Demiurge: Blood of the Innocent

Demiurge Blood of the Innocent The renowned archaeologist James McKenzie has uncovered many prophecies each with a mysterious symbol accompanying their inscription Now edifices of this symbol are reappearing not engraved in ag

  • Title: Demiurge: Blood of the Innocent
  • Author: Michael R. Hagan
  • ISBN: 9780991709434
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • The renowned archaeologist, James McKenzie, has uncovered many prophecies, each with a mysterious symbol accompanying their inscription Now, edifices of this symbol are reappearing, not engraved in aged rock, but painted in blood above the victims of a serial killer, and the fanatical cult he serves Detective Hassom is charged with the task of making sense of this slaughThe renowned archaeologist, James McKenzie, has uncovered many prophecies, each with a mysterious symbol accompanying their inscription Now, edifices of this symbol are reappearing, not engraved in aged rock, but painted in blood above the victims of a serial killer, and the fanatical cult he serves Detective Hassom is charged with the task of making sense of this slaughter and capturing the perpetrators.Corruption, collusion and the discovery that Lucas, a strangely gifted eight year old orphan, is the primary target of the murderous cult force Hassom and McKenzie to work together to solve the murders In their efforts to protect Lucas and reveal the ultimate goal of the cult leader and how this relates to the final, revelatory prophecy discovered in Iran, they unearth a truth, terrible than anything they could have feared.

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    1. This book really had me obsessing about what would come next, not a moment could be spent thinking of anything else. The plot thickens and turns throughout the entire book. Just when you think you've worked out what's happening it sidewinds, twists and bites your ass. Suspenseful, sometimes frightening and seriously thought provoking, but definitely not one for the kids.

    2. I was lucky to recieve this book to review by Librarything.The book was a really good read and on the lines of Dan Brown. There were so many twists and turns I could hardly keep up, great fast paced novel.The author writes well and the charachters are real.For all Dan Brown fans this book is recommended, you will not be disapointed.

    3. Oh dear. I don't know whether I'm afraid to miss church ever again, or afraid to ever go again The former, I think.Wonderful tale, complex and uplifting, in a surprising way.

    4. The murder investigation piqued my interest and then the story moves to Prof McKenzie’s archaeological dig which I also found fascinating and wondered how the two would tie in.The story jumped back and forwards which I followed quite well until more and more characters were introduced and also a new political story line. The story then jumped to ancient times and I was completely lost now and thinking that maybe even though this was well written and eloquent it was a bit too literary for me. T [...]

    5. Sheer joy to read Epic, exciting, scary and inspirational all at once.Read it, you will not regret the time.Swan Song, Necroscope series (Brian Lumley,)any horror by Robert R McCammon and Demiurge, Blood of the Innocent.The 4 best books/volumes in the world!!!Enjoy I'm Jelly that I can't read it for the first time again!

    6. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel. Demiurge Blood Of The Innocent is not a light book it is however a good one. I had to give it all of my attention while I was reading it but I'm glad I did. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going something happened to take it in a different direction. The story moves from present day to ancient times telling the story of an entity that wants to bring about the [...]

    7. A real "readers' book." I think this'll be 5 star or 1 star in the reviews, with little in between. For me it's a clear 5uly excellent. If you like Lost, 6th Sense, Cloud Atlas, The Seventh Scroll or anything by Dan Brown, you'll love this serious suspense and more twists than a curly wurly. If you're frustrated by all of the aboven't even try it. hehe. :) The more avid readers will eat this up. Very clever, very fun, very surprising!

    8. This is a horror thriller with pseudo-mystical trappings that the author outlines in a broad-brush introduction of the ancient myths of a mysterious entity called the Demiurge. The novel opens with Detective William Hasson called to a grisly murder of a family. The trail of blood leads to a mental institution where the inmates have slaughtered the staff and left their severed skulls piled in an unusual formation and a peculiar symbol on the walls. Concurrently Professor McKenzie Sorts through in [...]

    9. oh my gosh, I am pleased to say I finished the book, it took longer than I expected, it is a whopping 42 chapters!I enjoyed it immensely, I felt drawn to Hannah and that part of the story that unfolded (I don't want to spoil it for someone who hasn't read the book yet).The plot is rich and layered, evolving slowly. The precept is that of complete intellectual perfection. I was engrossed and had a lot of days where it was had to put the tablet down.There were places where it did drag a bit (42 ch [...]

    10. I was given an opportunity by the author, Michael Hagan, to read an electronic copy of Demiurge for an honest review. What a thrilling ride you take - from ancient times to the present, from demons to innocents, and from the law to the lawless. I thought it was smartly written and enjoyed how the author connected two seemingly different worlds - that of archaeologist James McKenzie and of Detective Hassom - in a clear and concise manner. Throw in a little demonic possession from an ancient Entit [...]

    11. This is a very enjoyable book. Hagan has an ability to make all his characters different and real, while creating a plot that keeps you guessing, and believing. He also is an excellent word-artist, creating pictures in the readers mind while carrying you along through a great story. I’ve now read this book twice, and I found it even more enjoyable the second time around. Highly recommended.

    12. Part crime mystery, part religious fantasy, this is a little like the Dan Brown stories but with more emphasis on the crime than the religion - not entirely surprising as the main character is a police detective. In keeping with our expectations of the genre, Detective Hassom is estranged from his wife and child and is prone to beating himself up over how he allows his job to get in the way of his relationship with his child. Although something of a cliche, this does at least have some relevance [...]

    13. Wow, I feel like I read this book twice because I found myself re-reading sentences and paragraphs and, occasionally, pages, to both clarify the meaning and to absorb the deft prose. I found, perhaps, one page or two to lag a bit, but it was enlightening background. If you can't get thru the short ABOUT section at the start, you might want to move along to something less convoluted. I adored the book, and the ending was strangely satisfying

    14. Thanks to the Online Bookclub for allowing me to read and review this novel!Full review link on The Pluviophile Reader: wp/p3VFNP-7N

    15. This is an amazing story! I'd recommend it to anyone, great storyline! Great read! Michael R. Hagan is an author to look out for!

    16. Spoiler Alert!.Complex, rich, thought-provoking, original twist on the whole religious armageddon saga. One of the few books I've read multiple times, and it changes with each reading.A true classic; 5 stars.

    17. I thought this was tightly written and plotted, and moved along at a good pace with some nice tension and a satisfying ending. The characters were well rounded and engaging.

    18. Awesome storyline! There was alot of history lesson fact and fiction mixed in to make the past and present cohesive. There was alot of jargon that can throw a person off if they're not a history or archeological buff lol. The story transcends across all genres of religion, spirituality, mental health, and human nature. It's a very long story and full of details so be ready for the long haul on and interesting intake on Man vs God!

    19. There is a good story within the pages of Demiurge: Blood of the Innocent, but the over population of characters and the many twists and turns in the story eventually got me lost. The first half is fast paced and interesting, but then it bogs down when the various groups of characters come together. Perhaps including an index of characters would be helpful. I received this Early Reviewers copy from Library Thing.

    20. A mysterious symbol, from the past being investigated by an archaeologist, James McKenzie; and now drawn in blood near the victims of a serial killer, with the police officer in charge a Detective Hassom.Circumstances force these two men to work together to solve the crimes.

    21. This book starts out with a horrific murder scene and Detective Hassom is led on a chase to find the killer. The book goes from the murder investigations to archaeological digs. I thought the book was very well written but unfortunately, for me, the background information was too much.

    22. Too much jumping back and forth. Several times losing the thread of the writers thoughts. The concept is good just too many loose ends that had to come together that were hard to keep up with.

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