The Secret Of The Unicorn

The Secret Of The Unicorn While looking around the Old Street Market Tintin stumbles across a model ship and buys it as a gift for his friend Captain Haddock Little does he realize the ship will prove to be the key to an ex

  • Title: The Secret Of The Unicorn
  • Author: Hergé
  • ISBN: 9781405206228
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • While looking around the Old Street Market, Tintin stumbles across a model ship and buys it as a gift for his friend, Captain Haddock Little does he realize, the ship will prove to be the key to an exciting and very dangerous adventure.The captain is overjoyed but astonished to receive Tintin s gift The ship appears to be a model of a vessel depicted in the backgroundWhile looking around the Old Street Market, Tintin stumbles across a model ship and buys it as a gift for his friend, Captain Haddock Little does he realize, the ship will prove to be the key to an exciting and very dangerous adventure.The captain is overjoyed but astonished to receive Tintin s gift The ship appears to be a model of a vessel depicted in the background of a painting of the captain s illustrious ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock While looking through an old chest found in his attic, Captain Haddock chances upon the diary of his ancestor It tells the story of Sir Francis s run in with a fearsome pirate, Red Rackham, and also describes a priceless treasure.Strange events begin to unfold Tintin s flat is ransacked and a mysterious collector seems determined to buy the model ship For Tintin and Captain Haddock as well as a gang of crooks the treasure hunt is well and truly on The Secret of the Unicorn and its sequel, Red Rackham s Treasure, are two of the best loved Tintin books of all time.

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    1. And so I reach quintessential Tintin in my Tintin read through.The plot line will be quite familiar to those who have seen the Spielberg/Jackson film as it forms the basis for the first part of the story. Tintin purchases a model ship as a gift to Captain Haddock and is surprised when two people immediately show great interest in his purchase. Tintin refuses their offers and takes the ship home. He later finds that his apartment has been broken into and the ship stolen. Tintin tries to track the [...]

    2. شروع دوباره‌ی کامیک‌بوک‌خوندن با این بود، که موردعلاقه‌ترین تن‌تن کودکی‌هام هم. :]

    3. Le secret de la Licorne=The Secret of the Unicorn (Tintin #11), Hergéعنوان: اسب شاخدار؛ نویسنده: هرژه؛ مترجم: خسرو سمیعی؛ تهران، یونیورسال، 1354، در 62 ص؛ موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی از نویسندگان بلژیکی قرن 20 م

    4. সেরা টিনটিন গুলোর একটা। শীতের রাত বলে রক্ষা। সবাই কান ঢেকে ঘুমাচ্ছে। নতুবা রাতদুপুরে আমার হাসির চোটে বাসার লোকজনের ঘুম ভাঙলে আমার জায়গা হতো মানসিক হাসপাতাল। নাহ্, আর বড় হতে পারলাম না। পুরো [...]

    5. Why are so many people interested in the miniature of a ship bought by Tintin at the Market? And what has this ship to do with an ancestor of Captain Haddock???To find out, read this wonderful new adventure of Tintin, Milu, Captain Haddock, and the inseparable Dupond and Dupont!Maria Carmo,Lisbon 12 January 2015.

    6. Between the NINE MILLION STARS I could give the good Tintin titles for blowing my little small town mind as a child, making me aware of the existence of Europe and the sophisticated possibilities latent in a comic book, and the snooty two stars I could disdainfully issue now citing dim physical comedy, linear plotting, and a heavy reliance on the comic delights of alcoholism, is a middle point of 4,500,001 stars. But this is one of those situations where an average doesn't tell you much about th [...]

    7. I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels but I absolutely adore Tintin and Asterix. I specially like this one because this is the story where Tin and his best friend, "blistering barnacles" Captain Haddock have their first great adventure, although we meet him in 'The Crab with the Golden Claws'. From : Set during a largely realistic 20th century, the hero of the series is Tintin, a young Belgian reporter. He is aided in his adventures from the beginning by his faithful fox terrier dog Snowy . Late [...]

    8. Tintin's adventures are refreshing, even though this one was written 70 years ago, as they make everything so easily available. It's hard to walk the balance these days. I feel like it'd be harder to market something like Tintin now. Either it would be pushed towards more gritty or more family-oriented. Tintin stories just include whatever Hergé felt was necessary. Murder and booze are always hanging around the boy-wonder journalist and his dog, as they do everything can to solve every mystery [...]

    9. I loved it! The story is funny and entertaining, and the illustrations are so beautiful! I think I'm going to read all the comic books since the first because I only have this one physically.

    10. I want to start out this review by thanking my brother for introducing me to Tintin, because if it wasn't for him, I would have never read any of the books. And as much as I was first adamant against reading them, I have come to realize that I actually enjoy them. A lot. They're filled with a load of humour, adventure, amazing characters and fantastic artwork! Plus they're nice easy reads when you're tired of reading novels all day. This story, in particular, is fantastic, and I'm excited to rea [...]

    11. The Secret of the Unicorn is actually part one of a two-part adventure rendered in highly realistic comic book/graphic novel style by the Belgian artist/writer Herge in the mid-1940s. This story of a hunt for lost pirate treasure ends in a cliffhanger, with the actual undersea search occurring in the follow-up, Red Rackham's Treasure. Those two books, along with episodes from the unrelated Tintin adventure The Crab With the Golden Claws, are the basis of the Steven Spielberg-directed film The Ad [...]

