Li Ch Ing-Chao, Complete Poems

Li Ch Ing Chao Complete Poems Written during the final years of the Sung Dynasty with its political intrigues and collapse in the face of the Tatar invasions her poems reveal an imaginative freshness sensuous imagery and satir

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Written during the final years of the Sung Dynasty, with its political intrigues and collapse in the face of the Tatar invasions, her poems reveal an imaginative freshness, sensuous imagery, and satirical spirit often at odds with the decadent Confucian code of the day.

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  1. I had to read this for World Lit. I'm not really a fan of poems, but I actually really liked this. Also, a girl in my class is an exchange stident from China so she read the poems in their original Chinese, which was really neat. There are exactly five Chinese characters per line. Coolish. ALSO the author is a woman which is cool because there were almost no women writers at the time and yet she actually became a very popular poet.

  2. Some lovely, evocative writing full of yearning, sorrow, hopelessness, remorse. Enjoyed it, except for the political poems.

  3. Li Ch'ing-chao (1084-c1151, who lived late in the Sung Dynasty) is considered China's greatest women's poet. her poetry is both strong and delicately rendered: "I hear that Spring at Two Rivers/ Is still beautiful./ I had hoped to take a boat there,/ But I know so fragile a vessel/ Won't bear such a weight of sorrow." i've been rereading it in the wake of the second book of Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven trilogy, River of Stars, which portrays her life as the Sung Dynasty begins to fall apart.

  4. very good! Li is one of the greatest poetessess in China. And this translated collection of her poems is so readable and charming that my friends and I are happily enjoying them. They are so Great!

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