Ion Ion este probabil ntr un fel de clasament all time cel mai citit roman rom nesc A a cum n poezie suprema ia pare s i revin Luceaf rului eminescian Paradoxul este c din aceast faim alimentat inclusi

  • Title: Ion
  • Author: Liviu Rebreanu
  • ISBN: 9786066867122
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ion este, probabil, ntr un fel de clasament all time, cel mai citit roman rom nesc A a cum n poezie suprema ia pare s i revin Luceaf rului eminescian Paradoxul este c din aceast faim alimentat inclusiv de manualele colare prozatorul nu pare s fi tras prea mare profit de imagine Cunoscut ca autor al primului roman rom nesc modern, Rebreanu n a fost feti izatIon este, probabil, ntr un fel de clasament all time, cel mai citit roman rom nesc A a cum n poezie suprema ia pare s i revin Luceaf rului eminescian Paradoxul este c din aceast faim alimentat inclusiv de manualele colare prozatorul nu pare s fi tras prea mare profit de imagine Cunoscut ca autor al primului roman rom nesc modern, Rebreanu n a fost feti izat de publicul larg El e nc perceput ca vocea discret , aproape inaudibil , din spatele unei capodopere Portretul interior al omului e adeseori uitat, acestuia prefer ndu i se portretele personajelor sale tim ndeob te mai pu ine despre omul Rebreanu dec t despre George Bulbuc sau Macedon Cerceta u Iar asta n condi iile n care opera lui memorialistic e impresionant Iar aventura edit rii jurnalului s u constituie ea ns i un roman Ar fi timpul, acum, la aproape un secol de la apari ia lui Ion se va mplini peste ase ani s facem pu in dreptate i s ne ntreb m cu ce eforturi de con tiin a fost posibil scrierea unei asemenea c r i inaugurale Surprizele vor fi majore COSMIN CIOTLO

    One thought on “Ion”

    1. "Ion" - roman tridimensional! I. DIMENSIUNEA GEOPOLITICĂ A ROMANULUIMulţi dintre noi ştim că Ardealul a stat multe secole sub stăpânire ungară, habsburgică, iar apoi austro-ungară. Cunoaştem, de asemenea, cele două teorii istoriografice majore cu privire la geneza românilor din Ardeal: cea a continuităţii şi cea reosleriana. Ştim totodată asupririle imperialiştilor la care au fost supuşi românii din Ardeal la fel cum ştim politica ingrată pe care au dus-o pentru colonizarea [...]

    2. M-am luptat cu ea de la inceput, nefiind atrasa de taranii care beau, baietii care strang pe fete de sani, dar acest roman ne invata o lectie importanta: in viata nu conteaza numai averea, ci si fericirea spirituala si iubirea daruita si impartasita.Stilul brutal, rece in care povesteste naratorul e unul dintre elementele de originalitate aduse de Rebreanu. M-a impresionat felul in care ne-a oferit posibilitatea de a anticipa destinul tragic al personajelor prin Iisus rastignit pe cruce, mancat [...]

    3. Ce reprezenta pentru mine "Ion" înainte de a o citi?Răspuns : o carte plictisitoare care e doar obligatorie pentru şcoală.Ce reprezintă pentru mine acum?Răspuns : una dintre carţile mele preferate ce m-a făcut să cred că literatura română e chiar foarte interesantă dacă ştii să încerci să o priveşti altfel decât se spune.

    4. In a few words, I can describe this novel as a soap opera with peasants. Not at all what you would call an amazing book. It revolves mostly around Ion and his desperate wish for more land, because in the society of that time, having land meant that you had some sort of higher standing in society, and for a poor boy with nothing, that was the most important thing in the world. The second conflict of this book was between his wish for riches and his need for true love, because Ion is torn between [...]

    5. Despite the fact that there´s indeed a low rate on this great novel no one can deny that this isn´t the greatest masterpiece ever written by a Romanian, because it is. I would not write what is about, or the content of it´s story. The only thing I can say is this. The reason why there´s a low rate on this great novel is because is part of a mandatory lesson in Romanian school. So therefore lot´s of romanian teenagers will cast their filthy anger on this great book and on our, posibily the g [...]

