It Had to Be Love

It Had to Be Love Tara Carter isn t looking for romance She s content seeing patients at her new practice by day then going home and cuddling with her puppy at night Her new life in the tiny town of Anderson Butte Co

  • Title: It Had to Be Love
  • Author: Tamra Baumann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tara Carter isn t looking for romance She s content seeing patients at her new practice by day, then going home and cuddling with her puppy at night Her new life in the tiny town of Anderson Butte, Colorado known by celebrities as the place to lie low is the perfect respite for a woman with a whopper of a secret There s just one problem the town s sexy sheriff knows shTara Carter isn t looking for romance She s content seeing patients at her new practice by day, then going home and cuddling with her puppy at night Her new life in the tiny town of Anderson Butte, Colorado known by celebrities as the place to lie low is the perfect respite for a woman with a whopper of a secret There s just one problem the town s sexy sheriff knows she s hiding something.Sheriff Ryan Anderson, weary of small town drama, has sworn off dating locals and thinks a fresh start in a bigger city is in order However, the he gets to know Tara, the his heart tells him that she could be the woman of his dreams But he wants to get to the bottom of whatever she s trying so hard to keep under wraps Can he uncover her secret before it drives them apart forever

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    1. 3.5 Trusting Your Heart Stars * * * 1/2This had a lot of things going for it. It had a young professional woman starting over in a new town with a new name and a desire to just live freely. After living a life like the movie Sleeping with the Enemy only on steroids and surviving what most would not. The New Tara Carter is someone to admire.We also have Sheriff Ryan Anderson, the town hunky lawman. He is many thingshe is an excellent brother to his siblings. He loves them and they all have this b [...]

    2. Another good story in this series. Great Narration by Kate Rudd (audible review).This was another fun listen. I enjoyed it as much as the first one. I did like Tara and Ryan together a lot. She brought out the conversationalist in him LOL. They had some good chemistry together. Her back story was a bit sad and brutal but she was a survivor. There was a lot of dialogue throughout this story. Very easy story to follow along. It flowed very nicely.As for the narration, again Kate Rudd did a fantast [...]

    3. Ryan was adorable, I know that's not a manly trait but he was so sweet and the boy just doesn't know how to go about dating, it was funny to see him try, "silence filled the air, until finally he said, “Want to have phone sex?” I liked this book both Ryan and Tara were likable characters with great chemistry.

    4. It Had to be Love by Tamra BaumannPurchased: Gifted via NetGalleyMy Rating: 5 of 5 StarsRelease Date: September 8th Spoilers!What's it all about:With the small town of Anderson Butte and their lead Sherif, Ryan Anderson, nothing seems to fall through the crack, just like the new resident Tara Carter can’t. Tara has a past, and the one thing she thought would help her stay hidden was a small town, but with how nosy everyone seems to be her secrets start to creep back into her life with ever day [...]

    5. Thank you Netgalley for the free copy in exchange for my honest review! It Had to Be Love follows the story of Tara and Ryan on their unexpected journey to fall for each other. Tara is the new dentist in town, and Ryan is the town sheriff who has followed in his families footsteps to become such. Ryan knows Tara is hiding something but there's just something about he he finds irresistible. Tara must hide her past, not only to keep herself safe, but to also keep those she cares about safe as well [...]

    6. This is the 2nd book in the series and it is wonderful. This story is about a wonderful woman who is a dentist who has to move her dentist practice, change her name and protect herself because she is trying to protect herself from her psycho ex husband who had a lot of money and is in a mental hospital on the East Coast, she wouldn't be far from her family and in a town that no one tells anybodies secrets. She is doing really well then meets the town Sheriff who happens to be one of the founding [...]

    7. Didn't like this story as much as the first. Like the first book, the beginning was cheesy and bad, and this is not the best writing. What I loved so much in the first book was missing in this book, and characters I was really looking forward to reuniting with made little to no appearance. The whole point of having a series like this, I feel, is being able to revisit old loved characters and build upon a strong world or setting. The plot was over dramatic as usual but kind of interesting, like t [...]

    8. It Had to Be Love is book two in the It Had to Be series by Tamra Bauman. I liked the first book in this series so much, I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to read this second book. Tara Carter is hiding from her past. She moved to Anderson Butte, Colorado to reclaim her life and start over. Sheriff Ryan Anderson knows she's hiding something, and although he doesn't usually date the women in town, he makes an exception for Tara. She learns to trust again and he learns that happi [...]

