Das kleine Ich-bin-ich

Das kleine Ich bin ich Auf der bunten Blumenwiese geht ein kleines Tier spazieren Es f hlt sich mit vielen anderen Tieren verwandt obwohl es keinem ganz gleicht Es ist kein Pferd keine Kuh kein Vogel kein Nilpferd und la

  • Title: Das kleine Ich-bin-ich
  • Author: Mira Lobe
  • ISBN: 9783702648503
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Auf der bunten Blumenwiese geht ein kleines Tier spazieren Es f hlt sich mit vielen anderen Tieren verwandt obwohl es keinem ganz gleicht Es ist kein Pferd, keine Kuh, kein Vogel, kein Nilpferd und langsam beginnt es an sich zu zweifeln Aber dann erkennt das kleine Tier Ich bin nicht irgendwer, ich bin ich.

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    1. I have read it over 100 times as a child. I grew up with this book. When my children were born I asked my family overseas to buy it and send it. Now, both my children are over the age of 20. Together, we read "Das Kleine Ich Bin Ich" another 100 times.It is the rhyming that is so catching. It is fun, it is memorable, it makes sense. Children fever along as "Das Kleine Ich Bin Ich" tries to find out who or what s/he is. Once children know they want to hear and speak the rhymes themselves over and [...]

    2. Manchmal kommt ein Büchlein zur richtigen Zeit, so wie dieses Geschenk. Das perfekte Kinderbuch, aber auch für Erwachsene, die viele Lektionen als Kind nicht richtig mitbekommen haben. Besonders gut geeignet für Männer in Mid-Life-Crisis.

    3. Before you start thinking that I am now learning German in addition to my English, Spanish, and French, let me tell you that I “read” this entire book by typing the German text into Google Translator. Which resulted in writing like this:“Walking on the colorful field of flowers a colorful animal, migrates between grunen stalks….But then a frog disturbs his peace, and asks the animal: Who are you? As it stands, and supports and looks quite puzzled the frog's face: I do not know. The frog [...]

    4. Eins meiner ersten Kinderbücher, meine Mutter hatte mir sogar ein kleines Ich-bin-Ich genäht. Die Idee ist wunderbar, das Thema zeitlos und für den Bücherschrank von Groß und Klein unverzichtbar! Ich mag das kleine Ich-bin-Ich!

    5. Ein wirklich wundervolles KInderbuch das einem das Einzigartigsein näher bringt auf eine einfache Art und Weise.Mit niedlichen Bildern und das Ich-bin-ich ist einfach zum liebhaben

    6. Some children books are just stunners. Their simplicity manages to convey difficult concept with which we struggle throughout our life in an almost playful way. Das kleine Ich bin Ich is such a book. It deals with the question of identity and explains how an imaginary creature wanders around encountering other animals which all have something in common with her, but clearly reject her as being part of their tribe. This book is a classic and can give children from early childhood to early adolesc [...]

    7. It's not often it takes me a month to read a picture book - but as this is in German, I feel like I had a good excuse. Sadly I can't remember much of the German I learnt in primary school, with no one to practice with, I'm left with the basics and that's about it. So for most of this I relied on German-English translations from the internet. The grammar gets turned around but I was able to follow along well enough. Of course, in German the rhyming elements would flow much easier.This is a cute b [...]

    8. Since my son has decided I'm allowed to read aloud in German, we are making our way through our German picture books. He really liked it. For me, it's much more fun to read this in German than to translate it. The images are cute and the poem great for little kids (or those with just enough German to get it). There's repetition and a playfulness with the language which will appeal. The little creature is on a mission to find out what he is only in the end to discover that he is unique. It's a ni [...]

    9. Ein außergewöhnliches Tier zieht umher, auf der Suche nach seiner Identität, nach seinem Namen. Von anderen Tieren weggeschubst oder ausgelacht, findet es am Ende trotzdem die Lösung für sein Rätsel. - Wunderbares Kinderbuch über das Anderssein! Abzug eines Sterns allerdings dafür, dass die Färbung der Illustrationen jede zweite Seite von Bunt zu Schwarz-Weiß wechselt. Wahrscheinlich mit Absicht so gewählt, konnte ich mich nicht daran gewöhnen.

    10. I'm quite nostalgic about this one, because I once got a good grade back in primary school when my teacher figured out that I knew it by heart after we'd read it in class. (It was a complete accident! No work involved at all!) As for the book itself: It's a typical "I'm myself and that's what counts" kind of story wrapped in very memorable rhymes and with a very memorable title character. I would definitely read it to my future children.

    11. I loved the message behind this book, but it was a total pain in the arse to read. I think it may need to be read in German, because it didn't really work in English. Some of it had rhyme and rhythm, and some of it didn't. It felt really disjointed and didn't flow well at all.

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