Don't Ever Tell

Don t Ever Tell Dark Secrets With a new identity a new city to live in and a wonderful new husband Rachel Moore believes she s finally free of the demons in her past But nothing could be farther from the truth For

  • Title: Don't Ever Tell
  • Author: Brandon Massey
  • ISBN: 9780786019939
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Secrets With a new identity, a new city to live in, and a wonderful new husband, Rachel Moore believes she s finally free of the demons in her past But nothing could be farther from the truth For the deadly secrets she thought were long buried are now on the brink of being exposed Have A Way Someone has a vendetta against Rachel Someone whom she betrayed a long timDark Secrets With a new identity, a new city to live in, and a wonderful new husband, Rachel Moore believes she s finally free of the demons in her past But nothing could be farther from the truth For the deadly secrets she thought were long buried are now on the brink of being exposed Have A Way Someone has a vendetta against Rachel Someone whom she betrayed a long time ago Someone who is determined to make her pay no matter the costOf Coming Back With A VengeanceNow Rachel knows it s just a matter of time before her dangerous past meets up with her present and destroys everything she s worked so hard for Because if there s one thing that can be counted on her enemy never forgets or forgives and will do whatever it takes to see Rachel suffer

    One thought on “Don't Ever Tell”

    1. This is one of best books I've ever read by Brandon Massey. If you want a fast-pace, non-stop action, drama on top of drama read, then this is a must read for you. I highly recommend this book to my GR friends.

    2. This book has one real flaw. It is completely unbelievable that a woman would not tell her husband about a crazy ex that escaped from prison. Even when the story explains why she did this, it just does not hold up. She would have told everyone close to her everything, especially when she knew people near to her were in danger.That being said, this book is so well written, the suspense is so real, that it is worth reading anyway. Brandon Massey does a wonderful job weaving the various story lines [...]

    3. I honestly had some trouble getting through this book. There was more gratuitous violence than you might normally expect from a mystery/suspense novel and the characters were not as believable or likeable as they could have been. Nevertheless, there was enough action and suspense to propel the story forward and in the end, the good guys won. If violence doesn't bother you and you prefer a lot of action in a novel, you might enjoy this book. For me, it just wasn't quite what I was hoping it would [...]

    4. Great action packed book that really kept me interested. Reminded me of the novel by Nicholas Sparks, Safe Harbor.

    5. I did not like Rachel. I know she is a victim of domestic abuse, but I felt she was extremely selfish in her actions. She did not tell her family and friends about her ex husband, leaving them vulnerable and at his mercy. Don't get me wrong, Thad and Aunt Betty should have known better and been far more alert, but her people in Atlanta, were left hanging. They didn't have a snowball chance in hell. Her business partner should not have had to endure his brutality, she didn't know anything. And we [...]

    6. Dexter had to do some outlandish ish to have someone, having nightmares about himyears later. Leaving the prison with one person and one thing on his mind REVENGE! Rachel thought she was luckiest woman to be with a man so loving, a bit awkward to say the least, but he truly loved her. She learned the hard way, that going after guys for their looks was the wrong move. So meeting Joshua was like a breath of fresh air. Being happily married, in a new home, and owning her own business was only a dre [...]

    7. she married a abusive cop and escaped when he was arrested for something else. she ran away with his money and got married and started a new life and getting pregbut he escaped from prison. her new husband knows nothing of her life prior to himshe runs and doenst tell her husband where she is going. the x-cop tracks her down and destroys the house. the husb comes home, gets in a fight and ends up shooting the cop. but he didnt know the cop was wearing a vest and got awaythe husband figures out w [...]

    8. Brandon Massey's other stories have been supernatural. This one is not but it is still good. I do not usually like these kind of plots (Spoiler: running from exes stories like Sleeping with the Enemy or Enough) but this one is a black version, flows well and has a satisfying ending. I think Massey's spin on a common story line (Lifetime does it regularly) is unique and worthy of reading.

