Bad Blood

Bad Blood A killer without a master A monster without a leash Xavier X Blood is a contract killer Cold calculating devoid of feeling He knows the best way to drive the life from another human beings eyes but

  • Title: Bad Blood
  • Author: Amity Cross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A killer without a master.A monster without a leash.Xavier X Blood is a contract killer Cold, calculating, devoid of feeling.He knows the best way to drive the life from another human beings eyes, but what he doesn t bargain on is wanting to save a life he s meant to take.Mercy Reid was good at running from her demons That was until she met X and her life was thrown inA killer without a master.A monster without a leash.Xavier X Blood is a contract killer Cold, calculating, devoid of feeling.He knows the best way to drive the life from another human beings eyes, but what he doesn t bargain on is wanting to save a life he s meant to take.Mercy Reid was good at running from her demons That was until she met X and her life was thrown into chaos.Mercy finally has him on her side and in her bed, but it s at a cost far greater than she could ve anticipated.On the run, they must learn to trust one another beyond their burgeoning love if they want to get through the coming chaos Revenge, truth, liesheartache.nity All of it threatening to drive them apart.Mercy will do whatever it takes to avenge the horror that Sykes put her through Anything Even if she has to drown the last of her soul in the bad blood that threatens to destroy the last thing she holds dearest in her heart.X.

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    1. This was an amazing continuation of Royal Blood!Xavier and Mercy will finally get their revenge on Sykes but the road towards it is extremely rocky! Darkness lurks everywhere and especially inside our characters.Mercy will have to learn how to fight, how to be strong; how to kill. Xavier is deliciously dark, his character changing only towards Mercy. I love their relationship and the hold she has on him. Their chemistry is explosive and I loved the air of danger that dominated the book.Simply am [...]

    2. So let’s be honest. I wasn’t sure if I could come back to book two of this series. Book one left me with so many questions that it was bordering on frustrating rather than intriguing. I’m so glad I took the plunge back into the world of Mercy and X. This book is everything I hoped it would be AND more!Picking right up where Royal Blood left off, X and Mercy are in hiding. This book is fast paced, brutal and pivotal. I had nothing tangible or relatable from book one but this book turns that [...]

    3. X he's seeing different things when he's with his woman you know like how a normal life could be, "I lounged in the armchair by the open fireplace, watching Mercy move around in the kitchen. Watching her cook was very… domestic." He still has a massive hard on for his womanbpersonally I don't think that's ever going to change, "Just thinking about it made my balls begin to ache. Since all I could think about was effing Mercy's a**, it had obviously had the desired effect." Mercy is learning th [...]

    4. This is book two in the Royal Blood Series. Make sure you read book one Royal Blood before reading this one. X and Mercys story continues. They are on the run. Mercy wants revenge for the murder of her family. X is fighting his demons. X is a badass alpha. I love how Mercy is getting stronger throughout these stories. Really great dark and gritty story. This is action packed with romance and mystery. I couldn't help but read this in one sitting. I was literally glued to it. Loved it.

    5. You know that hair raising wormy feeling you get on the back of your neck when you think someone is watching you, or how your heart skips a few beats when you know you're being followed? The next shuddering breath you take could be your last. I'm a ghost, a living breathing shadow, a figment of your imagination and if you're one of the unlucky few to have seen my face.let just say you won't be around long enough tell the tale.Mercy Reid was my one failed missions, my perpetual weakness a contrac [...]

    6. I just finished Bad Blood and I really liked it. This is a follow up from Royal Blood so this must be read in order to be able to get the full impact of the story with the characters. This story is about X (Xavier Blood) and Mercy Reid. Mercy wants revenge for the deaths of her family and she will get it at no cost. Sykes is a bad man. This was botched in Royal Blood and now Sykes no who she is and wants her dead. It was X's responsibility to deliver Mercy but since they found each other, it was [...]

    7. 4.5 stars After a little confusion at the start because I couldn't seem to recall this series being set in England, I quickly got into this story. This book starts off with Mercy still wanting to seek revenge against her family's murderer, Sykes and with the help of X she finally has a chance to avenge their deaths, but the majority of the story leaves us wondering whether she can finally go through with it.X is still struggling to come to terms with who he is and what we ultimately have is a [...]

