Red Lanterns, Volume 6: Forged in Blood

Red Lanterns Volume Forged in Blood Following the war with Atrocitus and his renegade Red Lanters Guy Gardner finds himself in a Corps of one as he is one of the only remaining Red Lanterns With no direction Guy returns home to Earth

  • Title: Red Lanterns, Volume 6: Forged in Blood
  • Author: Charles Soule Landry Q. Walker Jim Calafiore Gabe Eltab Dezi Sienty Taylor Esposito
  • ISBN: 9781401254841
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the war with Atrocitus and his renegade Red Lanters, Guy Gardner finds himself in a Corps of one as he is one of the only remaining Red Lanterns With no direction, Guy returns home to Earth to deliver his own brand of justice But a new and almost unstoppable threat arrives as it s Sinestro, Green Lanterns and Guy Gardner vs the New Gods Collecting Red LanternsFollowing the war with Atrocitus and his renegade Red Lanters, Guy Gardner finds himself in a Corps of one as he is one of the only remaining Red Lanterns With no direction, Guy returns home to Earth to deliver his own brand of justice But a new and almost unstoppable threat arrives as it s Sinestro, Green Lanterns and Guy Gardner vs the New Gods Collecting Red Lanterns 35 40, Futures End

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    1. SPOILERSobablyI'm not sure what happened in the previous volume, because my library like to skip around and order randomlyarently.*eyeballs librarian*Anyway, as close as I can figure, a bunch of bad shit went down in volume 5, and it looks like (view spoiler)[almost every fucking Red Lantern (save a couple) are DEAD. (hide spoiler)]OMG! What the what?!I'm actually a little heartbrokenBUT. It seems like Gardner sorta has his life back on track, because it open him taking a beach vacation with his [...]

    2. Charles Soule’s pretty decent Red Lanterns run goes out limply with this sixth and final volume. Red Lantern Guy Gardner teams up with Green Lantern Simon Baz to battle the New Gods of Apokolips - ooo, exciting! - and then halfway through the book that storyline is abandoned. Oh… I guess it was part of a crossover event or tie-in and got completed elsewhere? Fuck’s sake, DC… Then Soule disappears and Landry Q. Walker takes over on a new storyline that begins in the middle! Why… Atrocit [...]

    3. Pretty weak volume. The only saving grace was the last story with Green Guy Gardner and Bleez. Charles Soule did a good job with this title. Landry Q. Walker needs some work.

    4. I'm going to get a stamp made up with all the reasons why DC are awful at collecting multi-series crossovers, so I don't have to repeat myself in every review. Suffice to say, the first three issues of this trade make 0 sense on their own, because they're part of the 18 (or so) part Godhead crossover, and yet there's no previously pages or help given as to what went on between the pages. So my actual review will be for the last four issues of the book.Charles Soule departed this title early as p [...]

    5. Pretty much for most of the Red Lantern stories, is either you don't care much for them or you just go where it takes you.This 6th volume collects issues #35-#40 and Red Lanterns: Future's End #1. If you followed the recently concluded GODHEAD arc of the Lantern storyline so far, then you would be happy to know what fate befell our hotheaded redneck Lantern, but if not then the first 3 issues in the trade would prove to be disorienting, not to mention, spoilerish.But like me, if you didn't mind [...]

    6. Green, Red, Blue It's like reading an episode of Rupaul's Drag Race where the girls had different colors of the pride flag. Yet that episode worked because I understood what was going on.

    7. Wow utter garbage.World: So the art is messy and not really good to look at. It's messy in a bad and lazy way. The world building is just a wrap up for the series. After the events of Atrocitus and also Godhead the series needed to end and so the stage was set for Guy to do his absorb thingzzz.Story: These last three issues are just bad, they are pointless and a mindless end to the series. It pretty much just wraps up his story and it's fine for the most part other than the fact that the story i [...]

    8. Everything Red Lanterns had going for it all changed when Gardener took the reigns. It was basically the Green Corps with Red Rings with him as leader.

