Smoke Bellew

Smoke Bellew Christopher Bellew is a success in the eyes of the world engaged with the San Francisco paper and penning stories daily but for no pay When Klondike fever strikes the region he sees his chance to br

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  • Title: Smoke Bellew
  • Author: Jack London Gastone Rossi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Christopher Bellew is a success in the eyes of the world, engaged with the San Francisco paper and penning stories daily but for no pay When Klondike fever strikes the region, he sees his chance to break from drudgery starting him on a journey that takes him over mountain passes and down swirling rapids, removing him forever from the world he knew and the man he was.Christopher Bellew is a success in the eyes of the world, engaged with the San Francisco paper and penning stories daily but for no pay When Klondike fever strikes the region, he sees his chance to break from drudgery starting him on a journey that takes him over mountain passes and down swirling rapids, removing him forever from the world he knew and the man he was Taking the name Smoke, he learns to thrive and flourish in the wilds of the frontier Smoke Bellew, first published in 1912, tells a tale as bracing and fast moving as an icy mountain stream.Includes The Taste of the Meat The Stampede to Squaw Creek Shorty Dreams The Man on the Other Bank The Race for Number One

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    1. Šią ir kitas mano apžvalgas galima rasti štai čia: knygoholike/2016/0Ar keistai nuskambės, jei pasakysiu, kad nuotykinė literatūra man nuobodi? Štai kad ir Jacko Londono "Smokas Belju". Keista, ar ne? Juk nuotykinė literatūra ir yra skirta nuoboduliui prablaškyti. O man nuobodu. Kaip ir Holivudo trileriai - tik šaudo ir gaudo. Taip ir čia - aiški schema, žinai, kad bus kažkokių nuotykių, įvykių, tragedijų. O man labiau patinka kapstytis po žmonių smegenis ir jausmus.Dėl [...]

    2. I didn't re-read Jack London for a long time, and when I did, last year, I had a surprise: one of my favorite pieces, and the one that is extremely popular and well-loved in Russia, Smoke Bellew is virtually unknown here. It is a later work, published in 1911-12, and Jack London himself called it a hack work, written for money. And yet, it is, I believe, great. I mean, I've read later London's novels that were over-blown, over-melodramatic and rather impossible. Smoke Bellew is none of those thi [...]

    3. This story brings you the transformation of an innocent kid working for a newspaper company, into a meat eating, full bearded man. Christopher (Smoke) Bellew, a newspaperman, embarks on a journey into the rough Alaskan wilderness, only planning to help out his relatives and be present for a few weeks. But this challenge brings in a new prospective of life, instead of writing about these times, live them. He chooses to stay in the Klondike himself and continue on this new found way of life. Life, [...]

    4. A very underrated and forgotten book, this was Jack London's best writing. Almost nobody has heard of it.

    5. Появилось желание побывать на Юконе за северным полярным кругом на золотых приисках ))

    6. A real book about what is man made of. Only Jack London's characters are capable to make you want to trade your life for theirs. I will always love this book.

    7. Reader beware - those who open this tale will find their days outside the novel filled with dreams of the Yukon, sled racing, and gold. I promise, you will never look at an egg the same again.Christopher "Kit" Bellew is a yuppy, lazy, jocular youth who inherited his wealth through a father of hard work and discipline. Pining away his days bored and restless in the city he is given the opportunity to help his cousins and uncle trek their way into the Alaskan Gold Rush. Each man requires a literal [...]

    8. I liked the "meta" idea of this book. On the beginning we see Christopher Bellew, who agreed to write a series of short stories for the newspaper in San Francisco. This job is boring, exhausting, and also unpaid. So our hero decides to "run away" to the North. And since Smoke Bellew is, in fact, a set of short stories, it appears that instead of writing, Chris/Smoke decided to live them.That part I liked. It was also educational to read about customs and conditions of Klondike back than. Some of [...]

    9. "Бельо Пушилката" - една невероятно написана книга от Джек Лондон! Много увлекателна история, с развиващи се действия в Аляска. Историите за Бельо и приятелят му, Малчо, биха разсмели читателя, на каквато и възраст да е!Историята започва, разказвайки как главният герой (нарич [...]

    10. This book is timeless! especially if you have spent much time in Alaska. It was easy for me to relate with the characters.l

    11. Christopher Bellew seems to have everything, But, hen Klondike fever strikes Christopher sees a chance to break away and starts on an incredible journey. Love this author and the great landscapes he takes readers through.

    12. This is the final book in my collection of Jack London short stories that I've been reading over the past 3 or 4 years. I also read Call of the Wild (but couldn't get through White Fang, which I remember as a favorite from my early teens--which is the age of the intended audience). These stores are wilderness classics, but also contain deep insights into what motivates people, mostly men, to live and struggle in harsh but pristine conditions. It's been very satisfying to read the Jack London cor [...]

    13. Jack London won me over again with this amusing book of adventures in Klondike during the Golden Rush. The impressions of London's life of a gold miner in the North are here assigned to a fellow called Kit "Smoke" Bellew, whose family excursion to northern wilderness made him grow some respect for living closer to nature, for which reason he decides to stay there and explore the true (non-urban) life, nature and himself. "Smoke Bellew" is a ballad to the brave rebels exploring their limits and s [...]

