Death Squad

Death Squad A bounty on his head the Executioner takes his war to a new front When Mafia pressure destroyed his family sniper Mack Bolan declared war on organized crime The Battle of Pittsfield left dozens of m

  • Title: Death Squad
  • Author: Don Pendleton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A bounty on his head, the Executioner takes his war to a new front When Mafia pressure destroyed his family, sniper Mack Bolan declared war on organized crime The Battle of Pittsfield left dozens of mobsters dead, but that was only the beginning Hunted by the police, the FBI, and every hood in America, Mack plans his next attack In Los Angeles he crashes a swinger s parA bounty on his head, the Executioner takes his war to a new front When Mafia pressure destroyed his family, sniper Mack Bolan declared war on organized crime The Battle of Pittsfield left dozens of mobsters dead, but that was only the beginning Hunted by the police, the FBI, and every hood in America, Mack plans his next attack In Los Angeles he crashes a swinger s party and finds his old army buddy George Zitka tied to a chair, being tortured by a few Mafia heavies Seconds later they are dead, and Mack and Zit are talking about getting the old gang back together It s time to form a death squad Bolan wants sharpshooters and scouts, demo experts and hard core killers ten soldiers forged in the fires of Vietnam With them he will escalate the war against the Mafia as the Death Squad lives up to its name.

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    1. So in this volume of the Executioner Mack Bolan recruits several of his Viet Nam buddies and they form a "death squad" to against the mafia. They do some damage, but without revealing too much here let's just say there's a reason Bolan works best alone.(view spoiler)[ I will reveal this. Only two members of the Death Squad survive. There's also a police officer that is sympathetic to Bolan's cause in this volume. Why is this important? Those three characters go on to form Able Team, who had a fa [...]

    2. A lot of people seem to prefer this novel to its predecessor, but I find this unfathomable. While Death Squad was an enjoyable read, it measured up poorly against War Against the Mafia. After the grit and realism of that first novel, its sequel often seems almost cartoonish. The biggest stumbling block to my enjoyment of Death Squad, however, is the speed and ease with which Bolan is able to assemble his squad of fellow Vietnam veterans. Every single ex-serviceman he contacts is eager to join hi [...]

    3. Mack on the run from the "Mafia" with a $1,000,000 (in 1970 dollars) price on his head puts together his own "team" and takes on the LA mobd sort of ticks off the police.Before I went in the army back in the early 70s I read several of these books. Being a shooter/gun enthusiast Pendelton's detailed account of the weapons used (something i'm sure drove some people away from the books) I found very interesting. Aside from that the stories were adrenaline charged violent thrill rides and that's al [...]

    4. i got hooked on this series back in the 80's I read all the way up to 100 or more then stoped.And now Im starting over. I liked it then and I like it know.A lot of action which I like in books.They tend to keep you on edge and you just don't want to put the book down you just want to what will happen next.

    5. Death Squad is even better than the series' opening salvo, War Against the Mafia. Suspenseful, action-packed, and meaningful in showing how a band of brothers answer a comrade's call to come together for a common cause. The story also shows the rootlessness and restlessness of Vietnam vets. I enjoyed the recruitment scenes when Mack Bolan is rounding up old friends and finding so many of them idling and dissipating. These men returned from 'Nam and failed to find a foothold in the world. Pendlet [...]

    6. The second book in the Executioner series is another very solid men's action success. The series, in fact, particularly the original 38 books, are among the best of the men's action books of the seventies. Vietnam-era sniper Mack Bolan finds that the loansharking machinations of the Mafia have obliterated his family with his father, having found that the sister had been forced to turn tricks to pay the debt, turned a gun on his family and himself. Bolan, allowed s sympathy reassignment to the St [...]

    7. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 3.75 of 5I continue to be surprised by this series. I had expected that each book in the Executioner series would be a unique story of Mack Bolan taking on the mob. It is, sort of, but it's also a much more sequential book, meaning it's very helpful to have read the first in the series to really pick up on what's going on.Mack Bolan is a Vietnam war hero. He's one of the best sniper's in the military. He is able to detach himself [...]

    8. Rock solid like BolanWouldn't call this one as good as its predecessor, but a solid hit all the same. This is where Bolan realizes he'll have to go it alone for his War Everlasting. This book also introduced the three characters that would become Able Team in the spinoff series, and so it's an important book for fans on that count alone.

