Dying To Sell (Realtor, #1)

Dying To Sell Realtor Estate agent Kate Doyle knew divorce was messy but she didn t expect it to be bloody Kate agrees to sell the home of old friends who re locked in bitter wrangling and manages to keep the peace long

  • Title: Dying To Sell (Realtor, #1)
  • Author: Maggie Sefton
  • ISBN: 9781594143106
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Estate agent Kate Doyle knew divorce was messy, but she didn t expect it to be bloody Kate agrees to sell the home of old friends who re locked in bitter wrangling, and manages to keep the peace long enough to get signatures on contracts But celebration turns to horror when she finds the husband brutally murdered.

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    1. This was a very easy book to read. I enjoyed it and read it very quickly in a couple of days. The local librarian referred to it as a "cozy" mystery.

    2. I picked up this book because I have been reading the knitting mysteries by the same author. I enjoyed this book and would like to read more with these characters if this series continues.

    3. A silly, light romp that follows the formulaic of foolish woman snoop who ends up in a tight place. At least, there isn't a man rescuing her! Toss in a little light romance and this was a good palate cleanser for some heavy reading.

    4. Dying to Sell is a superficial mystery. The protagonist jumps from one suspect to another in her quest to prove her best friend's innocence. The characters are mere cut outs -even Sam the dog who, incidentally,saves the day at the end.

    5. Readers, Allow me to introduce you to a new (for me,) characterKate Doyle. Kate is a Divorcee, Mother of two daughters, who is now enjoying her freedom and second career as a Real Estate Broker.Kate, to her sadness, is asked by close friends, who are now going through a painful divorce, to sell their Ft. Collin's, Co. home. When Kate goes by to pick up signed papers, allowing her to place the house on the market, she is terrified to find the husband murdered.Knowing the Chief Detective, Kate see [...]

    6. This may be the only book in this series since the author seems to be focusing on a knitting cozy series. My husband is a real estate broker so I was interested to see how this book would compare to what I see him do on a daily basis. Kate Doyle is a relatively new real estate agent (they call her a broker but that may be a Colorado term because it doesn't mean the same thing in Texas) after getting a divorce 3 years prior and needing a new career. One of her friends is getting a divorce (and it [...]

    7. I have read Maggie Sefton's knitting serieslove it. This is the first book in her real estate serieslove this one, too. I got right into the characters and the story right off. She does a great job setting the scene and the theme and introducing characters right off without overwhelming the reader flipping back and forth to try and remember who is who or why they are at a certain locationn't wait to read the rest of the series!

    8. I thought the writing was good, not great, so was intrigued to have trouble putting this one down. Follow our coffee-fueled, self-starving realtor as she charges ahead against common sense and ignoring the signals that a man will interest her, that would be obvious to anyone who has read more than a romance or two.

    9. A quick easy read.Kate Doyle, a real estate agent, comes back to revisit a client only to find him dead; murdered, in fact.She turns her hand to sleuthing when her friend, the soon to be ex-wife of the deceased, becomes the prime suspect.Another dead body, a narrow escape and a little romance make up a typical Sefton novel.

    10. As with the knitting series, the characters are well-developed, the story line carries you along, and Sefton gets you hooked - you want to know who did it and when the mystery is solved, I at least wasn't expecting that person. Good read, I like the character of Kate and look forward to the next in this series!

    11. The first in a new series by Maggie Sefton, real estate agent Kate Doyle knew divorce could be messy but she didn't expect to find her client dead before the open house. A few twists and turns, real estate developers cheating and lying and Kate is wondering if a big commission will be enough to make all the trouble worthwhile.

    12. Actually I quite enjoyed this book as something light and yet interesting was exactly what I needed. I liked Kate and she did not have a need for coffee as much as Kelly in Maggie Sefton's knitting series. A fun, quick read.

    13. It was an okay book. I can see why the author has not given us a 2nd installment. The chemistry between the characters was ho-hum. NOT a bad book, but not a great book either.

    14. Interesting plot - Not the best I've ever read but a good read to help escape the realness of your own life.

    15. I picked up this book because I'm reading the author's knitting series. It was a fun read but not extraordinary.

    16. Dying to Sell was a decent fluff mystery. Amateur detective/ real estate agent solves the crime! There were several red herrings, multiple suspects were plausible. Enjoyable, quick read.

    17. It's like watching a made-for-TV mystery movie. Entertaining, but not a literary masterpiece (or even close). It was fun.

    18. Enjoyed this. I've enjoyed all of her knitting mysteries and this had many of the same enjoyable elements.

    19. Great mystery murder story with a nosy main character who helps solve the crime. Really enjoyed it.I didn't guess who did it and that doesn't happen very often! Definitely worth a read.

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