One thought on “Το πρώτο ξύπνημα”

  1. If you're a reader who loves asshole, arrogant tycoon heroes then you will adore Jarod Colby - the H of this novel. I didn't really like the guy at first and he got on my nerves as time passed but I still enjoyed this romance. I loved the heroine Amanda. She was the epitome of sweetness and feminine beauty plus she was a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. This girl was one of Janet Dailey's most endearing heroines. She took a lot of shit from the H and some will call her a doormat for her be [...]

  2. Ah, memories. I read this in high school because a girl I was crazy about said she'd read "The Lord of the Rings" if I'd read this romance novel. Hmm; I think she got the better end of the deal. I had no interest in the damn thing and didn't enjoy it much despite finishing, but as a conversation piece that could lead to a crumb of interaction, I went for it. I never got the girl, either.

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