    6. Ion is the first objective novel in the Romanian literature. The author exceptionally ilustrates the conflict generated by the fight for land, in a world in which the status of people was established by the land posessions they had. The vulgarity of which some people might notice is actually the cruel reality of those times!

    7. Excelenta carte, unul dintre cele mai bune romane romanesti.L-am recitit cu si mai multa placere multi ani dupa terminarea liceului. O descriere extrem de realista si in acelasi timp foarte plastica a satului romanesc din Transilvania de la inceput de secol 20. Un bun prilej de asemenea de a observa structura peisajului rural din acea epoca, cu anumite "clisee" ce persista si astazi (preotul corupt si meschin, tanarul nationalist inflacarat, etc), cu structura ei etnica ce s-a pierdut de atunci [...]

    8. This was on of my worst nightmares during highschool and it remained one of my most hated books (not necessary because of how it is written, but mostly because of what the story is about). I think the events and people in the story are quite vulgar.

    9. Un roman excepțional. Mă bucur că mi-am învins repulsia față de bibliografia școlară în vremea aia și i-am dat o șansă lui Rebreanu. E o capodoperă pe care ar trebui s-o citească cel puțin fiecare român, indiferent de vârstă.

    10. Cartea asta a aparut acum aproape 100 de ani si prima data cand am auzit de ea o fi fost de la bunica? Toti spuneau ca e atat de dura - asta imediat dupa faptul ca ai nevoie de ea la BAC. In ceea ce ma priveste nu reprezinta mare lucru din acest punct de vedere. Schema cu hai-sa-facem-bebe-ca-sa-ne-casatorim a fost folosita in exces de telenovele - desi in general fata era cea care profita - si la momentul asta majoritatea populatiei este probabil desensibilizata in fata acestui "motiv".Altfel, [...]

    11. one of the fundamental books of Romanian literature in that it presents the life of the 99% (so to speak in current jargon) which happened to be the peasants in traditional Romania (before the communist destruction of the village life)studied it in school too and even had a literary process about whose fault is Ana's death and I remember that even today as after we concluded that pretty much everyone (Ion, her father, Florica, herslef etc) ais at fault one of the smarties in my class answered th [...]

    12. DNF at 42% !!!Warning!!! Spoilers!!! but since people who are not from Romania haven't heard of this book in their lives, Why not entertain yourself a little 😂🤷🏻‍♀️This was probably the shittiest book i've ever (tried to) read for school. I know times were rough in the 40s but at least three (very very long) chapters were exclusively about this stupid man who beat his (very pregnant) daughter for having a child with the man she loved. Just because that meant they would have to get [...]

    13. I really loved this book because it represents the exact live of romanians living in province. Males the supreme owners , they drink a lot and are overprotective for their lands and woman are treated (almost) like slaves , they are good only for giving birth and for non-stop work. This book can teach you so many things! About true love , about a husband who does not see the love of his wife and he dreams about another woman,about hard working people , about obsessive love for land , hate and ign [...]

    14. I liked this book a lot. I think this is the best book I had to read for school till now . The story is original and represents very well the life of romanians in the past . It has many characters , each with a different personality and ideas. The end is unexpected , and almost all characters have got what they deserve . The relationships between the characters change during the story . The writing was good , I wasn't bored reading it . A good book from an good author.

    15. The novel Ion introduces us in the life of the paesants and intellectuals of Transylvania before the war. The action takes place in Pripas village and in the little town Amaradia. Ion al Glanetasului, industrious son of poor parents, has a passion for land. He fixes his eyes on Ana, rich man's, Vasile Baciu, daughter This is a story about the "hunger for land" and "hunger for love".

    16. I read this book for school. I had to dissect and analyze it for school. And Because of that, I learned to appreciate it more. I knew what I was getting into because generations before me had to read it in school too. For my teenager self, this book was good enough because I had the dive to finish it. In my opinion, Ion like any other classic/old book had as a target an older audience 20 and up. Hence, the mature themes and I am not referring to sex; even though, there is some but not graphic. I [...]