    9. Listening to this book was like watching one of those scary movies that make you want to scream “Don’t open that door, stupid, the killer’s out there.” The book started out well enough, but some of the actions seemed so ridiculous that I wanted to scream. Rachel Hall and her new husband, Joshua, live in Atlanta. She doesn’t bother to tell him that her first husband, Dexter, just escaped from prison, and that he is a highly decorated, former Chicago detective. She also fails to mention [...]

    10. Don’t Every Tell drops us into the seemingly ideal suburban life of Rachel and Joshua Moore. Newlyweds, Joshua quickly realizes his wife is an enigma. Rachel battles violent nightmares and fails to explain erratic behavior. Joshua finds himself questioning how he’d overlooked his wife’s need for passwords to her computer and cell phone. Her past is shrouded with vague explanations and a sudden turn of events forces Rachel to abruptly leave her husband. Left with only a letter providing lit [...]

    11. I'd heard of Brandon Massey before, but this is the first of his books I've picked up. It won't be the last!Basic Plot: Rachel Hall has a new identity, a new husband, and a new life. Life finally seems to be going in the right direction. And then the past catches up with her - with a vengeance! Her violent ex-husband is out of prison, and out for revengeYes, I know, as plots go, it seems pretty basic, but Massey takes this basic plot to a chilling new level. The characters are vividly drawn and [...]

    12. Just started this audio book today. A previous person stated it is like listening to a scary movie, and it is. It is really good so farG!!! the first audio book that I simply loved!!!! I really like Brandon Massey, this is my 2nd book by this author. This book kept me on the edge of my seat, it is soooo good. Rachel Hall was married to a bad cop who she gets away from because he ends up going to prison, she moves away, change her life and then the crazy husband gets out of jail and is on the hun [...]

    13. Brandon Massey just keeps me wanting more of his work. He really knows how to maintain the interest of his fans, and that continues to reveil itself in this title. My favorite work of his is "The Covenant", but this would have to be a close second. Since I live in Atlanta, Georgia, I love the way he incorporates actually locations that I have or can go visit. The characters seem like people I know and can easily relate to their actions. Go ahead and get this book, you won't be disappointed.

    14. My husband bought me this book on a whim, and because it's a paperback and easy to carry around, I read it right away. (despite the fact that I have about 10 unread books in line ahead of this one…) It was a nice beach read, compelling and not too over done. The one thing that bothered me was the ethnic slang awkwardly interjected throughout the book. I'm not accustomed to that and I found it out of place… All in all, it was an easy, enjoyable, quick read.

    15. This book was very very vivid, I did this on audio, and I could feel a tingle in my left ring finger when the character snapped it. The narrator, to me, was amazinge only problem was that there were about 80 chapters, which is ok it just sucks being reminded that you are on chapter 75, yet it is so suspensful you really only gripe for a millisecond.

    16. Mr. Massey is one of those authors who come with a built-in warrant for a good story. No matter what the subject, he knows his craft and turns it into a fascinating read. Though Don't Ever Tell follows a familiar scheme, it never fails to surprise you with the details, while tension is up to marking all the time. A very good read. Period.

    17. Nothing happens through the course of the book you couldn't guess once you were fifty pages in. Though sections of it were very well written, the story as a whole is a waste of time. His book "Within the Shadows" was much more engaging, and to be honest it covers a lot of the same ground because of the unhealthy relationship aspect.

    18. I was looking for a horror or thriller, so randomly picked this off the shelves at the library. didnt get too far in, i dunno it just annoyed me, the writing style maybe or who knows. this may be for some people, but not for me.

    19. This is my first book by the author and I was pleasantly surprised by the intrigue and suspense it had and the way things built up to a graphic conclusion. Definitely would read more of his work.

    20. I could only get through half of this book. Ugh! Way too unbelievable and very violent. And talk about domestic violenceally? Why would anyone write a book like this. Don't waste your time.

    21. Whew! This is a page turner from page one. I chewed my nails and sat on the edge of my seat! I would say more but it would be a spoiler and I don't like spoilers!

    22. This was a page turner from the very beginning. I loved it. It's my first time reading Brandon Massey's work but it won't be my last!

    23. I am already a fan of his. The only disappointment to me about this particular book was that it didn't have any supernatural elements to it like his other books. Overall as a thriller, it was good.

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