Sea of Secrets

Sea of Secrets Can she save him from the darkness in his soul or will it destroy them both After her brother is killed in the Crimean War innocent young Oriel Pembroke finds herself alone in the world Disowned by t

  • Title: Sea of Secrets
  • Author: Amanda DeWees
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can she save him from the darkness in his soul or will it destroy them both After her brother is killed in the Crimean War, innocent young Oriel Pembroke finds herself alone in the world Disowned by the cruel father who has always despised her, she has nowhere to turn until she is taken under the wing of a glamorous relative she never knew the former Duchess of EllswortCan she save him from the darkness in his soul or will it destroy them both After her brother is killed in the Crimean War, innocent young Oriel Pembroke finds herself alone in the world Disowned by the cruel father who has always despised her, she has nowhere to turn until she is taken under the wing of a glamorous relative she never knew the former Duchess of Ellsworth, who has scandalized society by remarrying soon after her first husband s death At the opulent seaside estate of Ellsmere, Oriel thinks she has found a safe haven but the darkly handsome young duke, Herron, believes otherwise Haunted by the death of his father, he suspects that Ellsmere is sheltering a murderer.Even as Oriel falls in love with the duke, she begins to fear that his grief and suspicion are turning to madness When dangerous accidents start to befall both Herron and Oriel, however, she realizes that someone may be trying to stop them from discovering the truth about the past And when someone from her past comes back into her life, she learns that he may hold the answer to the most horrifying secret of allFollow Oriel s captivating story as it unfolds in Sea of Secrets and see for yourself why this Victorian romantic suspense novel by Amanda DeWees has been so enthusiastically applauded by fans of Victorian mystery, traditional gothic romance, and historical romance alike Intelligent and courageous, with a dry sense of humor, Oriel is a heroine wise beyond her years yet inexperienced in the ways of the world You won t want to miss her thrilling journey through the perils of her new life and the deadly secrets from the past.

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    1. Good book!I enjoyed this one Some parts I would've maybe liked to see happen differently but overall thought it was full of good writing, interesting characters (who were pretty mysterious), intrigue, & a great gothic-type ambience. It was easy to read and follow, a good book to follow up a more "deep" or "heavy" one. I'll definitely try others by her.

    2. This could have been so much better if there had been an epilogue in the form of an Italian newspaper exerpt stating something along the lines that Sir Claude etc. was found dead after what the authorities concluded must have been a tragic accidentFor really, which mother can shrug off the fact that her new husband has made several attempts on her son's life?

    3. Rating 3.5 StarsHow are the sex scenes?What sex? There is only kissing, but I did not want for any bedroom action. Sex doesn't fit this story and Amanda made the right choice in excluding it.How are the story lines?A clever treat is in store for readers. It's excellent and I was so pleased when I figured it out. Amanda explains it all in her Author's Note at the end of the book.Review"Sea of Secrets" by Amanda DeWees is set between 1853 - 1856 along the English coast.Oriel is a character to fall [...]

    4. Reviewed By BlackTulip for Confessions from RomaholicsThe blurb seemed fantastic, so I was more than ready to love this book but unfortunately, I didn't; I wanted to like it, but I simply couldn't !This novel is based partly on a famous Shakespeare play and has the flavor of some 19th century British writers like the Bronte sisters and as a tribute to them, it 's certainly well done. This being said, that's not what I was hoping for and the result is a big disappointment, utterly frustrating.Qu [...]

    5. This novel was so disappointing! I was intrigued at the idea of reading (actually listening to) a retelling of Hamlet, but this book was so slow, it dragged so much!. No real fact actually took place until the very last chapters. It was all talk talk talk, endless talk! Where was the promised suspense? And even forgetting that I disliked all the main characters involved:Herron wasn’t to me a tormented romantic hero but a rude boy who behaved childishly and at a certain point even like a psycho [...]

    6. The story of Oriel is a haunting, gripping saga that will keep you flipping the pages long after you've turned the lights out for the night. A story eloquently wrapped in imagery and descriptions so vivid you'll feel as if you've found a portal into the historical setting. A beautiful story of a woman coming to terms with the reality of her destiny and the power of the past, an eerie setting rich in closeted skeletons, murder, and mysterya historical Gothic romance written in the style of Holt a [...]

