The Titanic: The History and Legacy of the World's Most Famous Ship from 1907 to Today

The Titanic The History and Legacy of the World s Most Famous Ship from to Today Includes dozens of pictures Describes the construction of the Titanic life aboard the ship during its maiden voyage the sinking of the ship rescue efforts and the discovery and exploration of the

  • Title: The Titanic: The History and Legacy of the World's Most Famous Ship from 1907 to Today
  • Author: Charles River Editors
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Includes dozens of pictures Describes the construction of the Titanic, life aboard the ship during its maiden voyage, the sinking of the ship, rescue efforts, and the discovery and exploration of the wreck Includes accounts written by passengers, crew members, White Star Line officials, and explorers of the wreck Includes a bibliography for further reading Includes a Includes dozens of pictures Describes the construction of the Titanic, life aboard the ship during its maiden voyage, the sinking of the ship, rescue efforts, and the discovery and exploration of the wreck Includes accounts written by passengers, crew members, White Star Line officials, and explorers of the wreck Includes a bibliography for further reading Includes a table of contents I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel Captain Edward J Smith Just before midnight on April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic, the largest ship in the world, hit an iceberg, starting a chain of events that would ultimately make it history s most famous, and notorious, ship In the over 100 years since it sank on its maiden voyage, the Titanic has been the subject of endless fascination, as evidenced by the efforts to find its final resting spot, the museums full of its objects, and the countless books, documentaries, and movies made about the doomed ocean liner Thanks to the dramatization of the Titanic s sinking and the undying interest in the story, millions of people are familiar with various aspects of the ship s demise, and the nearly 1,500 people who died in the North Atlantic in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912 The sinking of the ship is still nearly as controversial now as it was over 100 years ago, and the drama is just as compelling The Titanic was neither the first nor last big ship to sink, so it s clear that much of its appeal stems from the nature of ship itself Indeed, the Titanic stands out not just for its end but for its beginning, specifically the fact that it was the most luxurious passenger ship ever built at the time In addition to the time it took to come up with the design, the giant ship took a full three years to build, and no effort or cost was spared to outfit the Titanic in the most lavish ways Given that the Titanic was over 100 feet tall, nearly 900 feet long, and over 90 feet wide, it s obvious that those who built her and provided all of its famous amenities had plenty of work to do The massive ship was carrying thousands of passengers and crew members, each with their own experiences on board, and the various amenities offered among the different classes of passengers ensured that life on some decks of the ship was quite different than life on others Almost everyone is familiar with what happened to the Titanic during its maiden voyage and the tragedy that followed, but the construction of the Titanic is often overlooked, despite being an amazing story itself, one that combined comfort and raw power with the world s foremost technological advances Nonetheless, the seeds of the Titanic s destruction were sown even before it left for its first and last journey Similarly, the drama involved with the sinking of the Titanic often obscures the important aftermath of the disaster, particularly the several investigations conducted on both sides of the Atlantic that sought to figure out not only why the Titanic sank but future changes that could be made in order to protect ships and passengers in the future In fact, the course of the investigations was interesting in itself, especially since the British and Americans reached wildly different conclusions about what went wrong and led to the ship s demise The Titanic examines the entire history and legacy of the ship, from its construction to its sinking, as well as the investigations and changes that followed, the discovery of the wreck in 1985, and even the current events surrounding the ship.

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    1. Fascinating I admit I'm a history buff so this book seemed to have potential, which it lived up to. I found it fascinating, detailed and well documented.But I admit what struck me the most were the little human details of the little human lives that were lost. The man who bought his wife a second class ticket but only got steerage for himself and had to talk to her through a gate. The children playing in the passageway. The"gentlemen" in their formalwear going down with the ship sipping brandy a [...]

    2. Informative, backed with reliable sources. I learned a lot, not only about the events that led up to this tragedy, but also about the events of its discovery. Good book.

    3. This is a bit of a dry read, but very interesting. This book covers the building of the Titanic, the launch, the testing, the picking up of passengers and the fateful voyage. To give you an indication, the Titanic sets sail at 17%, hits the iceberg 30% of the way through the book, and the survivors reach New York at 54%.The remainder of the book covers the inquiries into what went wrong, then the search for the boat. Finally we have the discovery of the wreck, the exploration, James Cameron and [...]

    4. Very thorough.This book is a complete history of the Titanic from its construction to its current state beneath the Ocean.I have always had a bizarre fastination with the Titanic. The way litteraly everything that could go wrong , did. This book is so complete that I realized I've heard most of it before. I have read most of the books in the biblography. Still highly recommend this book for people just getting their feet wet. Pun intended 🤣.