    9. Death Squad is pure male fantasy testosterone action about revenge enacted against the mafia by a Vietnam War soldier in the early 1970s. A 3 star book based on the nonstop action and quick storytelling. Not an intellectual venture but entertaining nonetheless.

    10. I read about 50 of these. Typically from start to finish in one sesh. On more than one occasion I read two or more in a single day. Don't judge. We didn't have TV.

    11. "Ουλαμός θανάτου", εκδόσεις Άγκυρα.Αυτό είναι το δεύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς Ο Εκτελεστής, με ήρωα τον βετεράνο του Βιετνάμ Μακ Μπόλαν. Στο πρώτο βιβλίο, ο Μακ Μπόλαν πολέμησε μόνος του απέναντι στην τρομερή μαφία, μετά τα τραγικά γεγονότα που έπληξαν την οικογένειά του, στο δε [...]

    12. The chiseled complexion of Mack Bolan is what stamped out all the boilerplate action-adventure books from the 70's. It's all about men who drink hard and punch harder. Like all novels in the genre, it's based on the fiction that evil is something you can kill with a gun, and the biggest evil of all here is the Italian mob. Yeah, I don't get it either.The story is told entirely through the planning, execution, and resolution of gunfights. It's a shame that the action's pretty boring. Entire parag [...]

    13. I recently started reading the original The Executioner series again. I originally read these books back in high school in the early 80s, so reading them again has brought back a fond feeling of nostalgia.I liked Death Squad more than War Against the Mafia. I thought the story and writing were better and there was more action. I thought there were too many characters. In such a short book it's hard to make a personal connection to all of the characters. I think the final showdown lacked the emot [...]

    14. The Executioner #2: Death SquadIt is what it is. If you enjoy pulp series novels, then I think you'll like this book. The main character, Mack Bolan, is a war hero who comes home to find that the Mafia has killed his entire family. He then dedicates his life to killing as many Mafia members as possible. He does this, of course, outside the law. There was actually a surprise ending to this novel, not something that happens often in a book like this. If you enjoy pulp, if you enjoy a lot of violen [...]

    15. An excellent men's adventure series from the 60s, 70's and 80's. The first 38 books are outstanding but then the series is taken over by a bunch of new writers, writing under the name of the original creator and they take the series into a new direction I did not care for. The first 38 books are very recommended

    16. Wow! The next stage of a great saga. This one was assuredly different as it brought together a group of people to help in what is shaping up to be a never ending war against a group that the people in the story view as untouchable. This was a hard book to read due to its emotional content but if you made it through the first book and liked it then you will not be disappointed.

    17. Needed more Bolan and less of the other guys. Nice to go back though and read the first appearances of what was to become Able Team. All three characters are introduced here for the 1st time. Lyons, "Gadgets" and "Politician".My first book read on my Kobo.

    18. Pendleton is still developing the Executioner character in this, the second in the series. It is also early enough that the suspention of disbelief needed by the stastistical improbability of success is not too extreme. Enjoyable.

    19. Its been close to 40 years since I read The Executioner. Don't remember how many I read and didn't remember this one in any detail. But, what can I say is I still liked it, even after all this time. I may continue to read from this series from time to time.

    20. Solid read good 70s actionAnother solid book in the series. interesting group of characters. Simple and clean. Would make and interesting movie or RPG one off adventure

    21. As much I liked the first Executioner, I hated this one. Not sure I will read any more the series. Too drawn out and boring. Painful to finish.

    22. Not really my cup of tea as a series. I imagine others might like it much better. I like some fantasy elements or futuristic SF type elements in my reads.

    23. Mack Bolan puts together a team to continue his campaign against the mafia. Meanwhile the police put together a team to take down Bolan. Much chaos ensues.

    24. This one really disappointed me. It was the end, the end was awful. The story was fantastic until the last 10 pages. The end really stunk.

    25. Death Squad book 2One Lucky man. Give them He'll. I for one wouldn't want to make him upset, but like his style. Get um.

    26. This one came off a little messy with all of the tactical lingo, but made up for it with the appearance of Carl Lyons. I huess I never knew he appeared so early in Bolan's career

    27. This was a nice follow-up to "War on the Mafia" and introduces some of Mack Bolan's friends that he fought with in Vietnam. I won't say more in order to not reveal the ending. I enjoyed it.

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