The Abduction

The Abduction Gordon Korman offers another edge of your seat action adventure in a return to the trilogy format that sold than million copies of Island Everest and Dive It s every brother s worst fear As Aiden

  • Title: The Abduction
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780439847773
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gordon Korman offers another edge of your seat action adventure in a return to the trilogy format that sold than 1 million copies of Island, Everest, and Dive It s every brother s worst fear As Aiden and his sister Meg are walking home from school one day, a van pulls over and Meg is kidnapped There s no way for Aiden to stop it from happening He s the only witnesGordon Korman offers another edge of your seat action adventure in a return to the trilogy format that sold than 1 million copies of Island, Everest, and Dive It s every brother s worst fear As Aiden and his sister Meg are walking home from school one day, a van pulls over and Meg is kidnapped There s no way for Aiden to stop it from happening He s the only witness to his sister s disappearance.Why has Meg been kidnapped Is it for ransom As a vendetta against Meg and Aiden s parents Or is there an even bigger conspiracy at work While Meg fends off her kidnappers and plans an escape, Aiden must team up with the FBI to try to find her tracking down clues only a brother could recognize.

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    1. I read the Kidnapped series by Gordon Korman and, it was really good. The series is about a girl who gets kidnapped and, her brother tries to find her. The girl keeps trying to find ways to escape while, her brother goes through a lot of obstacles trying to find her. While the brother runs off trying to find her, their parents are worried sick so, they get the FBI involved. The brother hears about the FBI getting involved and, he doesn't like the idea of that because, he doesn't believe that the [...]

    2. This story let me down. I will admit, I picked this book up just to last the day until I checked out a longer book at the library. I was expecting to read a good book, it didn't have to be great, just satisfying. This wasn't exactly that.The book just felt disorganized and rushed. The characters were either far too intelligent for their age (Meg, the kidnapped girl) or far too dumb for their age (the kidnappers) then suddenly showed smarts and fighting talent in the last 20 pages or so.If I were [...]

    3. Aiden and Meg’s parents have just been released from jail, new evidence proving that they were framed and wrongfully convicted of aiding terrorists. Aiden just wants life to go back to normal, but everything has changed. When Meg is kidnapped, Aiden and his parents are forced to team up with the FBI agent who got them convicted in the first place, in order to find Meg before it’s too late. This is a fast-paced thriller that dips into Aiden’s, Meg’s, and the FBI agent’s points of view t [...]

    4. Rereading this to my kids. As with the first Falconer series, it's a high-tension quick read. The kids are clever and resourceful. I especially enjoyed the introduction of Richie, Aiden's best friend, whom he's having trouble relating to in his post-fugitive life. On to book two!

    5. Personal Response: I think this book was good because it was very realistic. This book could be shocking or scary for some people because an eleven year old girl was abducted. The book had lots of action in it which makes me want to keep reading. I also liked how they went back and forth from two different points in the book. It made it so you were always taking in new information.Recommendation: I would recommend this to anyone ninth grade and up because its a little more serious. Or people who [...]

    6. This book is about this girl who got kidnapped while going home with her brother . While they were walking a van pulled up and they snatched Meg ( the girl ) away from her brother but they were all wearing animal masks and they took her far away. Days later her brother is still searching and the kidnappers were sending her family that they wanted 2 million dollars . But then Meg realizes that her search was very far away. I would recommend this book to people who like mystery books.

    7. This book was about a girl her name is Meg . Meg and her brother Aiden where walking home from school.When hey where walking there way to there house a van pulls up and pulls Meg inside the van. Aiden started to run but he couldn't get closer to the van. Aiden never give up on his sister. I would recommend this book to the people who like drama.

    8. The book was about Meg being kidnapped and her brother,Aiden Never gave up to find her. This book was very sad and it seemed like it was really happening in real life. I would recommend this book to all the kids who have been kidnapped.

    9. Wow! Talk about an edge-of-your seat series! Book 1 starts the action off with a quick reflection on the lives of the Falconer family post-On The Run (apparently a preceding series also by Gordon Korman). Only a couple of minutes in, and the action is ON in trademark GK style. I've read the Dive, Everest, and Island trilogies, and this one is more in line with the action of Island, but with less disgusting crises, though still quite high in suspense. Meg is kidnapped early on in the story, and t [...]