    5. Good read, especially the end of the book about the discovery of the great ship. it should be protected as it is , by most, considered a graveyard. Very informative. I recommend this book educational. A testament to how something once so beautiful could end up on the bottom of the ocean due to man's greed and selfishness I gave it 4 stars simply because it was a little long on talking about passengers, what they said etc. But it was a good book.

    6. A historic tragedyThis book is a clear, concise tale of both the sinking of the unsinkable and preservation of the memories of those who perished on that fateful night. A well written account that does well not to choose side but clearly states the facts and lets the reader make their own decision.

    7. I enjoyed the content of the book, but I think the Charles River Editors need better editors the text needs one good proof reading by a human being.

    8. Very complete storyVery good read. I highly recommend. Comprehensive account of the building, loss and exploration of the wreck of the great ship.

    9. InterestingGood overview. Lots of background information. Excellent coverage of the building of the ship. Could have benefited from a bit more editing in a couple spots.

    10. InterestingThis was an interesting read although a bit dry. It has quotes from those parties involved from the building to beyond.

    11. A lot of the information I knew in this book, but they also said a lot of stuff I didn't know. This was a fabulous boat, but unfortunately it was only designed with the upper class in mind, instead of all. This was a disaster that should have never happened.

    12. The authors bring the reader through the entire Titanic experience beginning with the building of the great boat. Some of the information I would have to be a ship builder to understand. Next comes the description of the boat itself. This often sounded like a list and was often boring. Repetition haunts the book, especially in the early parts. The voyage itself brought some good narration. I admit I was into the experience. I could feel the cold water on my back as the ship started to fall apart [...]

    13. This was an enjoyable book and I even learned a few things I didn't know (such as the Titanic wreck site was discovered by Robert Ballard in 1985 while searching for sunk U.S. nuclear submarines paid for by the U.S. government). I've always been fascinated by the Titanic but even more so after the blockbuster 1997 movie. This gives a very in depth history of the building of the ship, the voyage, why it sank, the aftermath all the way up to the discovery of the wreck site, subsequent dives to the [...]

    14. I don't as a rule review books, however this is an exception. I am a person who has read a lot of Titanic books so I know the story well. This book is a glossed over version of the story. The author(s) repeat themselves (often in the same chapter). The book has a lot of misinformation and accusations that are not explained on how they arrived at the theories. The American and British inquiries are intermingled by subject and for a first time Titanic reader this could be confusing if you don't kn [...]

    15. Good addition to the library! I've read for many, many years about the Titanic, and so was afraid this might be just a tepid rehash. I am very glad I read this - the writing style is very accessible. The book follows a chronology from the very Belfast beginnings to well after Ballard's finding of the wreck. Throughout personal recollections (ones I had NOT heard a million times) are seamlessly integrated into the narrative and truly add to it. Much information is given at the end of the thorny p [...]

    16. If you are in the least little bit curious about how a ship that was supposedly unsinkable sinks on its first voyage then this would be a good book for you. There is a lot of eyewitness accounts that make this worth reading. There is also several sections of transcripts from the Senate Hearing after the Titanic was doomed. The photos are great and the book reads like a novel until you get close to the end. Towards the end the book tries to separate fact from fiction and mentions James Cameron's [...]

    17. This is a definitive collection for the Titanic curious. The coverage is extensive from the building to the current preservation difficulties. This is a fascinating look into the lives of those who built the ship, those who traveled on the ship, the man who found the sunken remains, and those who have salvaged the remains. I learned much here that I did not know before. I appreciated the way the book was written, as it was not only informative but interesting. I have read several books about the [...]

    18. My knowledge of the Titanic's story consisted of a little bit of reading and seeing the movie. This is a wonderful telling of her story beginning with the first mental images of a leading-edge design, thru it's building, on to that fateful first voyage, followed by the inquiry boards on both England and America. But it doesn't stop there! The search for its resting point followed by the exploration and the protection of a burial ground. Lots of story and detail, but a read that you can't lay dow [...]

    19. It is OK and nothing moreSo the beginning of how it was built was interesting along with the complete description of what the ship would have looked like. The guy who discovered the ship, Ballard, was a pretty interesting guy. But overall the book really just OK, but not in a bad way.

    20. Very good history lesson on The TitanicVery good read on the building one of biggest ships ever made . The loss of life, and attempts being made to keep the memories of all the loss souls that meet their fate on the day she sank

    21. Fascinating Great information in this book. I was interested in the recounts of what the survivors remembered about their time on the Titanic. Great pictures were included. I really enjoyed reading this book.

    22. Thought it might be a lot of facts and figures and although there are plenty of those, it was a great read. Lot of information about hunting for the wreck and what is happening to the ship after.

    23. Fascinating and dull, at the same timeThere are some jewels in this book, but a lot of dross, repetition, and long passages quoted from other sources.

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