The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 2

The Complete Adventures of Feluda Vol This second volume shows Feluda at the peak of his sleuthing career He is at his inimitable best as he tracks down the last known letter of Napoleon or investigates a sinister crime that has to do wi

  • Title: The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 2
  • Author: Satyajit Ray Gopa Majumdar
  • ISBN: 9780143032786
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • This second volume shows Feluda at the peak of his sleuthing career He is at his inimitable best as he tracks down the last known letter of Napoleon, or investigates a sinister crime that has to do with Tintoretto s painting of Jesus In The Case of Apsara Theatre, Feluda foils the insidious plans of a clever murderer, and in The House of Death, he investigates the theftThis second volume shows Feluda at the peak of his sleuthing career He is at his inimitable best as he tracks down the last known letter of Napoleon, or investigates a sinister crime that has to do with Tintoretto s painting of Jesus In The Case of Apsara Theatre, Feluda foils the insidious plans of a clever murderer, and in The House of Death, he investigates the theft of a priceless manuscript Maganlal Meghraj, Feluda s arch enemy, reappears in The Criminals of Kathmandu as the kingpin in a case involving spurious drugs, and again in The Mystery of the Pink Pearl, but Feluda is equal to the challenge Also included here are the two final Feluda cases, Robertson s Ruby and The Magical Mystery, both of which were published posthumously.

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    1. Rating is a little lower than for d first volume. The stories started getting a little tired and this was particularly so in the second half of this volume. But nonetheless a good breezy read if u r a fan.

    2. The first volume of FELUDA, penned by one of my favorite directors, was a refreshing and different take from the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. In the first volume, we are introduced to the various likeable features and eccentricities of Feluda's style of detection and deduction that keep the readers hooked until the end. I had read the first volume from the point of view of a teenager (which is the original intended target audience of the FELUDA series)and liked it very much. Howe [...]

    3. After reading the first volume I kicked myself for not having bought both volumes when I was in India. I could not find it on sale in the major bookstores and copies that existed in libraries were lost. Online i could pick up ridiculously overpriced volumes with insane shipping costs from india; often turning a $15.00 book into a $100.00 book. Finally, by using the bookseller search I found a well priced volume and was not disappointed. Anyone who can get there hands on a copy and who likes the [...]

    4. I have read a lot of books from a lot of writers from all over the world but no one comes any closer to the way Satyajit Ray writes. Yes, call me a biased Indian, I am one but my love for the man and his art just keeps growing by the day and by every book that I come across by him and even "on him" too. There are books, there are writers and then there is "The Legend called Ray". Hats off to him and the way he wrote. Every-time I come across a book by him I get totally excited but by the time it [...]

    5. A solid readough not as good as the first onea wee bit repetitive and simple at timesbut true to form in beautiful descriptions of locales as diverse as Kashmir, Kedarnath and Mahabalipuram particularly enjoyed crime in kedarnath, the criminals of kathmandu, peril in paradise and dr munshi diary!

    6. avadhutrecommends.wordpress/Summary –Feluda, the razor sharp and witty young detective investigates some very curious cases along with his cousin Tapesh and friend Jatayu through the length and breadth of India.Review –A recent article about the release of a new Feluda movie brought back happy memories of this childhood series. We know Satyajit Ray as the Oscar winning filmmaker but not many Indians, especially non-Bengalis know that he was also an author par excellence. Fortunately I became [...]

    7. iandbooks.wordpress/I had of course heard about Satyajit Ray’s movies and his international following but when I came across the books written by him, I was surprised and picked it up out of curiosity. I was surprised to see that it was a short story book and on top of that detective stories. I have now read all of them and I am glad that I came across this series. Feluda is a private detective. The stories are written from a viewpoint of his cousin who lives with him.All the stories are actua [...]

    8. '5 Super Special Stars' go with it without sayingPradosh Mitra, Topesh Mitra and Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jataayu -- are my so-so-much favorite characters from Bengali writings I love their all successful adventures, witty convos, nice-described places and persons I was so into it,you know :D#MustMustRead#TeamFeluda

    9. Great book but HORRIBLE PAGE QUALITY by PENGUIN Feluda stories are good; I will read all of them sometime soon.About this volume: shame be on Penguin! They have dishonored Satyajit Ray by providing the two volumes with abysmal pages (vol. 1 and 2)! The page quality is really poor; you will feel outraged.Where did I buy it?: I bought it online from HomeShop18 with almost 50 % discount (also using a discount code). They source from reputed dealers. So it is an original copy from Penguin and not a [...]

    10. Feluda, The Bengali Sherlock, is undoubtedly the 2nd best Bengali detective character, 1st is Byomkesh Bakshi :)Satyajit Ray is no doubt a brilliant story writer, And all his stories Feluda, Sonku, and short stories are a brilliant piece of work.It is pointless to give review on his works, as all bengali readers are familiar with Satyajit Ray's work.

    11. Predictable, repetitive and simplistic for a grown-up mystery fan. But I enjoyed reading the stories anyway since they transported me to my childhood; a time and place when life was simple, and finding the person- 'whodunnit'- before the fictional detective was more enjoyable than being amazed at having the author outwit me.