    7. This is not my typical read, however I am glad I had the pleasure to read it. Oriel has been somewhat raised by her evil worthless father. After he disowns her she meets the Duchess, her Aunt, and is given a new life. After becoming friends with Herron and trying to help him she realizes he is not her soulmate. However his step-brother/cousin Charles could be. Great story that keeps you guessing and hoping for a miracle. This is more of a historical /dramatic romance, however there are no intima [...]

    8. Honestly, I can't understand why Amanda DeWees' books aren't more popular These are the books I turn to when I can't figure out what to read or I'm in a reading rut. They are the perfect balance of gothic/spooky and dreamy/romantic. I didn't love this one as much as I've loved some of her others - (*cough cough* Herron was the worst character ever) - but I did very much enjoy it. (view spoiler)[ I am SOOOOOOOO glad that Oriel ended up with Charles in the end!! I was so afraid we would go down th [...]

    9. Oriel Pembroke having been disowned by her father seeks out her newly discovered relations. The Duchess of Ellsworth. But as her new family settle at Ellsmere, she wonders is there a murderer residing there, and who could it be. Herron, the new young Duke believes so.An enjoyable Victorian gothic mystery and romance.

    10. I just loved the mystery, it keeps you guessing till the end<3 And even at the end it leaves it open to interpretation.

    11. Oriel has never understood her father's unaccountable contempt for her, but after her brother Lionel is killed in the Crimean War, it ceases to matter: her father disowns her, casts her off, and gives her a mere month to secure her future. It's only the intervention of a previously unknown aunt--a rformer duchess, no less--that keeps Oriel from a state of obscure poverty.Swept up into her new family, whisked away to their seaside manor, treated with more kindness and generosity than she's ever k [...]

    12. 4.5 out of 5 stars!After reading the Ash Grove Chronicles I expected nothing less but an excellent story from Sea of Secrets and I was pleasantly surprised because this story was very different from the Ash Grove Chronicles. Sea of Secrets begins with the death of Oriel's dear brother Leonin, and her stressful relationship with her horrible father, who is constantly demeaning her and inducing fear in his own daughter. Oriel's father disowns her and as a last resort she contacts her mother's side [...]

    13. My review for Sea of Secrets written by Amanda DeWeesI was given this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review.I was immediately captured and sucked into this 1800s gothic novel centered on young Oriel Pembroke. The loss and sadness she experienced at such a young age is tragic and unimaginable. She loses her brother to the war and shortly after is abandoned by her father who was her sole provider at the time. Just when she thought all hope was loss, she finds herself at the estate of whe [...]

    14. So what do I think of "Sea of Secrets "? "Bother Herron"!Two words mentioned in the book that I couldn't agree with more. (Herron is the 'hero ' ~I use that term loosely ~ and I found him a petulant child who needed a good kick in the pants for most of the story) In many ways this book was very good. The writing is good and the characters well drawn. It is written much like the gothics of old which I enjoy. Also I was glad that the author didn't stick to the old formula of 'dark brooding hero tr [...]

    15. This book is about Oriel Pembroke who has just recently lost her beloved brother, in the Crimean War. He had been the joy in her life, and the buffer between her and the father who hated her. Then as if loosing her brother was not enough her father disowns her(though maybe that may have not been so bad) but in the process leaves her with nothing. But Oriel is a smart young lady, and does some investigation learns she has some family on her mothers side. She then appeals to her aunt to see if she [...]

    16. I was giving a copy of this book by the wonderful Author Amanda DeWees, thank you for that.I am never one to like to write about the book itself, just because I feel I would give away to much I always like to review with my own thoughts.That being said, I Loved this book, I think it's beautifully written and I had no problems at all to picture all the characters as described.Oriel is such a quiet young woman, I really felt sorry for her being treated rather like a rapid dog then a human being. I [...]

    17. This book was recommended to me by a friend but must say I had no idea what a fantastic treat was in store for me. "Sea of Secrets" is a moody and wonderfully dark psychological tale set in the 1850s, reminiscent of Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and apparently Hamlet.The language used it written in such an amazing appropriate and authentic English, it is hard to believe the novel should have been written in modern day.The story of a semi-orphaned young woman taking a position with remote family i [...]

    18. 4.5 stars. Very entertaining. I now want to go back and reread Northanger Abbey and Jane Eyre. Gothic stories are so much fun.I don't know what her editor was talking about, claiming that the story strayed too far from Hamlet. While the author does not slavishly follow the source material, the major elements of the plot are blatantly there for anyone to see. Personally, I think her story is much stronger and her characters much more likeable than Shakespeare's. I did have some difficulty relatin [...]

