Meowy Christmas

Meowy Christmas It s Franklin s first Christmas with his new family and he is excited to see a present under the tree with his name on it He panics when he sees that it s from Mom and Dad and realizes he didn t get t

  • Title: Meowy Christmas
  • Author: Gregory E. Bray
  • ISBN: 9781502747129
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s Franklin s first Christmas with his new family and he is excited to see a present under the tree with his name on it He panics when he sees that it s from Mom and Dad and realizes he didn t get them anything With his friend Charley s insight, Franklin discovers Christmas is about much than presents.

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    1. My son (8) and I reviewed this book for Mother Daughter and Son Book Reviews. You can check out our full reviews thereN SAYS: This book is about a cat named Franklin and it’s the day before Christmas. He’s walking by the Christmas tree and he sees a present with his name on it and realizes that he didn’t get a present for his Mom and Dad. Then he goes outside to ask his friend Charlie what he gets for his parents for Christmas. Charlie says that he doesn’t give them presents and he appre [...]

    2. Meowy Christmas is a beautifully illustrated book with fantastic humor throughout which my 6 year old loved!! He simply loved the adorable Cat character Franklin. A lovely story with a good meaning behind it. Will certainly be reading the book again once Christmas arrives! I recommend this book to children ages 3 to 10 years of age.

    3. A delightful story in the spirit of Christmas with a very apt message.This will certainly appeal to children, with Franklin the cat ( a rescue cat ) and his first christmas with his new family. He finds a present under the tree and suddenly worries that he does not have a gift to give back to his owners (apart from mice and fur balls - yuck!)The message shows children that love and gratitude are presents enough for owners or parents a like (for kids), and it highlights that the spirit of christm [...]

    4. This is an adorable little book that teaches children the meaning of christmas in a fresh new way. Told from the perspective of a newly adopted pet cat, this story is sure to hold the attention of any young child. I enjoyed the illustrations. They were simple and straight to the point! I always pre-screen books before sharing them with my young children, and I'm looking forward to reading this one to them tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure it's one we'll be reading more than once!And by the way, the t [...]

    5. I bought Meowy Christmas for my one-year-old daughter as an early Christmas present. She sat still as I read the whole book (rare these days) and loved the pictures of Franklin the cat. The story is about a thoughtful cat who tries to figure out what to get his parents for Christmas. The author uses playful language that will keep kids interested, and there's also a sweet message at the end about the true meaning of Christmas. And, of course, I love the title. I give Meowy Christmas five stars a [...]

    6. A wonderful storyWith sweet illustrations your child will enjoy, Meowy Christmas is a delightful tale about Franklin, a cat, and his first Christmas with his new forever family. A reminder, it's not the giving of a gift which is the important part but the joy which counts at this special time of the year. A recommended read

    7. I noticed this after picking up the author's first book. Another well written story by Gregory. This time about cat's first Christmas with his new family. He learns that Christmas is about more than gifts.

    8. Franklin the cat is just too cute! Poor thing doesn't understand what to do when he sees his first ever Christmas present. Soon he finds there is more to giving than a box of goodies. A very cute story with a great message. I wish I could get my kitty to wear a Santa hat!

    9. Children and cat lovers alikeChildren and cat lovers will appreciate this adorable children's book. I really enjoyed the words, illustrations and message. Highly recommended. Reading this one to my grandchildren!

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book with my granddaughter. I really thought the part where he asked the dog for advice truly hilarious. Because we all know that Cat's rule and Dog's drool. LOL

    11. A sweet picture book about a cat who decides that being with those we love at Christmas is more important than gifts. My son and his family (who have 2 cats and 2 dogs) especially enjoyed it.

    12. Another great book from the brother sister duo of Gregory E Bray and Holly J Bray-Cook. This book follows Franklin (a cat) as he tried to figure out what to get his "parents" for Christmas.

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