Bro I can t stand a BRO You know the type Rich hot tan full of himself Well I ve got one under my skin and he s driving me insane The worst part is he knows it Clayton Westfield isn t my friend or ev

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  • Title: Bro'
  • Author: JoannaBlake
  • ISBN: 9781511809252
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • I can t stand a BRO You know the type Rich, hot, tan, full of himself Well, I ve got one under my skin and he s driving me insane The worst part is, he knows it.Clayton Westfield isn t my friend or even just a classmate He s something even annoying My mother Dana works for the Westfield s and we live in their house Well, above the garage really Clayton is jusI can t stand a BRO You know the type Rich, hot, tan, full of himself Well, I ve got one under my skin and he s driving me insane The worst part is, he knows it.Clayton Westfield isn t my friend or even just a classmate He s something even annoying My mother Dana works for the Westfield s and we live in their house Well, above the garage really Clayton is just a few years older so I ve known him all my life We even went to the same private school.He s rich, he s loud, he s full of himself He s a BRO in the worst sense of the word.And I can t take my eyes off of him He knows it too He has a lot of fun posing for me by the pool, half naked or worse But the jokes on him because after freshman year of college, I finally grew boobs.Now it s summer and he s the one who can t keep his eyes off of me.Turn about is fair play, doncha think

    One thought on “Bro'”

    1. This started off with real potential - Clay, your arrogant spoilt self serving arse, monied , positioned and gods gift with his dick comes home for the summer and falls for Nevada (mouse). She is his Father's housekeepers daughter, living amongst the rich and titled but only tolerated. In the year she has been away at college she has managed to bloom into a Victoria secrets model and her life goes BOOM!At this point, I'm not sure what direction the book wanted to go. Once Clay made claim to Neva [...]

    2. Nevada and her mother Dana live above the Westfield's garage. Nevada's mother Dana works for Mr. Westfield. His son Clay is returning home from Princeton. Nevada has always had a big crush on Clay, but he knows it. Yes he's gorgeous, tall, tanned, sexy, and arrogant as hell. He's always laughed at Nevada or mouse as he calls her. But Nevada has been away at school as well, and while away she's changed. She's filled out, now she's got the guys panting after her. So she figures it's time to turn t [...]

    3. This was awful. I don't know how I finished it.Childish and superficial.Not to mention the unprotected sex.

    4. 2.5 stars. This was just meh for me. it wasn't real bad but I just couldn't connect with them. His arrogance in the beginning was getting on my nerves and her at times was just dumb to me.

    5. This was a really sweet and spicy little story about what happens when rich meets poor, nice meets naughty and reality strikes both sides to come to an understanding and wonderful conclusion.A wealthy man who is married to a cold woman and his spoiled preppy son who never takes no for an answerBRO' starts off as a look into the different worlds of the bad boy "bro" Clayton and Nevada, the beautiful daughter of one of his father's most trusted servants/employees. When these two "kids" come home f [...]

    6. Short hot readMisleading cover for a book thats about a rich playboy who hangs out around a country club and plays tennis.Rich boy falls for childhood friend and hired help.Friends to lovers story thats short and sweet.Part of Heat this bonus additional read along with other bonus read A bad boy for summer

    7. DNF 56%This book didn't suit my reading taste. For me personally it felt too young and silly instead of light and fun. However, I would try another book from this author.

    8. Worth readingI liked this book. I liked Nevada, however I have a love hate relationship with clay. He is arrogant and thinks he almighty but by the end he made me like.

    9. Quick readThis was a nice quick read. Doesn't matter where you come from if your heart wants it then you must follow

    10. Beginning of publication list4 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadAs you all know I was introduced to Joanna Blake through a series question. After reading both books in the series, I was hooked. This is author Joanna Blake's first book published on and my third read. I'm taking it old school as I enjoy reading in publication and series order to see the authors craft grow.Bro was a fun story with a happy ending that could have ended tragically. Although, the book didn't have enough angst and cheeky bant [...]

    11. BRO is another fantastic book by amazing author Joanna Blake. It's a story that walks on the fringes of taboo love This is the love that emerges between a hot, sexy self absorbed socialite, Clay Westfield and Nevada Jones, the innocent beautiful daughter to his family's house manager/head housekeeper. When Clay last saw "Mouse"/Nevada she was a young, naive girl with a crush on him, now she has developed into this voluptuous, gorgeous butterfly. The story is about how Clay and Nevada struggle wi [...]