    19. Disclaimer: the author gifted me this book with no expectation of a review in exchange. But here I am.I adore DeWees' novels. They are always a sumptuous, atmospheric delight, full of period details (her clothing descriptions alone are worth the price of admission) and gorgeous prose, and she is a true master of gothic romance. This book follows the story of Oriel, a quiet, intelligent, and self-reliant woman who is disowned by her cruel father and finds herself taken in by her dead mother's fam [...]

    20. Amanda DeWess has done it AGAIN. Captured me into yet another book-a different book, but yet--amazing! I love a good adventure to what feels like another world, and this certainly is that. I felt like I could relate to some of what Oriel was feeling (ps-LOVE that name! If I were to have future children-I could see that being in the running) and how she was left, and especially the father! How ironic that the family is going through things and she has to find a way to cope through it, but in turn [...]

    21. VERY Disappointed. After reading the Ash Grove Chronicles, I became very interested in reading more books by this author. However, almost mid way through the book, I felt like I was reading a modern retelling of Hamlet. A very boring one at that with the name changes ( from hamlet to herron, Ophelia to Oriel, and Claudius to Claude), and the tone was very similar in being a bit gothic. The other thing is that, the author barely described things, and the whole time I was just like Show me don't j [...]

    22. I'm a sucker for historical fiction, if not so much for romance. This happens to be the first book published by a personal friend of mine -- Amanda DeWees. I admit that although I was excited to read it, I was also a little worried it might not be great, and then I'd be in the awkward position of trying to seem really enthusiastic. I needn't have worried. This was a great read. I was immediately engaged by the lead character, Oriel. After that, it unfolded perfectly. I hated putting this down, a [...]

    23. What a way to start a new year. I loved this gothic novel. It had lots of suspense, and romance, and a compelling story. There is danger at the center of the book that keeps pushing you to turn the pages. Some one may want the new Duke Herron dead, now that his father is gone. Was his father also killed? Herron is a brooding character, and seems at odds with his whole family, including his new female cousin, who is trying to help, and protect him. There are many characters to not like, and more [...]

    24. Although I love reading Austen, Bronte, and the classics, I have never found a book that engendered the same fondness within me as this one. The house by the sea, the tragic deaths of family members, the abused/neglected heroine, and a mystery as well. This enthralling read had me avoiding my household chores just to keep turning pages. The author’s lyrical use of prose and symbolism kept me firmly fixed in the characters’ world, so that I could hear the crashing waves of the shore, though I [...]

    25. Sea of Secrets by Amanda Dewees is a historical romance/mystery story. It follows a girl named Oriel who is plagued to live a life with her evil father after the death of her mother (as an infant) and her beloved brother Lionel. She goes to live with her mothers side of the family when her father disowns her and finds herself in a new sort of drama. Will her life ever sort itself out? I really enjoyed this book! I felt that the cover was captaviating as well as the story itself. I just couldn't [...]

    26. Once I started reading this, I got hooked. Very hooked. This book has so much going for it: Romance, historical setting, mystery, murder, a little touch of Gothic, and of course scandal!I won't ruin anything for you. So I will tell you my thoughts.I loved how the Duchess could overcome and stay calm in all the situations. Amazing.Oriel, she was tougher, smarter, and prettier than she thoughtHerron: learned a lot at the end and made peace with everyone.Oriel's father: got what he deserved.Claude: [...]

    27. This was an interesting read. It played on the idea of Hamlet in a way that was both unexpected and intriguing. Well created characters filled in an interesting story. Though, with the theme of Hamlet, the book pulls you into a world that is both depressing and a bit on the edge of insanity. This isn't a bad thing - in fact it is a compliment to the author's skill. The romance, however, while interesting, wasn't very strong and seemed to be an underlining theme. Oriel was a bit annoying, but ove [...]

    28. I love a good gothic novel- the carefully crafted suspense, the secrets held closely by everyone in the house, and a sweet young heroine caught up in all of the drama.Sea of Secrets was everything I wanted it to be. There are parallels to another story I love (and was pleased to read in the afterword that the author and I shared a teenage crush on the same literary figure), but DeWees puts her own flair into the story. She pulls it all together beautifully in the end, and I would have to say tha [...]

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