Perfect Plans

Perfect Plans He s the ultimate fantasy crush You ve seen him on the big screen the fantasy man you cheat on your husband with the man you never expect to meet But what if you did Perfect Plans the first of a two

  • Title: Perfect Plans
  • Author: C.J. Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s the ultimate fantasy crush You ve seen him on the big screen the fantasy man you cheat on your husband with the man you never expect to meet But what if you did Perfect Plans, the first of a two part series, takes you through this possibility.Every woman fantasizes about what if at some point in her marriage lost in dreams of something MORE Abigail Ryan taHe s the ultimate fantasy crush You ve seen him on the big screen the fantasy man you cheat on your husband with the man you never expect to meet But what if you did Perfect Plans, the first of a two part series, takes you through this possibility.Every woman fantasizes about what if at some point in her marriage lost in dreams of something MORE Abigail Ryan takes a leap that most women would envy Abandoning her seemingly perfect life in Canada, she moves to London, England, and falls into the lap of Alexander Tate every woman s fantasy crush Her perfect plan unfolds to a world where reality meets dreams, and dreams meet reality throwing her into a tail spin of self doubt and public scrutiny Alex Tate wants nothing than to escape the dream world in which he lives his desire for love, marriage and family, with all of its real world normalcy out of his world famous reach Aby and Alex face the obstacles of their own realities, now intertwined, before succumbing to their questionable fates Are you ready to fall into your fantasy, when reality lurks right outside the door Mature Content This story contains sexually explicit material and is intended for mature individuals over the age of eighteen By downloading this book and opening this document, you are stating that you are of legal age to access and view this work of fiction.

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    1. Wow.Momentarily speechless from the fairytale that was this book.What I can say is, there were lots of clenching and wrenching of folds, glistening bulging muscles, debates with her inner actress/dreamer and 'gazing into his flashing baby-blue eyes". On every other page! Dafuck?I'm sorry, but my threshold for BS is too low for this inanity. I laughed, scoffed and finally admitted defeat. DNF/DNR

    2. 3.5-4 Sex-sational starsTitle:Perfect PlansSeries:(Untitled Series)#1Author:C.J. WellsRelease date: March 31, 2014Rating:3.5-4 starsCliffhanger:Yes HEA:(view spoiler)[No(hide spoiler)]Well this certainly was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this, but I didn't come away disappointed. I happened to come across this book she I needed something strong on the spice and low on the what-the-hell-did-I-just-read. My previous book put me in a bad book hangover stat [...]

    3. **Perfect Plans generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review**Perfect Plans follows the journey of Aby as she strives to re-discover the magic of life. Stuck in a stagnant marriage where she felt no peace with herself, Aby uproots her life, leaves her husband, and heads for greener pastures in London. London is where we meet her and her wildly hilarious friend, Stacey. Aby maintains she’s searching for something meaningful in her life. Wanting to be desired and cherished [...]

    4. FIRST OF ALL - I HIGHLY recommend this book!!! Authors C.J. Wells hits it out of the park with a home run in Perfect Plans. The story of Aby Ryan reaching out from her otherwise dull or imperfect life to fill her "tall bill" and find her HEA is one of romantic and "how can this be happening to me" fantasies. Literally falling into the the graces of Alex Tate, Aby gets more than she bargained for with a simple act of fate. Even the secondary characters maintain a fabulous part in this sexy tale [...]

    5. *4 Perfect Stars*You gotta love social media! I had never heard of these two fabulous authors and if it wasn't for twitter and all their awesome teasers that suck you into "Perfect Plans" I would of not started this awesome read so fast. I enjoyed it from the very start and was totally hooked and swooning over Alex and all his hotness. He tugged at your heart strings and left you waiting for more. Aby falls into Alex's life and hopes to have a different plan then the one she left behind. Will sh [...]

    6. I wanted to love this book, it had the potential of everything I lovehot celebrity meets every day girl. British accent, yes please! Unfortunately this one fell flat quickly and even though I gave it a solid try, ended up a DNF. Character development and most dialog was just not good. Emotions that should have been felt by the situations going on, were verbalized by the main character in her head instead of the situation creating the emotion for the reader. Just not up to par with what I conside [...]