    12. ***SPOILERS ALERT***Tintin stumbles upon a ship model at the market and decides to buy it for Captain Haddock. But there are people out to buy the model from him, whatever the cost. The sub-plot involves a pick pocket who turns out to be a klepto. The Secret of the Unicorn must rank as one of the best Tintin comics. Certainly in the top 5. The sequence were Captain Haddock narrates his ancestors history (which includes the encounter with the pirates) while consuming many gallons of rum is outrag [...]

    13. The Secret of the Unicorn and it's follow-up, Red Rackham's Treasure represent some of the best storytelling in the Tintin adventures and while this adventure is stronger than part 2, there's still lots to love within both volumes - especially the pickpocket :)(Reading up on this one I found it interesting that while Herge worked for a Nazi controlled paper (during WWII occupation) it was there that his focus on plot and character narrowed down, dropping some of the political satire earlier volu [...]

    14. Liked The book a lot!! Though the movie is completely different with the comic, I liked the both versions!! The comic was simply narrated and very interesting! It was so grippy!! Liked snowy role in this part a lot!! Thompson and thompson were hilarious as usual!! Tin tin was awesome with his spontaneous nature and his guts!! A great comic!!

    15. I grew up outside of the US and have been a huge fan of Tintin since childhood, so I am pleased to see that these wonderful stories are becoming more widely known in this country since the recent release of “The Adventures of Tintin” movie.Hergé, a Belgian artist, wrote 23 books from 1929 – 1975 about Tintin, the brave young reporter who travels the world, and his faithful fox terrier dog Snowy (Milou in the original French). There are several other characters who regularly appear in the [...]

    16. This is one of three TinTin stories that form the basis for the film coming out later this year.I had expected to review TinTin as part of my project anyway and started with this one since it shares the name with the movie. I was aware of TinTin although this is the first time I have read the comic, in my youth I watched the animated series based on TinTin and took a liking to the lad but I don't really remember much of what I watched.The series is well written with a colorful cast of cooky char [...]

    17. Ah I always do things half-assed backwards. Ok, so this is the first part of the two part story and I sort of gave a review for the second part. What's amazing and interesting is how much research Hergé did for his stories. Besides clothing, he had a good eye for architecture as well as weapons, automobiles, etc. These young reader editions all have additional information regarding the story - and overall its very interesting. Similar to a bonus on a DVD set. The world of TinTin is very very ri [...]

    18. This is where Herge really started to get great. A series of wallet-snatchings in plaguing Brussels, which Thomson and Thompson are investigating. Meanwhile, Tintin buys an old model of a ship as a present for Haddock, and is immediately accosted by two people who want to buy it from him. Both stories converge when the ship and one of the missing wallets become parts of the key to the final resting place of the Unicorn, Sir Francis Haddock's legendary ship. Just before the Unicorn went down, Had [...]

    19. Evidentemente una relecturaAprovechando el próximo estreno de las películas de Spielberg sobre el personaje, hemos escogido estos dos títulos como lectura para mis gemelos (4 años) (siempre leemos tres cuentos, uno lo escoge la peque, otro el peque y el último el lector) para mi sorpresa a partir del segundo día ya eran ellos los que pedían Tintin que no es precisamente infantil curioso.

    20. This is my first Tintin, and I read it for school as it is a selected reader for this term.I can't say the plot is capturing, but it's easy to follow and has its creative bits to keep you engaged. The characterisation through word choices and pictures is however amazing - even Snowy has quite a personality.

    21. This is the first Tintin book I ever read and by far the best! I have re read it numerous times. Its is about how Tintin and his friend Captain Haddock try to find out more about Captain Haddocks family history.

    22. Why I hadn't thought of just writing up these review instead of putting off making the video versions is beyond me. Anyway, enough about that - let's get down to this comic (books) vs movie review ofThe Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn.Now the 2011 film is adapted from three different comics by Herge, which are: The Crab with the Golden Claw, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure. While the Tintin series has and already built-in fanbase in Europe (to say it is just well [...]

    23. When Tintin spots an old model ship at a Brussels market, he believes that it will make the perfect birthday gift for his friend Captain Haddock. It quickly becomes apparent though that Tintin is not the only one interested in the ship and he has to avoid the aggressive bargaining of two other would-be purchasers before he is able to get the model safely back to his flat. It doesn’t stay safe for long though as Snowy, Tintin’s loyal doggy companion, is scampering about the flat and knocks th [...]

    24. "The Secret of the Unicorn" is one of the storylines used to create "The Adventures of Tintin" 3D Steven Spielberg film; the other two being "The Crab with Golden Claws" and "Red Rackham's Treasure." Having already read "Crab," and thoroughly enjoyed "Unicorn," I can see why - these two are just delightful.In "Unicorn," Tintin heads to the old market fair to help Detectives Thomson and Thomson nap a pickpocket. While looking at antiques, Tintin spots a model of the pirate ship Unicorn, which he [...]

    25. It was alright, the first Tintin I've read. He didn't really go on too much of an adventure and he destroyed some antiques, shocking behaviour. I read the english verison too, and I don't like how they changed the characters' nationalities to british and threw uppity english slang over everything. I was hoping it would have stayed truer to how it Hergé would have wrote it and get that continental feel, but I suppose back in the day it would have been the only way to sell it to an english market [...]

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