Born of Treasure

Born of Treasure Clark used to be a miner until he drank from a vial he swore was absinthe but was actually an invention to give him the ability to raise the dead Now Clark seeks to fulfill his father s wishes to kee

  • Title: Born of Treasure
  • Author: Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
  • ISBN: 9781620076996
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clark used to be a miner, until he drank from a vial he swore was absinthe but was actually an invention to give him the ability to raise the dead Now Clark seeks to fulfill his father s wishes to keep other inventions away from Senator Horan His beloved Amethyst is along for the ride Deceit, drama, romance, the insidious underbellies of gangs How can she not be invoClark used to be a miner, until he drank from a vial he swore was absinthe but was actually an invention to give him the ability to raise the dead Now Clark seeks to fulfill his father s wishes to keep other inventions away from Senator Horan His beloved Amethyst is along for the ride Deceit, drama, romance, the insidious underbellies of gangs How can she not be involved Clark can t hide behind the Treasure name forever and the army still wants him for his secret abilities If Captain Greenwood can t snare Clark, then he ll use the Treasures as collateral Saving his father s inventions will just have to wait, especially now that theTreasures have been kicked off their ranch and driven into exile Clark knows how to survive on the run, but that s not the fate the Treasures deserve He can surrender to the army or fight for his freedom, but Amethyst has other plans for fixing their troubles.She s come across another one of the vials that gave Clark his abilities, and it looks mighty tasty.

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    1. A great continuation of a steampunk adventure tale with a paranormal twist. Action-packed, enjoyable and engaging!

    2. 4.5★sClark and Amethyst were travelling together, following the instructions of Clark’s dead father Eric to discover the hidden inventions which Senator Horan wanted. Clark needed to find them first, to keep them from Horan’s clutches. Clark had drunk from a vial of liquid which he’d mistakenly thought was absinthe. But it was one of his (then unknown) father’s inventions and now he could see the dead as well as bring dead people back to life. Clark had had trouble coming to terms with [...]

    3. Mehreen Ahmed's reviewsOn one level, Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth is about gangs, romance, intrigue, deceit and horrendous politics with the horrible Horans. Yet on another level, it is a book about inventions and Clark's manifestations into becoming someone he is not. With abilities derived following the accidental event of drinking from a vial, this above mentioned mixture gives the story a composite of creative recapitulations, which now must be reversed in order to be protected from [...]

    4. I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewAnd the story has ended. I've got to admit, this paranormal, odd technology kinda latched on to me. A different kind of world, different circumstances, yet a whole new perspective on reading. Bravo to Jordan! Seriously the author did a well job in introducing her historical, paranormal, spunky series.I'll miss Clark and Am's adventures.

    5. They were a team of outlaws, a ghost, and a girl with powers. They should’ve been unstoppable. This is the second instalment of the Treasure Chronicles. The hunt for Eric's, Clark's late father, inventions is still on. But captain Greenwood is closer than ever on Clark's heels, and more determined this time to capture him to be handed over to to the government and be experimented on.The action kept most of the plot going and it was quite exciting though there was big chunk of romance that I th [...]

    6. BOOK REVIEW PER KMJ BOOK REVEALSHey ya'll,So I just finished reading this heart-pounding novel called, Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth and I was taken on the most intense adventure of my entire life.Can I just say wow?! I loved this novel. Everyone is on the hunt for the man who took the magical absinthe that allows people to bring the dead back to life. This is the second installment of the Treasure Chronicles and it has most definitely lived up to my high expectations despite one of my fa [...]

    7. I was contacted by Jordan Mierek and offered a complimentary copy of this novel – the sequel to the breath taking Treasure, Darkly – in exchange for an honest review. It’s not often that I can say the second installment in a series truly lives up to the potential of its predecessor, but in this case I most certainly can, and with gusto. I was afraid, with this second novel, that one of the two elements I loved so much in the first – Mierek’s astonishingly elegant grasp of both steampun [...]

    8. Was given a copy for an honest review.After reading Treasure Darkly I couldn't wait to start reading this book. I HAD to know what happened!! AFter learning Clark's secret and why he was so attracted to what he thought was his half sister, Amethyst the plot thickens The entire Treasure family has been drawn into the plot and what the Govt has been up to and he is being led by his real father. from beyond the grave. I wont say more because I do not want to be a spoiler.Jordan Elizabeth continues [...]

    9. It is quite challenging to write a sequel which is just as good, if not better, than the previous instalment. Not for Jordan Mierek, as the story remains fresh and exciting, with new surprises to look out for. Still steampunk, still romance and western all the way.While I feel that the second instalment in the series could be a bit longer, the resolution is certainly satisfying. The author chose the right moment to say goodbye to this story and its characters.Do not miss all the marvellous thing [...]

    10. An action packed sequel to Treasure, Darkly! The author Jordan Elizabeth steps up the pace in this steampunk western. The Treasure Family are on the run from an evil Senator and the Army, who's bound and determined to get their hands on Clark. If you've read the blurb, then you know Clark drank a substance which gives him special powers to see and raise the dead.Clark and his precocious wife, Amethyst take the reader on a wild ride, which will have you quickly swiping or turning the pages. There [...]

    11. Just as good as the firstFun twists and turns. I am looking forward to seeing what Amethyst will do next and how Clark will handle it. I won't spoil things but there are a lot of things in book two that should be interesting to see played out in book three. I can recommend. Gbash

    12. After rushing through book one and having a good time with the western-paranormal- steampunk world, plot and characters, I was eager for book two. When I read book one, I had no idea that it was a duology. I was thinking it would be a longer series and maybe it will, but the particular story arc in book one was concluded by book two in a most satisfactory way.This is part two to the story begun in book one and thus, its not one that can standalone or be read out of order.The story picks up from [...]

