Rise of the Alliance

Rise of the Alliance Episode A new ally providing aid An old ally joining the fight Their resources growing with each passing day Their homeworld finally on the road to recovery Things finally seem to be coming together

  • Title: Rise of the Alliance
  • Author: Ryk Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Episode 12A new ally providing aid An old ally joining the fight Their resources growing with each passing day Their homeworld finally on the road to recovery Things finally seem to be coming together for Captain Scott and the Alliance, as he takes his forces on the offensive However, the Jung may in turn give him trouble than he bargained for.

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    1. This is book twelve in the frontier Saga series. It is best to read this series in order.At the end of the last book, the Aurora and the Celestia were battling the Jung Battle Platform when the Corinairi Falcons arrived to help. Earth is saved but in terrible shape. The Ghatazhak are needed to keep law and order on the planet.The ships need to be fixed up and resupplied. Captain Nathan Scott wants to take the battle to the Jung but the Jung still are after the Earth. Nathan suspects he has a Jun [...]

    2. This book is entertaining. Some characters are pretty cool.But I'm tired of hamstrung phrases like "each and every" and "one and only" etc. And "mumbles" really gets overused. Everyone "mumbles" in this series. Battleship commanders, doctors, politicians. They don't mutter or murmur or remark. It would be better if they just "said" stuff. And the bad guys pull off more and more crap and then quickly die. No emotionally satisfying death scene, with confession or begging for their life. No arrests [...]

    3. Last time we left our heroes, they were just defeating a Jung War Platform of immense size. If it wasn’t for the last minute showing of the Corinairi supplied Falcons from the Pentaurus Cluster that battle would certainly have been lost. But they did show in the nick of time and the Alliance won the day! Earth is saved for now. But, since Earth has already been occupied and ravaged by the Jung twice, there’s not much to cheer about. The Jung used nuclear weapons in many, many places on Earth [...]

    4. What a ride!I thought this series might be getting a little long in the tooth, Nothing doing! What a rip snorting wild ride!!! Buy this book!!!

    5. Rise of the Alliance(The Frontiers Saga, #12). The series has been a fun summer romp. Brown begins to examine what life is like on Earth after the battles in space. Democracy falls apart. Life on the streets is kill or be killed. The Ghatazhak are needed to keep law and order and impose it in a despotic way. Nathan Scot's leadership is challenged when captains who have ridden out the war in deep freeze are defrosted. Brown uses this to examine concepts around the chain of command and authority. [...]

    6. Many threads start to come togetherA few new players, while many of the storylines threads begin to come together. A lot of detail to the science and action. I wish there were drawings of the spaceships and the battle station. While the word picture has a lot of detail a real image would be fun to see. This story is beginning to seem a little like the serials at a Saturday matinee. Still each 'book'is self contained. That being said something will be lost if they were read out of order.

    7. Good use of KKVThe KKV is my favorite piece of machinery, and I wish they used it more. Also, these guys go through navigators like candy. I've never read about more dead navigators. They must wear red shirts. I'm ready for the earth to win this war. I've grown weary of the Jung. Also, Telles is now my favrorite character. He's like a ninja Yoda.

    8. Shifting objectives fighting onConsolidating resources and coordinating assets the battle for and above the Earth continues. Our heroes grow and develop, pushing the limits of their technology, rushing towards climax. Read this series!

    9. Outstanding space thriller The Frontiers Saga continues to be an epic space military adventure. Episode 12 builds on the earlier episodes with some twists and turns along the way. It's a fantastic adventure.

    10. I have a weakness for space opera. The battles were a little repetitive but I look forward to more. This one was especially battle heavy. Need more exploration.

    11. Another great book in the series. Very action packed. my only complaint would be that the narrative jumps around too quickly between characters.

    12. These Episodes Just Keep Getting Better!I’ve binged through 12 books/episodes and am eagerly consuming them. This is a terrific space opera. I can’t wait for the next.

    13. This is undoubtedly a very good book but…they, bloody hell, shot up the Aurora…again!Let’s get the ranting over with right away. This book would have gotten a full 10 out of 10 stars if it was not for the fact that this shooting Aurora to pieces in more or less every book got old several books ago and the extreme extent to which it is done again and again and again is not very realistic. There is no way they could shoot her to pieces like that and then fix her up over and over again. The f [...]

    14. From My Newsletter Number 84:This review is on Rise Of The Alliance from The Frontiers Saga Episode 12 by Ryk Brown. It is Book 12 in a long running series that continues to entertain military science fiction readers. Episode 12 begins with Commander Maxwell Dumar, the close friend of Casimir, preparing to jump the Karuzara asteroid towards Earth to help Captain Nathan Scott survive the war with the Jung. Casimir is doing everything in his power to send aid to Captain Scott even though his home [...]

    15. It's amazing that after 12 books in the series that the story is not only still strong, but getting better. This is the installment that I think most fans have been waiting for, when the Alliance finally go on the offensive and are 'reactive' rather than defensive for the first time in the series.As I have said in previous reviews, this is a great fun read, something to sit back and relax and enjoy, it is not meant to be a heavy 'science' read, but it is very engaging, with fantastic characters, [...]

