No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love Debt ridden author Nyomi must complete her book on Tokyo s underground sex industry in order to revive her stalled career But first she needs to get permission from Kenji head of the Japanese mafia

  • Title: No Ordinary Love
  • Author: Kenya Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Debt ridden author Nyomi must complete her book on Tokyo s underground sex industry in order to revive her stalled career But first, she needs to get permission from Kenji, head of the Japanese mafia who controls the red light district under his father s watchful eyes With one meeting, Kenji traps Nyomi in his gaze and locks her into a deal spend time with him during herDebt ridden author Nyomi must complete her book on Tokyo s underground sex industry in order to revive her stalled career But first, she needs to get permission from Kenji, head of the Japanese mafia who controls the red light district under his father s watchful eyes With one meeting, Kenji traps Nyomi in his gaze and locks her into a deal spend time with him during her three week stay, and she will earn the access she needs in order to make her book a best seller But Kenji s plans for Nyomi not only include allowing her a look around, but also a first hand taste of the kinds of things that go on behind closed doors And if Nyomi isn t careful, she just might find herself falling for Kenji, a man with many demons and a passion so dark, it could change everything you think you know about love.No Ordinary Love is a dark erotic romance from bestselling erotica author Kenya Wright.

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    1. This is going to be a somewhat difficult review for me. I enjoyed NO ORDINARY LOVE, but something kept me from loving it and I can't quite put my finger on what that is. The story is decently written, however there are some editing hiccups that were small and not overly distracting. Nyomi's and Kenji's characters were mostly fleshed out but there didn't seem to be enough story around them for me. Nyomi is young, she's only 21 years old, and at 16 wrote a best selling book that exposed her father [...]

    2. I would just like to rub it in that I got to read this book first MUAHAHAHA.LOL, but in all seriousness, I LOVED this book. Kenya's mind is so fucking twisted and dark. You won't be disappointed!! <3

    3. "I want you.” He raked his fingers through my damp curls. Adrenaline rushed through my veins like I was about to start a high-impact race. God, what had he done to me? This was wrong and dark, yet here I stood, getting turned on even more. He breathed me in and groaned. “I crave you bad, and not just sexually. I need more.” (Just one reason I love them) APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEW.I am in Love with a Kenji. aka DragonFirst let me say I am already a Kenya Wright Fan so this great read is not a s [...]

    4. Omg this book was hot throughout the whole story. This was a page turner till the end, if you haven't read it please do.

    5. As a Master Storyteller, Kenya Wright has proven time and time again that she has the "gift." Although this captivating tale of East meets West wasn't pitch perfect, I absolutely loved it. Because not only was it chock full of snappy dialogue, and pantymelting moments of sensuality, but it manages to draw the reader into an alternate universe where the world-building was absolutely incredible.Giving this one: 4 fantastic stars[image error]

    6. "You're a woman, one of the worst out there, because you're one that's hard to get out of my system. I can't sleep."This book was absolutely no ordinary book. it was extraordinary! The relationship between Kenji and Nyomi was all kinds of wrong but oh so right!This was my first book by this author, but it will not be my last. I've provided feedback in my status updates, but just to reiterate; Nyomi knew how bad Kenji AKA the Dragon was for her, but she just couldn't stay away. And Kenji needed N [...]

    7. First of all, I am a Kenya Wright fan, as of reading An Arrangement of Love. The book No Ordinary Love, I loved the title, but I can't say I agree with it. Kenji and Nyomi, were definitely lusting for each other, yet I never did see a connection between them that I would call love. The Dragon and Tora used their extreme sexual attraction and thirst for sex to help each other fight off their internal demons.The author gave us a backstage pass to the taboo underground sex industry in Japan. You de [...]

    8. Well worth the purchase If you like a good plot, plus well developed characters, and hot steamy sex scenes between an Asian man and an African American woman then this book is for you.I love reading Kenya Wright, her books always make me want another one. I like how alpha Kenji was and I like the fact Nyomi didn't back down from him just because he was a gangster.So please pick up this title.

    9. LOVE IT!!!KENJI!!!! Wow is all I have to say. These two are like fire together. It gets hotter and hotter. The banter between the two of them is comical. I love how they came to be. Both with the same issues coming together to heal what seems to be broken spirits. I hate it ended. A re-read for sure. I LOVED THIS STORY!

    10. Can I just say right now that THIS BOOK RIGHT HERE, No Ordinary Love, put 50 shades of Grey to absolute SHAME! like this would actually make a fantastic movie. the scenery, the backdrop is all just so gothic, and glamorous. The dark underbelly of the sex industry and the organized crime are the darkly gothic aspects, yet the courtship and the whole city in Japan was enviable, and glittery. (I want that damned diamond dress like what? give that to me right now thankyou) the story of Kenji and Nyo [...]

    11. I FUCKING LOVE THIS! I'm so glad I bought it.I read the entire book today as I just got it this morning. And I'm so satisfied. I love love love it. :3Kenji is so dreamyNyomi is so badass and hilariousI loved the comic relief moments in the book and I love all the intense stuff happening too. I'm glad it wasn't too much about sex because I read some romance novels where it seems like the only thing happening in the book (or books) would be sex scenes and after a while that gets boring, so I love [...]