    13. I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was looking forward to reading this one. This was a fantastic continuation of the story started in the first book; I really enjoyed it. There is a ton of wonderful western steampunk action. This book wraps up the story started in the first book, but is sounds like there may be more adventures in the future for Clark and Amethyst.Clark and Amethyst are traveling the countryside [...]

    14. After reading the first book in this series, I had high expectations of what was to come. Fun characters, tons of action and steam-gear fantasy which leaves one dreaming for days--yep, this is what I hoped for, and I wasn't disappointed.Clark and Amethyst are a couple to fall in love with. They have a wonderful bond which is, of course, romantic (a little), but mostly fun. Their personalities are like grease and water, so different and not seeming to co-exist. But they do. Marvelously. And it's [...]

    15. 4.5*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.Garth Treasure has claimed Clark as his bastard son in order to protect him, but Clark knows who his real father is. Ever since he stole a vial of what he thought was absinthe from an Army officer and drank it, he’s been able to see the dead. Not just see though, he can bring the recently deceased back. Clark hates this ability, but even worse, the Army is after him for the abilities he stole. His true father has app [...]

    16. Jordan Elizabeth proves herself to be a great storyteller, in her newest steampunk novel, Born of Treasure; the second book in the Treasure Chronicles series. Clark and Amethyst continue to travel in book two across the West, steampunk style, with the sole purpose of stealing back Clark’s father’s inventions. Army Captain Greenwood, though, is determined to capture Clark. The Captain exposes, his evil narcissistic side to the world when he sets a trap to ensnare Clark by imprisoning an innoc [...]

    17. I received this book for my honest review.In this book, we are continuing the adventure of Clark and Amethyst. They are still hunting for Clark's father's inventions. That is until Captain Greenwood finds out about where Clark and staying and plans a trap using the Treasures. Clark does his best to protect Amethyst and the Treasures, but ends up following Mr. Treasure instead of going with his gut, and things get crazy from there. Amethyst has to find a way to save her new husband and her family [...]

    18. The Mad And The DeadThis series must be read in order. The first book is Treasure, Darkly. This short story is set between book one and two but can be read any time after book one. The second book is Born Of Treasure. I can't wait to read Runners And Riders!Clark is on the run from the military due to his ingestion of something he thought was Absinthe. Turns out it was a super secret serum, that, when combined with Heretum, allowed its imbiber to see ghosts and bring the newly dead back to life [...]

    19. This was an interesting read about a steampunk world where the government has run amuck and the Treasure family who are good people have been targeted and are running for their lives during part of the story. Clark and Amethyst are so cute together and I loved watching their relationship grow. There were so many twists and turns in this book and the ending was sweet. I don't think it is finished though. Some things were resolved, but others were up in the air so I hope to be able to find out wha [...]

    20. I was given this book for free to do a honest review. This is the second book in the series and it didn't disappoint me. Clark and Amethyst is still trying to retrieve Eric's inventions when they are summoned back for a party unbeknownst to them and their family that it is a sit-up by the Army. When Amethyst finds herself in Senator Heron's home she finds the same stuff that Clark took and decides to take it herself so Eric can help her find Clark. So you know Eric is a ghost. You will find your [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review.What a fantastic, adventure filled follow on from Treasure Darkly. I thoroughly enjoyed being taken along on the journey with these great characters. They are all richly developed and unique from each other bringing real colour to this story. Amethyst I simply adore. What a strong, brave and unstoppable woman she has grown to be since we first met her. I highly recommend the Treasure series for a great adventurous read.

    22. i received a free copy in eschange for an honest review.i really enjoyed this book as much as the first. another great cover too. thanks to the author for writing such a good have also added a new genre to those i love.i hope i find more steam punk novels. to those that enjoy this book look into the publisher they have lots of good authors like Jordan. lastly and support her she does good work.

    23. 4.25-4.5 stars.Let me start off by saying that I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. That being said, this story definitely had it's twists and turns. I really liked Amethyst a lot better in this story as compared to the first. She has been through adventures and trials and has come out better for it. There is also the underlying theme of knowing who to trust (sometimes it's better to trust your own instincts). There are several old characters as well as new. You even g [...]

    24. Another great story by Jordan! I loved this one, probably more than the first book in this series and can't wait to get to book 3. The only question I have is in relation to how Garth became a senator. Was the president that far out of the loop that he really had no idea what was going on? I mean when Garth had the meeting with him, the president didn't even want to hear what he had to say, yet, they were or had been supposedly really good friends. Other than that, Jordan did a great job writing [...]

    25. 5 StarsAnother great addition to the series! This book had way more action than the last and it was very entertaining from beginning to end. Amethyst has grown so much in this book and it was a nice change for her. Clark is swoon worthy as usual and the other members of the Treasure family came along for the adventure this time around. Amethyst and Clark both have the same abilities though Amethyst has embraced hers more. There was a happy ending and I can't wait to read the next book to see wha [...]

    26. I can't say enough about this series! I absolutely love it. This book, Born of Treasure was every bit as awesome as the first book and I am waiting anxiously for more from this talented author. Steampunk and the old west come together to offer a wonderful story that kept me glued to my kindle until I finished. Dear Author, Please write faster!

    27. ***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review***This is a great and exciting second instalment in the Treasure Chronicles!This is the continuation of Clark's story starting kind of where we left off in the last book. Clark is still trying to find his dead father's dangerous inventions with the help of said father's ghost. However, the army still wants to use Clark as a test subject because he drunk the tonic that enables him to see ghost [...]

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