Crashing Heaven

Crashing Heaven A diamond hard visionary new SF thriller Nailed down cyberpunk ala William Gibson for the st century meets the vivid dark futures of Al Reynolds in this extraordinary debut novel With Earth abandon

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  • Title: Crashing Heaven
  • Author: AlRobertson
  • ISBN: 9781473203402
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • A diamond hard, visionary new SF thriller Nailed down cyberpunk ala William Gibson for the 21st century meets the vivid dark futures of Al Reynolds in this extraordinary debut novel With Earth abandoned, humanity resides on Station, an industrialised asteroid run by the sentient corporations of the Pantheon Under their leadership a war has been raging against the TotaliA diamond hard, visionary new SF thriller Nailed down cyberpunk ala William Gibson for the 21st century meets the vivid dark futures of Al Reynolds in this extraordinary debut novel With Earth abandoned, humanity resides on Station, an industrialised asteroid run by the sentient corporations of the Pantheon Under their leadership a war has been raging against the Totality ex Pantheon AIs gone rogue With the war over, Jack Forster and his sidekick Hugo Fist, a virtual ventriloquist s dummy tied to Jack s mind and created to destroy the Totality, have returned home Labelled a traitor for surrendering to the Totality, all Jack wants is to clear his name but when he discovers two old friends have died under suspicious circumstances he also wants answers Soon he and Fist are embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens not only their future but all of humanity s But with Fist s software licence about to expire, taking Jack s life with it, can they bring down the real traitors before their time runs out

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    1. I love my Cyberpunk. I love Post-Cyberpunk even more. This here is a very well-crafted Hard-SF novel that is a surprisingly easy read. I can blame most of the ease and the goodness squarely on the interactions between Jack and Fist. Jack's been screwed over by the Pantheon's contracts and Fist, his erstwhile puppet, his slaved AI, is scheduled to legally take over poor Jack. The war between the Totality (The post-mortality humans who had given themselves godlike virtual powers) and the Pantheon [...]

    2. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/07/29/aCyberpunk and I don’t always make the best bedfellows, but when I read the description to Crashing Heaven I just knew I had to check it out. Published in the UK, I’d initially decided to either get it shipped from overseas or wait patiently to see if it’ll eventually get a release date this side of the Atlantic. To my happy surprise though, I later discovered on the publisher website that it was actually available in the US in a [...]

    3. Na prste jedva jedne ruke mogu nabrojiti cyberpunk knjige koje sam čitao, no nijedna mi nije bila ovoliko dobra kao ova (možda Digitalni ugljik), no s nestrpljenjem očekujem nastavak Waking hell i nove dogodovštine ovih likova, a pogotovo izvrsno osmišljenog, lajavog i borbenog Hugo Fista, najjebenijeg lika.Ovo je inače novi Matrix, samo to ljudima današnjice još nije došlo iz dupeta u glavu. Ali hoće ;)

    4. (I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)3.5/4 stars. This book is definitely of the bleak cyberpunk varity. People escaping their lives through augmented reality. Being able to bring the dead ones to life by using the memories they left imprinted into servers, which in turns makes them puppets, as the living can do a roll-back to specific moments of their former lives whenever they want. "Gods" that may or may not be AIs, revealing the inner despair of those who w [...]

    5. The best sense-of-wonder science-fiction debut since Hannu Rajaniemi's Quantum Thief and probably the most well thought and engaging exploration of how our digital society will look in the far-future. Crashing Heaven is not as a hard read in the first part as Quantum Thief, but it's world is as richly textured, full of neologisms and completely devoid of any glossary, road maps or infodumps.

    6. Picked this up a second time. Never been the biggest fan of hard scifi but had heard great things. Loved the banter between Jack and Fist. Wished the world had been evolved a little slower and easily. I really didnt mind the detective noir part of the story. The rating doesnt reflect the book itself more my tastes.

    7. This book creates a whole new genre: cyberpunk noir. It's an outstanding sci-fi story, an outstanding noir mystery, and an outstanding read!What’s left of humanity lives aboard an enormous asteroid transformed into a collection of habitats, called Docklands, the Homelands, and Heaven. Station is controlled by the Pantheon, a group of sentient corporation AIs, who act as patron deities for the Station’s inhabitants. War broke out between the Pantheon and rebel AIs (the Totality) but, after ye [...]