    12. Again, the second volume of this omnibus shows an obvious evolution of Felu Mitter as a detective, Ray as a writer and the whole series as more than an Enid Blyton-ish adventure series. The mysteries, though still predictable, are a little more elaborate, the plots are slightly improved and we strill have the foreign travel, the constant danger and the decent excitement. Nice, but no Holmes.

    13. so many afternoons spent in the company of Topshe and Felu babuwhat a feel for detail and simple evocative storytelling.

    14. the way the mysteries are solved INCREDIBLE!! everyone from the environment, the twists and turns , characters-tapesh,lalmohan everyone work to present a beautiful picture

    15. I had read the first volume in SRFTI three years ago and had totally loved it. I wanted to go to all the places Ray had mentioned in the book and make sketches of them. I wanted to do the same after reading Amitav Ghosh's 'Calcutta Chromosome'. Neither of the plans happened. This time too when i read the book that was the first instinct i had. Don't know if my procrastination goddess will be kind enough to me.Anyway the major difference i saw was that Ray's stories started deteriorating in quali [...]

    16. In the truest sense Satyajit Ray is a genius par excellence. I am truly blessed to have read books written by him. I got lost in the mysterious lanes of Kolkata, Lucknow, Kathmandu, etc and didnt want to be transported back to the present decade ever. The stories are unique and gripping. I am short of words for Satyajit Ray and his work. He is definitely Gods gift to all the readers and there can never be another Satyajit Ray ever. I didnt want the book to end ever (read the last story as slow a [...]

    17. Wonderful series! Ever since I read volume 1, I couldn't wait to get my hands ok volume 2 This beautiful collection is one that must be in everyone's library Absolute must read for both children and adults! Just sad that the series ended and I have no more Feluda stories to read

    18. i have not written anything from many days but now i m writting to it .Now i m writting can i get all the books of emile gavoreo

    19. The Complete Adventures Of FeludaBy Satyajit RayThirty five gripping tales of suspense and mystery featuring Satyajit Ray’s inimitable detective Feluda , is now available in English in a two volume edition. These stories were written for the teenaged readers and are narrated by the teenager cousin of Feluda , Topshe. Though some of the Feluda stories had been translated before but for the first time ever the stories are arranged in chronological order of composition and one can note Feluda’s [...]

    20. Another great volume of the feluda storiese great thing about the novel is that even though most of the stories here are crime thrillers,they can be enjoyed by almost everybody including kidsmething you rarely find in a detective storyrst of all,the stories are mostly aimed at children or more precisely young adults and for that reason I can easily forgive the silly motivations and some repetitive plot elements.ray himself has written about it at length that he had quite a tough time trying to f [...]

    21. I love all Feluda the stories. Feluda, Indian Sherlock Holmes was mainly written to children but the story can be enjoyed by everyone. Immortal series created by great Oscar laureate Satyajit Ray. Being a Bengali i can says my childhood is incomplete without Feluda. Feluda novels, comics, movies, serials always helps me to reduce stress & make me happy. i have read all the stories a hundred times & will continue reading the same for many more timesAll stories are full of suspense and thr [...]

    22. After reading Feluda stories, totally in awe of him and his creator. Book for all ages(it was initially meant only for children). The characterization, the setting, the plot is all top notch. Highly recommended. My daily routine was to read 1 or 2 stories on a daily basis whenever I would find time. Now with all the reading done, will fill a sense of emptiness. It must have been great to read each story annually when it was originally published in special magazines during Durga Puja. The expecta [...]

    23. As the second part of the Feluda omnibus collection that I have read, it shows Feluda as a more mature and established investigator. From encounters with Meghraj to his escapades in Hong Kong and London, Feluda emerges as a master sleuth. Like the previous collection, stories are narrated from Tapesh's point of view, Lalmohan Babu is hilarious and Feluda doesn't fail to intrigue his fans. Notwithstanding the simple storytelling and clean plots Feluda has been a delight.

    24. This was one of the better Sherlock Holmes spin-offs, complete with a Dr Watson, but I found it too late. I would have definitely enjoyed it back in my school days. But being wiser with age, several readings of original Sherlock Holmes, and exposure to more sophisticated suspense thrillers, I couldn't find a fascination in it. I had picked it because of some friends' enthusiastic recommendation and it's reputation as one of Ray's masterpieces, but I had to almost force myself to finish it.

    25. My all time favourite author and his classic mystery stories. Engrossing adventures of discovery - of self, a murder/murderer, a mystery, far off travels. The authors command over the language is plainly evident in Bangla but the English translations are equally good. Great wit, excellent characterisations and engaging plots. With all due respects to all the greats this is our Agatha Christie, Hardy Boys and Alfred Hitchcock rolled in One.

    26. A priceless collection of 19 novels. Very subjective, though the plots towards the end dealt with the equivalent genres. A little too briefly explained in cases, and the clues were not sufficient enough as we see in Holmes' stories.

    27. I highly recommend anybody interested in detective stories in classic mould of Sherlock Holmes's cases to read this bookFor more details. Visit:bookwormsrecos/200

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