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Book Club Celebrity Kidnappings the Kama Sutra Russian Mobsters Congolese Shimmer Frogs Book Club is a time to drink wine to live vicariously through erotic fiction and pay lip service to one s life goals

  • Title: Book Club
  • Author: Jaime Boust
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Celebrity Kidnappings, the Kama Sutra, Russian Mobsters, Congolese Shimmer Frogs Book Club is a time to drink wine, to live vicariously through erotic fiction, and pay lip service to one s life goals The club s founder wants to be a writer but can t find her story Billie is the virgin mailwoman who doesn t know if she s gay or straight Ashleigh is the beautiful hous Celebrity Kidnappings, the Kama Sutra, Russian Mobsters, Congolese Shimmer FrogsBook Club is a time to drink wine, to live vicariously through erotic fiction, and pay lip service to one s life goals The club s founder wants to be a writer but can t find her story Billie is the virgin mailwoman who doesn t know if she s gay or straight Ashleigh is the beautiful housewife who can t get pregnant by her philandering husband, and Marissa is the high powered executive who has sacrificed her own family for a stressful job that makes her miserable They meet once a month, updating their dream boards guided by the self help book du jour, but nothing ever changes Until Marissa s mysterious sister arrives and shakes the women into action What will it take to make their dreams a reality The disappearance of People Magazine s Sexiest Man Alive, mass abandonment of smart phones, Korean nacho dogs, and some good old fashioned sex.

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    1. 5 Words: Friendship, family, excitement, books, wine.This book was a great, quick read and honestly not at all what I expected.Bookclub is fast paced and a little bit crazy. Even the tone it's written in is excitable and you just get sucked in. Sure, there are a few slightly unbelievable elements, but this is fiction.I loved the characters and the journey of self-discovery they went on, how they had all changed by the end. And I loved all of the fun they had while they were doing it. The drunk s [...]

    2. As a big reader myself , anything to do with books or bookclubs in the title -I will pick it up and when this book came through as a VBT I knew I had to read it and what a fun chicklit novel it was. Imagine a group of middle-aged women meeting every month to discuss books and their dreams and inspirations and yes - all was done old school in this book (none of this pinterest pinning on online boards) as they are guided through a self-discovery book they have been reading through. The club seems [...]

    3. I received a review copyBook Club is a fast read and a fun treat! Hold for a wild ride with the members of this book club, as they get into some pretty hair situations in this book. Laugh out loud funny yet poignant is certain spots, I finished this one if just a day. Sometimes it felt like things were getting a little far-fetched, but hey, who doesn’t like to think What If while reading a fun novel? A chick lit page turner!

    4. Book Club - Jaime BoustTitle: Book ClubAuthor: Jaime BoustFirst Published in the UK: 2016Publisher: Press PubliquePages: 156Price on : Paperback £4.94 Kindle: £2.88ISBN: 0692654380A celebrity kidnapping, Shimmering frogs, Russian mobsters and the Karma Sutra.Book Club, the clue is in the title what the book is about but there is so much more going on than just meeting up and discussing books. Five women in the book club each with their own problems. Ashleigh wants to get pregnant but her husba [...]

    5. Author Jaime Boust's Book Club is a thoroughly entertaining novel that follows the trials and tribulations of five women who belong to a book club, and how one of the member's sister arrives and challenges the women to act upon and make their dream board items a reality.This exciting and fast-paced story easily draws the reader into following the book club members as they deal with personal issues; engage in drinking wine, reading erotica, and self-help books; and discuss popular topics like cel [...]

    6. >Review – Book Club ->I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock. I am an independent reviewer. This is a standalone novel with multiple HEAs.>A group of women need a kick start in their individual lives. They participate in a book club that has them talking about change, but not really doing anything about it. A new member, Hope, pushes her way in to the club and forces the women to make real changes.>Hope's approach is a bit "in your fa [...]

    7. Here is a page turner, and a women's version of 'the hangover' filled with crazy situations - surely fictional - but i liked the writing style which is both funny and eloquent to make your day - you can read this book in just a few hours - a perfect book to pick up on a long flight - will keep you entertained and occupied :) but it will be futile to expect anymore. However, what i like most about the book is the cover picture of a woman butterfly, rising from the cocoon - beautifully illustrated [...]

    8. If you've tried chick lit, but you find there's not enough to sink your teeth into, you'll definitely want to check out Book Club. It's a story of - you guessed it - a book club that gets shaken up by a new member who challenges each character to grow and find her true self and purpose. What transpires is a fun, wild, wacky ride, full of humor and outrageous events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The author's writing style, imagination, and character development all get top marks, a [...]

    9. I loved every moment of reading Book Club. Jaime Boust's prose is mind-bogglingly good--original, imagistic and so damn funny--there's humor on every page but also characters who resonate in their particular brand of crazy. I couldn't put it down. It's fast-paced and filled with surprises and Boust's imagination floors me, but it's also an incisive study of self-realization and longing. I'm not sure the last time that I read a book that was so funny and also so smart. I might just tell my own bo [...]

    10. A fun, fast-moving tale of five very different women - all members of a book club whose pursuits include drinking wine, reading erotica and self-help books, and daring each lady to be her best self. Of course, how these women learn to challenge themselves and fulfill their myriad goals becomes a madcap adventure, rife with sex, humor, and poetic justice. Ideal for fans of chick lit who don't mind an erotic scene or two!

    11. I am going to read ANYTHING by Jaime Boust. I devoured Book Club. It's smart AND funny, which isn't easy to find in contemporary fiction. I needed a laugh and Book Club came through. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but also delivers a powerful message about where the culture is heading. I hope Boust's screenwriting is as strong as her prose because the story and characters would transfer beautifully to film.Next up, Conquest by Steam Bijou!

    12. sorry, this book was not a good read. Characters had nothing in common other than book club. It was a quick read and for that I was thankful. In our discussion at our book review we discussed it for less than 5 minutes and there were only 2 people who finished it.

    13. Not your typical book club. Sometimes letting that new person into your life can make big changes. Friends can make our lives so much better and interesting and they really do know us better than we know ourselves sometimes.

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