Fortune Brawling

Fortune Brawling Two guitars Two wild women One crazy honky tonking night in Georgia The Ace is high and the Joker is always wild When Texas meets Tennessee the end result spells T R O U B L EIn story two of The Fortu

  • Title: Fortune Brawling
  • Author: Hunter S. Jones Jennifer Theriot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two guitars Two wild women One crazy honky tonking night in Georgia The Ace is high and the Joker is always wild.When Texas meets Tennessee the end result spells T.R.O.U.B.L.EIn story two of The Fortune Series, we find country musician Dallas Fortune in a tight spot Guitar God, Billie Joe McAllister, has betrayed her once again As if by magic, her BFF from Ft Worth TTwo guitars Two wild women One crazy honky tonking night in Georgia The Ace is high and the Joker is always wild.When Texas meets Tennessee the end result spells T.R.O.U.B.L.EIn story two of The Fortune Series, we find country musician Dallas Fortune in a tight spot Guitar God, Billie Joe McAllister, has betrayed her once again As if by magic, her BFF from Ft Worth Texas, guitarist Jodie Marie Jennings, drives all night to come to her aid in a time of need What happens at Bud s honky tonk in Trenton, Georgia should stay at Bud s, but it doesn t What went wrong Who gets in trouble and who gets revenge Who are JD Fowler and Tom Vanderfleet What does the best fairy godmother in Country Music history do to save the day this time around These questions and secrets are revealed in this adventurous, light hearted and fun contemporary novelette.Guitars Hillbilly Music Nashville, Tennessee.Fortune Brawling is the second story in The Fortune Series Set in contemporary Nashville and the surrounding rural areas The series chronicles the life and loves of Dallas Fortune.

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    1. I was asked to beta read this second book in the series for authors Jennifer Theriot and Hunter S Jones and it was a thrill. The story is short but packs a punch of amusement and excitement when you have two feisty guitar playing women together on a stage. Add to the dynamics men, preppy girls who don’t know when to back down, some drinking and a superstar country music singer and you have a hit.Dallas calls on her best friend Jodie to come help her out with a show. When you have Dallas’ ex- [...]

    2. Fortune Brawling by Hunter Jones and Jennifer Theriot is an adorable, fast paced short. Loved getting back to Fortune and her lifestyle. It had a theatrical feel to it. This one opens up and already you are back into her story. This is easy reading as it flows well and very life-like. I could see the scenes playing out as clear as day in front of me. This Fortune has spunk and is likable. Not to mention memorable. She has unique traits that make her the golden girl that she is. Hunter Jones tell [...]

    3. Can't wait to read the third book in the series!!!Loved it, I read it in one night but couldn't stop thinking of it for days!! In this book Dallas gets herself into a pickle. With the help of a very dear ( and very famous) friend, she goes through the events that led her to You have to read to find out, but let me tell you It's big!! You also get to meet some new characters, who make the book even better! I will definitely be first in line for the third book, and if you haven't read, Fortune Cal [...]

    4. This is a thrilling ride, with plenty of laughs and giggles thrown in for good measure. Two guitarists both have a little too much of the good stuff and both end up paying the consequences one gets off lightly with a 'Drunk and Disorderly' and the other ends up MARRIED. Eep! Then it gets really fun. Dallas has to extricate herself out of a pretty sticky situation with the help of her fairy godmother and one particularly irritating attorney It's one helluva ride - so buckle your seatbelts and pre [...]

    5. I read the first book in this series and this one did not disappoint! I loved this crazy story about these two wild women and country musicians. I was hooked by the first chapter. It’s set in Nashville, and surrounding areas. I enjoyed the adventurous exploits of the well-written characters, and the author wove quite an interesting plot for this novelette. I’m not one to give out any spoilers, but I highly recommend.

    6. This is my kind of story, a crazy and honky Tonkin’ good time! This book is overflowing with excitement and fun. This is a wild partying feel good adventure! You will laugh out loud. Be sure to get this one!

    7. I really liked the second part of this series a lot! With the addition of co-author Jennifer Theriot, the romance takes a step up and the whole feel of the story moves in a more daring and fun filled directionbut not without consequences.When personal life drama hits professional life.s can get muddled and trouble starts to plague Dallas's career.Women in the music business are often portrayed as either bitches or princesses or party girls with no talentd Dallas is forced to defend herself as he [...]

    8. Book: Fortune Brawling – The Fortune Series Book #2Author: Hunter S. Jones & Jennifer Theriot Publication Date: 2/18/2015Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW This is an amazing short story. If you enjoy movies like Thelma and Louise this book will be great for you. We have Dallas Fortune she is a roadie musician for none other than Dolly P and she has gotten herself into one hell of a pickle. But not only did she get herself into trouble she brings her best fr [...]

    9. "Fortune Brawling" by Hunter S. Jones and Jennifer Theriot is a very well written and entertaining short novel. The Fortune-series is about musician Dallas Fortune. In this book she gets into trouble (again) when a wild night with friends and groupies gets a little out of hand.As you'd expect, drink and partying are involved, since this is the the music scene of Nashville Tennessee and features a few more southern states characters.You can't help but laugh at the 'misfortunes', the banter, the c [...]

    10. "Fortune Brawling" by Hunter S. Jones and Jennifer Theriot is a great short book that will leave you delighted and looking for more. It kind of reminded me of Thelma and Louise :) I laugh out loud in many of the situations Fortune finds herself in. This is Nashville TN the capital of country and wild life for the entertainers. The book is very well written and the characters adorable. I loved each and every page of it and found it very hard to put the book down. I am a fan of both the authors an [...]

