The Pendle Curse

The Pendle Curse Four hundred years ago ten convicted witches were hanged on Gallows Hill Now they are back for vengeance Laura Phillips s grief at her husband s sudden death shows no sign of passing Even sleep bring

  • Title: The Pendle Curse
  • Author: Catherine Cavendish
  • ISBN: 9781619225961
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Four hundred years ago, ten convicted witches were hanged on Gallows Hill Now they are back for vengeance.Laura Phillips s grief at her husband s sudden death shows no sign of passing Even sleep brings her no peace She experiences vivid, disturbing dreams of a dark, brooding hill,and a man somehow out of time who seems to know her She discovers that the place she has dFour hundred years ago, ten convicted witches were hanged on Gallows Hill Now they are back for vengeance.Laura Phillips s grief at her husband s sudden death shows no sign of passing Even sleep brings her no peace She experiences vivid, disturbing dreams of a dark, brooding hill,and a man somehow out of time who seems to know her She discovers that the place she has dreamed about exists Pendle Hill And she knows she must go there.But as soon as she arrives, the dream becomes a nightmare She is caught up in a webof witchcraft and evil and a curse that will not die.

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    1. The Pendle Curse is a great novel, both elegant and nasty at the same time. It's mean! I loved it! Filled with incredible detail, both in character and setting. There's two main stories going on in this one and the way the author brought it all together wowed me and caught me off guard. I love it when a book can do that. There's no way not to get fully absorbed by the author's writing and the characters within the pages. Whether you're into witches, scary stories or simply wonderful story tellin [...]

    2. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/The Pendle Curse is one of the best witch stories I’ve ever read. The book reaches back to the original notion of witches, brewing up potions, grabbing herbs and giving others the evil eye. Unlike modern stories of witchcraft, it stays true to some elements of the older witch-related mythology, and by doing so, it instantly gained a few stars for me. Forget about witches like the ones in Charmed or The Witches of East End – here we [...]

    3. REVIEW: THE PENDLE CURSE by Catherine CavendishCatherine Cavendish remains one of those rare authors who consistently manage the first-person narrative wisely and well. In this story, a young widow, bereaved suddenly and unexpectedly by an aneurysm felling her husband (no notice, and not anyone to blame) finds herself inextricably and inexplicably drawn into a brutal historical occurrence, whose gory strands and obsessed spirits extend into her present with damaging consequences.

    4. Those damn witches! What a great, gothic read spanning two different periods of time flawlessly. I'm now a fan for life!

    5. Disclosure: I purchased the book “The Pendle Curse” from . I don’t know the author personally. Neither the author nor the publisher has requested this review. The comments that follow are my own personal and honest opinion. I received NO compensated of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.I bought this book as part of my personal attempt to update my familiarity with horror in general and read the new authors in that genre. I have been an avid reader, but of only the older est [...]

    6. Disclaimer: while I recently met Catherine online because we both have the same publisher, I swear that my review is 100% truthful. I was honestly thrilled by how much I loved her book.The Pendle Curse surprised me. I thought everything that had to be said about witches was said a long time ago, but Cavendish proved me wrong. This book grabbed me from its opening pages, and its hold on me only got stronger the more I read. I could see many influences in this novel, from Rosemary's Baby to Stephe [...]

    7. Fresh off her superb Saving Grace Devine, Catherine Cavendish gives us another fine supernatural tale set in the British Isles. Laura Phillips has just lost her husband and sets out to research a story hundreds of years old, the trial and execution of the Pendle witches. The witches’ story and Laura’s quest play out in parallel, each story captivating from the start, both leading to a splendid ending.The excellent settings are crisp with detail. Catherine also excels in characterization, and [...]

    8. Another great piece from Catherine Cavendish. The Pendle Curse does a great job going back and forth from Laura' s plight in modern times to the times of the Pendle witches. James and Alizon Device were fantastic characters and I was completely caught up in there odd but intriguing world. While I felt for Laura and her pain of moving on after the loss of her husband, the Device's days were the sections that had me enthralled. Cavendish offers something wonderful each time out! I give The Pendle [...]

    9. [Note: I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher via NetGalley for review.]I’m kind of on the fence regarding Catherine Cavendish’s The Pendle Curse. This is not by any means a bad book, but it was a little too staid, a little too cozy, for my tastes.The story is told between two narrators, Laura, who exists in the present-day, and James, a witch in the 1600s era of Pendle Hill. Laura has recently lost her husband and is haunted by him, both literally and emotionally. Needing [...]

    10. Laura Phillips seeks an escape from her grief-stricken life and goes looking to explore a mystery in the village of Pendle Hill, a mystery right out of her dreams. She’s fascinated by the local history of the Pendle witches, but when the lines between the past and present begin to blur, she finds herself caught up in terror and revenge.The Pendle Curse by Catherine Cavendish is a great example of really fine, well crafted story telling. This novel is suspenseful, clever and gripping. The myste [...]