    10. Gordon Korman’s Kidnapped Book Review Character Backgrounds: This is a mystery story that follows the lives of the four members of the Falconer family. The family consists of the mother; Louise Falconer, the father; John Falconer, and their two kids, Aidan who’s 15 years old and Meg who’s 11 years old. John and Louise Falconer were doctors until one day they were sentenced to life in prison because they were accused of helping foreign terrorists. The Falconer family was now extremely well [...]

    11. This book is the first of three, and I am excited to read the next three. I love books that always keep you wanting more and this one did exactly that. I especially loved the part when they tried to meet up with the kidnappers during the parade. You didn't know what was going to happen. One day Meg and Aiden were walking home from school and Meg got kidnapped. Their mom and dad were accused of being terrorists many years ago so they still had connections with the FBI and that helped a lot. The F [...]

    12. This is a book about how the falconer kids had to run away from killers and managed to survive. Meg falconer, was kidnapped with chloroform and her brother tried to stop them but couldn't when meg woke up she was in a van and she was making a daring escape but they got her she could not escape they brought her where they had plans for her but she was not going to stick around she made a staircase out of old bricks up to the widow where she could escape but she had to get passed her kidnappers fi [...]

    13. Kidnapped SeriesGordon KormanRealistic FictionPages: 137, 137, 139 (413 Total)Imagine yourself walking home from school today with your sister. Then, all of a sudden, a white van starts pulling up to you. Out jumps a person with a Spiderman mask, and he grabs your sister, knocks her out, and then takes her away. This is the case in Kidnapped, a book about two kids called the Falconers that are considered as traitors to everyone else, even after they're innocent. The brother, who is the main char [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book. It's about a girl and her brother who were walking home from school, and the girl got kidnapped. She was taken by 3 people to an abandoned building, where she was locked up in a room with only 1 window that was 12 feet off of the ground. She attempted to climb out, but failed. When her family finally received word from Megs kidnappers, they said they would give her back if they brought them 2 million dollars. You have to read the rest of the story to find out if they [...]

    15. This book is a really good book. I give it five stars. The book is follows up on Aiden and Meg falconer. One day they are walking home and all of a sudden a car pulls up and pulls Meg in. Aiden doesnt know why this happened but he is bound to find her. He teams up with the FBI to find his sister. Meg escapes but doesnt know where to go and to find out what happens you will just have to read it. It has alot of action and adventure and I have read the on the run series and it picks up here. This b [...]

    16. I think this book is really scary.And also mysterious why,because when someone gets kidnapped you don't know what do especially when its your sister.

    17. I think that this book is awesome.It has a lot of action.I would recommend you read this book because it has a lot of action.

    18. this book was very well writen and once i was done reading it i had to read the other two books to see what happened.

    19. This was a really fast paced and exciting book! It's about these two siblings, who have faced a terrible past as "criminals" but after they were proven innocent, are still finding troubles in their everyday lives. To make matters worse, the youngest sibling, Meg, gets kidnapped (hence the title) and her older brother has to try and find her. It's really interesting to read about how Meg survives and how her brother must try and save her. I would also recommend checking out the sequel to this boo [...]

    20. The book kidnapped by Gordon korman shows that this could happen to you. This book was mainly about a girl who was kidnapped by a boy for a very strange reason.I liked this book because near the end she could not do anything to save her life. I would recommend this book to luis because he would enjoy the little comedy.

    21. Aiden and his sister Meg are walking home from school one day when a van pulls up and the people inside take Meg and drive away! Aiden and his parents team up with the FBI to try and find Meg. Why do the kidnappers want her? What will they do to her? Read this book to find out!This is an awesome book! After I started this book, I couldn't stop!

    22. Audio book. A great book for mid-level readers. High energy, action packed story line will keep students interested. However - is this series a spin-off of another series? A LOT of the storyline referenced things that had happened to their family in the past.

    23. The Abduction is a thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seats. Throughout this book you feel anxious because you have no clue of what's going to happen next. Books like this are what i live for.

    24. The book was okay. It was definitely a quick read I read it in about 3 days. It was kind of slow at some points I got kind of confused but overall it was alright.

    25. Amazing series, great that Korman followed up with Meg and Aiden from On The Run. Another must read series from Korman!

    26. Great book for middle-school students, I love how Mr. Korman keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the story. I can't wait to read books 2 and 3!

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