    9. I'm definitely glad I read Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead first, as the three issues involved would have just made a really incoherent story. The rest of the book wrapped up okwith Larry Q. Walker takin all the hope Soule had at the end of Volume 5 and crushing it. Not a bad story, but inconsisten with what we've seen from Soule. Luckily, Soule writes the Future End installment, that the book ends on, and that is great. Exactly how the series needed to end.I really was not a fan of the Green La [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars. I've enjoyed the Red Lanterns title since the beginning. When the title switched over to being completely about Guy Gardner, I still thought it had a lot of punch to it. I'm glad I stayed with it.Unfortunately, the first couple stories here are linked with the whole "Godhead" storyline, and thus feel a bit disconnected. I have read most of that crossover though, and it seemed to fit well for me.The true gold of this Volume, and of the whole series in general is the last 2 issues. (spo [...]

    11. I'm not sure which I found more obnoxious - angsty Guy Gardner or hopeful Guy Gardner. He spends most of this volume as a kamikaze, trying to get himself killed because 'everyone around me dies.' Really? Sorry, but Guy Gardner was always too into himself to care about things like that. So seeing him mope for issues is just really out of character. I appreciate the use of Simon Baz to get him out of his funk, but so far as I can tell, it doesn't work (another problem with this collection is that [...]

    12. The only down side to this book is that is crosses over into the Green Lantern/New God God Head event. So you really enjoy the first half of this collected volume of the Red Lanterns series but it will leave you hanging for what happens in the rest of the event. Charles Soule continues to do a great job of building up Guy Gardner's importance to the Green Lantern mythos. Guy's hero's journey really shines here. I think what Charles has done with the character is really display the idea of the ti [...]

    13. Honestly the Future's End story is really cool.But the volume is really.Parts of Godhead with no resolution.Ramifications of last volume.Future's End.So you get no resolution from the main story, get tossed into the fallout of a past story and a one shot tie in. So it does not read well as a unit at all. Sighe I really like Guy and some of the things that he does here but since the GL group insists on massive tie-ins we can't get a Guy story that's just a Guy story.

    14. As with Sinestro Vol.2, I'd like to give this 4 stars (especially for Gardner fighting + teaming up with a baby and the Futures End tie-in that does the Blue Lanterns justice), but the Godhead tie-ins make for a clumsy addition to the book. DC, just let readers digest the complete Godhead event in its own book instead of forcing the individual chapters across separate titles!Anyway. Charles Soule was wonderful while he lasted.

    15. The artistry and the writing is still awesome; however, almost halfway through it the storyline just immediately took a right turn and changed to years after a certain section. I was slightly annoyed by it because the action was just starting to really ramp up and then it kind of just flatlined into a different storyline. I'm hoping where it stops in the first half of the block it picks up in the Green Lantern new guardians series.

    16. The first few issues are part of the Green Lantern God Head Crossover, which really works better if you read the entire event. The last few issues are interesting and is the concluding story arc for Red Lanterns. The overall battle of anger using anger is an important message that Guy Gardner grows as a character from experiencing. Overall an interesting read, the Futures End issue concludes the book and it's one of the better one shots from Futures End.

    17. Charles Soule may now be a Marvel writer but his best stuff has come from DC and his run on Red Lanterns has been one of the best series that DC had. Some awesome things going on here but it's sad to see him go. It's always good to explore more Corps that aren't necessarily the main Green Lantern ones as well.

    18. This was an odd book. The first part dealt with events from a line wide tie in and then the last part of the book made you feel like you missed out on a huge event that was mentioned but never shown in the book. I don't remember the "event" happening anywhere else but I could be wrong. Regardless it disrupted the flow of the trade. The last two issues gave a satisfactory ending to the series.

    19. Can we please, please, get a Soule penned Gardner book? No one has understood Guy this well since Beau Smith in the 90s.

    20. Sad to see this end, it was my favorite lantern book. If you're are a fan check it out way better then the green lantern titles also check out sinestro also a good read.

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