    8. Mercy and X finally had a chance. Escaping. Plotting, scheming revenge. But a what cost? Everything comes with a price. That price is life and death.For X, he’s slowly remembering his past. Did he have a family? Has he ever loved? Flashes of his targets. Crossed out. X marks the spot.So many nightmares plaque him, putting Mercy in his line of fire. She has hope and faith in him though so she’s not letting go.Extracting Intel on their target is key. No failing allowed. Past meets present and [...]

    9. I've been waiting to see how Amity Cross planned to continue X and Mercy's story. At the end of Royal Blood, they are on the run, vowing the revenge that Mercy desperately needs in order to move forward with her life. But that promise comes with a number of repercussions, most of which could get them both killed. Bad Blood is broken up into two parts; part one focuses on training, regrouping, fracturing, and transforming. Both Mercy and X are adjusting to their new connection and close quarters, [...]

    10. I am not saying this to warn you off, in fact I hope you dig right in because you will be missing something that I can only describe as extraordinary if you don’t but it would be remise of me not to say what I am about to – Please if you do not like a story that is dark and unforgiving then do yourself a favour – secure your sleep and heed the authors warning because as magnificent as Bad Blood is it is not for the faint hearted, it will take you to places that other books steer well away [...]

    11. mysecretromancebookreviewsJust like in the previous book I am going to warn you. If you do not like dark reads, skip this book. If you do not like disturbing situations, then skip this book. If you are looking for rainbows, unicorns and sunshine, then skip this book cause there isn’t one damn rainbow, unicorn or glimpse of sunshine in Bad Blood. If you need sweet romance, keep on moving because Bad Blood is anything but.We pick up where Royal Blood left off, with X and Mercy leaving to get awa [...]

    12. ~*~ Obsessed by books arc given in exchange for an honest review. ~*~"She wanted revenge. I wanted her. I'd shaped her in my own image at her behest. A monster and his apprentice."And oh boy is Mercy a fast learner! Picking straight up from where we were left dangling at the end of book one, Mercy and X are on the run. Unleashed from his ties to Royal Blood, his new master is unaware of the power she holds over him. Using his skills and talents X teaches Mercy to become detached, efficient and h [...]

    13. Amity hits it right in the sweet spot once again. I have to say that her darker books just do it for me.In book one I fell in love with Mercy and X, they rode off into the darkness together and something new was created. A quest for revenge.Mercy and X set out on their revenge mission to find Sykes. X teaches her how to be a killer, to switch off her emotions and she teaches him how to slowly switch his back on.We meet some new players in this story Vaughn who gives me the absolute willies is on [...]

    14. I loved how we started right where we ended with Royal Blood #1, Mercy and X escaping for their lives.Where I felt in book one that I did not get all that was X, #2 does not disappoint, we get more history and definitely more of what makes these two characters tick. Mercy is still on her mission and X is helping prepare her and of course we are involved in some very intense, erotic and forceful sex scenes.What I found during this read was both characters in their ways are being healed by each ot [...]

    15. Bad Blood = Good Stuff!!It is no secret that I am a huge Amity Cross fan. She writes such gritty, messed up characters, I can't get enough! Blood, sweat, sex, revenge and more blood. In this second book of the series, Mercy is preparing to avenge her families brutal murders.Mercy, who is still "blindly in lust with this dangerous man," blew me away in this book. She took her bad@ss up a few notches. Although she is timid until under pressure, X trains her to be even stronger than she was. And X [...]

    16. This book is a roller coasterX and Mercy's story is just as unstable and intense as the man himself.t that their situation is better.The tension keeps building until you think you won't be able to take it anymore.The two of them have a plan, kill Sykes, and we follow them as they put everything in place.Here we meet another important character, Vaughn. A pretty interesting and gruesome story.I loved it and can't wait for more!

    17. Wholly ship batman! The story continues with the sexy alpha X and as the story thickens so does the sexy and emotions! I can't get enough and my brain is on overload! Mercy has fallen in love with X but hasn't said the words, she thinks he should see and feel it within the emotions that she gives him! Can X fall in love with her or is he just a protective man that is just trying to find his way! Yay Amity I can't get enough!