    17. Okay, so this was clearly a school read that I expected to hate, but I actually liked it! Well, I hated Ion, the main character, and he totally deserved what happened to him at the ending of the novel. But we're not here to talk about him. While reading the book, I was all about Herdelea's family arc, which I extremely enjoyed. And it is pretty obvious that my favourite character was Titu Herdelea, a patriotic and an idealist poet, who didn't care about the unwritten rules of his society and God [...]

    18. L-a început nu m-a atras deloc. Văzusem filmul şi nu aveam aşteptări foarte mari. Cititul a mers încet, până la un moment dat. După ce am trecut de primele 5 capitole ale Glasului Pământului, a început să-mi placă şi am terminat-o foarte repede.În Ion este vorba, pe de o parte, despre viaţa ţăranilor din Pripas, iar pe de altă parte, despre viaţa Herdelenilor şi raporturile dintre clasele sociale.Ţăranii parcă duc o viaţă a lor, lipsită de grijile naţionalităţii zd [...]

    19. If you study the context long enough, you may get it why Slavici was highly innovative (and influential) after a period of „lowbrow” and short-breath prose (though not without some charming pieces; if you ask me, I'd pick Alecsandri's Călătorie în Africa) and why Rebreanu hit the jackpot at a time when the Romanian novel was still close to non-existent. Nevertheless, it is easy to see why it is one of the favorite hate targets of pupils who hate having to read canonical books and making s [...]

    20. M-am luptat o perioadă destul de îndelungată cu cartea asta şi până la urmă eu am câştigat, atunci când Ion a murit şi eu am ajuns la pagina 445. :]Desigur, a fost o carte scrisă de-un român care doar descria viaţa la ţară şi accentua nesimţirea unuia şi greutatea uneia de-a trăi odată ce-a păcătuit. Fie, o carte aşa numa, legată de poporu' român prin harţa care-l caracterizează pe Ion şi sclavia în care se scaldă Ana.

    21. mi-a placut cartea, chiar nu ma asteptam, dar a fost interesanta. Liviu Rebreanu a dovedit ca este un scriitor foarte bun, parca "Ion" n-a fost scrisa de el, total diferita de celelalte carti ale lui. Ma bucur c-am citit-o, ii dadeam 5 stelute, dar sincera sa fiu, m-au cam plictisit unele capitole in care se vorbea despre familia Herdelea, in special de Titu.iar nu-mi place "poetul" :D

    22. Do notice the rating and what shelf i added it to. You can conclude the rest by yourselves. May God have mercy on your souls if you read this.

    23. I expected to hate it.I hated it less than I expected to.But that's my luck and my curse; I never like books I gotta read for school.

    24. Romanian review: După ce am terminat cartea am decis să mă uit și la ecranizarea din 1980 atât din curiozitate cât și din pasiunea mea pentru filme, am văzut-o pe youtube, având în vedere că este cam singurul loc în care poți vedea filme vechi românești, iar apoi din întâmplare am citit un comentariu în care cineva se plângea de multitudinea comentariilor negative date atât la adresa cărții cât și la adresa filmului. Cred că am citit cel puțin 50 de comentarii după-ace [...]

    25. Target audience: Common people, anyone interested in historical fiction, psychological novels and the period of the World War I and the land of Transylvania.About the author: According to , Liviu Rebreanu was a Romanian novelist, playwright, short story writer, and journalist. He worked as an officer in Gyula but resigned in 1908, and in 1909 illegally crossed the Southern Carpathians into Romania, and lived in Bucharest. At the request of the Austro-Hungarian government, he was arrested and ext [...]

    26. O opera ce ne arata chinurile suportate de romani, dar si ca destinul te poate aduce unde te astepti cel mai putin.

    27. One of the worst books I was forced to read. The ending was pretty bad, didn’t like the writing style. It’s a one star for me. ;-;

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