watching a tv show in your head. You simply want to know what happens next.

    10. I really like this series. I've read the first three books, so far it's kept my interest. It was a bit confusing in the order of telling as the second book is a prequel to the first but if you read the in quick succession you get to grips with the story. I love the characters although I really wanted to go and clean up Billy's apartment when she was feeling sorry for herself lol. I want to know more about Gantry and what he's afraid of. This book wasn't as spooky as the last two but still goodw [...]

    11. A-HA!!<\b>This was my go-to word throughout this book. The backstory questions I had in Book 1 were mostly wrapped all up & made clear by the end of Book 3 & I am still really surprised to say I loved the way these books were written. They are, in a way, out of order<\i>, but it works because Book 1 wasn't so cryptic you didn't know what was going on & it had its own story to follow. But it had those moments you questioned 'why' or 'who' or 'wtf' because of the lack of a [...]

    12. Part ghost story, part “Criminal Minds”, Spookshow 3 returns to the powerful conciseness of Spookshow 1. I was tickled to death to be asked to read it for an honest opinion. Our heroine is self-conscious, self-depreciating and believes herself unremarkable, except for one thing: our heroine sees ghosts. And if she’s not careful, the ghosts can see her. Sometimes she can help the ghosts, but this is no sappy “Ghost Whisperer”. These ghosts can be forceful, demanding and vindictive. And [...]

    13. I enjoyed the whole Spookshow series. Yes, it's kind of lame to post the same review for each novel, but I tore right through them and honestly can't remember which was which - they were all good.These are good adventure tales populated by people who act in realistic ways when faced with impossible situations. There's no blindly stumbling into danger, or when there is it's because the characters honestly don't understand or can't accept what's going on. Finally, the characters are honestly traum [...]

    14. This book really got me hooked. I'm officially fully invested in this series. I really enjoy Billie and the spooks just round it out nicely.I was a bit confused at first, with the story. I was stuck trying to figure out where the first book fell in. It was only a good way through that I realized that book one happens after book three. With that figured out, I started to see book one in a whole different light. This really started making sense. I actually love the way the books are all out of ord [...]

    15. I am just devouring these books. Another gripping page turner that I couldn't put down. The non sequential order of the books did throw me - they should be Welcome to Spookshow (Book 2), The Women in the Walls (Book 3) followed by Spookshow (Book 1).Each book has it's own separate storyline as well as an overall storyline that encompasses the series. I haven't quite worked out whether Gantry is good or bad, & I'm dying to find out the story behind Billie's "half-boy".Definitely one of my new [...]

    16. Love the details.Just when you think you get it, Tim throws a wrench in the mix and you're back to square one. I've enjoyed the series so far, and I will keep on going! A very exciting read. I love the half boy too!

    17. Another paranormal smashI love these books can't read them fast enough. I'm hoping in time Billie finds some happiness of her own. Great storyline again fast paced same wonderful cast of characters. Leaves me ready for the next adventure

    18. This is a really good series. No teenage angst for a change which is a major plus. The first book is starting to fall into place now so I can't wait to find out how things go in book #4. Good writing, great story. I am hooked.

    19. It took a while to place this book, but eventually I worked out that it comes after book 2, but before book 1.Despite the timeline confusion, I enjoyed the book. My favourite character has to be Half-Boy; there's more going on there than meets the eye!

    20. Great book, although this still does not cover book 1 this book takes off after book 2 and leads you up to book 1. It was a bit confusing till I figured that out. The next book should pick up where book 1 left off. I would think. But you never know.

    21. I cannot put these books down. I devoured this book in one sitting, as I did with the last two. I LOVE this series, the characters and the author's writing style. So good! I cannot wait to read the next book.

    22. EntertainingGood stories. Fun to read at bedtime. Just wish things were tidied up together a bit more. Interesting characters and plot twists.

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