    12. When I heard of this book, I immediately thought "another Step-Brother book" NOPE! Wrong! So very wrong! The title BRO' very misleading in all the best of ways!!!Clayton is a rich boy, enjoying life, women, and booze.Nevada is a poor girl, struggling to pay for school, and learn what to do with her now knock out body.Nev's mom works for Clay's dad. They grew up together. Friends from a young age, Clay wasn't expecting Nev to come home from college looking like a swimsuit model. He was knocked ov [...]

    13. Absolutely loved this book.I felt like I was living my school times, fancy a guy at school but he wouldn't accept you because he popular and you wasn't but you bump into him many years later and you have changed he now wants to know you. Difference is, in this book clay notices her and knows she likes him but doesn't want to Persue not because she is ugly or poor because she isn't his type he sees her as a friend, plus her mom works for her dad. Nevada likes him but doesn't want him to know, bec [...]

    14. This is not your everyday romance. Nevada has been crushing on Clay for a long time. He just never see's her as his type. Until suddenly they come back home from college. It's a tale of the well off bad boy and the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but what happens when the bad boy falls, and falls hard from the girl he know's he shouldn't fall for? This is there tail to tell.I love love love Nevada, she's spunky, and feisty, and doesn't take any crap from Clay. He's the ultimate guys guy. [...]

    15. I received and ARC from the author and must say I did enjoy this story. it's about Clay who is abspoulwd rich kid and Nevada who is his dad's assistants daughter. they grew up together , she always had a crush on him and he was busy having fun with other girls. she is no longer the mouse he remembered. she has grown into her skin and he realizes he has always wanted and cared about her. this story is about their journey and struggles to get there. as usual very well written and entertaining. gre [...]

    16. I enjoyed Player and picked up BRO. I did not understand why Clay wanted or felt protective of Nev except her body changed. Nev was the housekeeper's daughter but Clay never payed attention to her until now.The sudden attention and protection from Clay made no sense. Then Nev was willing to give it up to Clay without him really saying much to her. Plus she knew he had been drinking when he took her to his room. I did not feel a connection. It all felt forced and the story felt off. It was a DNF [...]

    17. This,is the first title I have read by Joanna Blake and it certainly won't be the last. I received this book for an honest review.I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading but was pleasantly surprised when I got into it. I didn't want to put the book down and finished it in a few hours. It's a great love story that I didn't want to end. I want more! The only bad part is that this is a standalone and all I want to to know more about Clay and Nevada's story.

    18. Absolutely loved this book. you know when you really fancied this guy in school and he never gave you the time of day, but many years later you bump into each other and all of a sudden he wants to know you??This was a first book I've ever read of Joannas and I loved it, will be downloading many more.will tell all my friends to get this bookHappy reading and share share

    19. EnjoyableI thought this was a very good read. The story was hot and fast paced clay and never are about as opposite as you can get. Together the are freaking scorching. Hot alpha who knows what he wants!!!

    20. From player to lover!A cliche to be sure,but I can always appreciate aCinderella story. A hot H and sweet virgin,no angst,no sad drama. It's a book u read when u need to escape the real world! Love it!

    21. This was a pretty easy read. The writing and story were pretty light hearted. If you are looking for an uncomplicated read with an HEA, this may work for you. There is some drama, but everything is resolved with out much complication.

    22. VERY VERY VERY GOOD This book is a fabulous read worth every pennye characters were great and the stow as Awsome as wellloved it

    23. Rating: 3,75⭐️Nice quick read. But would enjoy it more if the characters and the story would be more developed. Because the story has that kind of potential.

    24. This had the makings of a good story but it fell flat for me. If it would've been fleshed out more, if there would've been more growth amongst the characters, if the whole thing didn't feel so rushed it would've been great. I just didn't feel a strong connection with the characters. Clay never developed any substance; remaining superficial in my eyes and Nevada wasn't as feisty and as rub-it-in-your-face as I wanted (and as she deserved) her to be. As for their parents I didn't mind their connec [...]

    25. Clay, rich, self absorbed player.Nevada, poor, just blossomed beauty (love the name Nevada!)When Clay and Nevada come home from school for summer, Clay realizes that things have changeddy wise and feelings wise (!)d sets about trying to bed Nevada.en it all goes horribly wrongbut never fear, a HEA is in sight!This line had me laughing out loud'I was really f*****g glad to see her. My big brain and my little brain, which wasn't so little, for the record'!!! I also loved how he called his man bits [...]

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