    18. Royal Blood, Bad Blood, & Blood RitesAmity Cross 5 Stars – are there more? Because if there are nail them all here. WARNING: These are stories about pain and retribution. Some do not have a happy ending. There is strong language, brutal sex scenes and extreme violence. It is not intended for those of a delicate and prudish disposition. The Royal Blood Series is a dark and dangerous place. You have been warned. If you do NOT like graphic descriptions do NOT read this book and certainly don [...]

    19. This book didn't let me down! What a great series, looking forward the reading the third installment of it. My only complaint is that I was expecting a more fast paced read which is why it has 4.5 stars from me instead of 5.

    20. redhat ladyBook 2 was great. I loved how Mercy got her revenge. How X was training her to become like him. I was exciting. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

    21. A killer without a master.A monster without a leash.Xavier "X" Blood is a contract killer. Cold, calculating, devoid of feeling.He knows the best way to drive the life from another human beings eyes, but what he doesn't bargain on is wanting to save a life he's meant to take.Mercy Reid was good at running from her demons. That was until she met X and her life was thrown into chaos.Mercy finally has him on her sided in her bed, but it's at a cost far greater than she could've anticipated.On the r [...]

    22. *Gifted for an honest review – 5 starsWhoa…cked full to the gunnels of action and adrenalin, this read is nothing short of mind blowing. Amity weaves a sordid, twisted tale of murder and love in her second instalment of Royal Blood. If you weren’t convinced with the first then this one will change your mind for sure!“Straight and True.”And this little quote holds from beginning to end with Mercy and X. Bad Blood is something else, there’s such a mix of things in here from streets blo [...]

    23. Bad blood is book 2 in the "Royal Blood" series. You need to read Royal Blood (book 1) before reading Bad Blood as the book is a continuation. After reading book 1 we know that Mercy is hell bent on getting revenge for her family's death. X was set a job to capture and deliver Mercy, however X and Mercy ended up falling hard for each other and X couldn't keep to his contract even though it was really hard for him to choose between Mercy and his job. This decision by X leaves him struggling throu [...]

    24. This is the second book in this series and it picks up where book one ended.Our X, stud alpha male that he is, has taken his woman Mercy and run off to find out who has decided to try and take him out as well as his angel. He doesn't want to believe his best friend is involved, but it starts looking more and more like he did have something to do with the attempted murder of X.Mercy is still determined to kill the man who killed her family and X has promised to help her with that. She knows that [...]

    25. I am calling this the modern day erotic Bonnie and Clyde. If you are looking for a little crazy and a whole lot of sexy, this is your book and your series.“You blew up a building for me,” she murmured through a heavy breath. I suspected she was somewhat out of her mind from her orgasm, but I supposed she was right. Some men gave their women flowers and jewelry. I laid the bodies of her enemies at her feet like a f*cked up wreath of roses. I guess that was my way of saying 'I love you'.It's h [...]

    26. “X was the manliest man I ever knew.”Oh and what a man he is! Talk about your alpha, anti-hero, bad boy book boyfriend!! This man has it all and I want him. I need to find a way to bring this man to life, truly. Xavier Blood is a killing machine, trained to do the job, forget about it and move on to the next one. That was until Alison Crawford became his mark. Now X is beginning to remember things, things he isn’t supposed to. This has put him on the wrong side of his MC, the Royal Bloods. [...]

    27. Our plan waswe had no planAm I the only one that has the Bad Blood song playing in my head on repeat? "Baby we got Bad Blood" and "Band-aides don't fix bullet holes." Rut Roh! Bad Blood picks right up where Royal Blood left off, in the middle of a shit storm. X and Mercy are on the run with Sykes & Royal Blood MC after them. They truly have become "A monster and his apprentice." She is determined to get revenge and he has promised to help her. Will his bad rub off on her, or will her good ru [...]

    28. DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain: spoilers, quotes, rants, cussing (sometimes I cannot help myself) and a possible full on recap. I in no way want to ruin anyone’s book reading experience so please read my words with caution.29 year old Xavier "X" Blood is a killer. A monster. A man with no soul. He was contracted to hunt down a woman who attempted to kill a rival MC's President. In the meantime he got caught up on 23 year old Mercy Reid. She [...]

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