    11. "Fortune Brawling" by Hunter S. Jones and Jennifer Theriot is one wild ride! What happens when you have a gig at a Georgia night club with your bestie who is wild and reckless, add in your cheating ex boyfriend, some college sorority fangirls, a hot bartender and lots and lots of "To Kill Ya" shots? That's just it anything can happen! Once the alcohol starts flowing Dallas is out of control and is not representing her boss lady, Dolly Parton, very well so her attorney is called in to sort out th [...]

    12. The 2nd book to the series, Fortune Brawling was an entertaining afternoon read. I laughed my way through this short story, easily picturing and hearing the voices of the characters from the authors description (and my own love of Dolly Parton's laugh!)Set in Nashville with points of view chiming in from Texas and Georgia, Dallas teams up with her BFF Jodie for a hilarious reunion night of music, lovin', fightin' and liquor, not necessarily in that order. I'm definitely curious to see if these f [...]

    13. Nashville fun & laughter. Fortune BrawlingThis is a fun, laugh filled book about a country singer who finds herself with problems that require a lawyer. She calls on her best friend to help her. I started reading thinking I would read a chapter and finish the next morning. No way, I had to finish the book before I put it down. I am anxious to see more written about Dallas an her friends.

    14. Fortune Brawling is a delightful romp about the perils of a country musician before they become a star. I enjoyed Dallas Fortune in story 1, but found the development of her character in this story to be so realistic. Her BFF, Jodie Jennings, is a great addition. The POV stories are well done and it's easy to understand how Dallas would have a 'whirlwind' romance with Tom. He's a true Southern Gentleman. Wonder what story 3 will bring?

    15. Had been waiting eagerly for this book after Fortune Calling, and the wait was worthwhile! Dallas Fortune is back playing music and living large. I love the language and the local color. Kind of like a Carl Hiaasen, except from the viewpoint of a woman. Looking forward to the next one!

    16. I love me some good old fashion chicks who rock, kicking butts and taking names! This book had me chanting D.A.L.L.A.S right along with those soroity girls. Fortune brawling definitely lived up to its name, with drinking, fighting, honky tonking, Dolly (need I say more?) and of course a night in jail. Last but not least is the marriage that noone but Tom the groom really remembers and you will be laughing and chanting with me thru this book . Can't wait to find out what happens next!

    17. This is absolutely one of the most enjoyable books I've read in a while I laughed so hard at some parts, tears had to be wiped away!!! There isn't a lot that can be said without giving away the best parts. But I have to say, when these two women do something, they give it their all, from playing on stage to getting in trouble, they do it up Big!!! I truly think the next one is gonna be pretty great too. a part of Dallas' past just may become her future.

    18. The fire inside: Fortune Brawling (book two) by Hunter.S.JonesDallas knows she doesn't drink a lot, one night to much and she knows why. The woman went and got "Married" in one night! She has herself and her best friend in a hole she needs to dig out of, luckily for her Dolly Pardon is her boss and friend. Everyone seems to have a different memory of that night at Buds. She is scared Dolly is going to fire her when she's called to their lawyers office. Her best friend Jodi Jennings got arrested [...]

    19. You'd be hard pressed to find a more entertaining book than Fortune Brawling! It was uniquely written in the way the characters each told their version of the event that led to the melee and mayhem found amid the humor and romance throughout the book. The characters were richly drawn, their looks and personalities cleverly described for purposes of distinguishing their roles, and the inclusion of famous entertainers, like Dolly Parton, was realistic and well-integrated. The only thing I didn't l [...]

    20. A Great Short Story.Fortune Brawling ( The Fortune Series Book 2 )Before starting this, book two, I reread book one, as they are both relatively short stories, I needed to refresh my knowledge of where book two would lead me.I was as equally impressed with this one as with the previous book. Fortune Brawling carries on not to far into the future of Fortune Calling; it is of a similar theme, but the twists and turns occur in more depth than in the previous story.I would recommend reading both of [...]

    21. Hunter S. Jones' "Fortune Calling" and Hunter S. Jones and Jennifer Theriot's "Fortune Brawling" are the first two tales in the Fortune series. I've never read country music fiction before, so I'm not sure what to compare these stories to, but I love them. I love that they're one part Dolly Parton fan fic along with 2 parts great writing. The depth and detail is great and the story is very interesting. I can't wait to hear what happens next. Maybe #3 will have more about "Hello" and "Goodbye." H [...]

    22. Fortune Brawling is an interesting twist on Dallas Fortune's life. It is months after the events in Fortune Calling, and gives the reader a view of one night in Dallas' life from the many different perspectives of the people involved. It was an enjoyable read and shows how poor decisions can snowball in a very entertaining way. It also is truly an illustration of that old saying, there are always three sides to a story, yours, mine, and the truth. A nice quick fun read.

    23. Fortune Brawling is the second in a series, Dallas wakes up finding herself married to a stranger. She meets with Dolly Parton's lawyer to straighten out the previous nights events. Backtracking her way out of a marriage she doesn't want, but can her new husband convince her they are soul-mates who desperately need each other? A Novella with many surprises and multifaceted emotions. A rollercoaster ride making for a great read.

    24. This is a short novelette packed with superb portrayals of female guitarists, sorority sister fans, Dolly Parton (Dolly Parton?) and assorted men including Billie Joe McAllister who should be pushed off the Tallahatchie Bridge. To read a book of sixty pages and feel like you’ve known these characters your whole life can only be created by accomplished writers. So although the plot will be developing as the series progresses, the artistry of Jones and Theriot is well worth the read.

    25. Told with great fidelity to its unique culture of Southern music, suspense, love everything you know about Nashville skillfully made real.

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