    11. One thing you can always say about Catherine Cavendish's books is that those twists she throws in are pretty wicked. In more ways than one.This time around, we're given a love that crosses boundaries, witches who aretually, I don't really know how to categorize them. Sure, they did some not-so-great things, but what was done to them was pretty awful, too. Like, really awful. It was the lies that got to me. That they were offered hope with one hand only to have their jailers snatch it away with t [...]

    12. A good if not great ghost/family curse novelFor a full review, please go to examiner/review/the-pe and follow me on Twitter @josenher

    13. It's been a very long while since I've read a book about witches, especially real witches (apart from the witches who are usually in shifter books you know what I mean!) The Pendle Curse by Catherine Cavendish turned out to be quite the pageturner!Our main character is Laura, and you can't help but feel for this woman. Her husband died six months prior, and she is still lost in the bubble of grief. She doesn't eat well, sleep well, she doesn't go out very much. Her life has revolved around sadne [...]

    14. The Pendle Curse written by Catherine Cavendish is a novel about a woman, Laura, who is so grief stricken by the sudden death of her husband that even sleep doesn’t bring her any peace. Her nights are haunted by dark dreams of a man who seems to know her. Finding out that the place she has been dreaming about actually exists, Laura sets out to go to Pendle Hill only to have her dreams become a nightmare where she’s caught up in a curse of evil and witchcraft. As she spends more time in Pendl [...]

    15. The Pendle Witches were accused by a child in England, condemned and hung, in a case that preceded and informed the more famous Salem witch trials in the United States. Now their history breathes again through Catherin Cavendish’s novel, the Pendle Curse.An enjoyable blend of well-researched and grittily authentic history, traditional horror with a female protagonist’s slow road into danger, and psychological mystery-romance, The Pendle Curse is peopled with convincing characters and set in [...]

    16. Absolutely compelling Hands up. I am a big fan of the kind of horror Catherine Cavendish serves up in spades. A rich blend of good old spine tingling horror usually served in a historical sauce but with a dash of the present day sprinkled in. The Pendle Witches are well documented. We know their stories, how it happened and the awful ends that befell them. What Catherine Cavendish does so successfully is transport us to that time to try and get to the real story of people who played with fire in [...]

    17. If you like well-developed characters, creepy settings and unexpected twists, then this book is for you. The story effortlessly weaves past and present together, alternating between the modern day tale of Laura, a young widow still grieving the death of her husband, and the events leading up to the infamous Pendle witch trials of the 17th century. But it is in the past that the author truly works her magic, managing to bring James Device and his ill-fated family back to life in a (surprisingly) [...]

    18. Catherine Cavendish is back with perhaps one of her finest books. This one involves not only ghosts but mainly revolves around witches. As usual, Ms Cavendish's prose is straight to the point and concise, bringing the atmospheric scenes easily into the reader's imagination. The story intertwines contemporary day Laura, who is mourning her beloved husband's death, and a seventeenth century witches' coven. I particularly enjoyed the latter which covers at least half the book and, this time, the au [...]

    19. Settle in and read. This is amazing! Witches,time travel, old souls, romance, historyd great writing bring THE PENDLE CURSE to the top of my most recommended list of books. Catherine Cavendish really nailed this one. The characters were well drawn and all different. I have to admit that I'm a sucker for good time travel stories. Well, she really sucked me in!Don't delay, especially if you're looking for a good story about witches,I was given an advance copy of the e-book by the publisher in exch [...]

    20. In The Pendle Curse, a coven of witches hanged 400 years ago refuse to stay dead. With amazing clarity, Catherine Cavendish transports the readers back in time to witness the witch trials of Pendle Hill. This tale is filled with excellent character development, and scenes so expertly painted you will feel and smell the English countryside right in your home.If you’re looking for great supernatural story where history and fiction merge into a seamless tale then this is a must read.

    21. A good, hearty witchy stew to get your teeth into!The male characters James and Martin are positively intriguing!Highly recommended

    22. Catherine Cavendish has succeeded in bringing the full magnitude of fear and dread that everyday people of the early seventeenth century must have had around the threat of witchcraft into the minds of the modern day reader. I wasn't just gripped, I was spellbound, bewitched and possessed by this book. Laura Phillips, grieving over the death of her husband is haunted by vivid dreams where she is taken to a place that she does not recognise. Unable to shake free of these dreams when she is awake, [...]

    23. The Pendle Curse is jam-packed with scares, surprises, and a wide-ranging, time-spanning plot. It's almost two books in one: there's a historical witch tale set during the 1600's and a modern day ghost story, both very effective. At times, Ms. Cavendish's moody writing reminded me of Shirley Jackson's classical ghost tale, The Haunting of Hill House, with her ability to raise the hackles on the back of your neck. And there's a whopper of a shocker at the end of chapter two that I won't spoil for [...]

    24. My first introduction to Catherine Cavendish was a great one. Her style of writing is beautifully sinister, like a dark and stormy night under a warm blanket. This story flowed eloquently between the past and the present which isn't always an easy thing to do. A realistic witch story that gave a seriousness to the dark magic practiced and acknowledges the spirit world that we should be thankful we can't see. Her writings can haunt me anytime.

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