    8. (Audiobook)“Crashing Heaven” has some first rate, second generation ideas. Obviously anything Cyberpunk owes a debt to William Gibson, Bruce Sterling et al. Within that framework we have an exciting and original premise:Jack Forster is a “Puppeteer”. He *sort of* controls a “puppet” (I think of him as an evil Punch & Judy hacker monkey) named Hugo Fist that exists within his consciousness. The puppet was installed in Jack during war. Failing to check the fine print in his contrac [...]

    9. If I had six stars to give, I'd give 'em to this. Crashing Heaven is incredible. Like Hannu Rajaniemi writing The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, plus puppets.

    10. “Crashing Heaven” is a beautiful fusion of William Gibson's, “Neuromancer,” Richard K. Morgan's, “Altered Carbon,” and Greco-Roman bronze age mythos. The novel is set several hundred years after an automated war left Earth barren and uninhabitable. The surviving humans exist in an orbiting space station, Station; from which occasional flashes of nuclear detonations are visible as the AI-robots on the surface continue to rebuild, fight, and obliterate each another in an unceasing aut [...]

    11. Crashing Heaven is, at heart, a fast-paced techno-thriller. It’s also a novel of ideas. Some of those are a bit more successful in their expression than others, but there’s a lot of good thoughts in here. From a narrative point of view, our protagonist is Jack Forster. He’s returning to the rather starkly named ‘Station’ following the conclusion of a war between Station and a group AI consciousness called the Totality, which is spread across the rest of the system. During the war, Jack [...]

    12. Originally posted on bluchickenninja.This was okay. A reasonably good science fiction book. The problem I had with this, and other books like it who have some sort of futuristic version of the internet. Is that the authors never really fully explain how it works. I mean authors will describe it as some sort of virtual reality, maybe mention spam bots or anti-virus or something like that. But they never fully explain how it works. I would like that little bit of computer science in there to under [...]

    13. This was, unfortunately, a DNF, but not for the same rage-blindingly hateful reasons as something like Swords and Scoundrels. Truth is, Crashing Heaven is a fine book, I just don't have the drive to finish it.That may sound condemnatory, but it isn't meant to be. The writing is sound, if a little staccato, and the story is interesting. The book never really gets above being a pulpy, quasi-meditational cyberpunk detective story (though not anywhere near the standard of Altered Carbon), though it [...]

    14. With shades of New Wave Sci-Fi, Crashing Heaven carries the torch of cyberpunk into new territory. Dr Who gave me a fear of ventriloquist dummies, and with the character Hugo Fist, Al Robertson has started the nightmares afresh. A smart and inventive tale, confidently told. This book is a fine example of the healthy state modern Sci-Fi is in.

    15. “With Earth abandoned, humanity resides on Station, an industrialised asteroid run by the sentient corporations of the Pantheon. Under their leadership a war has been raging against the Totality – ex-Pantheon AIs gone rogue.With the war over, Jack Forster and his sidekick Hugo Fist, a virtual ventriloquist’s dummy tied to Jack’s mind and created to destroy the Totality, have returned home.Labelled a traitor for surrendering to the Totality, all Jack wants is to clear his name but when he [...]

    16. Crashing Heaven is first rate second generation cyberpunk, hard boiled and gritty as a granola mixed with rocks so on the surface I should have loved this. This bold debut novel is so full of ideas I feel like many of them will go over many readers heads. Al Robertson certainly went for it with this book.Set in the aftermath of both ecological devastation and a war with AI overlords on one of the space stations orbiting the dead earth. there are lots of new interesting details The AI's who contr [...]

    17. originally posted at: thebookplank/2015Last year Gollancz published some stellar debuts, the big names included: Den Patrick, Jon Wallace and Edward Cox. This year Gollancz is continuing the streak with among others this book. Crashing Heaven by Al Robertson. Science Fiction has been a genre where the guidelines in writing are crystal clear. Several elements have to be in there, but what if you would just go that extra bit? Well that is when you end up with Crashing Heaven. It is a lot like your [...]