    14. Jack London is one of the great writers of the pre-WWI generation. His output was astounding, with over 400 non-fiction works alone. But, he is most famous for his adventure tales, many of which were set in the Klondike during the Gold Rush of '98. Classic short stories include "Call of the Wild", "To Build a Fire" and "In a Far Country". "Smoke Bellew" is one of lesser known novels of that period. It is rich and rewarding story-telling from a master of the genre. Smoke, aka Christopher and Kit, [...]

    15. I love Jack London. I love Alaska. Well, that makes sense being as I am Alaskan. I was impressed with the imagery that immediately called to mind my beloved home state. With that being said, I should get down to brass tacks.This story starts off with a newspaper writer in San Fransisco just as the Gold Rush to Alaska starts off. Our hero, Kit Bellew, is a soft, city boy who decides to travel to the Yukon in search of a real story and an adventure. Now, this starts off as a 3 week trip, just to t [...]

    16. Picked this up mainly because of the Jack London connections to Oakland and because it was a free Kindle download on . I'm very happy I did.I didn't initially know that it was a collection of short stories rather than a novel, so I thought my free edition was worth about what I paid for it, with lots of missing chapters. I forged on, though, and enjoyed it just the same.The main characters are very well developed and entertaining. The slang is very believable, at least for someone who has never [...]

    17. Dies ist eines meiner liebsten Abenteurergeschichten, die ich zur Freude und Abwechslung in drei Sprachen gelesen habe. Jack London muss man lassen, dass wenn er ein Land und seine Menschen beschrieb, er es schaffte genau das einzufangen, das diese Zeit und diesen Ort von all den anderen unterschied. Bei den Erzählungen aus der Zeit des Goldrauschs in Alaska hört man förmlich den Schnee unter den Schuhen knirschen und die Schlittenhunde bellen. Der erfinderische Smoke und sein fröhlicher Kum [...]

    18. I bought this book, at my father's suggestion, at a Jr. High book fair in the mid '50's. It was one of my favorite books and incidents described were well remembered, though I hadn't seen a copy in >50 years. I searched for a copy and bought this one. Each of the articles in the book were familiar, but the listing of the stories of Smoke and Shorty is substantially shorter than in my original copy. By all means get a copy, but get one with the longest list of stories (this is really an assemb [...]

    19. Когда человеку шестнадцать лет, приходит время принятия самостоятельных решений. Мнение родителей уже не имеет значения, если требуется проявить мужественный поступок. Почему бы не податься на Север, найти золото и не зажить припеваючи? Примерно так решил Смок Беллью, кот [...]

    20. This book is amazing! First time in my life such thing happened: I caught myself realizing that I am in my room, on my bed and not in (in this case) in a snow of Alaska. That happened few times while reading this book. I read a lot since I was a child. I get myself deep in to the book. But to actually have my mind drift away to the content of book so much that I catch myself being suprise that I am at home, in my bedat has never happened before. Read read and read this book!

    21. Superbe, une peinture du Klondike en pleine ruée vers l'or (1898-99). Une ode à la vie du "Wild", comme rite initiatique. La montée de la Chilkoot Pass, la ruée vers la rivière de la Squaw, la course de traineau d'un million de dollars, par un jeune plumitif qui a quitté Frisco et sa bohème littéraire, qui va endurcir sa viande, jusqu'à ce qu'elle devienne "filandreuse comme de la corde à fouet, âcre et tenace comme la morsure d'un serpent à sonnettes".

    22. არის ხოლმე ისეთი წუთები, როცა მეტისმეტად დაქანცულობის გამო, ადამიანი ივიწყებს ცივილიზაციის მონაპოვართ.ყოველი ნივთი იმდენი ღირს, რამდენიც შეიძლება აიღო მასში.თუ ქალი სულელი არ არის, ქარაფ [...]

    23. Rather than a novel, this book resembles several loosely interconnected short stories with the same main character. The descriptions of the freezing, snowy environment of the gold rush, as well as the hardships the characters have to overcome, are excellent, as are some dialogues; however, I could not shake the feeling that the overall plot could use some polishing and a stronger direction. 75 %

    24. First I found it weird that there is a gap between the stories and I don't know what happened then but I understood that the book is not a whole novel but collection of short stories (I didn't know before). Knowing that I think the stories are well collected together and it became one of my favorites so far! I want to read more from Jack London.

    25. I can't say any of my favourite Jack London stories were in this collection, but it is still a good cross section of the sorts of stories he tends to tell about the Klondike. Smoke and Shorty are great characters, and the depth of their friendship is enviable.

    26. Seems I rediscovered one my of biggest loves of my childhood. And unlike Karl May's works for example, Jack London's stories are still so full of life and amazing with all their details."Smoke Bellew" has always been a favourite of mine and it was awesome reading it in English for the frst time.

    27. This book is much funnier than any other Jack London that I remember reading. I read it while on a trip to Alaska which made it a very fitting and fun (if not particularly realistic) story about the Yukon gold rush.

    28. You can feel the cold, you can feel your fingers and toes growing numb, you can feel the sharp landscape take the last breath out of you, and what's best: you can feel the consequences, too. I loved it.

    29. Nors man labai patinka viskas, kas susij������ su ������iaure ir ������al������iais, bet ������i������ knyg������ reik������jo skaityti vaikyst������je. Arba Londono toks stilius arba ra������������ vaikams.

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