Beyond Sing the Woods

Beyond Sing the Woods For the Norwegian edition see ISBN The story of three generations of an old lineage Norwegian family making their life in the northern woods circa s Main themes are the stru

  • Title: Beyond Sing the Woods
  • Author: Trygve Gulbranssen
  • ISBN: 9789997513052
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For the 2005 Norwegian edition, see ISBN13 9788203189081.The story of three generations of an old lineage Norwegian family making their life in the northern woods circa 1750 s Main themes are the struggle between tradition and innovation, the prejudices of pastoral society, and a study in human nature and man s ability to make peace with it.

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    1. I inherited this book from my mother in a beautiful leather bound version. It is a very old story and by considering the listing and how little there is to be known about this Norwegian author unfortunately clearly largely forgotten author. The writing is beautifully poetic about a way of life which I am sure has disappeared in modern Norway, but might still have an influence on it's culture. Would recommend this to anyone who can get hold of a second hand copy of this book, which is also avail [...]

    2. I was impressed with this novel. It was recommended to me by a friend and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. There are many reasons why I loved this novel and why I would recomment it. Here are some of them:Beyond sings the woods is so poetically written, something that is difficult to do in a novel. What is interesting is that the prose itself is pretty straighforward, no embellishments but still there is something undoubtedly poetic in it. Usually it is the short stories that have lyrical c [...]

    3. This is the English translation of the Norwegian novel by Trygve Gulbranssen. To state a few predictable or cliched things about this book. One it reminds me in many ways of the work of another Norwegian author Knut Hamsun, although I prefer this book to anything by Hamsun that I have read to date. Two, this book is VERY Scandinavian not just in the outward obvious ways, but also in subtle ways that a person that has not lived in a Nordic country probably would not pick up on. In particular to s [...]

    4. Další ze skvělých titulov, ktorý sa mi dostal do rúk úplne náhodou. Táto kniha mi padla do oka v Levných knihách vďaka zaujímavej obálke, ktorá ma zaujala natoľko, že som chcela vediet, o čom je. A rodinná sága odohrávajúca sa v drsnom severskom prostredí znela veľmi lákavo. A bola to skvelá voľba. Mám rada knihy odohrávajúce sa v severskom prostredí a jeho drsnej prírode. Ide o rodinnú ságu, príbeh jednej rodiny, ktorá žije na severe, hlboko v lesoch a prež [...]

    5. An enchanting return to the epic form of pre-modern Germanic narrative, especially for those who feel a kinship to the Northern archetype. Crafted with enough specificity of detail, yet enough vagueness of time and space, to ensure complete suspension of disbelief and transport the reader effortlessly into its world (which embeds a core of mystical imagination beneath a solid ground of realistic historicity.) One of the few favorites of my teen years that has held up to re-reading as an adult; i [...]

    6. Tohle bylo tak milé. Sever zase trochu jinak. Není to knížka plná akce, spíš tak plyne a ukazuje nám osud především jednoho rodu, boj s přírodou, sňatky, touha po moci, po penězích, Já si to moc užila a určitě si dočtu i další díly.

    7. I vječno pjevaju šume je prvi deo norveške trilogije o porodici gorštaka Bjorndal. Knjigu karakterišu slikoviti opisi šume i prelepe skandinavske prirode, suptilno isprepletani sa opisima ljudi koji tamo žive. Iako je glavni lik otac porodice Dag Bjorndal koga pratimo od njegove mladosti pa do početka starosti pisac stalno menja perspektivu pripovedanja, pa tako zadire u misli svih aktera. Susret raznih vaspitanja i načina života, uticaji jednih na druge, drevne svađe i krvne osvete s [...]

    8. Drsny zivot v severskych lesoch opisany krasnym poetickym sposoboste nadherne.Clovek ostane este dlho po precitani v uzase sediet a rozjimat.

    9. The pace is a bit slow for modern reader but that is a quality at the same time. It's so pleasant to dive into the past, not only of the plot but also of a time when a writer was writing. Back then, books ought to have more then a dynamics: moral standards, characters with integrity, strong familiesEven when I rated it only with three stars, I'm so happy it came to me. It reminds me of some other world, full of faults but with better standards. At least in literature.

    10. It was my 70 years old cousin who recommended me this book and it was my dad who kept reminding me that I should read it. He also warned me that once I start reading it, it will be impossible to tear myself from it. And he was absolutely right!The story is compelling, narration is brilliant as well as the descriptions of characters internal struggles, scale of their emotions, thoughts and feelings. When you put those three together you get one pretty amazing book.I'm currently finishing the 2nd [...]

    11. Dag Björndal was and is one of my biggest literary crushes, strong, silent and beautiful like all his family, rooted high up in Norway's mountains and forests. I'm not sure about the time the story is set in, my guess would be mid- to late 1800s.And it's not just about romance. It's about strong men and women, honour, responsibility and compassion. I love this book. I've read it numerous times and never tire of it.

    12. There was so much incorporated into this story, it is hard to know just where to begin. There is love and loss, anger and forgiveness, prejudice and acceptance, longing and searching. I guess it's just well written life-in-a-nutshell.

    13. The book might not look like it, might not sound like it, yet it's an amazing piece of literature and I couldn't help but be caught in the saga. I could hardly tear myself away from it, the same applies for the second book.