    9. Loved this book!Tamra Baumann’s second book in her Anderson Butte series involves a sexy sheriff (who loves to read). That’s all it took for me, he had me at hello!! Ryan Anderson’s missed the boat on an old love and can use some dating lessons. But he can’t help but be intrigued by the new dentist in town, Tara Carter, who’s got some really tough emotional and physical scars (not to mention secrets) to deal with…and Ryan is just the one to help her heal. Plus, there’s an intriguin [...]

    10. Just finished the author's first book, It Had to be Him, and loved it. Looking forward to reading more about the residents of Anderson Butte , Colorado, in this 2nd book. I may have to buy it! NOTE: I purchased it for $3.99 as a pre-order and will receive it when it is published on 9/8/15. Long time to wait!I got it and started reading it on my way home from France. I enjoyed it, as I did the first one, but it didn't seem quite so substantive as #1. I like the characters in Anderson Butte, Color [...]

    11. Loved this one! It's the second in the series but is completely stand alone! It has great writing, some really lovable characters, and just a touch of suspense that keeps you turning page after page. To get away from the horrors her ex husband rained down on her, Tara Carter has relocated to the small town of Anderson Butte and is perfectly content seeing her patients during the day and snuggling with her new puppy at night! Town sheriff Ryan Anderson doesn't date anyone from town. Makes the bre [...]

    12. My MusingzGeT book! I loved Tara and Ryan, and they are fantastic together, just perfect for each other. I can't wait to read the next one in this series. ☺reading 📚!

    13. njkinnysblog/2015/09/aRating: 4.5 out of 5It Had To Be Love by Tamra Baumann intrigued me by its lovely, feel good cover and the blurb too is very interesting and had me intrigued to pick up the book!Set is a small fictional town of Anderson Butte, this is the story of Tara, the new dentist in town who is efficient and yet very mysterious and the town Sheriff, Ryan Anderson is sure that she is hiding something. Unable to make her spill her secret, he is also very attracted towards her.While Tara [...]

    14. Anderson Butte, a small town in Colorado, is exactly the place where Tara needs to be. Being under the protection of the police she needs a quiet little town to start a new life under the radar for as long as she can. She was assaulted by her ex-husband which almost led to her death she still fears the day he will find her again. Tara is the new local dentist and feels very much at home in this warm little town. She keeps mostly to herself. In the evenings she loves to snuggle down on the couch [...]

    15. It Had To Be Love is the story of Tara and Ryan set in the wonderful, fictional town of Anderson Butte, where all of the businesses are part of one big corporation, and where everyone gets a 401(k) and health benefits, as long as they follow the rules. It's a fun, interesting concept. There is also an underlying story a la "the Hatfields and the McCoys" between the Andersons and the Grants which is exacerbated in this story by the mystery of a hidden moonshine recipe and barrels of aged whiskey! [...]

    16. It is always fun to discover new-to-me authors to read, so when I came across Tamra Baumann’s book, It Had to Be Love, I downloaded it to my ereader and started in. And I quickly fell in love with Anderson Butte, Colorado and its inhabitants. The town excels at keeping the secrets of the celebrities that flock to its resort to hide from the world, but the good citizens are equally as good at knowing each other’s business too!Tara Carter is the new dentist in town, and Sheriff Ryan Anderson h [...]

    17. Very good read for my 1st read by Tamra Baumann. I got this book as an ARC for an honest review through Net Galley & the publisher. I enjoyed the sweet & sad relationship between Tara & Ryan. Tara is the new young dentist in town who's in hiding from a crazy ex-husband who tried to kill her & killed her unborn child. Ryan is the towns very shy sheriff & also a member of the family who founded the town. He's got his hands full with his demanding father the Mayor & the craz [...]

    18. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/ Publishing for an honest review. "It Had to Be Love" by Tamra Baumann is book two in the (An It Had to Be Novel). This book can also be read as a standalone. This is Tara Carter and Sheriff Ryan Anderson's story. The story takes place in the little town of Anderson Butte, Colorado. You will fall in love with this little town. Ryan is the town's sheriff but is thinking about moving away to find that special someone and settle down. Tara moved to Ande [...]

    19. It Had to Be Love by Tamra Baumann is one of those brilliant romances that remind us that no matter what kind f scars we have or are hiding from the world that we are still truly beautiful, loved, and accepted by others in our lives. We may think our family is the only one who will accept us, and then someone incredible comes into our lives and knocks down all our barries. It is then that we battle with letting go of our fears to accept the loving and caring acceptance of those we have come to t [...]