    7. “Tell me to stop, Aby, and I willIt will be the hardest thing I'll ever do, but if you don't want this, now would be the time to tell me.” Perfect Plans was a great story. A woman reclaiming her life… In London… With a hot guy. What more could a romance reader ask for???This was one of those 400 page books that you find yourself shocked when you finish it. Did I really just read 400 pages in one day? Yup. Sure did. With likeable characters, (Shout out to Stacey!) and a great chemistry be [...]

    8. 5+ Mindblown-Stars ! What a freaking book! Recommend everyone to read this fantastic book!Abigail Ryan: 5+ Stars! Oh my, what can I sayI LOVE HER! I love everything about her. Alexander Tate: 5+ Stars! He's absolutely perfect in my eyes. I want a Alex Tate!Quick review but I'll edit in a little while. Off to read book #2 Would you recommend this book?: Most definitely !

    9. I've read Perfect Plans twice already, the first time I tore through it in record speed devouring each steamy detail turning the pages as fast as my fingers and eyes would allow. Since then I have read it at a much slower pace relishing in the intricate details of each character, finding myself laughing at the relationship between Aby and her best friend Stacey (we all have that crazy, lovable best friend which brings scores of laughter) and totally falling in love with the relationship that Aby [...]

    10. Every woman dreams about the men on the big screen, The Sexiest Man Alive, the Hollywood heartthrobs. But what would you do if the man of your dreams stepped into your reality?Aby is finally free for the first time in her life. After leaving a loveless marriage she decides to move to London from Toronto to start over. She wasn't planning on falling into the lap of the sexy movie star, Alex Tate.Alex is immediately taken with Aby and begins his pursuit. Oh my, and he is relentless and sexy and di [...]

    11. As you read Perfect Plans you will find yourself traveling to England and day dreaming about the leading male and those steamy sex scenes. Did I mention you will find yourself fantasizing about Alex Tate?You will not want to put the book down until you have read the last page!!! I will recommend you to read it!!! You will not be disappointed. Meet Aby Ryan, after a drastic change to moved to England and start over, she knew she wanted to find her HEA. After her best friend invites you to go to a [...]

    12. I loved this book. Aby is such a strong character. And Alex! Oh Alex. I loved him so much!! I couldn't put it down! The author does such an awesome job of describing Alex and Aby. I couldn't get the image of Henry Cavill out of my head while reading it. It's such a good love story with tons of racy love scenes. I sooo hope Alex and Aby wind up together and have their happily ever after. I can't wait for book two.

    13. I'm quite sure all of us, at one point in our lives, had fantasized about meeting our favorite actor. I sure did! And I know it would feel like an out-of-body experience to come face to face with the object of your fantasy, someone you've watched and read about so many times. If that said celebrity showed an interest in you, how would you feel? It wouldn't be lack of self-esteem on your part to think you are being Punk'd. This was the situation Aby found herself in. In London to start fresh afte [...]

    14. CJ Wells Perfect Plans.(I started reading this book for the first time in April, and this was disrupted because of my own schedule. Sorry ladies, i went back and read it again to give your book my full attention. )Wow! Perfect Plans has the perfect man! This book is a steamy,lust- filled, collaborative work between sisters. (I'd have loved to have been present during some the discussions they must have had during the writing of this book!) Beautiful creative writing,using an extensive volcabular [...]

    15. I picked this one up and put it down numerous times. I can only take so much before, I give up completely. And I hate not finishing a book. After several go-around's trying to wrap my head around WHY in the world I didn't like it - all the rave reviews and recommendations from so many readers left me feeling I was the crazy one. This book was boring, to put it plainly. It was repetitive, and slow. Why would Alex Tate, "Mega Star" fall for vapid but beautiful Aby Ryan? Just because she's hot? Ugh [...]