    14. This book fascinated me when I was a child and saw it on my parents' (or perhaps my grandparents') bookshelves: a cover drawn with hundreds of green trees.Now, about forty years later, I got triggered by Geert Mak's My Father's Century, in which it was stated that this book was particularly popular in the 1930s and 40s among the Dutch Reformed Protestants in the Netherlands. Exactly the Christian denomination my family came from.I found a second hand translation and really enjoyed the book. The [...]

    15. A nostalgic journey in time and space to Norwegian forests of the late 18th century. This novel beatifully mixes the best scandinvian saga-telling tradition with picturesque descriptions of the nature and people's hearts. One of my favourite books ever!

    16. 3.5 stars.A little dated, the first half was quite hard to get through. But after that it got really addictive. Excited to start part two.

    17. Zvláštní jakoby dokumentární styl autora je neobvyklý a mnohdy mě zaskočil. Ale nelze, než pokračovat ve čtení dalších dílů.

    18. I read this book a very long time ago and loved it so much (and its sequels).This is a reminder for me to read it again!

    19. Obľúbená kniha môjho dedka, ku ktorej by som sa inak asi nedostala. Severský príbeh so všetkým, čo k tomu patrí - čestnými, priamymi a drsnými postavami, úchvatnou prírodou, tradíciami a koreňmi, láskou a súcitom. Kniha, ktorá si ma podmanila.

    20. Gulbransseni romaanitriloogia on mul kodus olemas olnud pea ilmumisest saati ja sama kaua olen ka selle lugemist vältinud. Tegelikult juhtus sama asi mis „Gösta Berlingi saagagagi“: mu peas oli kujunenud tugev eelarvamus, mis aga reaalselt lugema hakates täielikult põrmustus, sest raamat osutus hoopis millekski muuks, kui olin kartnud. Õigupoolest peaksin vist hoopis Tammsaaret süüdistama, kellel õnnestus oma „Tõe ja õiguse“ esimese osaga minusse süstida eluaegne vastikustunne [...]

    21. I read this book and the rest of the trilogy for the first time some 20 years ago. For some reason I decided to re-visit them this year and what a fantastic read these books are. I read them in the original Norwegian version. The story flows brilliantly. The language is simple, yet poetic. The books were written in the 1930s and every now and then I did come about a couple of words that were unknown to me or that I had not seen used in a very long time. The story is set in the late 1700s, and I [...]

    22. Surprisingly good read. This was a book club "book of the month" and, in all honesty, the story line didn't sound all that interesting to me. But I found I got into the lives of the characters and actually cared what happened to them. The characters developed in an interesting and realistic manner and I felt it was an accurate portrayal of human nature. The language used was really interesting. The original was written in (what is now) antiquated Norwegian, and the English translation holds true [...]

    23. This story takes a look into the lives of Norwegians, and focuses on the quiet, dynamic, lovely changes in human nature. It's descriptive, lyrical, and engaging. It examines Norwegian clannishness, their sense of relatedness to each other and the long-past-yet-still-living time of chieftains, their character traits, the notion of character, and so much more. The quiet and reflective quality of Norwegians is exemplified at every turn in the story. The landscape and weather are characters in the s [...]

    24. Kārtējais ķeksītis „Lielās lasīšanas top 100” sarakstā.Šī noteikti ir tā tipa grāmata, par kuru es no sirds gribētu, lai man tā patiktu: tā ir sarakstīta patiesi krāšņā valodā, tai ir patiesi dziļa jēga un tā noteikti papildinājusi daudzas jo daudzas citātu krātuves. Taču laikam esmu mūsdienu literatūras samaitāta, jo man vajag vairāk darbības, pirmās aptuveni 50 lapas es gaidīju, kad beigsies ievads un sāks notikt kaut kas. Protams, ka pēc 50 lapām es s [...]

    25. What a wonderful story! It was recommended to me by a Norwegian relative when I told her that I knew about the Vikings and modern Norway. But what about the parts in between. I'm glad she suggested it.As others have said it's poetry within prose. I'm not sure how good the translation was, but I feel what I read still falls within that category.And that, too, is why the 4 stars instead of 5. Some of the translations were interesting, especially since some words were't converted to English even th [...]

    26. Dobrá kniha, ale nejsem zcela spokojen jednak se způsobem vyprávění, které je bez nápadu vedeno s pozice Božího oka, a jednak s jazykem vyprávění. Spousta věcí se spíš jen pojmenovává než popisuje. Jazyk je opravdu vznešený. Až to budí dojem, že autor by při zaslechnutí např. slova "nadýmání" omdlel. Román trochu budí dojem, že byl napsaný přinejmenším o sto let dříve. Nejdřív mě to trochu rozčilovalo (za to tři hvězdičky dolů), ale pak jsem v tom n [...]

    27. I wish I could give this 6 stars, but I guess the closest I could do is leave it 5 and leave a few other books 5, and take everything else down by 1. Which I probably won't do.A look at a strange and beautiful culture, written beautifully. The ending seemed to be through the eyes of the Great Depression, reflecting on Northern European culture and what a wealthy or even aristocratic person should do, given other people's suffering -- compare and contrast with Nietzsche.

    28. Storartet og drivende lesing. Om slekten Bjørndal, hvor det starter med bjønnedreperen som selv faller for bjørneklør etter å ha reddet brede bygden fra slagdyret. Og sønnen Dag (senere gammel-Dag) som gir en gullnår til Therese som han senere gifter seg med og brorne hans Tore, som dør. Og sønnene til gammel-Dag, Tore og Dag.Penge- og maktmisbruk, bygdetanker, hevn, hardt arbe' og brennende kjærlighet.

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