    16. This series has become an old standby of great space opera and military space adventure. I have no doubts when I pick up a new book in this series that I will be entertained. The characters will grow, the story will progress, the action will get hot and heavy, usually on multiple occasions, and the details will be there. Rise of the Alliance was a good mix of world building, plot expansion and logistics, mixed with those intense battle scenes that Brown writes so well. It was a bit heavy on the [...]

    17. Getting boringThe brave crew of the ship go to battle again and win against the old enemy. They are joined by new ships and have more weapons. These are all supplied by Earth, which has been ruined. How?The Anglo-Centric forces are incredibly not diverse and it seems that only Europeans and North Americans have the drive and skills to join the navy and fight for the planet. They also are the only people to colonize space for the same reasons, I guess.As long as elections are scheduled, everythin [...]

    18. Hard to believe Ryk Brown's up to Episode 12 of his Frontiers Saga. This latest installment finds Captain Nathan Scott again facing overwhelming odds. He must protect Earth with a ragtag group of interstellar mercenaries. Again, they're outmatched, underfunded and in sore need of all resources. New characters this time include a couple of Earth space ship captains who question his leadership abilities. That again causes Scott to doubt himself. He's just a former ensign after all. Now he's headin [...]

    19. Another great read, just like all of the previous books. It will be interesting to see how soon they find the spy and also who it turns out to be. It will probably be someone we least expect.I loved the action, especially the final fight with the Jung. But I noticed a couple holes in information like how the Ghatazhak finally defeated the Jung in the asteroid. At one point they were losing and about to be blown up and then things were OK. Also, they never told how all of the Jung fighters and ot [...]

    20. Long ago, I heard this joke about the movie Apollo 13: "I liked it so much I'm going to rent the first 12 some weekend."Apparently, I've come into this series late - at book 12. Yee haw! Space opera! When you fly an asteroid across the galaxy using your big honking jump drive, you are really living large!I have read a lot of sci-fi, but I'm not sure that I've seen the comic relief played as well and Josh and Loki do it. This book is also recommended for the huge battle fought at its climax. It's [...]

    21. Simply put, another brilliant book. While the first book may have been a little creaky in places, it is clear that Ryk Brown is getting far more comfortable and confident with his writing. The characters are getting stronger although I am a little disappointed at the lack of development in Cameron. It's starting to feel like she has been given the Celestia and almost dumped on the side lines. The story is still strong and doesn't feel like it is running out of steam as a lot of stories with 12 b [...]

    22. Four and a half stars. Ryk Brown has had a steady production schedule for this series of books. This one took a little longer than the others and there are many apologies on his website; it was WELL worth the wait! This book is so much more of everything, the characters become deeper, the plot richer, the pacing (which was never bad) is greatly improved. While not a huge development in the storyline, it is still easily one the best books in the series just for its quality. What a fun read!

    23. I think Ryk initially had this book targeted for August of this year - certainly, I felt the wait of the delayed release!That said, in a five month time allowance, he's managed to produce a space opera epic to make George Lucas weep. The stakes continue to rise around Earth and the Alliance, and a lot of new factors are introduced as Captain Scott takes the offensive.Overall, a fast-paced read with multiple exciting space battles and a few intriguing twists!

    24. Another Good One!!Normally, series that reach this number of episodes usually peter themselves out. Not this book!! When Ipicked up this book, it was like seeing old friends again.I usually like lots of action and once again, I wasn't disappointed. I wonder what Ryk Brown will have in store for us in Episode 13?I can hardly wait for it!

    25. Really good!Whew!!! That battle was intense, I didn't know who was going to survive or if any if them would. It's pretty impressive how the author can keep all of the separate actions going on, all at the same time, the chaos of battle, all laid out in a sequential way so it makes complete, yet stressful sense. ;)

    26. Another great episode. Had me on the edge of my seat. Especially at the end. I really liked how not all the good plans worked. Made it more believable to see the lead character not just simply fix the problem and win. A deep in the trenches, drag it out good old ass kicking. And may I say a big hoorah for the Ghatazhak!

    27. Ryk Brown is my new favorite author.This series is addictive. I have read all every book in the series and am impatiently waiting on the next. I will not go in to details of the book, if you have made it this far you don't need details to read it. If this is your first look at this author I suggest to start with the first book in the series.

    28. Tired of JUMPJUMP FLASHBLUE LIGHT after 12 books! We all get it now. MOVE ON WITH THE JUMPS!!Losing my interest because of the jump flashes. Becoming boring because every page has jump in the pages. I get the battle concept__but seriously after 12 booksnd a new way to narrate JUMPS without all the hoop-la!! We all know what it deltas now.

    29. Absolutely Incredible! This is another installment of Ryk Brown's amazing Frontiers Saga. I've read this book in three days and finished almost at 04am 'cause I could't stop. Without giving anything away, this volume is full of action, and nerve wrecking moments, and finishes with an epic battle that seems to last forever. Just perfect!

    30. 12 for 12Let's keep it simpleother great read, great action, keeps you dead center of the story, good character development , (although President Scott could go away he wouldn't be missed

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