Detective Gordon: The First Case

Detective Gordon The First Case Someone s stealing nuts from the forest and it s up to Detective Gordon to catch the thief Unfortunately solving this crime means standing in the snow and waiting for a long time If only he had an a

  • Title: Detective Gordon: The First Case
  • Author: Ulf Nilsson
  • ISBN: 9781927271490
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Someone s stealing nuts from the forest, and it s up to Detective Gordon to catch the thief Unfortunately, solving this crime means standing in the snow and waiting for a long time If only he had an assistant someone small, fast, and clever to help solve this terrible case.

    One thought on “Detective Gordon: The First Case”

    1. What a charming piece of Scandinavian crime fiction for children! I love it when animals have professions. Bonus points b/c the crime fighting team is a young spunky mouse and an old toad who really would rather be drinking tea and eating his night cakes.

    2. 3.5 sterren. Dit was een leuk boekje!Ik vond alleen onze inspecteur erg saai en ik had veel meer verwacht van de geweldige inspecteur. Natuurlijk, hij is wat ouder, hij is wat ingezakter, maar ik vond het gewoon jammer hoe hij was. In plaats van er echt voor te gaan, zat hij telkens te denken aan eten, of thee, of warmte. En hij had wel wat goede momenten, momenten waar ik zag dat hij inderdaad misschien ooit eens een geweldige inspecteur was, die er echt voor ging. Ik hoop dat wij die verhalen [...]

    3. This charming little mystery reminded me of The Wind in the Willows. When a squirrel's nuts go missing one winter, Detective Gordon is on the case. He's not as spry as he used to be, but he's very thoughtful and knowledgeable, and soon he has a young assistant to help with fieldwork. Together, Gordon and Buffy collect evidence, interrogate suspects, and solve their first case!This gentle mystery would be a good choice for young kids reading at higher levels or for anyone who enjoys animal storie [...]

    4. Detective Gordon: The First Case, is a charming story of a thoughtful and experienced toad detective as he uses his precise and methodical skills to keep harmony in his forest. In the midst of solving the case of the squirrel's stolen nuts, Detective Gordon displays compassion and intelligence by hiring a young assistant to learn investigative skills and help him with the legwork which is tiring for an elderly toad. The books illustrations give the reader insight into the characters personality [...]

    5. A cute Scandinavian illustrated chapter book. Our kids book club read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. They rated it out of 10 and gave it:6.5/10, 10.5,9.5/10

    6. Scandinavian crime fiction has never been more charming than it is 'Detective Gordon: The First Case' by Ulf Nilsson. This early reader book left me with a huge smile on my face.In an icy woods, there is a thief afoot. Someone is stealing nuts from Squirrel, and his only hope is to enlist the help of Detective Gordon, a frog with a penchant for cakes and the sound of paper being stamped with a 'ka-chunk.' The case is difficult and with a lot of standing in the cold, Detective Gordon finds that h [...]

    7. I just happened upon this children's book because I love a mysteryrally adult mysteries. However, on my way out of the library while walking past the children's section, my eyes spotted it, and I'm so glad they did. This book was wonderful! Written with sensitivity and humor that both children, and dare I say, adults, will enjoy reading. There's so many life lessons being taught within the 90 pages of this book, I don't know where to begin. Not wanting to spoil the plot or ending, let's just say [...]

    8. Many nuts have been stolen from Vladimir, the squirrel, and Detective and Police Chief Gordon has to solve the case. In the process, which includes a lot of thinking, stamping and cake eating, he meets Buffy, a young mouse who becomes his assistant and friend. While Buffy wishes for many exciting cases to solve, Gordon, as the old and wise toad he is, wishes for a quite district with no crime at all. No crime. No punishment.The first case is a cozy mystery for kids, with adorable characters and [...]

    9. A cute simple read but not really a mystery book. good for 7yo children or top be read at night time, add the chapters are short and illustrations are beautiful. I how there's other books in this series.

    10. This is a simple but charming story of a reluctant Police Chief, who is also an old toad. Together with his lively sidekick, who is also a young mouse, they solve the mystery of who stole the nuts from Squirrel's tree. Will they find the culprit in between their breaks for tea and cake? If they do, will the thief be punished? It's the perfect story for those advanced first and second grade readers, those who are ready to try a longer read (this one is 91 pages), but are not yet ready for more co [...]