    16. Bravo C J Wells! The best book, I have had the pleasure of reading this year is Perfect Plans!I love a book that surprises me and this one did just that! I love the beautiful blunt candour between Aby and Stacey, which made me feel in turn as if I were sitting in the room with them as part of their girlfriend circle. A book that can get me emotionally invoked to the point where it creates a physical reaction from me is something that has never happened before. Perfect Plans had me laughing out l [...]

    17. Is there really such thing as the perfect plan? Aby thinks she has gone to England to discover and carry out her perfect plan.Meeting the ultimate man of her fantasies, Alex, she thinks she has discovered what perfect is all about. That is until the reality of the the movie star lifestyle rears it's ugly head and causes her to doubt the love that Alex has developed for her.His ideal perfect is exactly what Aby has to offer him; however, the self doubt that Aby is confronted with leaves and explo [...]

    18. I'm still screaming at Aby right now *must put hand over mouth and control myself* Okay, this book is sooooo good! Watching Alex and Aby's love story unfold was very captivating. At times I laughed at the snarky comments, then "awww-ed" at the heart-felt moments. I was angry and then sad. At then there were numerous times where I wondered if anyone noticed the blushing in my cheeks while I was reading. The romance is phenominal! It evoked a lot of emotion in me, which is fantastic! I absolutely [...]

    19. I am a hopeless romantic! I fell in love with Alex and Aby and there love story. Both the characters and their story went straight to my heart and holds a very special place there.Once I started reading it I never wanted to put it down or for it to ever end. It has everything that a romance novel should have, love, omg hot sex and laugh out loud humor.This book is every woman's ultimate fantasy and a must read now!The way C.J. Wells writes is awe inspiring. keep up the great work lady !

    20. C.J. Wells takes steamy to a whole new level with Perfect Plans. Highly erotic with an interesting story and characters who are likeable, relatable and funny. I was quickly immersed in their lives and can't wait to see what happens next!

    21. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute reading this book, it's so well writtenhot, steamy, funny, a little bit of everything blended perfectly together. I cannot wait for Take A Bow, so I can once again get lost in the love story of Aby & Alex:) thanks for a great read

    22. HOT HOT HOT!!! Wow!! Full of lust, love, incredible sex scenes, wittiness and jealousy!! I couldn't put this book down!! This book makes you think of your own fantasies!! What a fantastic read!! CJ Wellswell y'all rock!! Can't wait for more of Alex and Aby!!!

    23. Great book. Real page turner. If you are easily offended by books this ones not for you. Lovely story despite all the sex.

    24. I had not planned to read this book yet. I was committed to reading a new series recommended by a friend. But then the mail came, I opened the package with this book inside, read the prologue and I was done. I couldn't stop. Too intrigued by what I read. It also helps that I have come to learn how friendly the authors are on Twitter which makes me want to read their book even more. They support other authors by sharing book information. I respect that in an author.That being said, WOW! I'm not s [...]

    25. C J Wells brings us a story of make believe but makes it feel so real, it could happen to any one of us. Aby literally falls for a movie star - is that not the stuff we've all dreamt about over the years? However, what Aby faces is a movie stars lifestyle with all it's angst, insecurities, backstabbing and drama. Poor Aby left a nice life in Canada to find her dream, she found her dream man but not necessarily her dream life. The characters, despite one being a movie star, are believeable, easy [...]

    26. So, let me start with thisPerfect Plans is hot, steamy, and provocative. With some very hot sex scenes and plenty of them, CJ Wells can write contrmporary romance, and they are not shy.CJ Wells can also write, and that is what they did in Perfect Plans. It is an emotional story with many curves and twists all centered around Aby's quest for something better than she had in her very dull first marriage. In her wildest dreams, Aby never imagined she would find her "tall order" in the very famous a [...]

    27. Oh My Word! Where to begin? I've been swept away to a life where reality and dream can come together! Bravo C J Wells! This isn't just a love story, this is a story about finding your happiness, finding your place in life. Following your dream and learning who you truly are and what you truly want. I love Aby's courage to follow the life she desires without holding back. And Alex, I mean who hasn't fantasized about a delicious gentleman sweeping you away? But there's so much more to him than a p [...]

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