    18. Easy to read, but I thought the dialogue felt kind of forced (and there was a lot of it) and am really baffled about the decision to make the puppets look like ventriloquist dummies. I mean, I sort of get it, but, like, still, why. I enjoyed Fist's development -- and the book overall -- even though the writing was a bit rough and could have done better with the underlying themes.

    19. I'm grateful to Gollancz for sending me a copy of the book to review.At first sight, grimy, jaded detective noir and far future, virtual-this, AI-that, seemed to me unlikely as common elements in a novel. However Robertson pulls off the combination with great aplomb, building a fascinating and rich world along the way (a world I want to read more about, too).Jack Forster is home from the war, with his "puppet". Hugo Fist is a weapon, a militarised piece of software designed to unravel and kill t [...]

    20. “No fate but what we make” is a classic line from the Terminator movies. This poster tagline is catchy, economic and informative of the franchise’s overarching plot. It’s also representative of a wider push in science fiction to nip at the heels of the powers that be. It’s not that science fiction is atheist—the higher power is a deep reservoir from which science fiction writers drink often—it’s that the genre is anti-power in the hands of those who would abuse it.It’s this reb [...]

    21. With Earth uninhabitable, Humans have relocated to an asteroid run by the all seeing all encompassing Pantheon. But it is far from paradise and a war has been raging between the Totality ex-Pantheon AI who have gone their own way and the Pantheon. But the war is now over so Jack Forster and Hugo Fist his virtual puppet sidekick are not only at a loose end, but also war criminals. If this is not enough, Fist's software licence is due to shortly run out resulting in Jack's death as Fist takes over [...]

    22. There's an engaging mix of powerful thriller and science fiction in this impressive novel. After the Earth has been rendered uninhabitable, human life is limited to vast space station. Our central character, Jack, has a symbiotic artificial intelligence, Hugo Fist, designed to destroy other AIs in a mysterious collective that is said to have committed an atrocity - but with a kick in the tail that because of an unbreakable contract, Fist will take over Jack's body in a few weeks' time.Al Roberts [...]

    23. An excellent book! Loved the concept of sentient AI's as gods, where people have to buy licenses for things like 'taste' when eating in a restaurant. I was very impressed by the worldbuilding: moving between reality (though after reading this book, you will question what reality actually is!) and the 'weave' which overlays different views/textures/tastes on the world around you. The relationship between Jack, the main protagonist, and his AI 'puppet' is emotionally engaging and beautifully writt [...]

    24. Despite being SciFi this felt a lot like City of stairs to me (but even more responsible of its faults).It was not really bad but a tick the box experience at the same time. The ending felt very forced and you never got the sense that there was really anything going on outside fulfilling the needs of the story.

    25. 3,5 csillag mert többet vártam és időnként zavaros volt. Sci-fibe oltott krimi nyomozással, mesterséges intelligenciákkal a távoli jövőből. Matrix fanok bírni fogják.

    26. I loved this book to pieces and I'm already in line to buy the sequel. Well done, Mr. Robertson! Well done!

    27. Al Robertson entwirft eine detailreiche Dystopie der Zukunft, deren Einzelheiten ich aber nach einem guten Teil des Buches immer noch nicht alle einordnen bzw. verstehen konnte. Den Zusammenhang zwischen der KI Hugo Fist, ihrem Puppen-Avatar, der Cageware, den Lizenzen, der Totalität etc. zu durchleuchten ist schwierig, derweil noch keine große Handlung aufkommt. Es ist aber schon eine komplexe, eigene neue Welt die der Autor entwirft. Auch die Details des vergangenen Kriegs, der Kapitulation [...]

    28. Les intelligences artificielles ont une place de choix dans ce roman, et c'est sans doute en cela qu'il a commencé à se bâtir une réputation en tant que « cyberpunk du XXI° siècle », car elles occupent un espace encore plus vaste que dans Carbone modifié, pour ne citer que ce dernier. Elles sont présentes en tant que gouvernance structurelle, étatique et spirituelle de Station, en tant qu'ennemi déclaré de l'espèce humaine, représentée par La Totalité et au sein même de notre p [...]

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