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  1. The author Tepai Pascual is a graduate of Fine Arts in UP Diliman. Maktan 1521 was her thesis required prior to her graduation. UP or University of the Philippines is one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. So, for Tepai Pascual to graduate from her course, she had to make sure that her work, this book, would pass the scrutiny of her thesis adviser and the panelists during her defense. What I am trying to say is that Tepai Pascual really did her research on the life of Lapu- [...]

  2. Summer Komikon 2012 specialI just attended my second straight Summer Komikon and it was a blast. For the second year in a row it was held at the relatively swanky Bayanihan Center located in a big pharmaceutical firm’s compound. Any time the rest rooms have bidets in the water closets, that place qualifies as swanky.Summer Komikon has definitely grown from its humble roots. A key indicator was attendance since there were more people this year than the last. The Center was a great place to hold [...]

  3. Maktan 1521 in National Bookstore? Why not?!Tepai Pascual's cinematic art style in Maktan 1521, though heavily influenced by anime is commendable. The aesthetic details and colorful costume designs contrasted with mostly dark toned panels are perfect for the bloodbath fight scenes and stealth stories. Tepai Pascual's panels are undeniably great to look at. She is truly an artist.That is where the problem starts. Although admittedly her fine arts undergraduate degree thesis, it is perfectly under [...]

  4. Tinalakay ng librong ito ang leyenda ng kauna-unahang bayaning Pilipino na si Lapu-Lapu. Medyo naengganyo ako basahin kasi nung dumalo ako nung Komikon X nung Nobyembre ng 2014, parang napag-usapan ito ng mga tao doon. Alangan lang ako kasi yung pabalat eh estilong manga ng mga Hapones, may kalakihan ang mata at hindi natural ang buhok; para sa isang akdang pumapaksa sa isang makasaysayang pakikipagsapalaran ay mukhang hindi masyadong angkop ang ganitong estilo. Ilang pahina pa lamang nadismaya [...]

  5. Nakuha ko ito noong panayam namin kay Eros Atalia. Ayos kako at ipinahiram ng kaibigan ko ang tinipong bersyon na inilimbag ng Visprint. Kagaya ng pagtaya ko sa bersyong iyon dismayado din ako dito. Sa aking palagay mas mabuti na walang kulay ang gawa niya dahil nga estilong manga ang mapapansin dito; isa pa dun sa limbag ng Visprint sobrang dilim dahil nilunod ng kulay ang bawat pahina. Binigyang pansin din ang kwento ng anak (na hindi ko maalala ang ngalan dahil magkakamukha silang lahat) ng p [...]

  6. Historical fiction komiks tungkol sa labanan ng mga katutubong Pilipino sa pamumuno ni Lapu-Lapu, at ng mga Kastila sa pamumuno ni Magellan. Ikinuwento ang naratibo sa perspektiba ng mga katutubo, sa halip na sa pananaw ng mga Kastila na siyang madalas mangyari sa pagkukwento ng kasaysayan.

  7. First thing's first, see the art style was brilliant! It really was. It reminds me a lot of Frank Miller's 300 with the whole cinematic format and all that. The colors itself seem to be mirroring the said graphic novel. I'd say, Tepai Pascual was probably inspired a lot by the aforementioned Frank Miller title. Now, I first encountered this book at Komikon 2015 if I'm not mistaken. Yes, it's quite a bit late, really. Never the less, it caught my eye then and got me interested of what story it wo [...]

  8. Maktan. Ang aking bayan.Ang islang sapilitang inaangkin ng mga dayuhan.Ang islang may nag-iisang Lapu-lapu.Ang aming Datu.Ang aking ama. The author might have declared that this work is considered a historical fiction, she gave justice to our Sugbu ancestors by bringing their culture and lifestyle into the limelight. She broke the convention of reiterating the events from Fernando Magallanes' travels, and focused rather on the people of our land.This work reinforces my belief that the Chief of M [...]

  9. It is nice to see a graphic novel about the very first Filipino hero (that we all know about). There are so few stories about the brave datu of Maktan and how he slay the first ranked Spaniard that set foot on our soil.I just find some of the scenes lacking in action but all in all, a good read on a Sunday afternoon.

  10. More than the story, one thing that separates comic books/graphic novels from a novel is the graphics, drawing, coloring, etc. I didn't like the colors and the drawings. It was dark and unrefined at some parts. The colors weren't vibrant or stunning.

  11. OMG! This is the best local noir comics I have seen so far!!! I fell in love with the noir art ang linis!!! So pulido!!!and the story SOBRANG GANDA, NAKAKABITIN!!! This is a story every filipino can relate because this is about our history our story

  12. 4 stars! Easily would've been 5 stars if the art were clearer. It's a pity that most of the panels are so dark because there are some really cool character designs and awesome panels. Still, this is an interesting read and a fast refresher on the Battle of Mactan.

  13. Teps and Maiks are like coffee and cream: perfect combination. Dark and gritty and will hold you hostage til the last page.

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