A Royal Amnesia Scandal

A Royal Amnesia Scandal She s about to have an unforgettable affairwith her royal boss He was desperate to forget a broken engagementuntil an accident has Prince Lucas Silva forgetting his fiancee s identity Now he believes

  • Title: A Royal Amnesia Scandal
  • Author: Jules Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780373734016
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s about to have an unforgettable affairwith her royal boss He was desperate to forget a broken engagementuntil an accident has Prince Lucas Silva forgetting his fiancee s identity Now he believes his loyal assistant, Kate Barton, is his bride to be And she s under strict orders to keep up the pretense Playing the role of beloved is no stretch for Kate she She s about to have an unforgettable affairwith her royal boss He was desperate to forget a broken engagementuntil an accident has Prince Lucas Silva forgetting his fiancee s identity Now he believes his loyal assistant, Kate Barton, is his bride to be And she s under strict orders to keep up the pretense Playing the role of beloved is no stretch for Kate she s had a crush on her boss for years But palace rules prohibit royalty from mixing with the help, so Kate knows her happiness can t last Once Luc regains his memory, she could very well be tossed asideunless the prince is willing to forget the rules, too

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    1. 4 Stars - Lucas is a crown prince and will take the throne on his 35th birthday; that is if he's married by then. The woman he'd been seeing had claimed to be pregnant; he was honourable and proposed marriage; but when he insisted he attend his fiancee's doctor's appointment, he discovered she'd lied and wasn't pregnant at all. With the engagement off, Lucas decided the best would be for him to retreat to his private home on an island off the coast of Portugal. Since the age of 6 Kate grew up in [...]

    2. I was given an ARC of this book by the author What happens when two people who have grown up in close proximity to one another, one of you is a Royal and the other works for the Royal person? Well this is what happed with Prince Lucas and Kate. Kate’s family has been working for the Royal family, her father as head of security and her mother, designer and seamstress. When an assistant was needed for Prince Luc, Kate was hired for the job. There was only one little problem, Kate was in love wit [...]

    3. Amazing Read beautifully written and created loved this Royal story from the very first chapter the story really flowed really well! Kate had feeling for her boss from the very start without prince Lucas Silvas realizing it! An Accident pushes them closer together Kate knows once Luc regains his memory her happiness could be at an end unless Lucas can forgive her! I received this Advance copy for an honest review!

    4. Jules Bennett writes such emotional, beautiful stories! This one is no exception. While Kate Barton had grown up around the royal family that her parents worked for, she didn't really fall in love with Prince Lucas Silva until she went to work as his personal assistant. When a head injury caused Luc to confuse Kate with his former fiancee, Kate didn't correct his misunderstanding for a few blissful days. When Luc's memory returns, he feels betrayed, but cannot deny his strong feelings for Kate. [...]

    5. I don't remember where I picked up this book, but I found it while unpacking after my recent move, and I mean, the title alone, right? Just the sort of light reading I needed. A prince falls and hits his head and promptly forgets selective things, including misremembering that his assistant is his fiancée, and shenanigans ensue. These two don't get on the same page until the very end of the book, but that's fine given that it's a category about a prince with amnesia. It's pretty trope-tastic.

    6. Ugh. Redemption?The hero didn't get there for me, the ending was too quick.Plus, there was no epilogue of awesomeness.#disappointing.

    7. The whole plot was so predictable that i felt i should have invested my time somewhere else. A story with everything so boringly put together just to end it with in page limit. It was like everything was in accordance with convenience to Kate and Luc but they still wanted some mess in there life that why they argued and ended it up sex. Really bad it could have been good but. what a waste of a good idea !!

    8. Considering how often traditional literary romances seem to fall into scenarios straight out of soap operas, it’s surprising how little amnesia crops up as a plotline. This is the second one I’ve come across after reading over 80 recent amorous novels.He thinks they’re engaged. She knows they’re not. This is the kind of setup that leads to all sorts of misunderstandings. Like many such tangled webs, I kept silently screaming at the heroine to tell him the truth before matters got out of [...]

    9. Oh my! Kate Barton pretty much grew up around the palace and royalty. Her parents work for the family so when Prince Luc needed a assistant she was a natural for the job. There was automatic attraction between the two but unfortunately it's unwritten law that royal family members do not get involved with the staff. Shelving their attraction the two have tried to go one without letting it out again. After Luc's fiancee is found out to be a liar and a fraud of sorts though he is left reeling by th [...]