    11. Don't be fooled by the small size of this book or the extra white space on the pages, this book packs a powerful philosophical punch. How should crimes be punished? What is the role of prison? Quite a lot of conversations that could arise.Kids so often see the world in black and white, good guys and bad guys. This one is an age appropriate way to help them see more grey.And also make them hungry for teacakes.

    12. 2nd - 3rd grade readersMysteryDetective Gordon is the Chief of Police in the forest. Someone is stealing all the nuts and the squirrels, etc. are up in arms. He catches a very small mouse taking a nut on his first night's stakeout. She saves him and becomes his assistant policewoman. And, of course, they solve the case.Subtle humor throughout. Readers will enjoy guessing "who done it."

    13. Kiedy jest najlepsza pora, by podsunąć dziecku do przeczytania pierwszy kryminał? Oczywiście jak najwcześniej! Dzięki serii o komisarzu Gordonie, statecznym, choć nieco leniwym ropuchu pilnującym porządku w lesie, już nawet kilkulatki mogą ruszyć tropem przestępców.Cała opinia:kacikzksiazka/2018/02/k

    14. I enjoyed reading this gentle detective story showing the detective as a compassionate righter of wrongs.

    15. A frog and his new assistant mouse set out to solve the case of the squirrel's missing nuts. liked the generational representations. easy to follow. early elementary

    16. Not the sort of book my class would choose from the cover but they really enjoyed it. It was good to introduce them to a different style of reading.

    17. A nice, short chapter book for young mystery lovers. Detective Gordon and his assistant, Buffy, solve the mystery of the missing nuts.

    18. Sweet beginning mystery for children just starting chapter books. Detective Gordon is old and tired and hires Buffy as a young assistant to solve the mystery of who is taking Squirrel’s nuts.

    19. Snow Falling In A Midnight ForestFor a moment just stop thinking what you're thinking about this book. This is an early reader mystery, but it's not just that. This is an animal-detective adventure, but it's not just that. This is a Harold-and-Maude buddy comedy, but it's not just that. This is loaded with expressive, pretty pastel drawings, but it's more than just that. Think of "Wind in the Willows" meets "Columbo" meets "Crime and Punishment", as related, while you sip cocoa, by your coolest, [...]

    20. This is probably 3.5 stars. I'm utterly charmed by this little mystery.It's set in a forest in the depth of winter. A squirrel discovers that someone has been stealing his nuts and takes his case to Detective Gordon, a toad. Along the way to solving the case, Detective Gordon nearly freezes to death but is rescued by a small mouse. He ends up making this mouse his assistant. Between the two of them, they manage to find the culprits who have stolen the nuts. I am enchanted by the relationship bet [...]

    21. When a squirrel discovers that some of his nuts are missing one winter night, he heads straight to the police station where Detective Gordon, Chief of Police, can help him. But when he gets there, no one seems to be around until he finds the great detective fast asleep on his paperwork with cake crumbs all around. Once awoken though, Detective Gordon heads out to help solve the crime. But it’s a very cold night and Detective Gordon can’t climb to the hole in the tree to see the crime scene. [...]

    22. Detective Gordon is a toad in the woods who solves mysteries for the police department. His first case involves a squirrel named Vladimir and his missing nuts. However, because it has snowed recently any tracks left by the thief would have been covered up. So Detective Gordon sat outside the hole in the tree to watch. Soon the snow covered him and he fell asleep, frozen in the snow. Meanwhile a little mouse had come to the tree and taken a nut. Detective Gordon woke up but he couldn’t move. Th [...]

    23. A distraught squirrel whose nuts have been stolen goes to the see the only person who can help him - Detective Gordon, the old toad police chief of the forest. Detective Gordon takes his job seriously and wants to solve the case, so he goes to watch the hole in the tree where the nuts had been stolen. He stands there staring for a long time before one tiny mouse comes and steals one nut. Detective Gordon thinks he's caught the thief, but the tiny mouse bursts into tears and says that she only st [...]

    24. Ulf Nilsson is a celebrated writer in Sweden. After reading this book it is easy to see why. It has the same spirit that one finds in the Pippi Longstockings books that children love. It is a great book for those who are ready to graduate from beginning chapter books and strike out on their own. It is a mystery tale that have some really fun twists and turns. Chapter One: Stolen nuts. Suspects: everyone" immediately grabs the reader as we meet squirrel who discovers his nuts have been stolen and [...]

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