An Involuntary Spy

An Involuntary Spy Uncover the mystery unleash the suspense be intrigued and go where no spy has gone before in the controversial suspense thriller by the author of Predatory Kill A Patriot s Act Caught in the espiona

  • Title: An Involuntary Spy
  • Author: Kenneth Eade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Uncover the mystery, unleash the suspense, be intrigued and go where no spy has gone before in the controversial suspense thriller by the author of Predatory Kill A Patriot s Act Caught in the espionage and intelligence world Seth Rogan was a bad spy That s because he wasn t a spy at all Just a guy trying to do the right thing As a biologist for the largest biot Uncover the mystery, unleash the suspense, be intrigued and go where no spy has gone before in the controversial suspense thriller by the author of Predatory Kill A Patriot s ActCaught in the espionage and intelligence world Seth Rogan was a bad spy That s because he wasn t a spy at all Just a guy trying to do the right thing As a biologist for the largest biotech company in the world, he had a great job, and enjoyed all the perks But when asked to do some tests on the company s genetically engineered GMO foods, he became entangled in a trail of corruption, fraud and conspiracy that he wanted no part of, but could not escape from In an espionage story of mystery and suspense so true to life it could almost be from today s newspapers, Seth, having bit the hand who fed him, is on the run from CIA, the FBI, and the full overreaching strength of the United States government, not as a whistle blower, but as a fugitive, charged with espionage, who finds temporary refuge with an old enemy of the U.S But his peace is about to be broken as he finds himself in the role of an involuntary spy Jump into the action on the very first page Be drawn in to this controversial political thriller that will pull you in and leave you breathless until the last page Be captivated by all the action that you expect from a spy thriller spies, assassins, CIA, Russians, FBI but not how you would expect them, in this conspiracy CIA story of corruption Go on a roller coaster thrill ride of international intrigue and cat and mouse espionage Seth is always one heart pounding step ahead of the CIA and the FBI, who follow his every move Fleeing the country like Edward Snowden, Seth wages a battle of wits against the CIA, the FBI and double agents to bring the message of the dangers of genetically engineered Frankenfoods to the people.

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    1. “An Involuntary Spy: A GMO Thriller” by Kenneth Eade is a fast paced and intelligent spy thriller about Seth Rogen, a 45 year old genetic biologist, who stumbles across some facts and secrets about genetic engineering of food products in the US. Compelled to make the alarming find public his only option is to seek refuge in Russia and accept his status as a “whistle-blower” in order to inform the public of the dangers of GMO.When his plane is stopped on a Ukrainian airfield his adventuro [...]

    2. Ever since I watched a gripping documentary on the Monsanto Corporation and how they are ruining the world and the modern day farmers with their genetically modified seed; the subject of GMO and patenting life has always raised my eyebrows. My buddy was told about this book, An Involuntary Spy: A GMO Thriller, via his book club, and after he finished it, he passed it on to me. With his recommendation, and the fact that Im already VERY MUCH into this subject, I didn’t waste a second diving into [...]

    3. `Everything you do in this life has its consequences.'Kenneth Eade may be best known to readers as the author of BLESS THE BEES: THE PENDING EXTINCTION OF OUR POLLINATORS AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO STOP IT, and A BEE, SEE: WHO ARE OUR POLLINATORS AND WHY ARE THEY IN TROUBLE? - two superlative books about his concern for our environment, a topic he takes to the top level in this superb novel. Eade is an international business lawyer, based in Los Angeles, specializing in international law, Internet La [...]

    4. I thought this had an outstanding plot and more real than we could even think. The author points at the end I agree with a lot of what he said. I almost put it down when it got so technical and I felt it was over my head. I felt the author could have got the point across better had he toned it down a little.With that said if you take most of the technical out it was an outstanding read. With some wonderful characters and a few twist you do not see coming. Others you expect but there is a few in [...]

    5. Full disclosure - I received a copy of this book as a first-reads giveaway.I truly enjoyed this book. It reminded me of a good pulp-magazine thriller. It is a relatively quick read, but packed full. Although this has a better-developed plot than a lot of pulps.It has good character development, a well-developed plot, and some very good twists thrown in. It uses a mix of "present-day" action and flashbacks to paint the full picture. Mixing the two is not easy to pull off, but it is done very well [...]

    6. Expose’ of GMO Foods and Government CorruptionIt is obvious that the purpose of this novel is to educate the public about the danger of certain foods on the market, which are hazardous to human health and not being tested and reported properly by government agencies such as the FDA, et. who are to protect us. This information is out there, but it is not usual for people who are not scientists to spend much time researching these matters. If readers don’t have the scientific background for su [...]

    7. The story picks up from page one and I loved the fact that readers are introduced to the characters quickly without convoluted descriptions. Seth Rogan, a biologist for a giant biotech corporation Germinat, discovers lies about the genetically engineered food test results that the company and others are trying to cover up. Scientist turned whistleblower and involuntary spy is on the run from his employer and government agencies.I enjoyed how author Kenneth Eade weaves in the real life dangers ab [...]

    8. On the edge genetic spy thrillerWhen a genetic modified food biologist turns whistleblower and escapes with top secret reports to Russia you get an awesome spy adventure. An Involuntary Spy is a fast paced thriller that is well written, researched and held me cover to cover. Seth Rogan’s life on the run in Russia takes a shocking turn. Spy training, falling in love with a beautiful young teacher and trying to stay out of trouble was a blast. Plenty of twisted and turns kept the plot steaming a [...]

    9. “An Involuntary Spy” by Kenneth Eade is a fast-paced, action packed political thriller about Seth Rogan, as he finds himself fighting for survival amidst a web of corruption and deceit. The pace was fast but easy to read, the story simple to follow. The characterizations were well-drawn and I always wanted to read just one more page, then another one and another one. I couldn't seem to put it down! I loved the characters, I loved Kenneth Eade's strength and wit. He has delivered a book compl [...]