    10. Okay, not what I was expecting. I won't write much because I don't want to spoil it for anyone wanting to read this BUTter the Prince falls and ends up with amnesia it was just too over the top, too unbelievable for me.His assistant, who was with him at the time of his fall has been in love with him for years. The Prince just broke off an engagement to a woman who tricked and betrayed him by saying she was pregnant with his child. As he awakes from the fall he thinks his assistant is his fiancee [...]

    11. I LOVE Prince/Princess stories. I don't know, maybe it's that girly childhood make believe I never got over. Prince Lucas fights his attraction for his personal assistant (who just so happens has been around the royal family since childhood). Personal Assistant, Kate Barton attempts to keep it all business with her Prince boss, knowing the royal rule of no romance with the staff. When Lucas breaks off his engagement with his fiancée because of deception, Kate's not all that sad about the develo [...]

    12. Jules Bennet pens a wonderful story in A Royal Amnesia Scandal.Kate Burton enjoys her job working with the royal family from Ilha Beleza especially working with her boss Prince Lucas Silva. With palace rules forbidden any mixing of help with the royal family. Kate has kept her feelings to herself.Prince Lucas Silva wants to get anyway from the hoopla following his broken engagement. His former fiancée really did a number on him and needs to find a suitable wife and fast. Luc and Kate take some [...]

    13. I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.This story kept me interested right from the start. I was a little leery about the story line at first but Jules is a great story teller so I had to give it a chance. I am really glad I did. You will not be disappointed in this read. It is a quick, funny and who doesn't love a Prince happily ever after story.Hurt and betrayed by his ex girlfriend Prince Luc takes off to a secluded island with his assistant Kate. Kate has known Luc since she [...]

    14. A Royal Amnesia Scandal by Jules Bennett is another hit in my book. This book is a sexy, passionate story that has 2 strong characters, a prince with amnesia, betrayal and secrets along with a HEA. When Prince Lucas(Luc) Silva is lied to by his fiance' the engagement gets broken and he wants to get away. Luc takes with him his assistant Kate Barton who has been dedicated to him and very loyal. Both are attracted to each other but Luc has one firm rule: royalty does not get involved with staff! W [...]

    15. A Royal Amnesia Scandal by Jules Bennett is one of the perfect reads for me. One of my favorite themes is an employee being attracted to their boss. Kate Barton has worked for Prince Lucas Silva for a year but she has known him forever. She is loyal to a tee and when Lucas develops amnesia she does everything in her power to not hurt the chances of his recovery. And with her loyalty comes a lie that she doesn’t want to harbor. She has no choice and when the lie comes to a head Ms. Bennett trea [...]

    16. What could be better than a prince story than a prince with amnesia. Have to say author Jules Bennett hit it out of the park with this one. Besides her single parent stories. I think this is one of my favorites from her.I loved both Kate and Luc in this book. Their interactions between them were great. I loved that even though Luc tried to act like an arsehat some of the time. There was a softer and sweeter side that came out when he has amnesia. I really liked Kate. She's definitely good at her [...]

    17. 4 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, amnesia, secrets, betrayal and heartbreak. This is Kate and Lucas’s story. Kate is Lucas’s assistant but when he loses his memory he believes she is his bride-to-be. The doctors don’t want her to say anything to mess up his memory so when things go to far what is she to do? The royal’s don’t mix with the staff. When Lucas gets back his memory will he understand why Kate did what she did? Or will he just want her to leave h [...]

    18. I really don't know whether to like or dislike this book I know a lot about temporary amnesia and memory loss because my brother had an accident and suffered from it for months, but what we have in this book doesn't have any thing to do with amnesia and doesn't look real. The thing about not answering the questions to someone diagnosed with amnesia is totally wrong because my brother's doctor recommended us to answer all my his questions to help intrigue his memory. So, here I would hope for th [...]

    19. Disappointing because Kate didn't have to lie to Lucas about their relationship, she made some very bad decisions and overall I was annoyed with the characters.

    20. Barely escaped with my wits intact reading this. It's a steaming pile of cowdung. To read this cover to cover is masochistic.

    21. "Unrequited lust turns to HEA in a romance where amnesia is the catalyst for acknowledging intense feelings of love" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).

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