    12. This was my first time reading a book by this author and I must say that I was pleasantly pleased. Nyomi is struggling to create another best-selling novel, so she goes to Tokoyo to sleep on her best friend Zo without the e cot, while she goes to the red-light district to research the underground sex industry. She didn't know that she needed the approval of Kenji, the underground boss. After a chance encounter with Kenji, she is deemed is Tora, and a dark love affair begins.The banter, dialogue [...]

    13. Here is the deal the book is good but something is missing. You know how you go to the store and get some lets say oreo's and you sit down and eat them and they are good but then you realize thatyou are missing something to make it even better AH the milk! yes this book lacked the milk in my opinion. I felt like the book was running on autopilot. Like the first half of the book I was excited because it was different from most books, and then I was even more excited thinking something dangerous w [...]

    14. I loved this book. I asked for a copy as I loved the synopsis and I wasn't disappointed. The story line was outstanding. Two cultures and two strong characters coming together, to over come pain and the darkness. There is humour within the story, but it is also quite Dark, just like I like it. There is passion and love, but I needed for detail. I wanted to be more in with the sex. You are in part, but for me I just wanted that little bit moreI'm greedy!!!, but this does not detract from a great [...]

    15. Let me start off by saying I love Kenya Wright. When I first saw the synopsis of the story I was truly excited. Nyomi and Kenji great together and had similar issues when it came to their father's love loss, which damaged them immensely. Where this fell a little short for me was that a lot of things was left unexplained. Zo being one, why did the press turn on Nyomi, her mother's craziness, and what made both father's the monster's they turned out to be. Each one of us is molded by our father an [...]

    16. Painfully mundane in the way of books written in first person; the pacing was infuriating. Completely illogical romance which could have been somewhat compensated for by a decent heroine had the chick not had SEW many issues that we had to explore in the book all at once. I mean, did she have to have ALL the problems in the world? And why did none of the self-loathing keep her fromyou know what? I can't. I'm still not sure whether or not the man actually turned into a dragon, which equals either [...]

    17. Dark Romance- BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBWhile I've read books by this author and loved them, this one is somewhat different. It gives a detailed account of the sex industry and the criminal underground of Tokyo. At the heart is the attraction of Nyomi, a free spirit and author; and Kenji aka "Dragon", heir to a criminal syndicate.I would describe this book as dark, erotic and informative about the Japanese culture. However, I found at times that too much of the story was focused on the culture, which [...]

    18. When this book finally became available, I did my happy dance while it downloaded. I literally spent the whole day reading it. It's dark, exciting, adventurous and is so visual, you can substitue yourself in the storyline. (I wouldn't recommend trying some of that at home though, kiddos. Unless handcuffs, and not the sexy kind, are on your bucket list). The mind of Kenya Wright is a beautifully twisted thing. I always eagerly await her next contribution to my very pricey e-book addiction.

    19. WHew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This book left me wanting soooo much more, but in a good way you know. I wanted more chapters, I wanted more of Zo and the epilogue to be longer and to see where they are in five years. I love this book and these characters! I mean it was PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!4I love the way that Kenya Wright talks about challenging and often very taboo ideas (you'll find out about that rope) in such a way that it is erotic and only further builds the story and the characters as opposed to those [...]

    20. I wanted to love this bookI really did.I think it was Nyomi's character that keep put me from it. She annoyed me, her inability to actually think about anyone out side of herself was annoying, because she needed that rush she put her overly cautious friend Zo in jeopardy. In some ways I understand and get why she was the way that she was but no. The plot was interesting enough and Kenji was great zo and Nyomi blah.

    21. Kenya Wright is an amazing author! Have I said that before? Whether you ultimately like the story or a character in the story you can never complain about the author's ability to write. That said my full review is coming up soon

    22. So good!!!I loved these types of stories. Dark and possessive males with dysfunction, paired with similar females. Although, Nyomi was naive to the point of almost being annoying, I was able to overlook it and enjoy the story.

    23. This book was awesome. Tora & dragon, I have no words. I love that they both were helping each other out. This is the first book were two main characters acted like a real couple. They both brought something to the relationship , that helps other become a better person.

    24. Dragon meets tigerThis is an erotic interracial romance with explosive chemistry between kindred spirits showcasing Tokyo. A Brooklyn author goes to Japan to research their sex industry for her next book. However, she captures the attention of the leader of the Japanese mafia. With opposing agendas allowances are made and their world explored. The push and pull makes for a stimulating read. I recommend it.

    25. Another banger!!I loved that kenya gave us a whole other country to explore and learn about in this book. Kenji and nyomi's story was a must read and does not disappoint.

    26. So I thought it was pretty good. I liked the characters and the plot was interesting, it wasn't super amazing but it was an entertaining and fascinating read. Being half Japanese I love when my culture is featured and told through the eyes of other people and I liked seeing the multicultural love since thats my background myself. I liked Kenji even though I'm not sure how 100% attracted I was to him he was a dynamic charachter and I liked his possessiveness (I know I know it's awful in real life [...]

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