    10. Seth Rogan finds himself on the run from the U.S. government and asking for asylum in Russia until he can figure out what to do with the information he has. It seems the company he works for is genetically altering our plants we eat with deadly consequences. I found this to be a fast read and I really liked Seth and the people he meets in Russia. If I had a problem with the book it would be that there is too much technical stuff and it tends to be repetitive. But if you can get past that then yo [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book as a first reads giveaway. The story is so badly written and edited that I struggled to get through it but felt obligated to do so. The title of the book grabbed my attention because I am generally drawn to espionage novels, so it was quite a let-down to realize that the spying part consisted of the main character breaking into the apartment of two FBI agents who had tracked him down in Russia. The author is definitely on a crusade against genetically modified food [...]

    12. I love this book. The story plot is original, the characters are complex, believable and fascinating. The characters are wonderfully written so that you know exactly what they're thinking and feeling. It was easy to picture them in my mind. I really enjoyed the way this story developed. It was an interesting book that kept me reading. I enjoyed this author. I can't wait to get another Kenneth Eade book! To anyone looking for a great book that sucks you in from the start, completely mesmerizes yo [...]

    13. Must be read everyone.Five star isn't enough for this book, thank you Mr Eade. You thought me a lot about what I am eating and drinking. After getting this book free, at the end to have it permanently turned around and bought it. Sure you'll do the same. Learned about lots of chemicals and what they do to our bodies and environment. Government is for the companies, not for the people. Even our vote is joke, who gets the most money is being elected. Hope one day our tiny voice combined with other [...]

    14. Eade's novel is capable of quickening pulses and taking one's breath away. Fans of thrillers and political stories will embrace his vision throughout this gripping work of fiction and race to finish to unearth how it all could possibly end. The controversial sub-plots throughout the terrifying storyline will engage intelligent conversation and have your friends begging to borrow this book. Thought provoking, easy to follow and not to be missed!

    15. A book that leaves a taste in your brain.It was only after reading the authors comments that I really began to appreciate this books value.It has made me think about GMOsand what they are doing to us.More over what our government is doing while parading around as fighting liberals when they are just lining their pockets. Shame on the American public for not finding out who these people really are before voting for them.

    16. Whoa, what a thriller. An outstanding book. Just a regular guy at a great job with lots of perks, for a biochem company when he was told his data was incorrect when he knew perfectly well that the GMO food was not fit for consumption. Although this book is fiction, I finished reading it wondering, what if. I received this book for free through First Reads.

    17. Should Be Required Reading!If you've been paying attention, you already know GMOs are bad news. But, you ain't heard nothin' yet. Hold on for a very bumpy ride (and a great read)--and don't read this as you're eating. Scary, but very helpful, thought-provoking stuff.

    18. An Edward Snowden like whistleblower leaks GMO (genetic modified O) food safety tests to the press and is considered a traitor to his company. How will he survive on the run?It is an easy read and not very interesting.

    19. I AM SO EXCITED.I cant wait to read this, considering the fact that I absolutely love spies! (seriously, its becoming a problem guys) as soon as I receive this book and read it, I will re-do this review. until then, fellow goodreadians

    20. This fast-paced political thriller takes off running and doesn’t stop until the very end!Read full review in the 2014 March issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    21. Good Story BUT!Good Story but marred by the environmental activism. There was quite a bit of the author's feelings about GMO in the book. He obviously is totally against GMO.

    22. Interesting concept, generic foods, with him being a biologist. Finding there was something inside the food. He is on the run, as a spy, he is not, but he is running, Russia is to give asylum. Good reading and a different type of plot that intrigues you, and how it will end.

    23. Neither fish nor fowl for me this one . I bought this as I was promised a fast paced, gripping spy thriller. For me it was none of these things. It's actually an industrial/governmental whistle-blowing exercise (and a quite predictable and not very entertaining one at that). It's more Erin Brocovich than James Bond. There's VERY little action and what there is is not very exciting and quite predictable. I bought this expecting an action packed Bourne type spy thriller (especially from the cover [...]

    24. FROM MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWAn Involuntary Spy: A GMO Political Spy Thriller is nonstop action at its best and is recommended for any who love international intrigue, espionage, and a healthy dose of political interactions blended into a mystery and adventure story.Now, one might expect that a professional spy (much like James Bond) would be at the heart of such a story, but think again. What if said spy were actually an ordinary individual trying to do the right thing? What if he was a biologist an [...]

    25. Not a good book. So many grammatical errors throughout that it is hard to read. The female lead is referred to by two different names throughout. Poor editing because that should be a simple find-and-replace if you want to change the character's name. While there is a grain of truth in the science he tries to cite the majority of it is taken out of context. And this is supposed to be a cutting edge GMO thriller, yet a lot of the science he is talking about is a decade old. So much has changed in [...]

    26. I won this book through LibraryThing - Thank you! Seth Rogan is a scientist working for a huge biotech company with great pay and wonderful perks. Both of which he enjoys to the fullest. Until one day he discovers his company has been falsifying documents on the safety of GMO's. They had been genetically modifying plants, mostly corn, to resist the pesticide they sell to kill weeds. Deemed safe by the company, Seth's findings told a different story. It is a trickle down effect that this GMO gets [...]

    27. I received a copy of this book through the Librarything members giveaway.I liked this story with reservations. It's a quick read and in many parts I was captivated, but my mind kept on picking up the grammar mistakes and typos to the point that my pace slowed way down. The best part of this book in this writer's opinion, is the author's notes after the story. Eleven pages of must-read material about the future of GMO's, and guess what? There no typos or grammar mistakes that I caught.If there wa [...]

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