    20. I was so excited to be back in Anderson Butte. This town is filled with so many colorful characters, there is never a dull moment. This It Had to Be book focuses on Ryan, the town sheriff and Tara, the town dentist. Ryan is struggle to move on from his past, so he can have the future he desires -- wife and family, while Tara is hiding from her past. What I lovedTara really grew on me. The more I learned about her and what she had been through and what she was willing to give up in order to prote [...]

    21. IT HAD TO BE LOVE was certainly love for me as soon as I started this book! As soon as I met the hero, Ryan, I knew he was my kind of hero. The strong, shy and silent type always gets me. I love watching that kind of hero fall in love, and then bumble around a little about how to express himself, love fully, and get his true love to fall in love back. Ryan was all that and more.He's also one of the Anderson siblings who we met in Book 1 of the series (It Had to Be Him) and -- although you don't [...]

    22. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfTara had secrets. She was on the run from an abusive past and hoped that finally she had found a place to stop and live her life. Ryan wanted to know what those secrets were. His interest in Tara was far from professional. As the town of Anderson Butte’s Sheriff, he wasn’t running her plates for outstanding warrants. But he was attracted and she was keeping secrets. In his opinion secrets were there for a reason, but they had to come out sooner or later when [...]

    23. It Had to Be Love by Tamra Baumann is the second book in the series so far. The first book, It Had to Be Him I found to be not as good as this one. Usually the first book is a little better, and the second book almost feels like a repeat of the first with a slightly different plot and different main characters, but not this one!! I liked this one way more than the first. I ended up reading it in one day. It was hard to put down, and I stayed up late, at that point there was only 20 or so minutes [...]

    24. If you liked Tamra Baumann’s debut novel, IT HAD TO BE HIM, you will love this story even more. The second installment of Tamra Baumann’s fun and romantic series set in the beautiful rocky mountains will draw you into the secretive world of Anderson Butte and make you fall in love with it’s wonderful band of quirky characters all over again.Tara is a strong but vulnerable heroine who doesn’t think she can find a way to move past the bad experience of a failed past relationship. Ryan is t [...]

    25. Welcome to Anderson Butte, Colorado where love always finds a way. In the second book of the Anderson series we are faced with a mystery, so cleverly wound throughout the story, that it kept this reader glued until the book was finished. Tamra has indeed done it again with the second book in the Anderson series. In her first book, It had to Be Him, we met the gun toting granny, and a few other great characters. In this, her second book, we meet a one of a kind sheriff, a woman with a terrifying [...]

    26. So far, except for the gym thing, he sounds like the perfect guy.Hey, if your dad's the mayor, who could blame you for wanting to leave.His grandma is cuckoo.What the heck did her ex do to her?Wow, she paid attention in that class.Okay, now I'm really hoping someone kills Spencer. Slowly.Does he have access to computers in the psych ward?Geez, shut up Toby.Yeah this is a stupid plan.I. Want. That. Library.Is Mike really that stupid?This is straight out of "Philadelphia Story".Best hot tub evah.H [...]

    27. I was given an ARC of It Had to Be Love from NetGalley for an honest review and this is the review.This was a pretty good story. It had a pretty good plot and the romance was well written. I found myself laughing out loud at times when some of the characters got themselves into some of the jams the seemed to find themselves in that the sheriff had to deal with. I also liked Ryan and Tara together. They were a cute couple and it cute how the were "fake" boyfriend and girlfriend. The chemistry bet [...]

    28. Ryan is a small-town Sheriff and Tara a Dentist hiding from a horrific past that is slowly closing in. This is a 2nd novel in a series, but can stand alone. Although a bit formulaic, I still enjoyed the mildly suspenseful romance. Ryan and Tara make a sweet and fun couple. The town, it's quirky inhabitants, and a town-wide search for treasure give the book its comedic moments. Tara proceeds to deny or hold back her true feelings for Ryan, while he slowly, but most assuredly, wants more. My one p [...]

    29. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review on NetGalley.Oh my gosh! This book ended the best way possible. There were a couple of plot twists that made me just want to keep reading. The book started off really calm and ended in a happy way. Like most stories should end, this one ended with a happy ending.The book is realistic to the point of being believable for it to happen in real life. It takes realistic fiction to a whole new level. I didn't expect anything in this book t [...]

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