The Girl, The Dragon, And The Wild Magic: The Rhianna Chronicles

The Girl The Dragon And The Wild Magic The Rhianna Chronicles Rhianna and her wizard friend must defeat dark magic

  • Title: The Girl, The Dragon, And The Wild Magic: The Rhianna Chronicles
  • Author: Dave Luckett
  • ISBN: 9780606298926
  • Page: 307
  • Format: None
  • Rhianna and her wizard friend must defeat dark magic.

    One thought on “The Girl, The Dragon, And The Wild Magic: The Rhianna Chronicles”

    1. Wow I haven't seen hide nor tail of this book since I was eight! Cool to have stumbled upon it. Now, since I haven't read it since then this review will be very short as it will be based on a memory from a LONG time ago. I remember that, as an eight year old, I liked the story very much. I was going through a "girl who is friends with dragons" phase at the time( I had just started reading E. D. Baker's Frog Princess series). I will re-read it soon to give a better review.

    2. Hello. I believe that this is my second review ever on this site. I read this book awhile ago, well, maybe 6-7 years ago when I was still in elementary school. I don't clearly remember what happened so I decided to read it right now. I just sent in my UC app yesterday and I'm trying to enjoy the rest of my Thanksgiving break and trying to forget the USC app which is due next Wednesday if I'm applying for scholarship. I think this book will be a quick read so here it goes! If I feel like it, I sh [...]

    3. Rhianna can never do magic right. She fails the exams, her spells never work as she plans. It seems the town around her is failing as well, for magic is refusing to work the way it should. A wizard arrives, intending to set the magic right in the town. He discovers that Rhianna is a Wild Talent. She MUST learn to control her magic, or there will be dire consequences. Small things all around town continue to go wrong, and then a dragon arrives, intent on finding treasure. Will Rhianna be able to [...]

    4. Nice story about a girl who can't do magic the way her peers can. Things are always breaking and going wrong around her. That changes one day when a magician shows up at the school and tells Rhianna that she is actually one of the few magicians who can manipulate Wild Magic. Initially, the other citizens of her island are impressed, but when magic starts to go wrong, they are quick to blame Rhianna. When a dragon arrives on her small island, can Rhianna defeat the magical lizard and save her fam [...]

    5. i loved this little book it was so different than what i am use to it was refreshing to me it was so cute. it was about this girl who was different and treated poorly for being so but when they find out why she is different its a good thing and it ends up saving the town i love, love, loved it, i want to go and buy it so i can reread it whenever i feel like it. and i love the cover art its so just cute to me. i would recommend this book to anyone who thinks they are to different in the world, yo [...]

    6. This was a cute and fun book for a quick read. I loved the way the magic worked in this world, and the way Rhianna, the narrator, seemed truly childlike and innocent. I was also pleased with her ability to take control and master her own power by the end of the book, and the setup for a sequel (or a series!) generates interest instead of coming across as frustrating. All in all, I greatly enjoyed this and would recommend it for kids--or adults who just want a break from longer fantasy works!

    7. This is a very simple read and yet I enjoyed it a great deal. I read it aloud to my young children and they couldn't wait to get in bed to read another chapter. That might have to do with why I liked it so well. It isn't amazing writing by any means but the story is simple and fun. My boy liked it so well he named his lego wizard after one of the characters. This a great for a young audience.

    8. I read this book when I was in third grade, and it was one of those that I would hide under my desk and read when I finished work ahead of the class. Very good, well-written book with sequels if your child loves it. It is probably written at a fourth or fifth grade level, but it's good for reading out loud to children younger than that. I highly recommend.

    9. This was a fun, quick read with an interesting twist about magic. It emphasized how a different type of talent was not valued at school but how it could be controlled and bless the whole community. Greed was present and caught up to. I enjoyed it.

    10. My children loved these books. They have an exciting plot line that keep all the readers engaged. Some of the scary parts were a bit too scary for the younger reader. If your child has problems with nightmares, I'd have them wait til they were 7 or 8 before reading them.

    11. This book was so cool If I was little again I would make my parents read it to me every night before I went to sleep. That's how good this book is!!!

    12. just what's needed on a cold snowy night - a drop of light fantasy - here's hoping the second book reads as easy!

    13. I read this in 4th grade for a book report and I remember really liking it. The plot was really good and it made me want to sit down and read the book all the way through.

    14. Read with my 10 year old, who is a reluctant reader. We loved it. a bit harder to read aloud, lots of dependent and independent clauses.

    15. Great fantasy book for third grade and up. It is hard to find a fantasy for girls and this one is very good. I think boys would also like it, but the main character is a girl.

    16. This was a short story but it had a lot in it. It was well written and fun to read. I actually want to read more about Rhianna and her family.

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